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    Next pls

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    That’s Shocking

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    You just shocked Farid like a naked wire.. No one messes with lailai… Nice story so far, ride on

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    Thanks @fb-danieledem for the invite

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    ⭕LAILA⭕ (my_love_forwards)

    I was very confident at first when I
    woke up this morning to go to college,
    but as soon as I stepped in my Business
    Communication class, all of my
    confidence melted away and some sort
    of fear took over. I didn’t know what I
    was so scared about, it’s not like I did
    anything wrong but I couldn’t help
    myself from thinking about what Sobia
    said to me after I slapped Farid couple of
    days back.
    I took a deep breath and opened up my
    textbook to go over some of the key
    concepts we’ll be discussing in class
    today . I had my assignments ready to
    be handed in and now I was just
    waiting like everyone in my class for my
    professor to come in. There was no sign
    of Farid so far which really helped me to
    calm my nerves. After waiting for
    an extra couple of minutes, my
    professor finally stepped inside and
    started the lecture on presentation skills
    and reports. I was very much involved in
    the class, and then all of a sudden our
    classroom door filliped open and Farid
    entered the classroom. He was with a
    girl and both of them took a seat right in
    front of me.
    The class kept going and both of them
    paid no attention to the class, instead
    kept flirting with other openly. Was she
    the same girl from the birthday party ?
    Who knows. Guys like him change girls
    like clothes. He was acting so normal
    though, he didn’t turn around to look at
    once or even said anyhing to me even
    after he saw me. Maybe he got over that
    accident. I was glad that he was over it;
    at least now we can both move in our
    own separate ways without killing each
    The rest of the class went pretty well
    and the professor asked everyone to
    hand in their assignment. I packed up
    my stuff pretty quickly and was the first
    one to hand in the assignment.
    Mr.Charlie was very impressed with my
    assignment, I could tell. After looking at
    my assignment, he told me to stay back
    because he wanted to discuss
    something with me, so I went back to
    my seat and waited until everyone
    handed in their assignment.
    After everyone else left the classroom, he
    called me up to his desk and told me to
    have a seat.
    ‘Look Laila, I was looking over your
    assignment and also read your
    discussion online on courses website
    and I am very impressed’. Mr.Charlie said
    ‘Thank you sir, I really like this course so
    it doesn’t really feel like work’
    ‘I am glad you are enjoying the course
    so far. The reason why I called you here
    is because I wanted to discuss an
    opportunity with you that I thought
    might interest you. We just started
    launched a new tutoring program in our
    business school and we are looking for
    students who are doing well
    academically to help out students who
    are struggling to keep up with their
    I really liked where this was going, any
    type of opportunity where I can use my
    skills, earn experience and help out
    other students reach their full potential
    would be a great step toward my career
    ‘I checked your grades in your other
    classes and also talked to your other
    professors to see how you are doing in
    their classes and I have heard positive
    feedback from them. This opportunity
    will be paid and timings will be flexible.
    Is it something that interests you?’ He
    asked me.
    ‘Sir I am very much interested.’ I said
    ‘I am glad to hear that, well just fill out
    the forms here and I will send you the
    list of students you will be helping out
    this semester. Once you receive their
    contact information you can just fill out
    the authorization form and get them to
    sign it, and you all of your funds from
    your tuition classes will be directly
    deposited to your account.’
    Mr. Charlie passed down the documents
    and I read all the papers before signing
    it off. I handed back him the documents
    and he photocopied it so I can have an
    extra copy. When I stepped out of the
    class, I was extremely overjoyed. This is
    something that happened so
    unexpectedly, but I was so excited. By
    having my own money coming in, I will
    be able to take care of my own expenses
    without relying on Ammi’s income. In
    high school Ammi didn’t let me work
    because she really wanted me to focus
    so I could get a scholarship, but now
    since I had less course load and plenty
    of time, it will work out wonderfully.
    I quickly got home so I could tell the
    news to Ammi and Sabir.
    Ammi and Sabir were both in the living
    room. Ammi was helping Sabir with his
    homework. I placed my bag and jacket
    onthe sofa and walked towards the
    center table where both of them were
    sitting on the floor and all of Sabir’s
    book and papers were scattered around
    the table. I joined both of them and sat
    in an Indian style position on the
    carpeted floor.
    ‘Assalam O Alikum Ammi’
    ‘Walikum Asalam meri jaan, how was
    your day?’ How did she still manage to
    look so calm and happy after working
    endlessly all day? Something I could
    never understand. Whenever I asked her
    this question she always told me
    patience and faith in God helped her
    keep calm and collected during times of
    despair and hardship.
    ‘It was good, how was your day?’
    ‘Oh you know how it is in the cleaning
    business, work work work.’
    ‘Ammi made some biryani, we were
    really hungry so we already ate lunch. Go
    heat up the food and come back here, I
    need your help with my project baji’
    Sabir said, looking very busy while trying
    to solve his math problems.
