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    (The Obolo war god)
    ¤ Proudly produced by PsycheSupernatural
    || # Prologue||
    # Purely_fictiona l
    This saga of mine is rooted on actions taken centuries ago, during the dark ages.
    In a land far South of the Niger Delta, to the extreme of Rivers State and further at the brink of Nigeria’s atlas, surrounded by rivers and estuaries with the Atlantic gaining on its shores, the autonomous tribe of the Obolo’s rested on the fertile terrain of the state.
    Years ago, this was a tribe of fierce warriors willing to lay down their lives for their mother land and heritage, a tribe that sent chills down the spine of their rivaling opponents on the battle ground,
    a tribe that anticipated bloodshed and brutality, best described as callous and babaric in terms of war.
    Years after a rampaging storm had hovered over the land, ending the lives of many at its wake and leading to the mortal demise of a powerful entity. From the mouth of the Obat yok a prophecy came which would be fulfilled at a time unknown to men,
    ~ The Rebirth of Yok Obolo
    ~ a REINCARNATION rather.
    “A child would be delivered into the world at a period before the wake of terror of the Obolo people, a child whose path had already been chosen.
    ¤ A path of violence
    ¤ That of bloodshed and brutality.
    A child who would face off the impending danger and brawl the evil one, the causer of anguish.
    His fate is strait…!
    His destiny crooked….!
    Will he succeed?
    What becomes of him when he discovers his destiny and who he really is?
    Will he chicken out or brawl his way through?
    Find out in this African Epic story
    “Legend of Yok Obolo
    (The Obolo war god)”
    Watch out!

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    Detective Ayomide
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    Obolo obolo
    I hail u o

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    Chapter 1

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    The tides were slowly returning, the raging sea waves ebbing also;
    the sea retreated from her shores, draining down to the depths while the chill evening breeze bristled its cool currents over the surface of the earth and into a massive tropical rain forest on a vast island surrounded by rivers and estuaries with the ocean gaining on its shores. The brick red sun slowly settled down the horizon, hiding most of its golden rays from the surface but permitting only a s—t of its luminance peeking into the dense forest.
    Within the forest was an eerily serene athmosphere; tree branches waggled to the currents of the wind, the sound of chirping birds, the burbling of running water from nearby creeks, and the rustling of dry leaves on the labyrinth forest paths by wandering rodents made startling noises, all of these pointing at the cloistered beauty of nature.
    The wind suddenly calmed, tree branches stilled, chirping birds took to flight leaving rodents to scurry into hiding. The athmosphere tensed up, giving a hostile premonition.
    Just then, pelting steps racked the air with a distinct cry for help following closely at intervals; from a corner of this dense forest the figure of a young woman in shabby wrappers skid roughly into view with a wailing infant wrapped protectively in her arms. She scooted vaguely through the forest paths, darting her gaze back and forth while she hurtled with all the energy she could muster.
    After a considerable space of time, three burly figures staggered into view, each wielding razor edged matchets and a piece of cloth material wrapped round their waists hanging down to their knees, their eyes held glints of hostily with beads of sweat trickling down their bare chests.
    They s——-d to a hault with arms akimbo, scouring the nigh forest periphery with their gaze for any traces of the haggard lady.
    “Where did that cursed woman run off to”
    The shortest of the trio huffed in acrimony, brandishing his matchet as he darted his gaze back and forth.
    “You go that way, you the other while I check there”
    The stout short heighted male who seemed to be the leader of the trio ordered in his native dialect and
    immediately the duo flanked by him hauled into a search.
    From a corner of the forest, the distinct snap of a broken tree branch pierced the air, calling on the attention of the trio.
    They haulted their search and averted their gaze to the cause, but met with the sight of a slinking lady who broke into a sprint the moment she was spotted.
    The trio trailed the young woman from behind in a frenzy persuit, throwing their legs as fast as they possibly could to meet up her pace.
    The woman on the other hand ran with all vigour as the trio closed in on her with every passing sec.
    She was out of the forest now,
    on a rough terrain she ran with a panicked demeanor and agony etched on her mug. Her heart throbbed hard against her chest in anguish as she was now helplessly caught up in the toils of death with no possible way to forfend her death.
    She had beaten the drums of the spirit and now had to dance to its beats.
