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    ⭕LAILA⭕ (my_love_forwards)

    ‘Oh my god, stop my stomach is hurting’
    I laughed at one of Rafay’s jokes.
    ‘Come on you haven’t even heard the
    punch line yet’. Rafay turned out to be
    one of the friendliest people I have ever
    met. There was so much life in him. As
    soon as I met him in advertising class, I
    knew we’d get along and I was right.
    ‘Shhh the prof is here’ I told him and
    turned on my laptop to start writing my
    Rafay was a decent looking guy. He was
    tall, had short brown hair, ivory skin and
    a kind smile. He was totally the type of
    guy Sobia would fall for.
    ‘Okay I shall continue my story after
    class’ He was a goofy guy, but was very
    smart. After the class ended we decided
    to sit outside near the bleachers since
    the weather was nice. October’s sun
    was out and it was nice and warm. All
    the leaves were stripped down from the
    trees and now were making a crunchy
    sound beneath our feet as we walked
    across the field to find a nice calm area
    to sit.
    ‘Okay let’s get this started’ I pulled out all
    of my previous notes and handed to
    ‘You can use my notes to catch up with
    all the work you missed.’ I offered him
    my notes and he began jotting down all
    the key concepts into his notebook.
    While Rafay was taking notes, he told me
    about his family, his mother passed
    away when he was young, his father
    didn’t marry anyone after and raised
    him and his young brother all by himself.
    I also shared a little about my life, I told
    him about my mother, my brother and
    my best friend Sobia, but left one very
    one person out, my dad. I don’t want to
    talk about him with anyone. He wasn’t a
    worthy man.
    ‘Okay all done, thanks Laila’.
    ‘No problem, I guess you don’t need my
    tutoring classes anymore’.
    ‘No I still need help, besides we can
    always work or our class assignments
    and stuff together.’
    ‘You sure? You don’t have to’.
    ‘I am sure, besides I don’t know anyone
    else here’.
    ‘Okay sounds good, you are actually
    smarter than I am so I guess you’ll be
    the one tutoring me’ it’s true, Rafay was
    always participating in class discussions
    and got along with all the professors.
    ‘I would love to pass down my wisdom
    to you’ He laughed.
    We packed our stuff and started walking
    back inside the college to grab our stuff
    from the lockers.
    My locker was on the second floor and
    his was on third, I insisted on going to
    my locker but Rafay insisted in walking
    with me to my locker so we could talk
    some more. At least now I have one
    friend in college.
    We made our way to the second floor
    and saw Farid and some of his friends
    standing close to my lockers. I instantly
    felt shy and wished he wouldn’t notice
    but I was dead wrong. As soon as I
    approached my locker with Rafay,
    Farid’s eyes snapped up on both of us.
    He was holding one of his many
    girlfriends by the waist, I felt disgusted
    by him and all the girls who let him use
    them like that.
    As soon as he saw my face, I think he
    could tell I was disgusted because he
    instantly let go of the girl and stood up
    straight. I turned my back towards him
    and continued my conversation with
    Rafay who was not bothered with Farids
    gang whatsoever.
    Rafay and I continued our chit chat, and
    I offered to walk with him to his locker
    because I was afraid if Rahay leaves me
    here on my own, Farid is going to make
    some kind of comment to embarrass me
    in front of his friends.
    The girl who was standing with Farid
    was a very beautiful girl; she had
    beautiful red hair, tall, had a lot of
    cleavage showing and was laughing at
    everything he was saying. She was
    pretty good looking, but seemed like a
    total bimbo. Poor girl, you can do so
    much better.
    ‘What are you thinking about?’ Rafay
    interrupted my thoughts as we walked
    down to his locker.
    ‘Nothing, I am just thinking about one of
    my assignments that’s all’.
    ‘Don’t forget to submit your
    authorization forms to Mr.Charlie before
    you go home’ He reminded me.
