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    Chapter 24

    Jesse playlist
    Consuming fire
    Jimmy D Psalmist

    There seemed to be celebration in the village square as Ikuku danced along to the drums of the masquerades ,the music came to a halt  when they sighted the church people coming towards them.

    Ikuku burned with rage at seeing pastor Jesse standing right there with so much audacity.

    “Why have you come here ,I warned you to leave this place” Ikuku roared as the wind picked its pace

    “That man does not belong to you or your dead god set him loose and let him Go”

    At this time it was the holy spirit speaking inside of Jesse, Jesse recognized the man from his haunting nightmares he had seen him severally begging for help.

    Ikuku gave a sadistic laugh
    “you lie ,I say you lie”
    Ikuku chanted incantations shaking his staff in rage

    “I am Ikuku the mighty wind ,I pull down any one that stand on my way,since you are a stubborn fly that keep perching on my scrotum ,I will crush you to pieces like I have done to many of your kind”

    The wind was so mighty it threw people to the ground only the masquerades were a match for the wind .

    Jesse stood firm with his Bible undeterred by the wind or the dust that blurred his vision

    “I am here because he that is more powerful than any other principalities and powers have sent me here to bring light to the people ,by the power he has bestowed on me ,I call on the consuming fire of the Holy ghost to begin to pull down everything that had held this people in bondage
    Isaiah 59 vs15
    So shall they fear the name of the lord from the west and his glory from the rising of the sun,when the enemy shall come in like a flood ,the spirit of the lord shall raise a standard against them,
    be consumed by the Holy fire now”

    Suddenly rains of fire begun to fall ,the masquerades were on fire ,the servants fell to the ground with their calabashes broken

    “No no no” Ikuku begun to scream seeing everything collapse  with his eyes

    The trance that held Ikenna left him ,he regained his consciousness and was terrified at what was going on .

    Ikenna watched as his father the great Ikuku fell on his knees  vibrating like someone convulsing,the staff fell to the ground and caught fire it burnt to ashes .

    Jesse went to help the confused  man up

    “I know you” Jesse spoke”yes I know you from my dreams ,you asked for my help”

    Ikenna could only stare at him he felt a strange kind of bond with this young man that had the same eyes
    As his.

    Somma you can’t just enter such a place as disgusting alone knowing the situation you are in”
    pastor Thomas followed her through the path that led to Oshimiri shrine.

    “I can’t leave my parents to die,I will never be able to live with myself pastor” somma cried

    “Allow God to fight this battle for you”

    the strike of lightening jolted them both as they looked at the sky.

    “We are in harmattan season ,but it looks Like its about to rain”somma said surprised as she lifted her eyes to see the brewing storm.

    ” No …power have changed hands”pastor Thomas replied ,they saw with there eyes as the compound was been destroyed by a more mighty wind ,clay pots broke to pieces,trees fell down flat,the materials that decorated the shrine caught fire .

    “I need to look for my mum ,they must have her tied to the alter for sacrifice” somma shouted in fear as they ran towards the shrine they stopped right in there tracks when they both saw Obike.

    Obike held a dagger to his hand he sighted the missing girl and a man standing close watching what he wanted to do,He gave a sadistic laugh and was about to put the the dagger straight to the unconscious woman heart .

    “Noooh”Somma screamed

    ” Blood of Jesus”Pastor Thomas screamed

    Suddenly lightening from heaven strikes Obike to death,the shrine caught fire.

    Somma screamed on seeing Obike on the ground his eyes bulging out with foam from his mouth he was dead.

    the beast that had caused her family so much pains was lying face flat on the ground .

    “Thank you Jesus,thank you strong tower” pastor Thomas prayed

    Charlie eyes opened ,she took breathed in and out,astonished to see herself loosed and free,the shrine was in ruins ,smoke oozed out giving the place a foul smell.

