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    Very interesting story

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    Very interesting

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    ⭕LAILA⭕ (my_love_forwards)

    Trust me you don’t wanna miss this
    story, especially this chapter 😉
    I had no idea where I was going, but I
    knew that I won’t be going home
    tonight. My heart hurt and I hated this
    feeling. Farid was unworthy of me, he
    didn’t deserve my appreciation, my care,
    my attention or my lo… nevermind.
    I called Sobia as soon as I got inside the
    cab and informed her that I am coming
    to her place.
    Sobia’s mother was out of town to meet
    her sister-in-law so Sobia was all alone.
    ‘Wow, you look stunning’ She greeted
    me as soon as she opened the door.
    I walked inside to give her a hug.
    I held on to her for extra few minutes
    and she let me.
    ‘You okay?’ She whispered.
    I shook my head.
    ‘Oh Laila, common let me make you
    some tea’
    After making some hot cup of tea and
    warming up some leftover pizza, we sat
    down with our food in her bedroom.
    ‘Here, get into something comfy, I’ll go
    and grab and an extra blanket. I
    changed into some comfortable plain
    white pajama set.
    ‘This is so soft’ I told her when she
    walked in with a huge blanket.
    After finishing up our food, I laid down
    on her bed and closed my eyes while
    Sobia massaged my head.
    ‘I have never seen you like this’ She said
    breaking the silence.
    ‘Me too’ Just when I said that, my phone
    started ringing. It was Farid.
    I ignored it.
    ‘What’s going on between you guys?’
    She finally asked.
    ‘I don’t know, I can’t be around him
    Sobia. He is toxic for me’ I opened my
    eyes and sat up to face her.
    ‘Why did you marry him then?’ I knew
    she’ll ask me this question one day and I
    was ready to answer her questions with
    I finally told her everything from start to
    ‘You idiot’ She looked at me as if I have
    grown an extra head.
    ‘ I had to Sobia, it was a chaos and I had
    no other option’
    ‘He blackmailed you, Laila’
    My phone rang again, it was Farid.
    ‘So now what?’
    ‘Can I stay with you tonight?’ I asked
    ‘Of course but that’s not what I
    meant…what I mean is how long are you
    going to keep this up for?’
    ‘I have four months contract with him.
    After that, we will be separated and I’ll
    go back to my old life’
    ‘Do you think he’ll let you?’
    ‘Yes, why wouldn’t he?’
    She laughed at me.
    ‘Why are you laughing Sobia?’
    ‘You don’t see it do you?’
    ‘I don’t think he’ll ever leave you’ She
    smiled at me and went off to sleep.
    What if Sobia is right? No, she is not.
    Farid and I would never…Right?
    Before laying down, I checked my phone
    again. I had 8 miss calls from Farid and 3
    text messages. I opened the messages
    and it said.
    F: F--k where the hell are you?
    F: Call me back dammit.
    F:Come back home right now.
    I ignored all of that, he is just angry at
    me, not worried. Besides Melissa is there
    to keep him company. All he really cares
    about his money and that stupid
    property from his grandfather’s will, not
    I suddenly woke up and it sounded like
    someone was knocking on the door
    loudly. I checked the time and it was
    I nudged Sobia and both of us walked
    downstairs to check.
    Sobia peeked outside through the
    window and looked back at me with a
    ‘Farid’ She mouthed.
    Ya Allah …how did he know I was here?
    Sobia was about to open the door when
    I stopped her.
    ‘Don’t he’ll leave after’ I whispered.
    ‘He’ll wake up the neighbours’ She
    ‘This is not good’
    ‘He looks so scary’ She informed me.
    ‘I know you are there Laila, I won’t leave
    unless you open the door’ He yelled from
    the other side.
    ‘How does he even know that you are
    ‘He knows I have no other place to go
    to’ I answered.
    ‘Should I call the cops?’
    ‘No use…go upstairs, I’ll talk to him’ I
    knew Farid, he won’t give up unless he
    gets his way.
    ‘No, you go and I will talk’
    ‘He knows already, he will check the
    room and do something stupid’
    Without arguing, she left me and walked
    up to her room. When I heard her close
    her bedroom door. I opened the front
    door and saw a very angry looking man.
    ‘What the f--k is wrong with you?’ He
    walked inside without any invitation and
    closed the door shut.
    I stayed silent. He was nowhere done
    ‘Why didn’t you answer my call? I asked
    around and nobody knew where you
    went? I told you to f-----g stay with
    me? Are you that stupid? What if
    something would have happened to
    you? Do you even know what kind of
    people are out here in the street at
    night?’ He eyes were red and pulled
    ‘Say something’ He shouted and it made
    me jump.
    ‘I am fine, I wasn’t feeling well’ I turned
    around but he held me shoulder and
    turned me around to face him again.
    ‘You are coming with me’
    ‘No’ I said weakly.
    ‘Why?’ He never asked why.
    ‘I just don’t feel like it’ I looked down,
    trying to hold back my tears.
    He scanned my face with intensity in his
    ‘Why?’ He took a step forward to me.
    I took a step back, he grabbed my waist
    to keep me in place.
    ‘Why?’ He brought his lips close to my
    ears and I shivered.
    ‘Were you jealous of Melissa? Huh? Is
    that why you left?’ He nibbled my ear
    and I pushed him back.
    ‘Stop’ I yelled.
    ‘It’s true isn’t it wifey?’ He smirked at
    ‘You are wrong, I am not jealous of
    anyone, especially your girlfriend’.
    ‘She’s not my girlfriend’ He got serious
    I stayed quiet.
    ‘She is not my girlfriend’ He repeated.
    ‘ You don’t have to give me any
    explanations, I don’t care if she is your
    girlfriend….I could care less…’ I snapped,
    glaring up at him.
    ‘Shut up’ His eyebrows pulled in and he
    grabbed each side of my face, slamming
    his lips against mine.
    I protested but it was no use.
    ‘Shut up, Laila’ he said, kissing me over
    and over.

