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    After my NYSC sexcapades, I returned home to Lagos without any gf,sexmates,soulmate or whatsoever…but sumhow God brought luck to my side and the story changed within 3 months and this was how it all started…..

    “ Grace: hmmmm……..u have a sugar coated mouth

    Me: How

    Grace: Dont worry……..Its just 3days we started talking but i can recognise one when i c

    Me: I don’t know what you are talking about

    Grace: You don’t need to know but i must admit u have a good heart, Thanks for your help

    Me: Good Heart? I take that as a compliment.

    Grace: Uwc

    Me: I guess the face behind this chat will be one of the most gorgeous on earth

    Grace: If i hear…….

    Me: can i see the face behind d chat and probably the voice?

    Grace: No p……am sending one of my pics to you now as i don’t like using my pics as dp

    Me: Waoh……u are so beautiful babe

    Grace: Thank You”

    “Amaka: Thanks so much for helping Grace

    Me: What are friends for……..I’ll be ready to offer a helping hand anytym u call on me.

    Amaka: No P Bro

    Me: hmmmmmmm

    Amaka: whats hmmmmm?

    Me: notyn

    Amaka:Talk Jhoor……

    Me: U want me to say what’s on my mind

    Amaka: Yes now…….

    Me: I couldn’t help but starred at your beauty as you walk away yesterday

    Amaka: hmmmmmm…….What did u see

    Me: Your bottom was awesome and ur bweast…..

    Amaka: What happened to it

    Me:Will make a man stand upright at anytym……

    Amaka:Abeg stop jhoor……….

    Me:I imagine what all these your attributes will look like without cloth……AWESOME”

    Amaka: smiled (smiley)”

    “Me: Where are you

    Toyin: Am with Grace but Amaka will join us soon

    Me: Whats happening with u guys today?

    Toyin: Nothing much jare…..just hanging out

    Me: and you guys didn’t invite me?

    Toyin: Your friends should invite you now cos the invitation shouldn’t come from me.

    Me: Aint you my friend too?

    Toyin: Am just getting to know you now

    Me:But the little u know about me should be enough and who said i cant be closer to u than Grace and Amaka?

    Toyin:Closer? How

    Me? You know what i mean now…..

    Toyin: I don’t oooo……..moreover Grace or Amaka is there

    Me: Grace and amaka can never be compared to your beauty….u are the most beautiful of all

    Toyin: I hear u…..continue to whine me

    Me: thats the truth babygirl, can we work out something? When will u be free for us to see? Just me and u alone.

    Toyin: don’t know…..maybe weekend sha

    Me: Ohk i will call you on Saturday……………………………..”

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    Episode 2

    ]UNTIL IT GOT TO THIS STAGE……………………………………

    Grace: Of all the guys have dated…..just two slept with me


    Grace:Not to talk of you that i never dated, we never had a relationship

    Me: Yeah we never had a relationship; it was a mutual consent…….

    Grace: I know i agreed SEX FRIENDSHIP with you….but am always ashamed of mysef

    Me:Ashamed of what? You shouldn’t be now cos we both enjoyed it

    Grace: Enjoyed it, the same way you sex Amaka and Toyin

    Me:Amaka and Toyin?

    Grace: You think i don’t know?i saw everytyn

    Me: was that why u guys set me up? but remember u said we should keep it a secret and never let ur friends know about our sexcapades…….

    Grace:So, making it a secret with u gave u the effrontery to also sleep with them? I only blame myself for being so cheap to you.

    Me: Cheap ke?

    Grace: i don’t even know y am still talking to you but be rest assured that you now belong to my past and our sexcapades are no more in my head……..GOODBYE…….

    Amaka: So, u slept with me and at the same times with my friends?


    Amaka: Dont tell me how….you this Horse

    Me:Horse ke? What did i do to warrant all this insult

    Amaka: Insult? U av not see anytyn…….after bleeping me so many times and my friends

    Me:Thats why u guys set me up and misbehaved

    Amaka:What you saw was the tip of the iceberg as more is still coming to you.

