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    Daniel Edem
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    1 Did you know that if you sleep from
    morning up to lunch time, you will save
    money which you would have used for
    2. Wickedness is when u know that you
    will not marry her but u dated her For
    5years, bro even if you make heaven
    U will not see God
    3. Whatever you are doing in this life don’t
    ever fry plantain before cooking rice
    Don’t say i didn’t warn u oo
    E get y
    4. When you want to charge your phone
    at a football viewing center and you
    mistakenly unplug the DSTV cable during
    penalty shoot out …That is the
    moment you will remember your mum
    used to tell you that your phone will kill
    you one day!
    5 Have you ever trekked so much That
    your shadow left you and entered Keke
    6. When you pray to marry a good wife
    also pray to be a good husband!
    You cannot wear Designer suit with
    bathroom slippers
    Hope am communicating
    7. You will end up really disappointed if
    you think people will do for you as you do
    for them. Not everyone has the same heart
    as you.*
    If you know, you know
    8. That Moment when you Help your Mom
    to Shout your Siblings name, she will be
    like “ohh you are even here self, oya
    comman do it at onces”
    9. woman will buy you an airtime of 20Gh
    then after break up she will be like you see
    that guy there was a time I supported
    him financially. Whats wrong with this
    10. Court or Church Wedding Won’t
    Stop him from Cheating.
    Take Him to Sango Shrine, Let him Drink Dog
    Blood & Swear with Gun.
    How won’t ever try it
    11. Guy: So can we meet next week Friday?
    Girl: No, I will be having Headache that day.
    Girls ehn
    12. I think I have seen it all until this mad
    man started dancing #wuge
    13 Some visitors get mind oo, you will
    serve them food and they will be asking
    to you to change the meat.
    14. Fact:Most men are single but they don’t
    know it until they loss their job
    Argue with your keyboard
    15.Who else also dated someone online
    and did not see each other till you guys
    Gather here, we have meeting!
    16.Ladies claim to love money more than
    But dey keep getting pregnant instead of
    getting rich
    17.If you want respect in life make Money
    *Nobody is Interested in your Age*
    18.At home u can’t sleep without
    switching off ur small radio but u can sleep
    in church with 8 speakers blasting in ur
    ear …it is called Demonic software
    Repeat after me
    Demonic software
    19.Dating many girls is just a way of
    confusing ur enemies from attacking ur
    main girl . But ladies won’t understand
    this strategy. Hope you guys are with me. Is
    weekend again ….
    20. some memories never leave your
    bones like salt in the sea; they become part
    of you and you carry them
    21.*If you love me,I will forever stay in
    your heart.but if you hate me,I will forever
    stay in your mind*
    22.*What is Fraud?*
    *Fraud Is When You get A New Girlfriend
    Today and Her Birthday Is Tomorrow*
    Which number got you
    Appreciate by reacting, commenting and
    Have a nice weekend

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    No 10 and 11 realy got me

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    Eku sunday

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    That #11 enter well

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    Let me go nd laugh in facebook i cannot laugh here.

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    Blaze Ik
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    Ha ha lolz na number 18 and 19 get me o

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