    After sprinting for minutes which seemed like forever she was apt on retiring from this unending persuit sooner or later. It was dusk already and the dark clouds slowly hovered the sky; her legs were feeble, her feet sore from the persuit and neither were her persuiers relenting on the chase. On the verge of taking a sharp turn, she felt something hard ram against her back and she plummeted from the impact, hurting herself in the process. Her sight dazzled, her breathing ragged and her throat was sore from the long run resulting in a raspy cough as she tried catching her breath. She squirmed on the floor rolling from side to side as she struggled for breath, grimmacing the pain from her injured shin as well and not sparing the little infant off her arms for a split second despite all. She tilted her throbbing head up and her gaze fell on three hazy figures rearing over her, her dazzling sights cleared off abit revealing a blur image of her persuiers who were visible panting and worn out just as she was, but smouldered any signs of weakness; with their mugs still stern as ever not exclusive of the shortest who wore a bleak frown.
    “Nkere, you can’t escape your doom, you and your cursed son will die. Why the stress!”
    The short figure bellowed, brandishing his blade and patting it gently on his palm as he walked round the lady in circles.
    “You can’t…stop the prophecy Egbe, no matter what you do”
    The young woman gave a raspy reply, with a faint smile etched on her mug (face).
    “Hmm, is that so…you amaze me alot Nkere, I mean…decapitating both your heads is enough to disrupt any stupid prophecy”
    He chuckled darkly, looking down at the helpless young woman with a sinister grin.
    “I would love to see you try”
    She weakly retorted and reached for a slver dagger in a small pouch strapped to her waist,on seeing this the trio minced back feigning a frightened demeanor while exchanging glances at each other, but broke into an outburst of mirthless laughter which had a sense of sarcasm in it.
    “You mean to attack three fierce warriors with just a dagger”
    One of the three snickered amidst laughter, but the young woman remained mute, pulling down the blades of the dagger down her tender palm spurring up blood flow out of the cut, she swiftly closed her eyes and gibbered in a strange tongue startling the trio present and causing the earth to quake momentarilly.
    Suddenly, the sky let out a raucous rumble and darkness rapidly brewed over the surface, turning the whole land stygian dark. The athmosphere reeked of death and hostility, with the eery wind carrying on its wings the echoes of unearthly howls from the four corners of the earth.
    “Elx lacskl mekan….”
    She chanted and her body slowly leviated into mid air with her hair fluxing to the currents of the wind, her eyes suddenly took a hue of a refulgent sepia and runic symbols appeared on the earth beneath her frame with her child on its cores.
    “El mador suz elkric…”
    She yelled and a powerful gust broke loose upon the land spurring dry grasses and leaves into mid air and ripping trees and plants from their roots into mid air also. Powerful lightning bolts accompanied soon after, raining down fiercely on the earth and destroying whatever it was it came in contact with. The intensity of the lightning doubled, seizing laughter from the faces of the men present, leaving them a pale expression as they could not elucidate nor comprehend on how things got this severe. The duo scampered back in an act of fear and salvage from an incoming bolt, both men imbued to the brim with utter fright and terror at the turn out of events, making them cower back in fear in order not to forfeit their lives to the core cause, but exclusive of Egbe their leader who stood unfazed by the display of power.
    “Nte-uwo what do we do now, I think she’s a witch or probably an evil spirit!”
    One of the two shuddered.
    “And if we remain here we might be immolated and…”
    “Shut that mouth of yours now before I do it for you, we’re not from a tribe of cowards but of brave warriors, we can’t backout after coming this far”
    Egbe huffed at the latter,
    “Decapitation my friend! Decapitation is all we have to do to kill her. Pass me the oil”
    He breathed with a stern look and acrimony etched in his voice, immediately one of his men scooted towards him with a furled snake hide and he hastily collected it and poured out its contents on his matchet before mumbling incoherent words and eerily his matchet’s sharp edges let out an ember glow which left him with a sinister grin.
    “Finally your doom is here”
    He chuckled darkly and lunged through the terrifying thunder bolts unscathed, leaping into the air with his matchet aimed for decapitation.
    A young lad gasped, jolting of his bed with hot beads of sweat trickling down his face, he was visibly panting with his palms quivering and his stomach lurching with fright.
