Let me be your wife

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    The noise from my neighbour’s house woke me up, mr and mrs Ajayi were fighting again. I got up from my bed with a frown on my face wondering why it has become a daily routine for the Ajayi’s to fight every morning. “Oh, dear” i murmured and tried some body stretching exercise. Just when i was about doing the second round of my yoga style exercise, i heard a familiar voice saying “Gloria, its 6:25am. You better get up from that bed and come do your chores”. I hissed knowing i wouldn’t complete my exercise and hurried to the kitchen, where my mum a young petite woman in her late thirties was preparing bean cake and pap.
    I greeted her in our yoruba dialect and started my chores. At around 7:05am i was already settled in my uniform of pink shirt and black skirt. “Shhhh, don’t tell. Am more beautiful than a mermaid” i whispered to myself as i made my way to the dinning.
    “Omolara, how many times have i told you not to eat without your brother?” My dad asked with a fake frown.
    “Am sorry, dad” i said. One of this days i would beat this sluggish mouse called Kelvin, i hate the way he delays during meal time, he better stop this behaviour of his before i pounce on him, i thought.
    Kelvin is my younger brother and the last of two kids. Oh, yes that’s me being the first Child to the Adekunles. Mr Thompson Adekunle, my dad was an engineer working in a construction firm. While my mum, Mrs Juliet Adekunle was a nurse. You see, we are blessed as a family, cute with brains. One would say, we took after our parents, yes that’s true. But sometimes i wonder where my brains are when it comes to mathematics, because even the eight years old sluggish brother of mine was a genious when it comes to mathematics.
    “Oh boy, this kid is cute, he has got a spaced teeth with nice dimples. He is the best in his class, and he always gets the best teasing from girls his age especially the Ajayi’s last daughter who was just seven years old. Although he helps me get my maths’ home work done but am still far more better than him. Hmm, am smart you know and he is just too slow. Winks, i wonder when i would stop talking to myself, phew” i wiped my sweat from my forehead.
    Well, back to the moment, i sneezed as Kelvin entered the dinning after keeping us waiting for a while, because he wore a powerful perfume. Dad scolded him, and made him say the prayer before meal and i shone my teeth because i was happy he deserved it.
    We got to school 7:35am and i being an ss2 student of the ‘great fountain international school’. A girl of average height, beautiful, smart, and brilliant except when it comes to mathematics. Fifteen years ago, i was named after my grandma because i had similar resemblance with her. Big eyes, great dimples, with spaced teeth and i was named Gloria Omolara Adekunle, i was my grandma’s photocopy but the only difference from her was my dark complexion. I believed i was dark because i love chocolates alot.
    I being the class prefect and assistant game prefect ensured that my class and other classes were kept clean by making sure the sweeping rooster was called.

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    The school bell rang, and within minutes the assembly ground was filled with students. I hurried to the ss2 girls line and fixed myself into a position, where i got a tap from behind. It was Deborah Omonaiye, my best friend. We smiled and chuckled at each other, whispering words only we, could understand. We listened to the announcement made by the principal, who left after the announcement leaving the ss3 prefects to end the assembly with the usual routine of show me your nails, where is ur socks etc.
    The ss3 prefects shared themselves into different class with the head boy, Deborah’s immediate elder brother, Nicholas Omonaiye inspecting my class. I have never agreed to be on the same boat with Nicholas, i can’t stand him. I remember how he had written me a love letter in my jss1, which i gave to the principal who punished him infront of every one present at school that day. And since then, we have become enemies, now, i wonder why he chose to inspect this class. Nicholas looked more handsome than ever, he has a well built tall body with fair complexion, he was known as smart, funny and intelligent but the only thing i know about him was his arrogance.
    I kept my calm even if i couldnt stand the sight of him, i thought i would explode if he comes close to me but he seems to draw near, as he moved towards me on this line.
    “Oh, how i hate him, see the way he keeps flirting with the female students. Yuck i feel like throwing up” i said irritated, to Deborah who laughed uncontrollaby.
    “What does he even feel like?” i held on tightly to Deborah’s hand as Nicholas got to me.
    I was restless and already sweating and felt like throwing up on him. He looked at me and smiled making me wonder why he was smiling. He drew closer to me and whispered into my ear and i felt like melting into the ground. He left me to inspect others, then after which dismissed us into our various class.
    I lost concentration in class that morning, and wondered why he wanted to see me during lunch break. Deborah was the only one who knew what Nicholas told me, she has told me a million times that she can’t wait 2 have me as her sister inlaw.
    While still in deep thought, the school bell rang for lunch break, and i felt sick as the sound of ban ga, ban ga, ban ga came out from the bell. I buried my face in my hands and prayed that moment pass me by, i also dismissed Deborah with a nod when she asked if i was alright telling her i would join her at the school’s restaurant. I composed myself and was determined to eat before seeing the headboy if not i would lose my appetite for the rest of the day.
    I hurried to the school’s restaurant but was stopped from buying my snacks by Raymond the games prefect who happens to be Nicholas best friend.


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    Ride on…

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    Ok…am seated in the cinema…

    @victoriouschild @sonshine

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    ride on sir,,,ma love kum ya oh @chrisgold

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    Okay… Seated

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