    Me:More?are u threatening me? I bet you guys won’t go scot free this time around

    Amaka:For your mind…..just watch your back as we are right behind you always

    Me: Toyin, i never believe you could join your friends to set me up

    Toyin: I was not part of the idea at the initial stage

    Me:Then, how come you were involved……..

    Toyin: Its a long story but am very sorry………but u also fumbled


    Toyin: U told me u bleeped Amaka once, not knowing it was a regular thing between both of you Grace inclusive……U were bleeping both of us at the same time at intervals (3 close friends)…

    Me: it wasn’t my fault seriously


    Me:Everyone of us ask me to keep it a secret but i don’t know how evrytyn leaked out

    Toyin:Leaking out was one of those things as we never for once reason along that side that we were all bleeping the same guy at the same time.

    Me:How did u guys know?

    Toyin:It was a long story as we all knew a day before that set up and dey never involve me about the plan until that day…..

    Me:Can we see and talk about this?

    Toyin: see…..u still want to see me despite all what we did to you?

    Me:I trust u now toyin……u are the one i trust most among three of u.

    Toyin: I just regret falling in love with you and i told you from the beginning

    Me:That what?

    Toyin: that when i fall in love truly, its always hard for me to let go………


    Toyin:Lets see what will happen by weekend

    Me:Thanks so much

    Toyin:Not your house ooo but at my own preferred location and time

    Me:No P.

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    Episode 3

    After i left shola in the north and came back lagos because of KPMG aptitude test..after so much book reading and all sort, i failed the test……it was a real disappointment but i never let it weigh me down as it was my first time.

    I tried to hook up with my friends again and Bamidele who happened to be one of my childhood friend advised me to move in with him in Ire-Akari estate instead of staying with my parent in surulere as it will even be better for us being young guys and he’s already working though not too much paying job but he was able to afford a room self contain and furnished it so well…need to say here that Dele finished service a year before me…it was not a big deal convincing my parent as they know Dele so well

    I moved in with Dele and i started applying for jobs and luckily enough i always get shortlisted for test in all these my applications….hardly a week goes by without me writing atleast two aptitude test…hope was still on the high side for job to come soon.

    On the second month, i got a marketing job on the island, it was contract and the pay was not so much (around 40k per month)..the pay was not the most important as the experience which i can’t buy in the market was something that attracted me to the Job…..My marketing job never stopped me from searching for a better job and my job also gave me time to write test at my free will anytym i have one, i registered on all job sites and joined so many forums where ideas were shared.

    It was the third month when i got shortlisted for graduate trainee job from one of the multinational FMCG Company….as usual, we were talking about it on the job forum. Like 2 days to the date of the test received a private pm from someone who said we should try and share ideas as our test date was the same day and time…we exchanged so many pm’s to the extent of exchanging phone numbers and bb pin. Through that, i was able to know a bit about Amaka.

    We were chatting a day to the exam when she told me she was in Ikeja and fortunately forme, i was in ikeja..asked if we could hook up which she said no problem but she was on her way home already and it will be better if i can meet her at oshodi under bridge where BRT loading Obalende use to park.

    Amaka: where are u Snakie? Have been waiting here since, i will be going ooo

    Me:Am very sorry, i will be there with u in 5mins


    Me:Where exactly are u?Trying to find her first as i was already in that location

    Amaka:Am by the newspaper stand under the bridge………..

    I raised up my head, what a beauty to behold…Amaka is tall,quite a bit taller than me,fair, slim,bossom and bweast not too big nor small for her body…..everytyn was just so perfect for her body structure. I walked up to her stretching my hand…


    Amaka:Waoh….u kept me waiting for so long

    Me:Am very sorry

    Amaka:Pls am going jare as u no that we need to prepare against tomorrow

    Me:Ohk,lets walk down to the bus stop then…

    We walked through the under bridge to the small walk path by the left side to climb up to the main bridge (Oshodi oke) where mile2 danfo use to load but we had to walk down a bit as lastma didn’t allow those danfo guys to pick passengers on the bridge…this gave us opportunity to talk a bit more and unlike me, she has nothing doing at all……Amaka stays in Festac so, we entered the same bus going to mile, i dropped at iyana-isolo and paid for our transport fare………

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    Episode 4

    I got home shower and dele came back later in the evening….