    “What kind of dream is this?”
    He asked no one in particular, letting out a light yawn and ruffling his hair as he regained his demeanor. He darted his gaze to the wall clock which was visible enough due to the dim lumination from a red bulb in the room.
    “4:13 am, a few more hours till daybreak and a few more to sleep”
    He slurred and drew his duvet over his body to get some sleep but non was forth coming, coupled with the nagging thought of the dream but he shrugged it off and focused on getting some sleep;
    after much effort he finally dozed off into dreamland.
    On the edge of his bed the phantom of a lady appeared,
    looking down at the dozing frame of the lad.
    “The era has began, your time is ticking”
    She breathed and vanished into thin air.

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    # Chapter_2
    The rays of the morning sun crept through the sheer curtains covering the window, into a fairly furnished room, lightening up the gloomy atmosphere and warding off the darkness that once was, giving the room a sense of cordiality. The room was painted red with a touch of white at
    certain corners. An arm chair mounted at the North corner of the room, flanking a german door by a few metres and a glass table and plasma tv a couple inches upfront of it. On the walls of the
    room were potraits of a middle aged man and a young woman by his side, a few others of himself alone and others of the young woman and a toddler cuddling.
    On the tiled floor were clothes;
    ranging from casaul wears to male undies all sprewed the on surface,
    by the corner was a reading table with a reading lamp and a couple of note books and texts laying
    haphazardly on it.
    On a bed adjacent to the window was the dozing frame of a lad sprawling under a duvet, with sleek jet black hair and weird streaks of white hair trailing down the sides of his afrocut. He squirmed on the bed a bit, tilting his head to the sides sleepily before flicking open his hazel eyes to the brightness of the morning. He drew the duvet off himself and pulled his frame up into a sitting posture, resting his back on the bed’s headboard and ruffling his hair as he did. He stretched out lightly, letting out a soft yawn before sliding down the bed and dawdling towards the room’s window. He shoved the curtains apart making room for more lumination and rattled open the windows to the bustling of the neighbourhood, the bickering of female neighbours and the cackling of elderly men probably discussing soccer and politics from compounds adjacent his. The clamouring of an antsy landlord on his tenants a few blocks away and the shrill noise from the engines and honks of cars zooming down the busy road wasn’t leftout of the mid morning cacophony.
    The chill morning breeze bristled into the room, permeating evenly across his face and combing through his hair, sending a cool sensation through his nerve fibres and down his spine. He grinned wanly gazing over the walls surrounding his residence, allowing his thoughts drift over his numerous plights and ordeals.
    A busy Saturday morning it was but rather uneventful for an orphan like him, coping single-handedlywith life’s travail with no friends or family to call his, living alone in the only property his late parents left behind. After minutes of feeding his senses with the activities going on in the world outside his walls he retreated from the window and turned to the bathroom to freshen A busy Saturday morning it was but rather uneventful for an orphan like him, coping single-handedlywith life’s travail with no friends or family to call his, living alone in the only property his late parents left behind. After minutes of feeding his senses with the activities going on in the world outside his walls he retreated from the window and turned to the bathroom to freshen up.
    He dabbed his face with water from the wash basin a couple times and tilted his head up to the mirror before him, peering vaguely at his reflection for minutes and shaking his head abit. He reached for his tooth brush and applied tooth paste on it before nudging it into his mouth and doing the needful.
    *****A few minutes later*****
    The once untidy room was now neatly kept in order; the bed was now well dressed and the duvet folded into place, the dishevelled clothes once sprewed on the tiled floor were now crammed into a basket flanking the North window by the left and the scattered books on the reading table well arranged.
    The blue curtains were layed down thereby restricting rays of sun light from peering into the room, with the fluroscence bulbs bulging out of the walls serving as a form of artificial luminance in its stead. The fervid fragrance of vanilla, the humming of the air con and the relatively low booming from the home theartre all summed up in giving the room a hospitable homely feeling.
