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    ⭕LAILA⭕ (my_love_forwards).

    The week went by way too quick
    despite the fact that I had five classes,
    but I wasn’t complaining. I love
    weekends, I mean who doesn’t really.
    One you get to sleep in for few extra
    hours, second you don’t feel bad for
    procrastinating because you know
    Sundays has got your back and third I
    get to meet Sobia. I had to meet Sobia
    today 1 pm at her bakery to help her
    decorate the cupcakes for the big order.
    I took a quick shower and opened up
    my closet to make the biggest decision
    of my life…what should I wear today. I
    didn’t have a lot of clothes, even though
    a lot of people assume that if you’re a
    girl then you probably have a huge
    closet full of clothes. This is not true in
    my case and that’s because I buy things
    that I actually need. So today I decided to
    wear my favorite pair of boyfriend jeans
    because they are super comfortable and
    I hate wearing tight clothes. I paired it
    with my red and white plaid shirt and
    finished it off with my bright red hijab
    that I got on sale. Super.
    I went to the kitchen where I found a
    note from my mother written on the
    small whiteboard that was hanging by
    the fridge. It said “Had to leave early
    today, I took up another shift. Dropped
    Sabir to football practice, his friend’s dad
    will drop him off. Have fun with Sobia”.
    My mother is so old school in the cutest
    way possible. I have told her countless
    time since she has got her own phone
    that she can just text me if there is
    anything that she wants to tell me. There
    have been times where I have forgotten
    to read the white board to find her
    secret little messages. The thought of
    explaining this whole process again to
    my mother made me chuckle, she will
    always leave notes at the whiteboard
    instead of texting me. I took out my
    phone and replied my mother, Salam
    Ammi, just got up. Saw your note. I am
    heading out to Sobia’s, I might be a little
    late so don’t worry.
    I grabbed my bag and picked up a dairy
    milk chocolate bar to eat in the way
    headed out towards the bus stop. The
    distance between my house and Sobia’s
    bakery is not too long. I reached the
    bakery a few minutes early and found
    Sobia carefully decorating the cupcakes
    with vanilla frosting. I made my way
    towards her and placed my hand on
    her shoulder. “Hand’s up” I said in my
    fake cop voice.
    “Shut up, I saw you when you were
    crossing the street, go and pass me the
    jar of pink sprinkles.” She said.
    “Jeez how come I always fail to scare
    you? I try so hard, you should at least
    pretend to be scared to make me feel
    better.” I said while grabbing the pink
    “It’s not my fault that you are terrible at
    scaring people. Now stop whining and
    start helping me, we have to leave at 4”.
    She said while passing the pastry bag
    filled with vanilla frosting.
    I opened up my Spotify app and played
    the indie pop chill out playlist. The rest of
    the evening passed away in a blink of an
    eye. Sobia, Mariam auntie and I talked
    about different things, I loved days like
    this where I could just hang out with my
    best friend and her lovely mother and
    just talk about random stuff. Since they
    had a big order today, auntie Mariam
    closed the bakery so she could complete
    the order without any disturbance. At
    3:45 exact, we had 400 cupcakes
    finished off with beautiful creamy
    frosting with different fillings and
    sprinkles and had 3 layered chocolate
    cake ready with light yellow icing and
    caramel sauce. To add the final touch,
    auntie Mariam placed small chocolate
    roses at the top layer of the cake and
    wrote Happy Birthday Ruba with dark
    chocolate sauce. Everything looked so
    pretty that we had to take a picture of it
    to upload it on Instagram. You know the
    drill. So after taking various pictures
    with different angles and filters, we
    finally got the one that fit our
    expectation of a perfect picture of
    cupcakes for Instagram.