    ‘Oh yes, that’s for reminding me I am
    gonna go right now, catch you later.’
    Thank god he reminded me or else I
    would have missed the last date of
    ‘Should I wait for you?’ Rafay yelled from
    the back.
    ‘No that’s okay I will see you tomorrow’
    I rushed back downstairs to find
    Mr.Charlie before he leaves. Finding his
    office was quite easy but the
    receptionist told me to wait because he
    was busy with other students so I
    patiently waited for him in the waiting
    room. Meanwhile, I saw Farid and his
    crew walking heading out but as soon
    as he spotted me in the waiting room,
    he stopped and said something to his
    friends. He kissed the girl he was with
    right in front of his friends passionately,
    and the girl didn’t seem to care as well.
    Talk about PDA.
    I looked down instantly, and took my
    phone out to play some games to kill
    some time instead. After a while,
    Mr.Charlie stepped outside his office
    along with a Chinese girl who was
    probably my age and her mother. After
    the girl and her mother left the office,
    Mr.Charlie asked me to come in. I gave
    him all the paperwork and my direct
    deposit information. After everything
    was set, I felt the office.
    I was on my way towards the bus stop
    when a black Volvo stopped right in
    front of me in the parking lot. I didn’t
    know who it was, but before I could
    even guess, the window in the car rolled
    down and I saw none other than Farid.
    He was alone in the car. I wonder where
    his friends and that “special girl’ was?
    He was still looking ahead, not looking at
    me. Jeez
    I moved around his car and continued
    walking. Why does parking lot have to
    be so goddamn big? I didn’t reach far
    when which I heard him unlock his car
    door. I started walking a lot faster, afraid
    that he might catch me if I don’t fasten
    up the pace.
    It took him less than a minute to catch
    up with me.
    ‘Are you ignoring me?’ He asked while
    trying to keep up with me.
    ‘I am talking to you Laila’ Gosh, why is
    he so demanding. I am not going to give
    in. I didn’t answer any of his worthless
    questions and continued on walking. He
    was being ridicules.
    ‘Stop’ He yelled so loudly that a couple of
    people near the stop sign turned around
    to look us.
    ‘Stop making a scene’ I finally stopped,
    but didn’t look at him.
    ‘Well I wouldn’t have but you are
    pushing me” He snapped.
    ‘I didn’t push you to do anything Farid’ I
    crossed my hands over my chest and
    looked bored. Honestly, he has free time
    to kill but I had tons of other things to
    ‘Yes you did, why wouldn’t you talk to
    me?’ Again being demanding.
    ‘Talk to you? About what?’ I laughed
    ‘Look at me when I am talking to you’He
    crossed his hands over his chest to
    mimic my posture and he was so close
    that if I turned my head around to look
    at him, our faces would be few inches
    apart, so I kept looking ahead to avoid
    ‘I don’t want to talk to you about
    anything Farid, can I go now?’ I gave up.
    ‘Our next session will be tomorrow,
    after class. Meet me in cafeteria and we’ll
    get started.’ He didn’t even wait for my
    response and walked away. Such a
    I got home and called Sobia to see what
    she is up to. We talked for hours as
    usual and she told me how a lot of
    people from Ruba’s birthday party are
    now contacting them for cake and
    cupcakes orders. At least something
    good came out from that night.
    I also told her about Rafay and how she
    would seriously be into him if she meets
    him. I need to make it happen, I
    promised myself. Rafay was honestly
    such a decent guy, never had a
    girlfriend, he is close with his family, no
    trouble past, just a simple and single guy
    perfect for Sobia.
    After eating my veggie burger with
    Sabir, we both went to our rooms. Ammi
    texted to inform that she’d be running
    late because she has got a new client.
    There is no need for an argument with
    her, even if I tell her not to take any
    extra shifts, she would still take it.
    Before I switched off my phone, I got a
    text from Rafay asking if I got home
    safely. Aww.