    On the arm chair sat the shirtless lad, draping his arm on the chairhead with a sumptuos meal of noodles in a ceramic plate placed on a glass table in front of him and a tumbler of yoghurt by its side. He stooped over abit, mumbling a short prayer with his eyes shut before munching on the contents of the dish and taking short sips from the tumbler. After series of clanking sounds from the ceramic plate he pushed it away and gulped down the remaining contents of tumbler. He squirmed into the comfy chair after having a hearty meal, focusing his attention on the movie displaying on tv screen and taking shufti’s at the clock on intervals; after a couple minutes had gone by he started feeling tense and restless, not because of the food but something strangeHe suddenly jerked out of the arm chair with a fuzzy precognition, and strutted towards his wardrobe for a casaul outfit, settling in a pair of red jogger pants and a grey hoodie after minutes of scrabbling through the clothes in his ward robe.
    He accessed his looks in front of a full-lenght mirror by the side of his wardrobe before bolting out of the room and down the isolated corridor heading outside the apartment for a short stroll, under the chill of the morning.
    ~~****Aggrey Road****~~
    ¤ ****Port Harcourt**** ¤
    The morning sun broke loose from its shell onto the horizon, radiating heat and light energy down to the surface. The clouds wafted steadily through the heavens, following the currents of the wind and giving way for a full view of the clement blue sky, and a flight of birds soaring high up across the firmament.
    Petty road side traders could be seen on either sides of the busy road, advertising their wares and beckoning on passers by to patronise them; and also, down this busy road were sparse numbers of filling stations visibly clogged with cars and motorcycles ranging from luxurious private cars to worn out public transports all queued up, closely together to refill their petrol tanks. By a segment of this commercial road were rows of varieties of shops and restaurants with batches of customers filing in and out of these establishments at intervals. The commercial banks were open and active as usual, with series of clients seething around the banks premises, a few in private cars while others on foot. The A.T.Ms like always, was crammed to a choke by antsy users, each of them going about one thing or the other while waiting for their turns to make use of the machines services, a few of them mounted by a corner under a shade flanking the A.T.Ms by a few meters with daunt and minatory facial expressions and anticipating fists readied for whoever would walk in to operate the machine when it wasn’t their turn, while a few more, women especially, clamoured and bickered away their time on gossips pending their turn.
    The raucous noise from the engines of worn out vehicles and their exasperating honks could blight any sane man’s rest, as they kept blaring their honks at a scrawny traffic warden standing at the nigh centre of the road, the latter proved obstinate in leasing them his attention as he continued on, waving vehicles to a hault and others into motion, and aiding pedestrians and young shabby hawkers find their way across the busy road, all of these summed up in giving the warm homely feeling of the hustling and bustling in the famous Port Harcourt City.
    A loud bang racked the air from a close distance followed by the explosion of the rear tyres of a racing red Range rover sports car, causing the driver to lose hold on the wheels resulting the vehicle to crash into an electronic sales shop. Shortly after, a couple more loud bangs followed from a very near distance this time around, now recognised to be gun shots causing the whole area to burst into a tumult, as people ran helter skelter. Traders, pedestrians and hawkers abandoned their wares and scampered off into hiding for fear of stray bullets, drivers abandoned their cars and took to their heels, shop keepers locked their shops from within and layed face flat on the floor, while the scrawny traffic warden had torn off his uniform and chucked it away carelessly, scooting across the road on a singlet and black trouser only. The mid perimeters of the road was now void of humans and moving objects making room for a serenity that could never had been imagined at that time of the day. The whole mayhem resulted in heavy traffic at both ends of Aggrey road, as incoming cars tried diverting into nearby streets on hearing the news of the gunshots, with the brewing stampede as proof.
    Within a space of minutes two black SUV jeeps hurtled into the scene, screeching noisily on the tarred road until they came to a hault and immediately six thugs hurled out of the vehicles with each of’em weilding sophisticated asault rifles, they walked briskly towards the damaged car that now had a plume of smoke hovering over it and yanked the doors open to the sight ofto the sight of an unconscious middle aged man on white uniform on the drivers seat with blood oozing out of his temple, and on the back seat was an unconscious young man in black suit matching the physical features of a federal agent, he didn’t seem to sustain acute injuries but had a swollen dark shade round his eyes probably from ramming his head on a hard surface when the car crashed.
    The thugs looked unsatisfied, evident from the way they scoured the entire car.