    We had to call pick and drop services to
    deliver all the cupcakes and the cake at a
    designated location. It seemed like the
    Ibrahims were throwing this party at a
    hall and it was quite far so we didn’t
    want to rely on Sobia’s old car that often
    breaks down to get the job done. When
    the delivery truck arrived, we carefully
    picked up the packed cake and placed it
    in the back of the truck along with the
    cupcakes. We were blown away when
    the truck stopped front of a giant
    garden. When we asked the security
    guard, we found out that this wasn’t a
    hall; it was an outdoor private garden. I
    could see all the colorful tents and rides
    behind the giant fence. With the help of
    the security guard,the truck driver and
    the staff working at the venue, we
    successfully shifted all the dessert on the
    table that was located close to the
    playground. I could see all the children’s
    excited faces when we opened up the
    boxes to set up the cupcake stand. It
    was so cute; they were all gathered
    around us. After a while, I saw a middle
    age man walking towards us and Sobia
    told me it was Ibrahim Raza.
    Ibahim Raza looked like he was in his
    late 50’s. He was tall and still carried
    himself quite well. He was dressed in a
    gray suit and had a glass of lemonade in
    his hand. He made his way towards our
    table and looked at all the cupcakes and
    the cake before saying anything. When
    he looked up, I could tell he was happy
    with our work. “Hello Sobia and Miss
    Mariam, all of this looks wonderful. I am
    sure Ruba will be thrilled when she sees
    her birthday cake.” He said. His voice
    was kind and genuine.
    “Thank you sir, I hope your daughter
    likes it.” Auntie Mariam responded.
    “Don’t worry she will. And who is this
    lady?” Ibrahim Raza asked me.
    “Asalam O Alikum, I am Laila. I am Sobia’s
    friend.” I have no idea why I said salam
    instead of saying hello. What if he minds
    “Walikum Asalam. Nice to meet you Laila,
    it’s good to see you here. Well I better
    go and see if the caterers are here. Feel
    free to walk around and eat whatever
    you like; we do have some extra servers
    here who will be here to help out.” He
    smiled at us and took off.
    “He seems nice.” I told Sobia.
    “SeeI told you, but his wife is a bit cray
    cray” She laughed.
    “Shh you’re so loud.” I told her. Sobia is
    one of those people who do not care
    about her surroundings. If she wants
    something to say, she says it. Loudly.
    “I don’t care if she is here, you should
    have seen her Laila. I mean she is pretty
    and all but you can see her evilness in
    her eyes.” She continued on.
    “Ohkay okay you are right. Now stop
    talking so loudly please.” I tried to calm
    “Fine, jeez you are such a scary cat.” She
    mocked me.
    “Sobia stop this right now, I told you to
    behave. Stop disturbing my child Laila”
    Auntie Mariam stepped in.
    “Accha Ammi, see I told you she like you
    better than me.” Sobia whined.
    “Duhh, look at you.” I laughed.
    “Shut up.” She joined the laughter.
    “I need to use the washroom” I told
    Sobia after severing cupcakes to a group
    of adorable little kids.
    “Why are you telling me, go find one.”
    She said while handing out mini
    cupcakes to a new group of 5-6-year-old
    “Come with me, I don’t know where to
    go.” I requested.
    “Aray, I am busy here and I don’t know
    where Ammi took off, she found one of
    her clients here. Go find the washroom, I
    am sure its not too far.” She said bluntly.
    “Fine, I will find it myself.” I grabbed my
    bag and headed straight toward the
    security guard that I spotted after
    wondering around for a while.
    “Excuse me, can you tell me where the
    washroom is?” I asked the security guy.
    “Its quite a walk, but just keep going
    straight” He said pointing at a small trail
    on my left. “And you that building there,
    the washroom are right behind that.” He
    said. He was a middle-aged white man
    with sweet blue eyes, and chubby red
    “Thank you sir.” I told him and started
    walking towards the building on the left.
    When I walked behind the small white
    building, I spotted two small attached
    washroom, I walked into women’s area
    and after finishing my business, I
    applied a some lip balm to my dry lips
    and fixed my hijab. I took my phone out
    to see if there are any messages and
    saw one from my mother.
    Okay bachi, take care. I just finished
    worked. Heading home. Let me know if
    you want me to send Sabir to the bakery
    to pick you up.
    I responded: No Ammi its okay Sobia will
    give me a ride home.