    ‘Okay, give me a minute’ I quickly ran to
    the kitchen and start heating a full plate
    of biryani in the microwave, and my god
    it smelled divine. While the food was
    heating up, I ran to my room, took off
    my scarf and tied my hair in a messy bun
    and changed into my purple floral PJs set
    that I got from Primark.
    ‘Guess what happened today ammi?’ I
    sat beside her and took a spoon full of
    biryani in my mouth. It tasted even
    better than it smelled.
    ‘Kya hua?’ What is it with moms, they
    just can’t keep themselves from
    ‘Aray, nothing bad happened, first listen
    to me na Ammi. So Mr.Charlie my
    business communication professor
    offered me a job. My college started their
    own tuition program and he offered me
    a position.’
    ‘What that’s awesome baji’ Sabir looked
    just as excited as I did when I heard
    about this offer earlier today.
    ‘Yes its great Laila, but you don’t have to
    do this. I can take care of all the
    expenses, just focus on your studies.’
    ‘Ammi, I already said yes and filled out all
    the paperwork. I don’t have difficult
    courses, my work load isn’t a lot and I
    have plenty of free time. I am doing well
    in all of my courses and it’s time I should
    start working and start earning.’ I took
    her hand in mine and she blessed me.
    ‘May Allah bless you Laila, I am so proud
    of you and you too Sabir.’ She took Sabir
    hands as well. ‘Both of you are my
    After finishing my plate of biryani and
    helping Sabir with his math problems, I
    went to my room while Ammi went to
    see her friend next door.
    I prayed Asr and opened up my laptop
    to see if I got any email from Mr.Charlie
    and there was one. I clicked on it and
    here is what it said:
    Good evening Laila,
    You have been assigned with two
    students this semester to tutor.
    First is Rafay Khan, you will be assisting
    him with his Advertising course.
    Second is Farid Ibrahim, you will be
    assisting him with Project Management
    Make sure you contact them by end of
    this week and have all the paperwork
    signed, email me the copy of it so I can
    add it in my file.
    If you have any other questions, let me
    Charlie Jones,
    Business Program Head/ Tutor Program
    I kept refreshing my email to see if there
    was some type of an error in the email,
    but there was no error. I was assigned
    to tutor Farid. He was one of my
    students. What did I ever do to someone
    to deserve this?
    I quickly grabbed my phone and dialed
    Mr.Charlies extension line hoping he
    would pick up, and he did thankfully.
    ‘Good evening, Charlie Jones speaking.’
    He said from the other end of the line.
    ‘Yes good morning, I mean
    evening…Good evening sir, its Laila from
    Business Communication class’
    ‘Ah yes, did you receive my email Laila?’
    Yes, that’s why I am calling you…
    ‘Yes I did, I just had a quick question?
    The thing is I am not too sure if it’s a
    good idea for me to tutor Farid Ibrahim.
    We know each other and we don’t get
    along so I don’t think it’s going to work
    out.’ My heart was racing so fast, I really
    hope he understands and exchange him
    with a different student; I’ll take anyone,
    just not him.
    ‘Hmm, that’s strange. I did have a word
    with him and he said its fine if you teach
    him. He said you are a bright student
    and you will help him a lot.’ I didn’t
    believe what I was hearing. Either I have
    gone made or the world seems a little
    crazier than before.
    ‘You told him about me and he is fine
    with me being his tutor?’ I asked again
    just to confirm.
    ‘Okay, but I still think it’s not going to
    work out. We don’t get along.’ I tried my
    luck one more time to see if he can do
    something to help me get out of this
    ‘Unfortunately, I can’t help you at this
    moment. Unless he tells me himself that
    he doesn’t want you to tutor him. Since
    he doesn’t have any problem, we can’t
    really make any changes from your end.’
    So basically he said no.
    ‘Okay, that’s fine. Thank you’
    ‘I have talked to Farid couple of times
    before, he is a handful but hardworking.
    Give this a shot, talk to him and see what
    ‘Will do sir, I will submit the forms by the
    end of this week.’ After hanging up the
    phone, I printed the email along with
    the authorization forms with all the
    contact details of both of my ‘students’.
    First off, it was Rafay Khan who had
    exceptional grades in Stats, Data
    Management and other Accounting
    courses. I think his problem area was
    simply advertising, just how mine was
    art in middle school. This shouldn’t be
    hard. I typed up an email asking if he
    would like to meet up sometime his
    week to get the paperwork signed and
    Second off, it was Farid who was not
    too good in any of his courses. He had
    average marks in all of his classes, but
    was really involved in social activities
    around the campus. His problem area
    was Project Management. Instead of
    typing up an email, I just decided to text
    him. It’s not like he checks his college
    email anyways.
    I grabbed my phone from the side table
    and wrote a short simple message,
    keeping it professional.
    L: Hello its Laila Barakat, I will be your
    Project Management tutor this semester.
    Can we meet this week so we can sign
    all the paperwork?
    I hit send and after couple of seconds, I
    got his instant reply.
    F: Yh meet me at the library in
    downtown area tomorrow at 4.
    Library in downtown would take me an
    hour in the bus. There is no way I am
    going all the way down there to get his
    stupid signature.
    L: It’s too far, can you meet me in college
    F: No, I am busy all week. Come there if
    you want the papers signed.
    ALLLAHHHH! Why? I am not going to go
    and feed his ego this time around. But
    who am I kidding, it’s me who is broke
    and needs this job. I will go tomorrow
    to get this paperwork done and if tries
    to pull any trick he will get a payback on
    spot. I promise.
    To Be Continue…