    “Boss man, the girl no dey oo”
    One of the thugs on dreadlocks urged in pidgin, placing his index finger on an earbud fixed to his ear.”Ogami I…She been dey inside the car when we trail them…Okay sir….Yes her personi bodyguard dey here…Ok”
    He said intermittently with furrowed brows and killed the connection after his last words escaped his lips.
    “Oya! ona two check that area, Jumbo lap that side, dagger and smallie mount the other side, the rest kpep here with me”
    The guy who turned out to be their boss ordered and they all dispersed into various directions with their assault rifles held firmly in their grip.
    “Make nothing reach her, just bring her as she dey”
    There boss added, s-----g in air from a cigar he just lit and puffing out smoke from his mouth and nostrils, heaving a noisy sigh as he did.
    “Coz if ona mishandle am, hmm-hm”
    He chuckled darkly
    “Na kpai, shey ona dey get”
    He queried in a gruff tone, resting his daunt gaze on the men a few metres away from him.
    They all chorused and continued on, ransacking and ravaging areas they went through.
    ***Somewhere else***
    In the the middle of an isolated street, three streets away from Aggrey road a young girl in a spotted crop blouse, a blue skinny jean and a dashing pair of black sneakers, could be sighted wandering down aimlessly down the deserted street. Her beautiful elfin mug was dark and sombre with beads of sweat trickling down her jawline, her spotless dark skin was radiant under the morning sun while her silky brown hair ending just below her shoulder fluxed in motion to the rhythm of the bristling morning breeze. She had been walking for a while now, and her feets were aching now worse than ever, her knees twinged in pain making her wobble to maintain her stance. Her big brown eyes wavered back and forth in anticipation of seeing a
    helper or better off her personal bodyguard but all her hopes were smashed into pieces when all she could hear and see were the whispers of void and the deserted streets, worse of all, even the markets were empty. She spotted
    a secluded shade by a corner of the fourth street she would be entering and limped forward towards it, she huddled herself by the corner and brought out her smart phone, immediately,
    tears welled up her eyes and trickled down her chubby cheeks as she stared at the broken screen, she nudged on the power button several times but the device remained obstinate on powering.
    “What do I do now, I’m stranded and being chased. Oh God”
    She mused
    “My phone is broken, I’m in the middle of nowhere and I…I”
    She mewled out in tears, allowing streams of tears trickle down her cheeks.
    “Someone please help!”
    She half screamed at the open air, but later thought back on her action. She leaned backwards onto the wall, allowing her mind to drift over the events that played from the very moment she left the house.
    ***Flash Back***
    “Mum I’m going to the mall for a little shopping. See you when I get back”
    She half-yelled to the hearing of her mum who was busy in the kitchen, as she minced down the stairs.
    “Hey, young woman is Mike going out with you?”
    The voice of an elderly woman rang from the kitchen.
    “What do I need him for”
    “Precious, you’re not leaving this house without Mike! He’s your personal bodyguard”
    “But mum…”
    “And that’s final!”
    Her mum stated plainly, ending their little debate and lady Precious grumbled indignantly, stomping her
    feet out of the massive building, outside to a vast beautiful compound like a 6year old.
    She found her way round the wide pool and on, towards a garage
    which held quite a number of flashy cars. She walked over to one of the cars, a red range rover
    actually with a man on uniform flanking the vehicles rear left, he opened the back door courtly for her to climb into the car and closed
    the door after she got in, he went over to the drivers seat and ignited
    the cars engine the moment he was settled in, he pushed the gear forward and leaned towards the
    steering wheel with his foot resting on the gas pedal and immediately the vehicle set into motion but came to an abrupt hault as the driver stepped on the break pedal.
    “What’s wrong with you, huh! Do you want to get me killed”
    Precious huffed from the back seat
    “Sorry ma, it was Mike, he got in the way of the car. So I..”
    The driver fumbled his words.
    “You what?, you should had just run him over, pfft”
    She hissed, just then the door to the back seat opened and an agile young man hopped into the car.
    “Your mum said I should go with you”
    Mile said gleefully, easing himself at the back seat beside precious
    “What ever! Driver lets get going please!”
    She said curtly, rolling her eyes and the car set into motion once again and out of the vast compound they drove out.
    ***15 mins later***
    The driver held on to the steering wheel, taking shufti’s at the sideview with a troubled look.