    I was so involved in the game of texting
    that I didn’t realize that which way I was
    heading out until I bumped into
    someone and my phone came crashing
    “Oh my god I am so sorry.” I said
    instantly to whoever I ran into and bend
    down to pick up my phone. As soon as I
    got up, my eyes instantly connected with
    the familiar hazel brown eyes. I knew
    exactly who it was and I wasn’t too
    pleased. He was the same shameless guy
    from my college who stole my phone
    and my phone number. This can’t be
    happening. I can’t let him ruin my
    weekend too. Wasn’t one encounter
    with this guy enough? Allah.
    “What are you doing here?” He asked.
    “None of your business.” I walked
    straight passed him but it still made no
    difference because he still followed me.
    “You are at my party so it is my
    business.” He said and I suddenly turned
    “No, this party is for Ruba.” I responded
    to him.
    “She is my sister.” He said smiling at me.
    “She is what?” I asked just to confirm if I
    heard him correctly, I wished this wasn’t
    true. The guy I promised myself to stay
    well away from. I was at his little sister’s
    birthday party.
    “My sister.” He smiled and took a step
    toward me.
    Before he could anything else I turned
    around and started walking away. This
    time he didn’t follow. I hope I don’t see
    him again today or ever for that matter,
    but the party just got started.
    P.s. ignore any grammar and spelling
    error. Nonetheless, I hope you are
    enjoying the story so far!
    To Be Continue…

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    Interesting. Ride on

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    Nice begining

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    ⭕LAILA⭕ (my_love_forwards)

    I had no idea what just happened, why
    does it feel so weird when he is around.
    It gets so weird when he is around and
    it almost feels like my brain is in a war
    zone of some sort. I looked around to
    see if he is anywhere near, but thank
    god he wasn’t. I quickly walked towards
    our little cupcake set up and sat next to
    “What happened to you? I thought you
    passed out or something.” Sobia said
    while browsing over Instagram on her
    “Nothing happened, I just got lost” I
    “Why are you so red?” She said looking
    at my face. I instantly felt conscious
    because now auntie Mariam was
    looking at me as well.
    “Yh I was walking very fast so probably
    that’s why.” I rubbed my cheeks to
    remove the color from my face. Why was
    I feeling so embarrassed?
    “Here have some water beta”. Auntie
    Mariam grabbed a bottle of water from
    the water stand next to her and passed
    me the bottle.
    “Thank you” I smiled.
    The rest of the evening seemed okay. I
    got busy with serving the cupcakes at
    the party and whenever our stall wasn’t
    busy, Sobia and I just walked out the
    playground and talked about stuff. Since
    both of us didn’t have any sisters, we
    shared everything with each other. I
    remember the first time we met 4 years
    back in our local library where we both
    were looking for the same book and
    spend the rest of the afternoon talking
    about our love for English literature and
    Adele. Since then we have been
    unrepeatable, she also doesn’t have a lot
    of friends, and I think that’s because she
    is way too honest and doesn’t live to
    please other. Just like me. Ever since my
    dad left us, I have stopped caring about
    others. I do have my doubts and fears,
    who doesn’t? But I still fight. I choose to
    move forward, not just for myself but for
    my family.
    It was almost 7 pm now, and the big
    birthday cake cutting celebration was
    about to happen soon. The thought of it
    again made me anxious. Nonetheless, I
    went ahead and started decorating the
    table with little fairy lights since it was
    getting dark and gift packs that were
    made for the guests. The clock hit 7 and
    peopled started coming towards our
    table. Everything looked beautiful, almost
    unreal. I could see the bright stars in the
    clear sky and feel the sweet September
    breeze across my face. The colorful fairy
    lights sparkled throughout the stage
    where the cake was put on display.
    Sobia, auntie Mariam and I stood in the
    corner of the stage to dodge the
    photographer who was taking pictures
    of all the guests. After the pictures were
    taken, we came up to the stage again to
    light the candles that were spread
    beautifully all across the birthday cake.