    I replied him back saying that I did and
    that my phone was on silent. We texted
    back and forth for a while and said our
    goodbyes for today. I was in such a
    good mood after talking to my old and
    new friends and then the ugly truth hit
    me hard in the core. Tomorrow I have
    my first tuition session with a guy I can’t
    stand, the only guy who seems to get on
    my nerves without even trying, the one
    and only Farid Ibrahim.
    To Be Continue…

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    ⭕LAILA⭕ (my_love_forwards)

    I was literally waiting for Farid for more
    than two hours at this point and there
    was no sign of him. I was not surprised
    though, it’s not like he cared about any
    of this stuff. That’s it, I am going to wait
    for 15 more minutes and if he doesn’t
    show up, I will go home. Everyone left
    the cafeteria, only me and the cleaning
    lady were left. I gave up and gathered
    my stuff and got out of the cafeteria.
    I went to my locker to pick up my jacket
    and bag so I could leave.
    “Hey” Farid whispered in my ear from
    behind as I was taking my stuff from the
    locker. I screamed.
    ‘What’s wrong with you’ I elbowed him
    to push him away.
    ‘Where are you going?’ He laughed as he
    stood beside my locker.
    ‘We have a tutoring session, let’s go’ He
    took my hand and closed my locker.
    I snatched my hand away from him and
    started walking away.
    ‘Stop touching me Fared, and our
    tutoring session was 2 hours ago’ I kept
    walking until Fared caught up with me
    again and stood front of me, this time
    looking furious.
    He held me by the shoulder and took me
    inside one of the classrooms that was
    ‘Let go of Fared, you are out of your
    mind’ I yelled at him and tried all the
    strength I had in me to let myself out of
    his grip.
    ‘Yes I am. Who was that guy with you
    the other day?’ He gripped my shoulders
    harder and pulled my closer.
    ‘What are you talking about?’ I yelled at
    back and he let go of me.
    I went towards the door to head out but
    he was quicker than me and he closed it
    shut and blocked my exit.
    ‘You wanna know who he is well? He is
    my friend okay? Now move Farid.’ I was
    beyond pissed. He showed up late today,
    missed the session and now he was
    questioning my friendship with Rafay.
    ‘He seemed more than a friend to me’ He
    glared at me.
    ‘That’s your problem not mine.’
    ‘You know what I am not surprised;
    when I first met you I could tell it was all
    an act. You pretend to be all innocent
    and sweet but that’s not who you are
    What was he saying?
    ‘What?’ I asked him.
    ‘Okay let me be clear, you are here to
    trap rich guys aren’t you? The guy you
    were with, he seems well off. He is a
    catch isn’t he?’ I can’t believe he thinks
    so low of me. He was smiling down at
    ‘You think I am a gold digger?’ I
    questioned him. I have been looked
    down upon for many reasons because I
    wasn’t born in a rich family but this is
    the first time someone has accused me
    for being a gold digger.
    ‘Aren’t you?’ He wants this. He wants me
    to feel bad about myself.
    ‘Yes I am, so what? He is nice to me, and
    we get along…I think we are quite
    compatible. But I don’t see how it’s any
    of your business. Does that answer your
    question’? I fired back. If he thinks I am
    that type of a girl then let it be. I don’t
    owe any explanations to him.
    ‘Stay away from him Laila’ His tone
    suddenly changed. He looked angry.
    ‘What if I don’t?’
    ‘You will have to listen to me’ He yelled
    and began walking towards me. I didn’t
    move back this time and luckily for me
    he stopped couple of steps away from
    ‘Why, why do I have to answer all of
    your questions Fared’ I yelled, losing my
    temper yet again. But I can’t help it,
    whenever I see him, something happens
    to me and I become sensitive over
    ‘Because you are mine, Laila’ He yelled so
    loudly and I almost lost my balance.
    Thankfully I was standing close to the
    table so I held on to that.
