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    Laila Barakat is a normal eighteen-year-old
    girl. She just got received a full scholarship
    to a private college and works a part-time
    job to help support her family. She lives in a
    small house with her mother and little
    brother and often finds it hard to make the
    ends meet.
    When Laila steps into college, she instantly
    becomes an easy target for everyone
    because all the other students are from rich
    families. However, Farid Ibrahim can’t seem
    to get enough of her. Laila’s witty
    comebacks and honest eyes are doing
    something to him and he is intent on truly
    knowing her… no matter what.
    Signing a four-month marriage contract
    and faking their relationship will have its
    consequences. Will their ego let them accept
    their feelings or is it going to get in the way
    of their story? :b

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    Hmm new member new story seated bring it on bro

    Links To Available Episodes.
    Scroll Down For Episodes 1&2.

    Episode 3-5

    Episode 6-7

    Episode 8-11

    Episode 12-15

    Episode 16-18

    Episode 19-22

    Episode 23-25

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    ⭕LAILA⭕ (my_love_forwards)

    I never thought this day will come. Ya
    Allah I am going to college, and not just
    any college, the most well-known private
    college in England. Ever since we arrived
    in Bradford 6 years ago, that’s the only
    thing I looked forward too. I am tired of
    seeing my mother cleaning people’s
    houses for money. I kept going back to
    all the things my family had to face to
    get here and how long it took for me to
    stand here, in front of my very first class
    in college. After standing in front of class
    for more than a century, yeah that’s how
    long it felt like. I finally took a breath and
    stepped into my Business
    Communication class. I was early as
    usual, but I didn’t seem to mind it. I have
    always been early; it’s just a habit I
    guess. I looked at my watch and the
    time was 10:45 am. The class was about
    to start in 15 minutes and there was still
    not even a single soul in class. I
    remember back home in Turkey, all the
    kids use to come to class super early just
    so we can all talk about our days and
    discuss our homework. How different it
    is here in England, everything seems so
    fast, even though I have been here for
    almost 6 years, everything still seems all
    foreign. I have only one friend, her name
    is Sobia who works with her mother at
    a bakery shop near our flat, but she
    doesn’t go to college so I don’t even see
    her that often.
    When I finally looked up from the
    sketches that I started drawing when I
    got lost in my thoughts, I noticed that
    the class was starting to get full. All the
    kids were coming in, wearing top-notch
    clothes, girls with expensive handbags
    and jewelry. That’s the only thing that
    kept me worried for all these days. I was
    not like these people. I was from a
    middle-class immigrant family, who still
    had an accent and had a laptop that was
    given to me by my mother’s boss 4 years
    ago. The only reason why I was here is
    because somehow I turned out to be
    smart in high school and got a full
    scholarship here; otherwise not even in
    a million years I would imagine coming
    I keep looking around, hoping that
    maybe, just maybe someone would
    actually sit beside me and maybe say hi.
    Why was it like that? Was I really that
    invisible that nobody would want to sit
    next to me or even smile? Stop it, I told
    myself. I can’t let these days get in my
    way. I can’t let people affect me like that.
    The teacher finally came into the
    classroom. From the moment he walked
    it, I knew he will be a good teacher. I
    could tell. My mom tells me it’s a gift. I
    can sense it I guess. It doesn’t take me
    long to figure out what people want or
    how they are. Instantly, my teacher
    looked up to the entire class and
    introduced himself. After introducing
    himself, he directed everyone in the class
    to stand up one at a time and introduce
    themselves and tell a fact about
    themselves. Since I was sitting all the
    way in the back, I was thankful that I am
    not going to be the first one to speak.
    When other students started
    introducing themselves, they used facts
    like how they have visited tropical
    beaches, how they plan on starting their
    own business, how big their house is,
    and what their favorite 5-star hotel is
    and so on. Jeez, my turn was coming
    soon and I had no idea what to say. I
    just didn’t know. There wasn’t any cool
    fact about me that anyone here could
    relate to. Facts about me are too silly, too
    obvious, and too ordinary. I can’t tell
    people that I am one of those weird
    people who likes the sound of thunder,
    or who still watches cartoon with my
    little brother every Sunday morning, or
    who loves cooking and going on long
    walks with my mother.
    My turn was the next one, after a girl
    few desks away from me finished telling