    When I finished lighting the last candle
    and looked up, I saw him looking at me
    right across the lawn. The Ibrahims
    were making their way toward the
    stage. Auntie Mariam and Sobia noticed
    them as well and quickly got off the
    stage . I was about to get off as well, but
    auntie Mariam suddenly stopped me.
    “No no you stay here, we are going to
    get more plates and napkins from the
    stall. Just stay here and make sure
    everything is okay.” Before I could say
    anything, both of them disappeared out
    of my sight. I felt super awkward and
    didn’t know what to do, so I gravitated
    towards the very far corner of the stage
    and waited silently for Sobia and auntie
    Mariam to come back. When the
    Ibrahims got to the stage after meeting
    hundreds of their guests, they finally got
    to the cake and when I saw a little pretty
    girl dressed in a beautiful lilac dress, I
    instantly knew it was Ruba. Her eyes
    lightened up when she saw the cake
    and ran moved towards the cake as if
    it’s the best thing that has ever
    happened to her. It was too cute. Behind
    Ruba was her mother I am assuming.
    She was tall and skinny, with beautiful
    black straight hair. She looked like in her
    late 30’s. With pouty red lips and crisp
    cheekbones, she was giving a
    competition to the young girls who
    were here in this party. She looked
    poised, but whenever I saw her smiling,
    it didn’t reach her eyes. It looked fake
    and she seemed uninterested in keeping
    up with the conversation with the
    guests over a minute. Right behind them
    I saw Ibrahim Raza who still seemed
    humble enough to stay back and talk to
    the guests that his wife walked away
    from. With him was the same guy I met
    earlier today near the washroom, the
    same guy who took my phone in the
    college. I didn’t know his name, not that
    I was interested in finding out anyway.
    Once they were done talking to the
    guests, both Ibrahim Raza and his son
    joined the rest of their family at the
    stage. The boy glanced at me and I
    looked away not knowing what to do.
    Thankfully I saw auntie Mariam and
    Sobia coming back with boxes of plastic
    plates and napkins. They placed the all
    the plates and napkins next to the cake
    and joined me in the corner of the stage.
    The little girl, Ruba blew out the candles
    and the entire lawn chanted “Happy
    Birthday”. After everyone finished
    singing the birthday song, Ruba took a
    beautiful silver knife from her mother’s
    hand and gently cut the bottom layer of
    the cake and everyone in the lawn
    began clapping and blessing the little
    girl for a happy and healthy life ahead.
    After that, Mrs.Ibrahim came to us and
    told us to cut the cake and give it to all
    the guests in the party and walked
    away. Everyone got off the stage, except
    the little girl Ruba, who still had her eyes
    on the cake. Talk about first love. I
    smiled at her and walked towards her.
    “You want some?” I asked her. She
    looked at me as if I caught her
    committing a crime.
    “Oh no I’ll wait.” She said even though I
    could tell that she was dying to have that
    first bite of her birthday cake.
    “I tell you what, you can have the first
    bite of the cake and then I’ll make the
    pieces for the guests.” I offered her and
    the most adorable smile crossed over
    her face and I took that as a yes. I
    grabbed the silver knife again and cut
    up a small piece of cake of that. Then I
    placed a slice a cake on a plate and
    attached a spoon with it and offered it
    to Ruba. “Here”.
    She took a huge bite from the cake and
    didn’t take long to eat the rest of the
    “Good huh?” I said laughing.
    “Very, thank you” She chuckled and
    joined her friends near the swings area.
    I offered to cut the cake and give it the
    guests andSobia and auntie Mariam
    went back to the cupcake stall to start
    packing things up.
    I was too busy cutting the cake by
    myself that by the time I looked up I
    realized I was being watched by the boy
    with hazel brown eyes. He had his messy
    hair pulled back by a black baseball hat,
    and his white tee shirt was now layered
    with a denim jacket and finished out
    with a black pair of jeans. Out of
    everyone else in the party, he stood out
    the most. All I saw around him were little
    boys and girls in their bright colored
    outfits and men and women in formal
    wear. Except him, he looked the most
    normal one here surprising. We both
    stood there looking at each other and
    when I finally got my senses back and
    looked back down to continue cutting
    the cake, hoping that he would just go
    away. But he didn’t, instead he walked
    towards me.