    ‘What?’ I looked at him and his eyes
    were pulled together and his face was
    all red. OH DEAR what did I get myself
    ‘You heard me’
    ‘I am not yours Fared, you heard me.
    You are sick’ I held my forehead. My
    head started hurting from all this yelling
    and all.
    ‘I gotta go’ I ran outside and he didn’t
    follow. In fact he didn’t even look back
    at me.
    The entire way home, I kept thinking
    about his words. Why did he say this to
    me? Was it some kind of a prank? Ya
    Allah what just happened…should I be
    worried? Should I tell someone? What if
    Fared does something to Rafay? All these
    questions were occupying my mind. I
    didn’t realize I reached my stop until the
    bus driver looked back at me. I was a
    regular commuter so he remembered
    my stop.
    ‘Thank you’ I smiled at the bus driver
    and stepped out and since my luck was
    shining brighter than a star today, it
    started raining to add the cherry on top.
    I got home and Ammi was home. I took
    a quick shower, changed my clothes and
    after that I went to Ammi’s room where
    I found her reading a book so I went up
    to her, laid in her bed and put my head
    in her lap. She started stroking my hair
    and I instantly felt a lot better.
    ‘What happened?’ She asked me.
    ‘Just tired’ I replied back.
    ‘Should I make you some tea?
    ‘No, where is Sabir?’
    ‘At school practicing for his talent show
    ‘You sure you are okay dear?’
    ‘Jee Ammi, it was a long day and you
    know I don’t like when it rains’
    ‘Yh, I forgot to tell you something? Maria
    at work fell at work and injured her arm
    so I will be covering her shift at the
    I got up right away and looked at her.
    She better be joking.
    ‘At Ibrahims, I told you about them
    ‘Yes I remember and you are not
    working there.’
    ‘Why are you saying it like that, did
    something happened?’
    Yes, their whole family is weird as hell,
    except Ruba. And their son is a psycho.
    ‘No nothing happened, but you don’t
    have to take extra shifts’ I sat on her
    bed again and tried to calm down.
    ‘Maria had covered so many of my shifts
    in the past, it’s the least I can do for her.’
    What can I possibly say to change her
    ‘You sure? They have a big house, you’ll
    get tired’
    ‘I won’t be alone, Farah, Rimi and Josie
    will be there with me’ She told me about
    her other coworkers who will be there
    with her.
    ‘Okay, for how long?’
    ‘Couple of weeks, as soon as Maria feels
    better I will leave from there’
    ‘Okay Ammi, but just be careful. They are
    not friendly people’
    ‘Hmm, I will keep that in mind my little
    grandmother. Stop worrying too much’
    she pulled my cheeks and went to the
    kitchen. She thinks I am joking or being
    worried without any reasons. Maybe I
    should just tell her about Farid but then
    she’ll be worried for me. I’ll just wait
    some more, maybe I am getting worried
    for no reason. If anything goes wrong, I
    will just tell her. He is not that
    dangerous, is he?
    To Be Continue…

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    ⭕LAILA⭕ (my_love_forwards)

    Today was the last day of university
    before our autumn break starts for one
    week. Thank god, I really need some
    time off. One another thing I was
    thankful for was the fact that I won’t be
    seeing the person I loathe the most but
    frankly speaking I think we won’t be
    crossing each others paths from now
    on. Since last week, I haven’t seen Farid
    and I heard some people saying that he
    left for London and took an early break.
    Anyways it’s not like any of this affects
    When my class finished I packed my bag
    and headed towards the third floor to
    find Rafay. It’s time I should introduce
    Rafay to Sobia.
    I took him with me to her bakery and
    let’s just say I did the right thing.
    ‘So you’ll be coming right?’ Sobia asked
    Rafay. Sobia’s cousin is getting married
    in Brighton and she wasted no time
    inviting Rafay.