    Charlie found the strength to get up,she staggered a bit flinching in pains ,she was about falling when pastor Thomas caught her,she saw her daughter and could only cry

    “Baby thank God you are alive”

    “Mummy” somma cried as she hugged her mother
    “I was so scared”

    “Its okay now baby,we need to go look for your father now” she said holding her daughter weakly as she turned to the stranger that supported her

    “I need to go look for my husband he is forced to carry the staff of Oshimiri”

    “The God that had done this marvelous deed here will finish the work,let us go” Pastor Thomas said

    Charlie studied him as she remembered the words of the spirit at the shrine of the summoner.

    ‘It is only that Baby that would save you’

    “Where are we going?” Charlie asked

    “To meet pastor Jesse” Somma replied

    “Who is pastor Jesse?” Charlie inquired

    “You would soon know ,he saved my life mum,he is really a Man of God”

    Charlie already knew who he was in her heart but was too scared to say it out loud.


    Indeed it was the dawn of a new day it was mid morning ,the Angels of God had gone round the community liberating them ,healing their land,alters of Oshimiri was pulled down and mysteriously caught fire,the people shouted for joy in seeing the downfall of the great Ikuku and his deity,the blind eyes opened,the afflicted were healed,the possessed delivered even the crippled walked ,it was an awesome miracles that made the people marvelled.

    Jesse heard the one eyed man as he shouted
    “I can see,I can see ohhh”

    Ikenna who saw all this broke into tears his conviction changed about religion
    “Indeed there is a true God”

    The instrument played sweet melodies as songs of praise was offered to God.

    Pastor Thomas walked in carrying charlie with somma following behind him,charlie drop from the pastors arm and limped to meet her husband.

    Ikenna embraced his family as they all cried tears of Joy a tradition he had thought can never be destroyed was nothing now but a living memory they would never forget,Oshimiri has been destroyed and gone forever

    Youths that have been separated from families to serve the deity were  reunited back ,many souls was won for Christ.

    Jesse fell to his knees and prayed silently
    “Lord I have done all which you have sent me to do,let your will be done”

    “I am not yet finished son,this is your root
    I have sent you here for a purpose ,that you
    May reunite with your family
    That man is your father,the woman birthed you
    That young girl carries your blood.
    Receive them with all your heart for what ever obscurity you faced in the past was done for your destiny to be fulfilled today.
    This is where I want you to be
    I the lord have brought you all back to the place
    Where it all begun,that some may believe.
    You are free
    My blood have set you all free
    Be not entangled with the yoke of bondage again”

    Jesse broke down in tears startling the people as he fell to the ground,he remembered the obscurity he had faced in life finally it was over
    God has unleashed his judgement.

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    Victoria EzekielVictoria Ezekiel
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    Chapter 25

    Jesse playlist
    Nare ekele no
    Dr Paul Eneche

    Two years later

    The saints of God church had been reconstructed and stood beautifully proud at the peak of

    Yes umumiri was changed to Umuchi ,the community had bloomed in the last two years,Ikenna was chosen as the community leader since he was financially equipped,he had transformed the community .

    Pastor Jesse is happily married to Nnomma  who was heavily pregnant,it was the church two years anniversary, a big Thanksgiving celebration was been held.

    The Ikenna’s was seated at the front of the church ,pastor Jesse sat alongside Nnomma his dear wife,pastor Dotun sat opposite along side his wife who was now nursing a baby boy in her arms.

    The church was filled with people and ministers from the headquarters including pastor Thomas who had flown in from southAfrica.

    When Jesse was called to Speak,confidently he climbed the pulpit ,he felt overwhelmed seeing his wife,family and loved ones all present ,he was a fulfilled man ,its been miracle and breakthrough on every sides he was lost for words to speak.

    Pastor Dotun walked up to the Alter and gave his son a fatherly hug with that smile that has always warmed its way into Jesse heart,the congregation gave a round of applause as pastor Dotun held the mike to speak.