    “Ma, I think we are being followed”
    The driver announced still keeping a steady gaze on the road and sideview mirror.”What do you mean by that, are you sure about your claims?”
    Mike querried the driver with a stern look and a nuance of worry etched on his mug, but Precious cared less as she was totally engrossed on her phone.
    “Yes sir, in every turn I’ve taken they’ve always been behind me”
    The driver stated.
    “You said ‘they’? How many are we talking about here?”
    “Four black jeeps sir”
    “Okay! Uhmm, speed up a bit and try to shake them off while I
    contact the police”
    Mike ordered, darting his gaze to the road behind and then to Precious.
    “Lady Precious, I think there’s a problem, we’re being followed”
    Mike tapped her.
    She gasped.
    The side view mirrow shattered into pieces, and so the chase began.
    After several attempts to corner side their vehicle they escaped and ended up in Aggrey road where their vehicle’s rear tyres wer shot and the car crashed into a shop.
    “Run Lady Precious, run for your life, I’m right behind you…”
    The voice of Mike her bodyguard rang out to her; totally shocked and petrified she limped out of the car and blended with the scooting and hurtling crowd.
    She was still deep in thought when she heard scuffling sounds behind the shade she hid, she cringed in fear and shuddered at the mere
    thought of her persuiers but mustered up courage and decided to check out what or who it
    was, but to her shock there was nothing of any sort.
    “Then what…”
    Her words trailed off into muffled groans as a palm wrapped her mouth close and an arm
    hooked her arms at bay, she struggled and kicked forcibly to escape this sudden grip, but all proved futile.

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    Chapter 3
    “Calm down, I’m not here to hurt you”
    A crisp male voice rang from behind her and she stilled abit, and the slowly the strangers grip on her loosened, she tilted her head backwards, meeting her gaze with a figure on hoody whose face was obscured due to the dark shade the hood rendered and all she could see were a pair of bright hazel eyes peering at her.
    “Who are you?”
    She finally found her words.
    “Let’s just say I’m your helper”
    The figure responded.
    “Wait here, and do not move an inch until I’m back”
    The figure ordered and made to leave.
    “Where are you going and why. I should. I trust you”
    Precious querried with furrowed brows and suspicion etched in her voice, but the figure rather kept
    mute and leaned forward towad her in a minatory manner, at that point her guts told her to scream and she did which startled
    the figure and made him miffed, in a flash he hurled at her and wrapped his palm on her mouth preventing her from screaming further.
    “Congrats ma’am you’ve just alerted your….”
    His words trailed off into groaning as he felt a wallop kick on his g---n, which made him wobble backwards with his hands on the affected area, seizing the opportunity Precious took to her heels, and
    like a blind bat she scooted away vaguely from her hiding spot into the open, a decision she would be regretting later on. Having scampered a few metres away from the stranger, darting her gaze back and forth while she ran, she unknowingly rammed into a hard surface she never knew was there making her stumble backwards and down to the floor, panting breathlessly.
    “So nah the chick be this, see as she fresh”
    An hoarse voice throbbed the air, making her tilt her head upwards to the source, then reality dawned on her, she hadn’t run into a wall but a tall sturdy thug with a bald scalp.
    “Smallie! Show, show, I don catch big fish”
    The sturdy thug chuckled noisely, calling on his colleague who was nowhere in sight. Precious whimpered in fright, her face wan with discomfit she had just used her own legs to locate her persuers after having escaped from the stranger she met earlier on.
    “What have I gotten myself into”
    She mewled, while crawling
    away from the thug.
    “Had I known I wouldn’t have ran away from that stranger”
    She sobbed silently.
    “Who are you and what do you want from me”
    She half-yelled at the thug striding towards her, with a masked courage, but exposingly her voice came out shaky. The thug kept mute as he advanced towards her wearing a sinister grin, with an hoarse chuckle erupting from his air box. He chucked his gun to the side, making it hang down behind him, before hunching over Precious with his arm stretched out to grab her.
    “Come here my friend!”
    He gruffed, almost grabbing hold of her, but then out of nowhere a palm landed a powerful choke slap on the thugs pharynx, throwing him roughly few paces backwards to the tarred road, standing beside Precious was the stranger on hoodie she had assaulted earlier.”I told you to stay put but you did the exact opposite”
    The figure said, more in a whisper but audible enough for precious to hear his words, her face brightened abit atleast she felt a bit safe.