    Me:Guy, if u see wetyn i c 2day ehn……….

    Dele:Wetyn b dat?

    Me:That babe wey i tell u say i meet through that job site

    Dele:ehn…..wetyn do her

    Me:O boy…..the geh set die

    Dele:Ehn Ehn…….where u meet her

    Me:Na for oshodi oooo………I ried to narrate my movement to Dele

    Dele:So, wetyn go come happen now

    Me:I never know ooooo but anytyn fit happen sha

    Dele:Oga, if u no say u wan do anytyn, do am sharp sharp and no dull ursef oooo and make u no dey do the boy is good

    Me:make we see how e dey go sha

    Dele:U fit call me if u need help sha….sebi u no my moniker (Abanise) I go help u do am…

    Me:Oga go sit down one place jare

    it was total preparation for the test of the following day and dat was not without contacting my new friend Amaka, we chatted all through the day by solving past questions together..We met the following day at the test venue at Unilag…..she was there early before meI was happy seeing her again….we did the test and all went well for the day…..we left the centre together and we departed at yaba where she pass through orile while i pass through mushin to Isolo…i tried contacting Amaka later in the day but her day was off until the following day….

    Me:What happened since yesterday?

    Amaka:Had a flat battery and couldn’t charge my phone

    Me:hmmmmm are u sure? Abi……….

    Amaka:Abi what?

    Me:U have been with him and u decided to off ur fone

    Amaka:Who is him?

    Me:him now……..

    Amaka:ehn…..even if am with him, am i too young or is it a crime?

    Me:Young ke? Just thinking u shud tell some of us that care so much about u about ur whereabout so that we won’t be that worried about u

    Amaka:hey yah….thanks for the care but i was with him, though i saw him yesterday

    Me:hmmmmm…, what happened with him yesterday

    Amaka:Leave me jhoor…….Aproko United

    Me:Its not about Aproko, u know am the kind of guy wo want to know everytyn about who i care for

    Amaka:everytyn but not like dis one…..its personal and i don’t discuss that

    Me:hmmmmmm…….ohk……but can i say something

    Amaka:whats that

    Me:You look so elegant yesterday, i felt like taking you home

    Amaka:Hmmmmmm……thanks so much, aproko United………

    As times goes by, we got closer and closer, it was barely a week when Amaka told me about one of her friend who was invited for a test but will need my help to put her through on some revision..Asked if she could give her friend my bb pin and Phone number which i obliged her.

    Within 5mins, i received a bbm request apparently they were together



    Grace:Am Grace, Amaka’s friend

    Me:ohk…..what’s up with u

    Grace:Pls i need your help, i Have a test to write tomorrow and need u to put me through on the format and some exercises…..

    Me:No p, always at your service

    Grace:Thanks so much

    Me:But, can we make it later in the evening as am on the road

    Grace:No problem……..

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    Episode 5

    Later in the evening…..i connected with Grace, i chatted her up and did some work together through bbm…..she was so appreciative as we chatted all trough till 10pm and that was not without getting in touch with Amaka who said she will be on the island the following day and i came up with the idea of checking me up whenever she’s on the Island….the following day, i got a beep on my bb around 4pm.

    Amaka:What’s up bro

    Me:Am gud my babygirl

    Amaka:Whos is your babygeh?If to say na play stop am ooo……u no even dey fear..where u dey jhoor….

    Me:Am at saka tinubu…………

    Amaka:Saka Tinubu….How do i connect from Adeola Hopewell

    Me: Get a bus going to CMS, ask them if they will pass through Adeola Odeku den tell dem u are dropping at saka tinubu……cross the main road when u drop and walk through the street in front of u. Call me when u are on the street…shouldnt take u up to 10mins……

    Amaka: hello…..where are you? Am on the street

    Me: Ohk, am coming to pick u up…….I met her at the junction within two minutes…so, what’s up with u?