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    Mainkid OdoMainkid Odo
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    ⭕LAILA⭕ (my_love_forwards)

    As soon as our lips touched, I lost senses
    of everything. He was too intense. It felt
    like I was going to hell. It felt like a sin
    and I didn’t care. His hands around me
    become loose and he brought his hands
    to my cheeks. The rough sensation
    quickly turned into a sweet paradise. He
    brought his lips down my throat and I
    felt a sharp pain on my skin when he
    s----d into my neck. That’s when I
    recollected my sense.
    ‘Farid’ He didn’t recognize my voice at
    first, he ignored me and continued
    having his way.
    ‘Farid’ I said again and I made sure my
    voice was loud enough for him to hear.
    This time, he listened to me and let go
    of me immediately. I looked at him and
    saw his dark aura, I never noticed earlier
    but he was intoxicated. His eyes were
    gentle yet heavy and his lips were
    swollen from kissing me. I looked away
    from him right away and pulled my
    shirt’s collar up to hide the marks that
    he left of my shoulders.
    ‘Please leave Farid’ I wanted him to leave
    before I changed my mind. I was scared
    that if he stayed behind, we might do
    something that we’ll both regret later.
    We need to stay far away from each
    other as possible. I can’t let this go on
    any further.
    The gentleness in Farid’s eyes washed
    away from right after I told him to leave.
    ‘Yeah it’s not like this was anything
    special anyways’ He stormed right out of
    Sobia’s house and smacked the door
    shut as loud as possible. I ran towards
    the window and saw him smashing his
    hands to the hood of his car before
    driving off.
    I wanted him to go, but his last
    comment did hurt me. For him, it might
    have been nothing special, but for me, it
    was a memory that I’ll never forget. I
    just had my first kiss.
    After a while, I walked upstairs to
    Sobia’s room and I knew she was
    awake but she pretended to be asleep
    and I was very thankful for it. It would
    have been really hard to explain
    everything to her. What if she heard us?
    Did she know that we …? I guess I’ll
    never know. I was so embarrassed.
    Never in a million years I would have
    imagined that one day I’ll have my first
    ever kiss with a guy like Farid. I guess
    we really can’t tell what’s written in our
    When I woke up, there was so sign of
    Sobia, turned out she went out to me my
    favorite cream cheese and bagel from a
    bakery near her house. When she
    returned and we started eating our food
    she popped up the question.
    ‘So last night…’She chuckled. Ya Allah she
    ‘Let’s not make a huge deal about this
    okay?’ I was feeling so shy.
    ‘Oh no my best friend, we are not done.
    Not even close. You said you don’t like
    him and yesterday you were all moaning
    and stuff. It was so annoying, I bet the
    entire neighbourhood heard you’ She
    laughed and I dropped my bagel on the
    plate. I was horrified.
    ‘Don’t play dumb now’ She winked.
    ‘Everything happened so quickly’ My
    mind went back to thinking about
    yesterday night. Yes, everything did
    happen quickly. His one move changed
    everything. I should have stopped him, I
    know I could have if I tried, but I didn’t
    and I knew why…because I wanted it as
    much as he did and I hated myself for
    wanting someone who didn’t want me
    the same way.
    ‘No Sobia, it’s not like that. It was a
    I knew I’ll have to face Farid one day or
    another and I couldn’t stay with Sobia
    any longer because her mother was
    coming back home today, which meant
    that I’ll have to go back to Farid’s place.
    I knew he left his place at around
    11:00am so I decided to wait until then
    before going down there. It was about
    11:30am when I reached his house, I
    checked the living room and the kitchen.
    There was no sign of Farid anywhere.
    Thank god he is not here. I walked to my
    room and saw that everything was all
    clean and my dirty clothes were neatly
    washed and folded. At least I won’t have
    to worry about that anymore.
    I was putting all of my clothes inside the
    cupboard when Farid walked right into
    my room.
    ‘You’re back’ It sounded more like a
    question. Maybe he thought I’ll never
    come back. Did he miss me?
    ‘Yeah, I hope that’s okay. Sobia’s mother
    is back so I didn’t…’
    ‘Yeah, no…it’s okay.’ He said nervously.
    ‘I am sorry’ I blurted out these words
    without thinking.
    ‘For what?’
    ‘Just…about yesterday.’ After putting my
    clothes inside, I walked away from him
    and stood near the bookshelf to keep
    some distance between us.
    ‘Okay’ He came closer to me, enough for
    me to reach out and touch him, but
    there was still some distance.
    ‘For telling you to leave or kissing you
    back…everything that happened. It was
    wrong and irresponsible and I am sorry’
    I told him, avoiding his eyes. I know I
    shouldn’t be the one to apologize but I
    don’t want him to think that I liked
    kissing him or give him any wrong
    ‘It was just a kiss Laila, it’s not like it
    meant anything. I was drunk and you
    were there, it was just a matter of time. I
    would have kissed any other girl the
    same way if she was there instead of
    you’ His light response didn’t reach his
    smile that was plastered on his face. He
    said those words to hurt me. I knew it
    the second he said it. He can’t be that
    insensitive, can he? Everything about
    him in this moment was making me
    ‘Good’ I smiled back. If he wanted to be
    such an arse then fine.
    ‘I’ll be home late’ He said quietly as he
    walked out of my room. There were two
    things that my fake husband never failed
    to do, first,humiliate me and second hurt
    me and each time he did it, it hurt me
    more than before.I knew there was
    something good, some kindness left in
    him but he always covered it with hate
    and anger. Why was he like this?