    the class about how she attended Paris
    Fashion Week last summer, all the eyes
    turned towards me. I instantly felt self-
    conscious but I didn’t let it show on my
    face. I placed my hands on the steady
    myself as I rose up from the chair.
    “Hello everyone” I said with a smile. But
    again only saw wondering silent eyes
    reflecting back. “Well my name is Laila
    Barakat, I came to England 6 years ago. I
    live with my mother and brother. He is
    11 years old and loves playing football.
    There isn’t any cool fact about me really.
    I volunteer at an animal shelter in the
    weekends and I received a full
    scholarship from this college and this is
    how I got here.” I said all of that as fast
    as I could, without taking any break in
    between and sat back down
    When the class introduction was over, I
    kind of felt relieved. It felt liberating to
    let everyone know who you are and why
    you have the right to be right to be here
    just like everyone else. My teacher
    continued on with his lecture, but I still
    saw some heads turning my way. I was
    used to this type of a reaction. The same
    thing happened to me in high school as
    well. Nobody wanted to talk to me, to
    get to know me, all they did was stare at
    me. I was the only girl in this entire
    college who wore a hijab. There were
    other muslim girls in my class too, but
    even they didn’t talk to me.
    When the teacher started his
    powerpoint slides, I opened up my the
    Notepad on my laptop and started
    taking notes. After typing what felt like
    hours, I suddenly heard someone sitting
    down next to me. I looked up and saw
    pair of brown fierce eyes. I saw him for
    the first time; he did look like someone
    straight out of magazine.
    “Do you mind?” He said, looking
    annoyed. So he was one of those guys,
    who knew they were good looking and
    just couldn’t bother to be nice to people.
    Of course.
    “You are sitting on my bag so you are
    the one who should mind.” I said back
    to him. My bag was stuck under the
    chair leg.
    He looked at me as if I was speaking in
    Gibberish. After staring at me for a few
    seconds, at last he moved his chair and I
    picked up my bag and placed it on my
    lap. I went back to typing my notes but I
    still felt him stealing a glance or two my
    way. The class went on and on and for
    the homework my teacher, Mr. Charlie
    assigned us to write a report on
    different communication channels that
    we use in today’s society. I took down
    all the notes and closed my laptop. The
    lights turned back on and I gather all of
    the stuff and placed it in my bag and
    head out.
    I was waiting at the bus stop when I
    saw some of my classmates getting into
    their cars and driving off, but not him.
    The guy who was sitting next to me in
    the class was just sitting on his bike and
    looking my way. I tried ignoring him and
    starting wishing for the bus to come a
    little early. I adjusted my red hijab and
    clenched my bag a little tighter. Why is
    the bus taking so long? Jeez. I better call
    my mother to see if she can pick Sabir,
    my little brother from school today. I
    dipped my hand in my bag to only find
    out that it was missing. I checked my
    bag, and the pockets of my jacket and I
    still didn’t find it.
    “Looking for this?” I heard a familiar
    voice from across the street. When I
    looked up, I saw him again. Yes that guy,
    who else. I could see an evil spirit in him
    already. I saw my dearly blackberry in his
    hand, and without a second thought, I
    marched across the street and extended
    my right hand. “This is mine” I said.
    “And?” He chuckled. I can’t believe this
    guy! What does he think of himself?
    “And it’s mine so give it back” I snapped
    back almost snatching it from his hand
    but he was quicker than me.
    “Not without a price” He smirked.
    “I don’t pay for what’s mine” I fired
    “Oh but I don’t give things back that
    easily, darling!”
    “I am not your darling, now give it back
    or else I’ll call the security.” I tried to
    scare him. Honestly, I had no idea how
    to call the security; I didn’t even see any
    guards in the school.
    “What’s your name?” He asked me.
    “None of your business.” I stood there
    with my hands crossed over my chest.
    “Now stop wasting my time, I have to
    make a phone call”.
    “Give me your name and the phone is
    yours” He demanded again.
    “Fine, Laila.” I said it and snatched my
    phone from his hands successfully this
    time and started walking away. I can’t
    believe this guy.
    “I’ll see you soon Laila” He yelled back,
    mocking me clearly.
    “You wish” I mumbled back. There is no
    way I’ll be sitting next to him in class
    from now on.
    I called my mother and told her to pick
    up Sabir and got inside the bus. Few
    minutes later I received a text from
    Sobia who wanted to meet up so I
    replied back instantly with a yes and
    headed straight to her bakery. I
    desperately needed some of her auntie’s
    homemade cupcakes.
    To Be Continue…