    Amaka;Nothing much

    Me:How did it go?

    Amaka:Dont mind that stupid man jare

    Me:What happened

    Amaka:he was saying i should use what i have to get what i want and God forbid that… should i sleep with a man cos of job and u can imagine him being my uncles best friend that have known over time…….

    Me:datz pple for you jare…..what will u take or have u eaten?

    Amaka:Nope….what can i get here

    We walked down a bit back to Adeola Odeku, walk through to KFC, took rice and decided to board bus going to CMS…we got to CMS,she connected her way to Orile from Apongbon under bride while i find my way to Mushin then to Ire Akari in Isolo.

    We couldn’t talk later in the night cos i was a bit busy with champions league match…..i picked up my phone later in the night and started chatting her up……

    Me:Na wah 4u oooo, Not even a beep up from you since morning

    Amaka:Am sorry jare…was busy all tru 2day ni, am even tired sef

    Me:tired ke? Wetyn u do wey u tired?

    Amaka: Still on the job hunting oooo…..its not been easy my brother

    Me:I understand… even tired mysef

    Amaka:Dont be tired oooo, sebi u still av a place

    Me:A place that the salary is not even to sustain me…t.fare alone has taken all the money before month end..u no now

    Amaka:God go do am 4 us my brother

    Me:Amen, am even submitting my Cv at Glo and swift tomorrow….maybe i will help u to submit too

    Amaka:Thanks….u are a darling

    Me:hmmmmm……darling ke? Kiss (Smiley)

    Amaka:smile, love (smiley)

    Me:Anytyn 4u my luv

    Amaka:Who is your love……

    Me:U nah…lolzzz

    Amaka:U are not serious…..


    Amaka:Thanks so much for helping Grace

    Me: What are friends for……..I’ll be ready to offer a helping hand anytym u call on me.

    Amaka: No P Bro

    Me: hmmmmmmm

    Amaka: whats hmmmmm?

    Me: notyn

    Amaka:Talk Jhoor……

    Me: U want me to say what’s on my mind

    Amaka: Yes now…….

    Me: I couldn’t help but starred at your beauty as you walk away yesterday

    Amaka: hmmmmmm…….What did u see

    Me: Your bottom was awesome and ur bweast…..

    Amaka: What happened to it

    Me:Will make a man stand upright at anytym……

    Amaka:Abeg stop jhoor……….

    Me:I imagine what all these your attributes will look like without cloth……AWESOME”

    Amaka: smiled (smiley)”…abeg i no ready for this your talk…am tired wan to shower and go to bed…i have alot to do 2moro

    Me:What’s happening 2moro?

    Amaka:Job hunting as usual…..need to get to Ikeja tomorrow…..want to see an uncle

    Me:Hey yah…may u see favour by his grace.

    Amaka:Amen oooo

    Me:Lemme allow u sleep then….good night and have a lovely night rest dear……….

    Amaka:Thanks so much dear….good nyt.

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    Episode 6

    Meanwhile, i was chatting with with Grace at the same time too and she was not like Amaka who was ready to sleep moreover they never knew i was chatting with either of them.

    “ Grace: hmmmm……..u have a sugar coated mouth

    Me: How

    Grace: Dont worry……..Its just 3days we started talking but i can recognise one when i c

    Me: I don’t know what you are talking about

    Grace: You don’t need to know but i must admit u have a good heart, Thanks for your help

    Me: Good Heart? I take that as a compliment.

    Grace: Uwc

    Me: I guess the face behind this chat will be one of the most gorgeous on earth

    Grace: If i hear…….

    Me: can i see the face behind d chat and probably the voice?