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    Mainkid OdoMainkid Odo
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    ⭕LAILA⭕ (my_love_forwards)

    The next two weeks went by really fast,
    Farid and I tried our best to avoid each
    other as much as possible. Both of us
    knew about each other’s timings so we
    hardly had an encounter. Whenever he
    was here, I stayed in my room or went
    outside and he did the same thing. We
    had nothing left to talk about since our
    last conversation.
    Today was Sobia’s birthday and Rafay
    asked me to invite Farid which meant
    that I’ll have to talk to him today. I was
    walking outside of his bedroom
    debating if I should ask him or leave it.
    It’s not like he would come with me in
    the first place. I was about to knock on
    his door when the door flew open and
    Farid looked stunned.
    ‘What are you doing here?’ He asked
    ‘It’s Sobia’s birthday today…’Before I
    could finish my sentence he jumped in
    as usual. He never let me speak.
    ‘Yeah okay, tell the driver he’ll pick you
    up from the party if it gets late’ He was
    about to close the door when I stepped
    inside his room for the first time.
    ‘Hey…’ He protested.
    ‘Would you please just listen…I wanted
    to ask if you want to come to the
    birthday party with me’. I snapped at
    He looked confused.
    ‘You want me to go with you?’ Why is he
    asking me this?
    ‘Yeah I guess if you want to’ I shrugged.
    ‘Okay’ He calmly replied.
    ‘Cool’ I took a step back and literally ran
    out of his room. Why is my mind keep
    on going back to him?
    By 4 pm, I was all ready. I wore a plain
    red flowy dress and left my straight hair
    open and for makeup, I did a brown
    smokey eye and nude lipstick. When I
    walked downstairs, I saw Farid and he
    didn’t fail to get my attention. He was
    wearing a black suit and a red tie. His
    hair was pulled back which made him
    look a little older than his age but this
    look suited him. I walked up to him and
    he took my hand in his hand and my
    eyes popped up.
    He took out a red velvet box from his
    jacket’s pocket and inside of it was a
    beautiful rose gold diamond ring. It was
    simple and elegant. He took the ring out
    of the box and slipped it on my ring
    finger. It was a perfect fit.
    ‘Farid…’ I looked at him and then back to
    the ring.
    ‘Do you like it? I can get something else
    if you don’t…’
    ‘I love it’ I squeezed his hands.
    My eyes filled up with tears, I was feeling
    so many different emotions. Even
    though it was all fake. It still meant
    ‘Why are you crying stupid girl?’ He took
    my face in his hands and wiped the
    tears away from my face.
    ‘Thank you’ My voice was still shaking.
    This ring was a proof of our marriage
    even though it was temporary…
    ‘Lets go’ He didn’t let go of my hand
    until we reached his car.
    I kept looking at my hands, I didn’t
    understand his gesture…without making
    false assumptions I decided to ask him.
    ‘Farid…why did you give me this ring?’
    ‘Hmm?’ He was clearly lost in his own
    ‘I said, why did you give me this ring?’
    ‘I thought you liked it.’
    ‘I do, I just don’t understand why…’
    ‘Because every bride needs her diamond
    ring …now let me enjoy the music’
    He went back to humming some soft
    rock lyrics and my eyes went back to the
    rock that was shining brightly in my
    The party was small and intimate,
    everyone there was a close family
    relative or a friend. I practically knew
    everyone at the party. After greeting the