    “Hi”. He said, waiting for me to look up.
    “Here.” I offered him a piece of cake.
    “Did I ask for it?” He asked me.
    “Why are you here then?” I looked up to
    “Are you always this feisty?”
    “No, you just bring out the worst in me.”
    I moved away from the table to get
    more plates.
    “She really liked the cake.” He said.
    “Good.” I tried to keep my answers short
    but failed.
    “Farid Bhaijaan” I heard Ruba coming up
    to the stage. So that’s what his name is.
    “Yes my birthday girl.” He picked up his
    little sister in his arms and spun her
    around and she laughed.
    “Stop I am getting dizzy bhaijaan,” This
    reminded me of the time when Sabir
    was young and easy to carry. I used to
    pick him just like this. Farid put his sister
    down and she came running towards
    the cake again.
    “Can I have some more?”
    “Of course.” I picked up one of the plates
    which were ready to serve and gave her
    it to her.
    “Here bhaijaan, have some too.” She told
    “I would, but she is not giving it to me.”
    He said pointing his fingers toward me.
    “I just offered you some but you said
    no.” I defended myself front of the
    young girl, not that I needed to defend
    myself. But I hated lying, small or big.
    “You didn’t ask me nicely.” He winked at
    “If you want it, take it.” I took the tray
    that had cake slices in it and stepped
    down to the lawn to serve the guests.
    Sobia joined as well and took the second
    tray to serve. Everyone loved the cake
    and there were so many people that
    asked for our bakery which made auntie
    Mariam really happy. Events like this
    were really helpful for the business, so
    auntie Mariam got herself busy with her
    potential clients and started telling them
    about our business.
    All the cake slices were finished except
    one and even though I wasn’t a fan of
    Farid, I still felt bad that his he didn’t get
    to eat the cake from his sister’s birthday
    party so I went back to the stage to look
    for him, but he wasn’t there. I found
    Ruba playing with her friends so I went
    up to her.
    “Hey, where is your brother?” I asked
    “He umm…he went to the pool.” She said.
    There is a pool here too? Of course
    there is.
    “Where is the pool?” I asked her again.
    “In that building” She pointed towards
    the same building where I went earlier
    today when I was looking for the
    “Okay, thanks birthday girl.” She gave me
    high five and went back to the swings
    I took the last piece of cake and walked
    towards the building. When I opened
    the big wooden doors of the building, I
    was taken away with the beautiful
    chandelier that was hanging in the
    beautiful hall. I looked around and didn’t
    see anyone. Maybe he isn’t here. When I
    turned back around, I heard people
    laughing from the other room, the door
    of the room wasn’t locked but it was
    definitely closed shut. I debated whether
    I should knock. Before I could make up
    my mind, the door filliped open and I
    saw something which I shouldn’t have. I
    saw Farid shirtless; he was only wearing
    his boxers. We both were shocked to
    see other like this and equally
    “Where are you going?” I heard a girl’s
    voice from the room. Oh my god, they
    were making out in the room. This is
    way out of my comfort zone. Before it
    gets any more awkward, I took a step
    back, turned around and exited the
    building. I didn’t make it too far from
    the building until I was grabbed by my
    arm and pulled back. It was Farid, he
    had his jacket on this time.
    “What?” I yelled. I don’t know why. I
    don’t know why I decided to be that
    person who saved the last slice of cake
    for someone who never fails to give me
    a hard time.
    “Were you looking for me?” He asked
    straight away. His eye seemed darker
    and he was way too close. I could see
    each feature of his face clearly. He had
    sharp jawline, olive skin tone, stubble
    beard and long black hair that were
    pulled back.
    “Yes” I said and I guess the answer
    wasn’t good enough because he still
    didn’t let go of my arm and kept his eyes
    on me still. “I mean no I wasn’t. I was
    looking for the washroom.” I said and
    he let go of my arm this time.
    “Do you like to eat in the washroom?” He
    asked me. Where is this even going?