    “While you collect yourself together ,I will tell you why I and my wife had picked you up from that waste bin years back.
    I and my wife had just lost our child twenty eight years back,he died of acute leukemia, I asked God why ,I have served him faithfully for years and he allowed my only child to die,my wife was told she would never conceive a child again,while we were driving back from the funeral of our child
    The spirit of God directed me to that bush that cold night where I found you and he said to me
    ‘Pick that child up,he is a gift for I will use him to do wonderful things’
    I had raised you how a father would raise a child and God had fulfilled his promises,He lifted twenty eight years of barrenness, He shut up the mouth of the mummurers”
    Pastor Dotun turned to the congregation “God is using this man for greater things and there is more to come”

    The congregation gave a round of applause as Jesse hugged his father and collected the mike clearing his throat.
    “It takes the grace of God scale through the journey of life” Jesse spoke brokenly as his wife came up to wipe his tears.

    “I have learnt that the power of God is not for showoff ,God is the master planner and I pray he will use someone here today as a vessel to liberate his family ,community and people around from bondages of sins and darkness”

    “Amen” the congregation shouted

    “Galatians 5 vs 1 says

    Be steadfast therefore in the liberty where with Christ had made us free and be not entangled with the yoke of bondage…

    To Be continued.

    Book 2 of LET GOD JUDGE


    About this Book

    Point and kill is a continuation of my first Book Let God Judge.

    After being used by God to overcome the parental foundations of his root , pastor Jesse is set to embark on another radical spiritual assignment that is bound to expose the things done in secrets and put an end to wickedness when he was transfered to Another branch of the church.

    Sit back and don’t miss any episodes ,if let God judge was dramatic, then it’s about to get hotter here.

    It could only be the Almighty God that has brought me this far to my own surprise LET GOD JUDGE was the very first book I completed in a short space of time amongst many .
    To him be all the glory.
    I pray that in our journey through life that the grace of God would be made sufficient for us to see the end and to meet him without Blemishes.

    To those who had lost Hope
    To those oppressed
    To those lost to the world
    To those who struggle through life thinking there is no God
    To those in search of a miracle.
    God is not dead

    You can drop a honest review of her works on this email
    [email protected]

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    Victoria EzekielVictoria Ezekiel
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    Authors note

    I have never been as excited as I am to finally put down this note

    Its official yahhh

    I have completed my first story online

    My Appreciation goes to God almighty first for life
    And giving me the privilege to write this wonderful Book.

    I have had hilarious mementoes in the process of writing this book.
    I remember vividly when writing about the masquerades and didn’t know I had a masquerade right at my back…that was the most scariest day of my life

    I fell in love with a cute baby whose name was Jesse and wanted to bring the character to life

    Though the role Jesse potrayed was a message I wanted to send to someone special to me physically challenged that God is not dead and will judge someday.

    Charlie I love her personality so much she has been through a lot and still have not given up on life I hope someday you read my book and know how proud I am of you.

    To you all readers
    On niaraland

    You are all special to me
    Without your encouragement I won’t have done this
    Thank you for following to the end.
    I love you all
    Thanks for the votes
    Thanks for the comments
    Thanks for the share
    I hope we go bigger and higher than this
    And I hope you follow me through on my other stories.

    This Book will be found in the following apps
    9JA Books
    Good novel

    You can send a massage to me on my email
    Its on my bio.

    Heart you all.

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    Wonderful end! Can’t wait for point and kill.

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    Hmmm war at last

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    Wow a mindblowing nd a heart bleeding story dat aim at drawing back to God in everything that may happen becus he is the only one dat knows the plan he has 4 us.
    Tears may endure till night but joy comes in the morning nd with God nothing shall be impossible

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    To God be the glory 4 the success of this story hope the next season will be out soon. I still hav u in my mind the poem i jotted for this story z still at hand.

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    Fweshex heritage MobFweshex heritage Mob
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    Truly a mind blowing story
    Kudos to the writer of this story. More ink to your pen ☺

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