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    Am sorry for not posting yesterday…. Follow back @ele1

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    Hmm, dnt worry Lailai, you wil get along with Farid Ibrahim, your name will soon change to Lailai Ibrahim, i like the way the lecturers at the school make the students help each other, ill apply the formula for my students

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    ⭕LAILA⭕ (my_love_forwards)

    I woke up and got ready to go to the
    library. I made no effort in my outfit
    today, simply grabbed my denim jacket
    and threw it over my long black jersey
    dress and paired it with green hijab. I
    didn’t tell Sabir about going to the
    library because if he finds out that I will
    be tutoring Farid, he will sure tell Ammi
    about what happened in the parking lot
    and she wouldn’t let me take this job.
    I took my phone my texted Farid before
    I left home to see if he is in the library.
    L: Hello, are you at the library?
    F: Here
    L: Okay I am on my way
    F: K
    Ammi and Sabir were both outside so I
    locked up the house, took the keys and
    went to library. The buses were on time
    for once, and as a regular bus commuter
    I couldn’t be happier.
    Finding the library in a small town
    downtown was harder than I expected.
    I have never been to this side of town
    before. As soon as I got off the bus, I
    could spot small shops spread across
    the busy lanes. Before I went searching
    for the library, I saw a cute little café and
    decided to pick up an Americano. It
    tasted blissful. After asking couple of
    cool hipster kids who were sitting on
    the front porch of some raw vegan
    restaurant, I finally found my way to the
    The library was huge, it had four
    massive floors and each floor had insane
    gothic architecture. Instead of hunting
    down this idiot, I gave myself a break
    and sat close to the windows behind the
    bookshelves to enjoy my delicious cup of
    coffee. I texted him again to inform him
    that I was here.
    It didn’t take him long to find me but he
    wasn’t alone, his sister was with
    him…what was her name again? Ruba or
    something? Anyways she instantly
    recognized me and ran towards me.
    ‘Hello, I know you’ She said cheerfully
    and took a seat right next to me.
    ‘Hi, I know you too’ I smiled at her.
    Farid took a seat right across from me,
    his arms were crossed and he learned
    back as if this is the last place he wants
    to be at and trust me he wasn’t the only
    one. But if he had so many problems
    with me, then why did he agree to this
    when Mr.Charlie asked him about me
    tutoring him. He should have just said
    Without wasting anymore time, I
    opened up my bag and reached for the
    authorization forms and a pen and
    pushed it forward to him.
    ‘Here you go’ I said calmly.
    ‘Well what is it’ He was clearly here to
    laugh at my misery.
    ‘Well I will be tutoring you for Project
    Management course and these here are
    some of the papers that need to be
    submitted before we start.’ I looked at
    him and saw him smiling. Of course, he
    knows how it works.
    He kept smiling; I hated his perfect
    dimply smile.
    ‘Why are you smiling like that, sign the
    papers I have to go somewhere’ I said
    ‘Oh so you do have a life outside of
    college?’ He leaned forward and I could
    smell the strong musky cologne he was
    He was dressed well, as always. Farid
    was wearing light blue denim and had a
    gray knitted sweater on. For a guy who
    was wearing street style clothing, he did
    clean up quite well.
    ‘Still with me?’ He snapped his fingers to
    get me back to my sense. Was I just
    admiring him just now? No, I wasn’t I
    was simply just looking at the material
    of his clothes.
    ‘Yh, there was a bug on your sweater
    so…’ I told him, looking away. Girl get it
    ‘Riiighht, okay so let’s sign this shall we’
    He grabbed the pen and read each page
    carefully before signing it off. While he
    was doing that, I went back to talking to
    Ruba. She was a sweet girl, were they
    real siblings? because something is not
    right with Farid’s DNA. Both of them are
    so unalike. Where Ruba is cheerful,
    sweet and warm, Farid is sarcastic, rude
    and cold.
    ‘Here all done.’ Farid finished signing all
    the papers and I also signed the last
    page of the contract. It was all signed
    and sealed.