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    ⭕LAILA⭕ (my_love_forwards)

    I could seriously smell auntie Mariam’s
    homemade cupcake from two blocks
    away. No kidding. I still remember how
    Sobia and auntie Mariam worked day
    and night to save money to start up
    their own little bakery two years ago
    and now it’s one of the best bakeries in
    town. Even though it’s September, the
    wind is still quite chilly, I guess autumn
    will be arriving sooner than I expected
    and I was very much excited. I loved
    autumn, there is something so beautiful
    about the way trees change their colors
    and the way everything becomes cozy
    and warm. I spotted Sobia front of her
    bakery waiting for me. I waved at her
    and quickly picked up my steps towards
    the bakery. As soon as I reached there I
    was embraced by her world famous
    hugs , honestly this girl is super
    affectionate. “Sobia jaan I missed you
    too but you gotta let me go, I can’t
    breathe” I laughed, but I was seriously
    “Opps” She chucked while losing up her
    grip. “I missed you so much Laila, how
    was your first day of college? Oh my
    gosh I am so excited for you. I am sure
    auntie Nasreen and Sabir are thrilled as
    well, by the way how are they?” She said
    all of that without taking any break.
    “One thing at a time dear, first lets go
    inside. I am so hungry” I said rubbing
    my little belly, laughing.
    “Oh yes sorry, come inside, Ammi Jaan is
    waiting for you, she made a fresh batch
    of red velvet cupcake just for you, she
    loves you more than me” Sobia said
    “Oh stop it, as if my Ammi isn’t a crazy
    fan of yours.” I hooked my arms with
    Sobia and went behind the kitchen
    counter to meet auntie Mariam.
    “Asalam O Alikum, Auntie Jaan” I said as
    soon as I got inside the bakery.
    “Oh you are here Laila, how are you my
    daughter?” She said giving me a warm
    teddy bear hug.
    “I am doing great auntie, how are you?”
    I asked her.
    “I am good, the work here is picking up
    quite fast. We have a huge order for this
    weekend for a birthday party.” She said
    “Oh Masha’Allah, that’s wonderful, if you
    need any help then let me know.” I
    offered her.
    “Yes you should come along Laila, it’ll be
    fun I heard the Ibrahims are quite
    wealthy and have a really nice place”
    Sobia stepped in the conversation.
    “Oh that would be lovely, come along
    with us on Saturday”. Auntie Mariam
    said. “Now you two have a seat, its not
    busy right now. I will bring you some
    coffee and cupcakes.”
    Sobia and I sat near the windows in the
    corner. “Who are the Ibrahims?” I asked
    “Oh you don’t know, they just moved
    here in the town. There is a lot of buzz
    about them these days. I think they used
    to live in Berlin before. I don’t know a lot
    about them but when Ibrahim Raza
    came into our bakery couple of days
    back I knew they were a big deal. He is a
    nice man but his wife Ayesha is quite
    rude. She was constantly telling her
    husband to go to a different bakery for
    the order.” Sobia explained.
    “Wow, what is the order for?” I asked
    again. Whoever these Ibrahims were,
    they didn’t sound too pleasant.
    “Ibrahim Raza’s little daughter is turning
    9 this Saturday so they came to our
    bakery to place the order. And Ibrahim
    Raza also gave Ammi 250 pounds just
    like that; they sure know how to use
    their money. I really want to see their
    house; a lot of my friends are talking
    about them.” Sobia said.
    “Yeah we’ll on Saturday.” I just left the
    topic about them there. Sobia and I
    continued on with our conversation and
    talked about other things. After stuffing
    my stomach with countless cupcakes
    and a delicious cup of coffee, I said my
    goodbye to Sobia and mother and
    headed home.
    “You should at least pick up your phone
    Laila, I was getting worried.” That’s the
    first thing I heard from my mother as
    soon as I stepped inside the house.
    “Asalam O Alikum, Ammi Jaan my phone
    battery died. I forgot my charger at
    home.” I went straight towards the
    kitchen because obviously where else
    would my mother be. I hugged her from
    the back and she smiled, meaning
    everything is now under control.
    “Bacha, I get worried that’s all.” She said.
    “I know.” I kissed her cheek and went to
    the fridge to get some orange juice.
    “Where is Sabir?” I asked her placing my
    coat on the coat stand.
    “He went out with his friends to play
    football, just got home a while back and
    now is finishing up his homework.” She
    said while cleaning the countertop.