    “Save your breath, hide over there and stay low” He interjected her, pointing at a kiosk across the street and without questioning she hurried off in that direction.
    The thug who seemed to had almost blacked out from the sudden attack let out a raspy cough and jerked off the ground, his blurry gaze cleared off on the stranger causing the events of earlier to replay in his memory, his jaws clenched and his eyes reddened with rage, embarrasment was an understatement to what he felt at the moment, to be thrown paces backward to the ground and almost blacking out at the hands of a person of such miniature was baffling and a marr on his personality and ego. The stranger on the other hand stood blase but with a slight nuance of uncertainty on where this might end.
    “Who goes you”
    The thug thundered glaring daggers at the stranger, while reaching for his gun but couldn’t feel it hanging down his shoulder, his gaze caught up with the gun
    lying evenly by the side of the tarred road, closer to the stranger than it was to him. He scrutinized the area in search of the girl and his colleague as
    well but none were in view,
    ‘the girl must had obviously escaped’
    he thought, he balled his fists and furrowed his brows at the loss and with a scowl he advanced briskly towards the stranger who stood unfazed by his
    sudden action. On closing in on the stranger, the thug launched his first attack, aiming his fist at the stranger who sidestepped him and connected an elbow
    jab to his chin making him lurch leftwards. The stranger maintained his calm demeanor, standing a few metres behind the thug with his hoodie facing the
    earth and his shoulders sagged,the thug recovered from the attack from earlier on, stroking his chin in a way that announced pain.
    “Your father!”
    He cursed under his breath, and snapped his neck left and right, he then turned to the stranger with a savage look and lunged at him yet again, throwing
    punches at him from different angles but the latter evaded all his attacks with dexterity and finally held the thugs fists at bay, both parties glaring at
    each other in the eye, the stranger gazing up and the thug down at the stranger.
    Thugs could be seen keeping vigilance on the area for any traces of the girl they came for, in the crashed Ranger Rover car the body of the driver could be
    seen totally drenched in his own blood, no doubt he was slowly loosing his life force and could die at any minute if he wasn’t taken to the hospital for immediate
    treatment. At the back seat Mike laid unconscious also, but suddenly his mug crinkled and he squinted open his eyes to the bright early noon sun, he made to lift
    himself up but sharply noticed the shadow of a thug standing behind the rear window adjacent his, meanwhile the thug had noticed a nuance in Mike’s body and was
    alarmed and decided to check on him, he held on to his gun with his index on the trigger and slowly prowled towards the other end of the backseat. Mike on the
    other hand counted the footsteps of the thugs around and their distance apart, he layed still on noticing the guard had gotten to his position.
    The thug walloped his riffle’s butt on Mike’s body, he had to remain still despite the pains as any wrong moves from him could cost him his life.
    “We suppose don release like three bullets inside this guy head, pfft! I no know wetin senior man dey wait for”
    The thug mused with venom etched in his voice, before lowering his gun and sauntered away from the vehicle. he was just a few steps ahead when he felt a hand on his shoulder followed by a soft
    “I guess today’s your lucky day”
    A silky voice said behind him.
    Gun shot…..
    The stranger towered above the thug who now laid immobile on the floor with his gun fairly within his grip, lying
    in the pool of his own blood and gasping for air at an irregular intervals. He had just shot himself in the process of brawling this eery stranger he now presumed not human,
    ‘how can someone be this fast and flexible’
    He asked himself, using his hand to feel the bullet hole in his stomach.
    The thug stuttered amidst gasping for breathe with blood splurting out of his mouth, the stranger kept mute but rather looked down at the thug in pity shaking
    his head softly before walking over his body.
    “You can come out now!”
    He uttered in a tone slightly below a half yell but audible enough, and just then Precious crept out of hiding and limped towards the stranger with a beam of smile
    but paused on her tracks,
    “Behind you!!!”
    She screamed but it was already too late….
    T. B. C

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    Dela Cruise
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    Wow nice start and a lovely story at that bro

    #1449553 Reply
    Dela Cruise
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    So after all the incantations she could only save her child and her attackers failed to kill the destiny child

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