    ‘You sure? I mean I don’t wanna make it
    awkward by coming to your cousin’s
    wedding’ He was smiling at Sobia the
    entire time and I felt like such a third
    wheel but I didn’t care. I was shameless
    and was very much enjoying witnessing
    them being all shy and cute with each
    ‘Oh common, I am going as well Rafay.
    It’ll be so much fun’ I interrupted and
    Sobia sighed in relief.
    ‘Yeah but you know her family yaar.’
    ‘So what you’ll get to know them too
    and besides Sobia is taking care of
    everything and she is allowed to invite
    ‘Fine, I’ll be there besides I love wedding
    food’ He laughed.
    ‘Oh and don’t forget about the sweets’
    Sobia bragged because she will be
    preparing desserts for the wedding.
    ‘Won’t miss it for the world’ He winked
    at her and she looked away instantly
    turning red.
    We talked some more and after a while
    Sobia’s mother also joined our company
    and we chatted for hours and hours
    until it was time for me to head home,
    while Rafay decided to stay back a little
    while longer.
    I got home and started packing my bag
    for the wedding. I know almost
    everyone in Sobia’s family and they are
    just as sweet and welcoming as Sobia
    and her mother. Since Sabir was busy
    with his talent show and Ammi was
    occupied with work, they weren’t able
    to go.
    This week at the wedding will be so
    much fun. Food, music, gathering …all of
    that is so up my alley. I packed my bag
    with colorful traditional clothes and
    since the wedding was totally in eastern
    style, I usually packed Shalwar Kameez
    and Kaftan.
    When everything was done, I uploaded
    my last assignment for the week and
    drifted into sleep.

    I woke up extremely late and Sobia was
    already downstairs waiting for me. I
    hurried to the bathroom took a quick
    shower and slipped on a chunky black
    sweater and brown jeggings. I said my
    goodbye to Sabir and Ammi and lifted
    my heavy bag and shoved it in the back
    seat. We picked up Mariam auntie along
    the way and headed straight to
    It was my first time in Brighton and it
    was way too beautiful. Sobia’s aunt lives
    in a really nice house so she prepared a
    separate room for us to stay in which
    was very sweet of her.
    ‘Please make yourself comfortable Laila’
    Sobia’s cousin, Saima said as she took us
    the room Sobia and I will be sharing for
    this entire week.
    ‘Thank you for inviting me to the
    wedding Saima. I am so happy for you’
    ‘Oh common Laila, half of the time I
    speak with Sobia she talks about you. I
    feel like I already know you and she told
    me how you and your mother helped
    her and auntie Mariam out when started
    her bakery’ She took my hand.
    ‘If you need anything Saima feel free to
    let me know I am just like Sobia, please
    don’t hesitate’
    ‘Hmm okay well I have a henna
    appointment and I need my bridesmaids
    ready in twenty minutes’ She laughed.
    ‘You want me to be your bridesmaid?’ I
    was way too excited at this point.
    ‘Of course darling, the more the
    merrier…I’ll see two of you downstairs’
    Saima closed the door on her way and I
    started unpacking my bag with Sobia.
    Saima insisted that I should also get my
    henna done and even though I tried to
    fight it, I had to give up at last and listen
    to the bride. The henna looked stunning
    and left such a beautiful dark colour on
    my hands.
    The entire night, all of the family
    members and other guests sang songs
    and ate tons of food. It was seriously so
    much fun.
    Before going to sleep I took out my
    outfit for tomorrow and hung it inside
    the closet. I bought it especially for this
    wedding and it was stunning. I can’t
    wait to wear it tomorrow. I am so glad I
    am earning now and I can afford to buy
    the things I want instead of asking
    Ammi for money all the time.
    ‘Rafay will be here tomorrow’ I
    reminded Sobia when she laid on the
    bed next to me.
    ‘I know, I am feeling so nervous…I
    shouldn’t have invited him like that, he
    probably thinks I am crazy’
    ‘He doesn’t think you’re crazy Sobia, you
    are crazy’ I chuckled and she slapped my
    shoulders lightly.