    “What?” I was so confused. He pointed
    towards the plate of cake I was holding
    in my hand.
    “This, yeah… I was looking for the
    washroom and then there was an extra
    plate of cake so I thought you might
    want some.” I hated this. He should be
    explaining himself being half naked. Why
    was I explaining this to him?
    “You came all the way here to give me
    this?” He asked, almost sounding
    “No” I said and he started laughing.
    “You just won’t admit it would you?” He
    challenged me.
    “I don’t know what you are talking
    about. Do you want it or not?” I
    “Yes, I want it.” He said looking at me, I
    wasn’t too sure if he is talking about
    this piece of cake “Yeah..I’ll take it” He
    explained. I pushed my hands forward
    and offered him a plate. His hands
    brushed over mine and I suddenly pulled
    away. He looked at me as he felt
    something too.
    All of a sudden my phone rang and I
    thanked Allah in my head countless time.
    I really needed a rescue. I immediately
    took my phone out and looked at the
    screen. It was my mother calling.
    I shook my phone in my hand to give
    him a sign that I am heading back. I
    turned around and began walking away,
    knowing that there are set of hazel eyes
    still looking at me from behind.
    To Be Continue….

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    enjoying the story 😊😊

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    ⭕LAILA⭕ (my_love_forwards)

    Somehow I couldn’t get over my
    encounter with Farid last night. I didn’t
    know what was going on with him. I
    have met a lot of people, but I have
    never met anyone like him. Maybe that’s
    why I was thinking about him. Maybe
    that’s why I couldn’t get our
    conversation from last night out of my
    mind. Allah what was happening? It was
    7:00am in the morning, it was Sunday.
    Usually on Sundays, I’d like to sleep in.
    But I had such a sleepless night. After
    Sobia dropped me home last night, I
    was super tired and couldn’t wait to get
    into my bed, but I stayed up most of the
    night and after sleeping for few hours, I
    woke up super early and now I am wide
    awake and can’t seem to go back to
    sleep. Urghh I hate when that happens. I
    gave up on going back sleep and
    decided to get my bum out of the bed to
    make some breakfast. Everyone was
    home today, Sabir didn’t have any
    football practice and Ammi had a day off
    as well so I decided to make some
    breakfast. I got to the kitchen and
    decided to make some cheese omelet,
    hash brown and tea. I decorated the
    table with nice pink glassware that
    Ammi brought with her from Turkey and
    crochet table cloth . I called down Sabir
    and Ammi to the kitchen to serve them
    some fresh homemade breakfast which
    is very rare because all of us are very
    busy and we live off of granola and
    cereals most of the time.
    “Masha Allah, did you make all of this?”
    Ammi sounded surprised and that’s
    because even though I love to cook, I am
    usually very lazy to bother.
    “Jee Ammi, I woke up early so I decided
    to make some breakfast.” I smiled and
    passed some toasts to her.
    “How was the birthday party baji?” Sabir
    asked me while enjoying some extra
    cheesy omelet I prepared specially for
    him since he lives for cheese. I didn’t
    know how to ask his question, yes the
    party was good, but I still felt some
    tension at the party.
    “It was good, a lot of people showed up
    and they loved the desserts and auntie
    Mariam met a lot of people in the party
    who might be contacting her in the
    future to place some orders.” I told him.
    “That’s really good; Allah knows how
    hard it was for Mariam to get her
    business started.” Ammi said.
    “True, but everything is going well for
    them now.”
    “Yes, who was the host of the party?”
    She popped the question.
    “Ibrahims.” I responded giving more
    attention to my food.
    “Who are they?” My annoying brother
    can’t keep his mouth closed.
    “Don’t’ know. They are rich people, just
    moved in from some big city” I
    answered truthfully, leaving the part of
    their son being my classmate.
    “Yh, I have met them” My mom said and I
    almost chocked.
    “You do?”
    “Oh yes, Ayesha Ibrahim came to our
    agency few days back, she is looking for
    some people to work around the house.
    I was filling some work in the office and
    I saw her there.” She told me.