    birthday girl, I took Farid with me to
    introduce him to the families I knew.
    Everything seemed to like Farid.
    ‘How come you know all these people?’
    He asked when we sat down at one of
    ‘Sobia and I are pretty close, we know
    everyone in each other’s families’ I
    explained to him.
    ‘Your mother just walked in’ He
    informed me and I looked around until I
    saw her in the crowd.
    ‘We should go’ I told him.
    ‘I don’t think she wants to talk to me’ I
    was having an anxiety attack.
    ‘You’re okay?’ He was worried.
    ‘I just need some air’ I walked outside
    the hall, leaving him behind.
    I was walking outside in the lawn when
    I heard my mother.
    ‘Laila’ I turned around and walked right
    towards my mother.
    ‘Ammi’ I didn’t realize I was crying.
    She opened her arms and embraced me.
    ‘Ammi’ I held her tightly and she patted
    my head.
    ‘Shhh Laila…dont cry. I am here’
    ‘I missed you, I thought I lost you
    She and I sat down on the grass and she
    wiped away the tears from her eyes as
    well as mine.
    ‘Ammi, Farid and I…’
    ‘I know’ She answered.
    ‘How?’ I asked.
    ‘Farid spoke to me, he said he is the one
    to blame. He told me how he
    manipulated you into marrying him for
    money’ She sighed.
    ‘Ammi, listen what happened was…’
    ‘Laila, you don’t have to explain
    anything, I can understand why you fell
    for his trap. I am sorry I couldn’t protect
    you’ She was having a breakdown.
    ‘I am happy with him’ I told her
    She looked confused.
    ‘He is a nice guy Ammi, I know he comes
    out very cold and harsh but he is a
    caring person, he’s just been through a
    lot’ I explained it to her.
    ‘I just don’t want you to suffer because
    of us’ She weakly said.
    ‘I am not, I know it was a fast decision,
    but it was meant to be’
    My mother and I talked for a while
    before walking inside, when Rafay and
    Sobia saw me and my mother together,
    she winked at me and nudged Rafay
    who gave me a thumps up. My mother
    got busy with other guests and I went
    out to look for Farid because he was
    nowhere in sight.
    I walked back outside when I saw a
    dark figure in a distance. When I walked
    closer, I realized it was Farid, and he was
    smoking a cigarette.
    ‘Cigarette is injurious to health’ I said
    from behind.
    ‘Yet people die in all different ways,
    other than smoking as well’ He fought
    I rolled my eyes.
    He pulled a cigarette out of his mouth
    and crushed it under his shoes.
    ‘Better?’ He asked.
    I shook my head.
    ‘Lets go inside Sobia is about to cut the
    cake’ I smiled at him and started
    walking back inside, hoping he would
    follow and thankfully he did.
    ‘Are you happy with me?’ He asked from
    behind. Maybe he heard the
    conversation I had with my mother a
    while ago.
    I kept walking, not sure how to answer
    it. Was I happy with him?
    ‘Answer me’ He demanded, he was a lot
    closer to me this time.
    ‘Are you?’ I turned around and asked
    the same question, I wanted to know
    this as much as he did.
    ‘What do you think?’ He tucked my hair
    behind my ear and walked inside.

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    Author, who is you is your girlfriend/wife? I can bet with my biggest treasure that she will never leave you.. The scene, use of words, everything is so romantic and im already writing some of the romantic words down, ride on

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    I love the beginning of this soon to be amazing love story

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