    “I went to see Sobia and her mother,
    and they have a big order this Saturday
    so I will be going to help them out.” I
    informed her.
    “Chalo that’s good. Both of them are
    really kind, its good that you offered
    your help meri bachi.” She smiled and
    continued on with her work. She was so
    busy that she even forgot that today
    was my first day of college. When she
    forgets things like that I don’t really take
    it personally, besides she works so
    much, she can’t remember everything.
    “My teacher, Mr. Charlie is very nice.” I
    told her. Now she is going to go on
    about how bad of a mother she is.
    “Uff Ya Allah I am so forgetful, how did I
    forget. Hmm…how was your first day
    meri bachi?” She put away her cleaning
    cloth and come over to the kitchen table
    where I was sitting.
    “It’s okay Ammi Jaan. You know I can
    never be angry with you. The day was
    good. Everyone is good to me”. I know
    lying is bad, but technically they weren’t
    bad, kids at my college were raised that
    way. They didn’t say anything bad to me.
    They just looked.
    “That’s good, you are a bright girl Laila,
    you will go far if you continue working
    hard.” She comforted me.
    “I am going to my room; I have a paper
    to write for next week so I am going to
    get started on that. And don’t worry
    about the food I already at the bakery” I
    told her, gave her another hug and went
    straight toward my room.
    When I stepped into my room, I instantly
    plugged my phone with the charger. The
    second thing I noticed was how messy
    my room was. I am quite a clean person,
    but when it comes to get ready, my
    room turns into a hot mess. I started
    picking up my stuff to put them where
    they belong. After I was satisfied with
    the way my room was looking, I went to
    for a quick shower.
    Once I stepped outside from the
    bathroom, I slipped on my comfy sweat
    pants and plain black hoodie. I tied my
    curly hair once it dried and prayed Isha.
    When my phone was fully charged I
    opened my phone to see if there were
    any messages from Sobia. And there
    was one, except it wasn’t from Sobia it
    was from an unknown number.
    When I opened the message, I saw two
    texts. One was sent from my phone that
    said “Hello Handsome” And the reply
    from the unknown number said “Its not
    safe to leave your phone behind without
    a screen lock Laila. *smiley face*.
    my head. What the hell is his problem?
    How dare him to use my phone like that.
    The next time I see him, he is a dead
    meat for sure. I will complain about him,
    that’ll teach him something.
    I put away my phone and opened my
    laptop and began working on my
    assignment to keep me distracted. But
    after a while, I knew it wasn’t going to
    work so I picked up my phone again, set
    up a screen lock on my phone. I know I
    should have done this a while back but
    sometimes my mother uses my phone
    and she always forgets the password,
    but now since she is getting a phone for
    herself I can set up a password. But
    that’s not the point, the point is that if I
    ever find someone’s phone I would
    never use it even if its unlock but then
    again that Jerk is nothing like me. In fact
    he is the polar opposite. You know what
    I really don’t care about how he is. I hate
    him and he is testing me this time. Badly.
    I hope I don’t see him anytime soon or
    Allah knows what I will do to him.
    I went to Sabir’s room after who needed
    some help with his science homework.
    Sabir is a bright kid as well but he is
    more passionate about football no
    wonder he is the new captain of the
    team in his school. #proudsister. Sabir is
    not like the other kids around his age,
    maybe that’s because even though he is
    young he still feels like he is the
    protector of the family. He doesn’t let
    Ammi go outside alone at night and also
    walks me to the bus stop if I have
    somewhere to go in the evening. That’s
    the way it is, we only have each other
    but that’s enough. This is all I need.
    After telling Sabir about atoms and
    neutrons, all three of us, Ammi, Sabir and
    I gathered in the living room, where we
    had some tea and croissants and we all
    watched some episodes of The Big Bang
    Theory and by some I mean a lot!
    Hey lovelies.
    To Be Continue…

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    I love The Big Bang Theory… Next

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    my bae @ladyg coman sit with me *winks* @henrymary / @ele1 bring coke / popcorn on ur way oo

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