    “Oh.” Of course they were looking for
    people to work in their house. If their
    events venue from last night was so
    amazing, imagine what their house look
    like. We continued on talking about
    Sabir’s football practice after that and
    when Sabir starts talking, then no one
    can stop him. The rest of the day went
    pretty smoothly, Ammi and I made some
    chicken pasta for dinner because Sobia
    was coming over, as well as some of
    Sabir’s friends. By the time we finished
    making chicken pasta and some dark
    chocolate brownies, it was almost time
    for dinner. Since my whole outfit smelled
    like a baking shop, I went up to my
    room and wore a long green maxi
    dress; it was kind of old but super
    comfortable and wore my white linen
    hijab since it was light and easy to style.
    As soon as I went downstairs to the
    living room, the doorbell rang. Talk
    about timing. Sobia was looking
    stunning like she always does. I mean
    seriously I am not just saying this
    because she is my best mate, I genuinely
    mean it. She is tall, have nice curves, high
    cheek bones, light beige skin tone. She
    was wearing a beautiful maroon dress
    with white lace on the sleeves and black
    “You know you don’t have to dress up
    when you come over, you can literally
    come wearing pajamas and you would
    still look flawless.” I said giving her a
    hug and inviting her upstairs to my
    “Oh please don’t even get me started. Do
    you even look at yourself clearly? You
    should start paying more attention, I
    mean seriously there were so many
    guys, including the driver yesterday at
    the party yesterday who were giving
    you the looks but again you don’t seem
    to care.” She jumped on my bed and
    took my laptop to put some music on.
    “Cmon it’s almost Magrib time, don’t play
    music at this time.” I told her.
    “Aray, okay fine. So did you like the party
    yesterday? I had so much fun. You were
    so quite there though” Sobia probably
    noticed something yesterday, she was
    right. I was awfully quite yesterday and
    that’s because I kind of felt like Farid
    was going to pop up from somewhere
    after I saw him with that girl. Maybe he
    enjoyed watching me being all awkward
    that time.
    “It was a long day yesterday, I just got
    tired and there was a lot of moving
    around too.” I told her.
    “The Ibrahims are stunning though
    aren’t they? I mean everyone in their
    family is just gorgeous.”
    “Well if I had their money, I would look
    gorgeous too” I said sarcastically.
    “Come on don’t hate on the rich fellows.”
    She laughed.
    “I am not hating on them Sobs, I just
    don’t like how some people with money
    think they own the world and the
    people in it.”
    “Yh, lets the way is it, but don’t worry
    one day we will have own businesses
    too and we will be driving limousines
    and all that stuff” That’s why Sobia is a
    sweetheart. She always lightens my
    “Now are we just going to sit here, or
    you are going to feed me something
    “Dinner is served.” Sabir came in
    The rest of the evening went
    exceptionally well. Then it was time to
    leave, Sobia really wanted to get some
    ice cream so we decided to give Sabirs
    friends ride home on our way to the
    shop. I sat in the front seat with Sobia
    and Sabir and his friends hopped in the
    back. We turned on our favorite playlist
    from Adele and had our own karaoke
    session in the car. We dropped the
    Sabir’s friends to their homes, and Sobia,
    Sabir and I headed towards Sunlight Ice
    Cream to grab our favorite item from the
    menu, strawberry gelato.
    It was about 8:30pm by the time we got
    there and as usual Sobia’s took forever
    to do her reverse parking. At last, we got
    inside the Ice cream place and it was so
    quite. We loved coming here late just
    because during the day, this place is like
    a zoo. They make such delicious ice
    cream that people actually come here
    from different towns outside of
    Bradford for it. We were greeted by a
    beautiful lady with bright red hair and
    freckles, and even though it was late and
    night and she was probably too tired
    after running this place, she still
    managed to greet us with a welcoming
    smile, a genuine one. Sobia and I got our
    favorite strawberry gelato and my little
    brother went with a pineapple flavor ice
    We got into the parking lot and saw
    another car that was parked right
    across from us. There were some people
    who were standing outside of the car
    laughing and talking very loudly. We
    didn’t bother looking their way. We
    almost reached the car when I heard
    someone saying my name from the
    back. At first I thought I am just hearing
    things, but I heard it again and this time
    Sobia and Sabir heard it too.