    I put all the paperwork inside my bag
    and before I could excuse myself, Ruba
    asked me to recommend some books
    for her to read. I usually can’t keep up
    with conversations for too long but if
    someone asks me about books, I can
    happily stay back and talk for hours and
    hours. I asked Farid if I could show her
    some of the books and he actually let
    Ruba followed me around the library
    and I was having such a good time with
    her. After spending an hour or so
    looking for books, we finally found three
    books and I took her back to table
    where we were sitting earlier. Farid was
    still there, browsing on his phone.
    ‘Done?’ He asked his little sister.
    ‘Yup, we found three books. Thanks
    Laila’ Ruba gave me a hug and I
    returned it back happily. I saw Farid
    looking at me and even when I looked
    back at him, he didn’t move his eyes
    from me.
    I let go of Ruba, and she went back to
    the checkout area at the front to sign
    out the books, leaving me behind. It was
    just Farid and I now; there was no one
    else in sight since we were in the back
    of the library so I turned around to leave
    as soon as possible.
    ‘Hey’ Farid got up from his chair quickly
    and walked towards me to block my
    ‘Yeah?’ We were both standing between
    the two bookshelves.
    ‘I could give you a ride’ He offered me;
    he was obviously up to something.
    ‘It’s okay’ I tried to move away but he
    didn’t budge and kept blocking my way.
    ‘You know what this means right?’ He
    asked me leaning forward.
    I kept moving back until my back hit one
    of the book shelves. Farid placed his
    hands on both sides of the shelf, and
    now I am trapped.
    ‘What?’ I didn’t realize my voice was
    shaking until I heard my own voice.
    ‘Hmm’ He kept coming closer. I placed
    my hand on his chest to keep the
    distance but it didn’t make any
    ‘What do you want Farid?’ I kept my
    voice sturdy this time but still avoided
    making an eye contact with him.
    ‘Look at me’ He demanded. What was
    wrong with him honestly? I raised my
    head and looked at him, didn’t realize I
    was crying.
    ‘That’s why you agreed to this right
    Farid? You are enjoying this? Does this
    make you happy? Look I am a simple
    girl, I can’t keep up with your games
    and tricks. I know I shouldn’t have
    slapped you that day and I know you are
    doing this to get back to me so if you
    want me to apologize I will. I am so…’
    Farid stopped me just as I was about to
    say sorry, he placed his hand on my
    mouth and just kept looking.
    I didn’t realize I was still holding his
    shirt until I heard Ruba’s voice from the
    behind. She was looking for him. I
    pushed him back and this time it
    worked. Before it gets any worse I took
    off and went straight out outside the
    library, breathing hard.
    Whatever happened between us will not
    happen again. He wasn’t a nice guy, he
    screamed trouble and I knew it the first
    time I saw him but no matter how much
    I try to stay away from him, the more I
    end up seeing him.
    I reached home and there was still no
    sign of Ammi and Sabir, I guess they
    went to pick up some grocery. I went to
    the bathroom and took a relaxing
    shower, blow dried my hair and opened
    up my laptop to see I got any emails.
    There were a couple of emails from my
    college, different stores offering their
    discount sales, and one was from Rafay
    Khan, my advertising student. I clicked
    on the email and it said:
    Hello Laila,
    Thank you for your email. We can meet
    tomorrow if that works for you. I was
    going over the class list and I saw your
    name, we have advertising class
    together, I was away for the first few
    weeks that’s why I need some help to
    catch up.
    I will be waiting for your response. My
    phone number is in the authorization
    form, just contact me through texts.
    Best Regards
    He sounded professional which I
    appreciated. I grabbed my phone and
    sent him a text confirming to meet him
    after class to get the paperwork signed.
    I was about to call Sobia after finishing
    dinner, but I realized that it might be too
    late. It was 10 pm but unlike me, Sobia
    was an early rise which meant that she
    went to bed early.
    So I killed some more time watching The
    Walking Dead series and called it a day.
    To Be Continue…

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