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    This story is about steve and his they had to rescue his girlfriend from death and conquer dan , a mate who is also intrested in anna…ENJOY
    Episode 1
    Hey there everyone…
    My name is steve and with me here is my only friend or i could say only family; sparrow
    Well i could say my life began to glow amidst when things were really bad for me, being an only child with a single mother without a father left only with a car and my second self sparrow…i love music so much thus pushing me to enroll for a music class.
    Music lifted me ,it helped my dark soul but talking about my mates in my music class, they are hell for sure …i really didnt care .how i became a lover,how i had to act rambo to save lives?,,,how i got into the greatest adventure,…follow me friends…..
    Night was too long i thought as i stirred in bed, i really wished night was just starting but for the wet nose and tongue licking my ear it seemed impossible to sleep
    “get off me you fool” i mumbled as i rose to get a heavy playful handshake from sparrow..thats his good morning and i’m used to it.
    I did some cleaning up, had my morning push ups before heading down the stairs for breakfast.
    I greeted my mother as i sat with her in the kitchen while i ate my breakfast sparrow flopped his ear for attention and well…we did ate together in the same plate
    Hes my everything ya know!
    Its ten already and i wouldnt wanna be late for class i thought as i hurried off with sparrow
    Phew…a long day ahead

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    If i heard you correctly, you said sparrow was a dog and you both eat together in the same plate. That makes you also a dog

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    Episode 2
    As i made for our music hall in the big building, sparrow dashed forward he knew my spot already
    “morning sparrow” mrs grate greeted only to get back a happy “woof-woof” while i greeted her too
    The class went on for an hour before mrs grate announced the upcoming trip to kokaori to wittness a dance music festival held in respect for the loved ones of the peolple.
    She mentioned the new comer who would be joining us soon and thus the class ended
    The next day as i had hopped was going to be sweet and eventful concerning our trip ahead
    We’ve never been on a tour before especially going out of greenwitch town to a remote forest where the kakori people lived . I expected there would be camping techs, training and sorts but to my surprise the building looked deserted..normally its either music had started already or mrs grate was teaching but none of this seemed to be happening and i guessed i arrived early.
    Sparrow had dashed forward as usual but this time i heard a ferocious barking accompanied with snarling of teeth ,i sensed trouble as i ran to the class to see whats happening and to my surprise all i could see was a figure running towards me with my dog chasing behind angrily
    Before i could process whats happening i felt a heavy weight on me pushing me hard that i lost balance too and i fell the weight still on me , meanwhile sparrow had backed off now.
    I got up to see a beautiful girl red in the face looking at me with so great embarrasment but i had to save her the choke…
    It took time to get the hall for my music class which i had hoped i would locate by sound of music but nay . After much stroll,i got the place but theres no one so i got a spot at the back of the class .i was taking in my environment when i saw a big dog staring at me angrily ,i was surprised coz i couldnt understand how a dog would get in here soon it started growling and snarling and i guessed he wanted me to leave the spot but i was scared and i decided to run but my legs betrayed me , the dog was catching up and i prayed for a savior till i saw a guy staring in amazement at the unfolding drama. I ran up to him and flew into him forcefully knocking us both down .

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    hmm ride on, seated already

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    u don call ur people na

    anyway I don land

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    tnx for d iv

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    Episode 3
    “uhm…i’m truly sorry..i didnt mean to ,i was just scared of the dog” anna kept ranting staring at her toes.
    “yeah…he kinda thinks you’re taking his friends seat” steve said trying to sound easing as possible but he couldnt stop staring at her face -she is beautiful .
    “is he yours??” she asked in surprise ” “yeap…he’s mine ..his name is sparrow.” steve continued “sparrow!, now apologise to her” he said proudly..he enjoys showing off his dog.
    Sparrow strides over to her dropping his ears then he raised his paw for a shake after which he licks her knee , all of this surprised anna she had never seen a dog so obedient before and she found herself liking sparrow from that moment….
    “so…i’m steve and you are…” “anna” she quickly said . Anna had not meet anyother mate in the class , mrs grate had called in sick thus no one except steve had come because he didnt know. He and anna had fell into talking as he told her things about the class, mrs grate , other mates and everything also he reminded her about the upcoming trip which she affirmed that she had been informed already and she would attend too.
    Later steve walked anna to her house while sparrow stuck to anna like she owned him yeah, he wanted to lick her fingers.
    Steve on his way home told sparrow how he felt about anna ,wierd tho,they were meeting for the first time yet he had liked her . Sparrow just threw his ears up which steve understood -he loved her too
    The class had resumed , steve and anna had been seeing eachother lately and they were going on smooth , preparations for the trip had begun in earnest and it was all exciting! Until dan showed up…
    Steve was going to get coffee for himself and anna when dan a mate in the class bumped into him intentionally..
    “hey dude!” i threw at him not minding the hot liquid burning my legs
    “easy bro…look i like you my friend so i decided to help you” he said with a wicked smile
    “ion need your help and i didnt remember asking for it” i quickly said to hide my confused face
    “well” dan continued “i would really appreciate it if you stay away from anna, shes mine not yours or you’ld regret your days for life…it’s actually for your good uhn” dan said tapping him on the shoulder as he left .
    I’ve never been this weak in my life…i couldnt even say a thing
    But had anna been seeing other mates?…i thought it was me alone, i thought we had glued together considering the fact that we had been together for a week before she met other mates. I decided i was gonna talk to anna about it
    “steve where is the coffee?” she had asked when i joined her later
    “i couldn’t get any” i lied
    “anna” “yeah?”
    “have you been talking with dan?” i was surprised how that flew out, yeah i didnt wanna sound jealous or questioning ..i havent even asked her out for judas’ sake!
    “oh..him?..well yeah..we’ve been seeing eachother lately and i think he likes me but hes just too hard..ummph..i dunno” she replied without any feeling ,she didnt even look at me she said it normally
    This isnt good- i thought.
    I loved anna but i wasnt sure
    I have to act fast!

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