    ‘You’re the worst. You know how I am
    with guys…I am not like you’ She said.
    ‘What do you mean? It’s good that you
    aren’t like me Sobia and for your kind of
    information I am not looking for a
    ‘The way you are I doubt any weak soul
    will survive against your wittiness’
    ‘Stop thinking about my love life and
    focus on yours. Rafay is a nice guy Sobia.
    I am serious, think about it’
    ‘Of course I know that, even Ammi likes
    him Laila and you know how picky she
    is when it comes to guys for me’
    ‘I think he likes you’
    ‘You think so?’
    ‘Good’ we laughed.
    ‘Where is he going to stay though? The
    wedding events will go on for three
    days with Nikkah, Reception and after
    party’ I asked her.
    ‘He said one of his friends lives close by
    so he will be staying at his place’
    ‘A man with a plan, you are lucky Sobia’ I
    winked at her and she blushed again.
    ‘Stop talking too much, I need my beauty
    sleep’ She whined and turned her head
    on the other side.
    ‘Okay miss future bride’ I laughed to
    annoy her some more. This is so great; I
    didn’t even have to try to get them
    together. Two of my friends might
    actually be falling for each other. It’s
    going to be a great week.
    To Be Continue….

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    ⭕LAILA⭕ (my_love_forwads)

    Since 10 am all of us in the wedding
    house were running back and forth to
    get the things done. From phone calls to
    dealing with kids, taking care of the
    food and running for last minute
    alterations, all of us were having panic
    attacks especially the poor bride who
    was consistently calling to check if
    everything is under control while she
    was getting her makeup and nails done.
    At last, around 4 pm we were finished
    with everything. All the stuff was neatly
    packed and placed inside the wedding
    bus and now it was time to get ready.
    Sobia wore a beautiful long green dress
    with silver detailing and paired it with
    bright red bangles. I on the other hand,
    wore my red and black anarkali dress. It
    was long and flowy with beautiful gold
    detailing and paired it with big gold
    earrings and pinned side of my hair in a
    braid and secured it with a clip. I usually
    leave my hair out for special occasions.
    I look so different whenever I wear
    eastern clothes; I wish I could wear it all
    the time.
    ‘Wow you look stunning Laila, all the
    single boys will go crazy tonight after
    they see you’ Sobia blabbed on while
    applying her makeup.
    ‘Oh stop it, I bet Rafay will go head over
    heels when he sees you tonight…Oh and
    did I tell you he has arrived in Brighton’
    ‘What?’ Sobia almost dropped her
    makeup brush.
    ‘You are not a bride, stop the drama’ I
    picked up the brush and applied her
    blush on her left cheek.
    ‘I am just nervous’ Oh what a hopeless
    little soul.
    We arrived at the wedding hall and it
    looked magical when we stepped inside.
    The décor was to die for, the theme was
    white and lilac and all the tables were
    decorated with small pearls, flowers and
    ‘I know right, Saima is such a visionary.
    She planned everything’ Saima’s mother,
    Samra said to me.
    ‘She did a wonderful job Samra aunty,
    everything looks wonderful’
    Sometime later Rafay showed up with a
    beautiful bouquet of flowers. As soon as
    he saw us, he came over and handed
    the flowers to Samra aunty, said
    congratulations and instantly won over
    her heart as well.
    ‘Asalam O Alikum Laila…Sobia’ He
    couldn’t take his eyes away from her.
    Rafay was also wearing a dark green
    shirt inside his tux and it complimented
    Sobia’s outfit so well. Maybe they did
    plan this.
    ‘He is also wearing green’ I elbowed
    ‘I can see that, shut up’ She elbowed me
    back. Everyone was pretty much here
    except the groom and his groomsman
    and our lovely bride Sobia who wanted
    to walk the aisle with her father so all
    the bridesmaid were standing near the
    altar waiting for the couple.