    I turned around to see who is calling my
    It was Farid and behind him, I could see
    his friends looking in our direction.
    Farid came towards us and looked at
    Sobia, Sarib and lastly, at me.
    “Laila.” He was drunk. I could tell. Of
    course he drinks too. I was about to
    turn around when he grabbed my hand
    and pulled me right back to him. Sobia
    was too freaked out to speak, but Sabir
    on the other hand didn’t fail to speak
    “Hey leave her.” Sarib came forward and
    held his hand that was still holding me.
    The next thing I know, we were
    surrounded by Farid’s friends. First I
    thought he is just a messed up boy who
    is rebellious and don’t care about what
    people think. But today, at this moment,
    he truly scared me. His hand was still
    holding me and one of his friends was
    close of Sobia and the rest were around
    where I was standing.
    “Don’t touch him.” I warned him and his
    friends to stay away from my brother.
    “Or else what?” He took my waist from
    his other hand and pulled me closer. I
    didn’t know what to do. I seriously
    don’t. I have planned sceneries in my
    mind, where I would fight people back if
    I ever get into a situation like this. But
    right now standing in this empty
    parking lot with my best friend and my
    brother, I seriously didn’t know what to
    “What is your problem, what did I do to
    you?” I looked up to him and even
    though I tried not to cry and be a bad
    ass chic. I failed. I ended up crying in
    front of everyone.
    And just like that he let me go and Farid
    and all his friends started laughing. I
    never felt humiliated like this ever
    before. Maybe it was all a joke and a bet
    or whatever it was. It was pathetic. All of
    them went back to their car pretending
    as if nothing happened. I mean
    seriously, are they out of their freaking
    mind? What kind of people were they?
    “Was that…?” Sobia was about to say his
    name and that’s the last thing I wanted
    to hear at this point.
    “Don’t Sobia, and Sabir promise me you
    won’t tell Ammi what happened.” I
    looked at brother and he shook his
    head. Even he was way too freaked out
    to say anything else. Looking at my
    brother made me feel even worse. He
    looked so helpless. I can’t just let this go
    and let Farid feel as if it was nothing.
    I don’t know how I got my guts back
    but instead of getting into the car, going
    home and never looking back like a
    normal human being. I decided to go
    towards where Farid and his friends
    were standing, still laughing.
    “Get in the car, I’ll be back.” I told them
    before any of them could stop me. I have
    had enough of this. I walked where
    Farid and his friends were standing.
    “Look who is here.” One of his friends
    said to him. Farid had his back on me
    and when he turned around to face me,
    he looked at me as if he is seeing me for
    the first time.
    “Hey it was a bet” He said while smoking
    his stupid cigarette. I don’t believe this.
    He didn’t even consider apologizing. I
    already made up my mind and there is
    no way I was going back. I knew I am
    probably going to regret this later but
    he deserves this after making a fool out
    of me in front of his friends like that.
    And after going back and forth with my
    life choices, I slapped right across his
    He was too shocked to say anything and
    so were his friends. He was looking at
    me as if I have grown another head.
    “What did you think Farid, I was just
    going to go back home crying? Did you
    really expect I wasn’t strong enough to
    stand against you after you treated me
    like that?” I looked right at him. He
    needed to be reminded about how to
    treat others.
    “Don’t you dare ever doing this to me or
    anyone else for that matter? Just
    because I didn’t say anything to you
    earlier doesn’t mean you can do
    anything you like.” I shouted this time
    not carrying who else is listening at this
    I went back to the car and Sobia and
    Sabir looked at me like I have gone
    “What are you staring at, lets get going.”
    I said putting my seatbelt on.
    “Wow. That was so cool Appi.”Sabir said
    from the back giving me a high-five.
    “No it was not cool, Laila do you any idea
    what you did just now?” Sobia was not
    having it. I could tell she was scared and
    honestly I was too but what’s the worst
    that could happen?
    To Be Continue…

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