    ‘Where are the groomsmen?’ Rafay
    asked us, he was still standing with us
    while everyone was seated.
    ‘You should sit down, they’ll be here any
    time now’ Sobia said calmly and he took
    the seat closest to where we were
    standing because he didn’t know
    anyone else.
    ‘Oh here comes the groom and his
    gang’ Sobia announced when the music
    started playing in the background and
    all the photographers gathered around
    the entrance.
    ‘Akeel Bhai is good-looking isn’t he?
    Sobia whispered when the groom
    stepped out from the huddle of
    ‘Yess he is but Saima is lucky too I
    mean….’ And I couldn’t finish my
    sentence after recognizing another
    familiar face in the crowd. Farid Ibrahim.
    He was wearing a navy blue suit and a
    white shirt. This time he had his hair
    pushed back and beard trimmed, but he
    still looked like himself.
    ‘Is that…?’ Sobia nearly shouted.
    ‘What the hell is he doing here?’ She
    asked me as if I know.
    ‘How do I know?’ I snapped back.
    ‘Wait here I am going to ask Samra
    When she came back I could tell there is
    something wrong.
    ‘He is one of Akeel’s friends’ Sobia told
    ‘Why is this keep on happening?’
    ‘Don’t panic, just stay close to me and
    ignore him okay?’
    ‘Hmm’ I wish it was that easy.
    The groom and the groomsman finally
    arrived at the stage and Farid eyes met
    mine straight away.
    He walked over and Sobia stood in front
    of me to stop him.
    ‘Go back to your side’ Sobia fired at him
    but his eyes were nowhere close on her
    instead he dipped his head to the side
    and looked at him.
    ‘Hello Laila’ His eyes traced every inch of
    my body but I kept my eyes on the
    ground the entire time. Thankfully Rafay
    stood up and walked away.
    ‘Everything okay?’ He glanced over at
    Farid and he smiled at him and walked
    back to his side.
    ‘Is that…”
    ‘Yup’ Sobia and I said at the same time
    before he even finished his sentence.
    ‘What’s up with this dude?’ He asked
    ‘Nothing’ I didn’t want Rafay to get
    ‘He is a creeper; he has been giving her
    trouble lately’ Sobia told Rafay despite
    me trying to stop her.
    ‘If he does anything, you tell me. I mean
    ‘Don’t worry Rafay, I can handle it but
    thank you’ Rafay went back to his seat
    ‘Don’t tell him anything Sobia please’
    ‘Fine, but I promise he won’t be staying
    here for long. I am going to make sure
    Farid leaves as soon as possible.’
    ‘Common Sobia, he is Akeel’s friend.
    Don’t cause any scene. It’ll pass’ I
    ensured her, still feeling unsure myself.
    When Saima stepped inside the hall, she
    looked like a fairy. Her bright orange
    dress was a killer and everyone in the
    room seemed to agree.
    During the Nikkah ceremony, I couldn’t
    help it and started crying.
    ‘Ya Allah not again, Laila you have been
    to so many wedding and you still cry.’
    Sobia handed me a tissue.
    ‘It’s all so beautiful; the vows are so
    special Sobia, marriage is a promise of a
    lifetime and it just gets me’. I carefully
    placed the tissue under my eyes making
    sure not to ruin my makeup.
    Rafay and Sobia were both laughing at
    me for crying.
    ‘Not you too Rafay’
    ‘Sorry Laila but it is funny, it’s not your
    ‘Shut up, oh gosh I am such a mess’ I
    laughed at my condition too, I bet all of
    my makeup just melted off.
    ‘Go and fix your eyeliner’ Sobia passed
    me her makeup bag and I head out to
    use the washroom.
    When I saw my reflection in the
    washroom mirror, I realized that it’s not
    just my eyeliner that needs to be fixed, it
    was my entire makeup. I reapplied my
    mascara, fixed my eyeliner, and
    reapplied my nude lipstick. Once I was
    sure of my appearance I stepped out
    and right then I bumped into Fared.
    ‘You better start looking where you are
    going Laila’ He steadied me.
    ‘I am fine it’s you who needs to watch
    out’ I stepped out of his grip but he held
    me hand and pulled me back in his
    ‘Let go or else I’ll scream’ I yelled.
    ‘Go ahead’ He smiled evilly.
    ‘I am serious’
    ‘Me too…but I know you won’t scream’
    He whispered and brought his face near
    ‘I don’t have time for this’ I told him
    straight up.
    ‘Your lover is here too I see, but he is
    playing his charming games on your
    ‘It none of your business’
    ‘Maybe, but you are becoming my
    business Laila…don’t you remember
    what I said the other day in the
    classroom?’ He was testing my patience.
    ‘I don’t remember’ I looked away and
    my hands were still in imprisoned in his
    ‘You wanna know why I followed you?’
    ‘I don’t want to know anything, let me
    go.’ My voice again became shaky.
    Farid moved his hands up until it
    reached my shoulder and then he
    turned me around so my back was
    facing him. I tried to leave but he
    gripped my shoulder tighter.
    ‘Your zip is open.’ Before I could even
    protest his hands moved down my waist
    and my body shivered from his touch.
    ‘I can do it myself’
    ‘You don’t even know what’s going
    around you half of the time’ He sounded
    pissed. His hands however felt a lot
    gentle when he pulled the zipper of my
    dress to the top and secured it.
    ‘Go’ I didn’t realize I was still standing
    close to him until he said that.
    ‘Thanks’ I went back inside the hall and
    sat with Sobia and Rafay. When Farid
    entered the hall, he was smiling to
    himself. I honestly don’t know what’s
    wrong with him and why he treats me
    like that. I have seen how he is with
    other girls, he is flirty, light-hearted and
    fun but whenever he sees me he goes
    off and turns into a maniac.
    ‘What are thinking about?’ Rafay asked
    ‘I am hungry’ I excused myself and went
    to get some food.
    The food was amazing; I filled my plate
    as much as I could with kabobs, rice,
    yogurt and salad. It was divine.
    ‘Wow slow down girl’ Rafay was eying
    my food.
    ‘Go get your own’
    ‘No thank you, Sobia and I had plenty of
    food when you were busy doing
    whatever you girls do with all the
    ‘Don’t be jealous of us girls’ Sobia’s
    feminism sparked up.
    ‘I wouldn’t dare ma’am, I’ll go get us
    some ice cream’
    ‘Ma’am huh?’ Both of laughed when I
    repeated his words.
    ‘Hello Sobia’ Akeem Bhai came to our
    table with his fellow friends, including
    ‘Asalam O Alikum Bhai Jaan , you look
    handsome…oh by the way, this is my
    best friend Laila’ Sobia introduced me to
    Akeel, the groom.
    ‘Asalam O Alikum, congrats on your
    Nikkah’ I said to him.
    ‘Ahh thank you Laila, you have a
    beautiful name and yes I am a lucky guy’
    Akeel Bhai was really sweet. The entire
    time we talked, Farid kept looking my
    ‘Anyways it was nice talking to you, I
    have to meet other guests too, see you
    at the reception tomorrow.’ He walked
    away with everyone but Farid stayed
    ‘You have a beautiful birthmark’ He
    winked at me and walked away.
    D--n he saw my birthmark too.
    ‘What just happened?’ Sobia asked me
    with her eyes wide open.
    ‘He said you have a beautiful birthmark’
    Sobia never learned to keep her voice
    ‘Keep it down will you? He is just making
    thinks up…he is crazy okay’ I went back
    to eating my food. No one has ever seen
    my birthmark and the person who did is
    the person I can’t stand being close too.
    What is life!
    To Be Continue…

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    Lots of laugh

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