    Grace: No p……am sending one of my pics to you now as i don’t like using my pics as dp

    Me: Waoh……u are so beautiful babe

    Grace: Thank You”

    Instead of sending normal picture,she sent a picture of her on bed putting on a transparent night wear covering her hand with her bweast……..

    Me:Ur beauty will surely make any guy wanna go crazy, y not snap without putting ur hand there

    Grace:nah….thats not for your eye

    Me:Y now?…..Angry (smiley)……i don’t think there is anytyn bad seeing that now

    Grace:Y are u angry?…..


    Grace:Can u see it now? (Sending another pics without her hand on the bweast..thus, revealing the bossom)

    Me:waoh…i feel like……

    Grace:Like what?

    Me:having them in my mouth and s--k them romantically……….cover face (smiley)

    Grace:hmmmmmm…..smiled (Smiley)

    Me:Ur guy shud be very lucky….having all these beautiful oranges to himself all alone

    Grace:If u say so……..

    Me:I know so…cos i know the down will be as lovely as the top

    Grace:How did u no that

    Me:cos most times, the top always determine how the down look…moreover my instinct doesn’t deceive me….

    Grace:hmmmm…..lemme even see what you look like ryt now

    Me:sent a pics of hw i was with my boxers alone…..

    Grace:i guess i wouldn’t be asking 2 much seeing whats inside the boxers

    Me:nah…..Its not for your sight moreover u cant even stand the sight of it…..

    Grace:whats it that have never seen before….

    Me:i know u myt have seen many but this is different

    Grace:Lemme c first so that i can differentiate

    Me:Send the pics of my Dickson standing up right fully…..

    Grace:Waoh… this wat u are carrying with this lege lege body….u are d--n big

    Me:Told u, u haven’t seen something like this before……

    Grace:hmmmmm…..feel like


    Grace:Giving it a lifetime s--k and having it right now………

    Me:hmmmmmm………It will be at your service anytym u call for it………..

    Grace:hmmmmmm….dunno sha……cover face (smiley)

    Me:what about tomorrow after work….u can come down to ire-akari……shouldnt take u more than 30minutes from festac

    Grace:Lets see how it goes and call me when u come back 4rm work tomorrow…….

    Me:that will be great……..

    We chatted till around 1am… was sex chat all through sending series of pictures to each other and it got to the stage calling her and bleeping on phone…….i had to go to the toilet as it got to the stage of disturbing Dele………….

    The following day was a very long day as i started counting down the moment i woke up……fastforward to 4pm, i called to enquire if our plan was still in place, she said she was on her way to festac from Yaba but i should call her once am on my way home……i left office so early but there was little traffic on the island and got to mushin around after 6…i beeped grace up and she said she will need to shower before coming and i should send her my address….i did as she instructed….i got home, freshen up, rearranged the room,placed the instrument at the right place, called my friend to find out where he was and he told me that he will be closing a bit late…….(i was a bit happy).

    7pm,Grace was still at home…….i guess maybe it wont be possible again…7:30pm, i called and she said she was just leaving the house……hmmmmmm by 8pm my phone rang

    Grace:Am at your junction

    Me:Am coming right away

    I stepped out to the junction saw this beautiful angel in red short gown…..not too fat nor slim, bossom and bottom adequate…height so perfect…i had to tease her that now i realize the adage which says “show me your friend and i will tell u who u are”…i led her to the house…..

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    Episode 7

    I opened my door, she entered and the first thing i did was to start kissing her immediately..she responded so well by kissing me back…… it was a passionate one…….i lifted her up and straight on top of the reading table……..she pull down my short, remove Dickson from my boxers started rubbing her hand on it while i loosen her zip and removed her gown…….waoh….she was on black..(black bra and pant).
    Within a minute, the bra and pant were lying on the floor likewise all my cloth….i lifted her up, she rounded her leg around my back while I held her from the back still kissing seriously, I find my way to the bed and we interchanged positions, sometimes I will be on top while she will be on top another time….It was a professional touches from Grace..we were still on serious smooching for more than 30minutes before she paused and look at me
    Grace:Can we go and shower?
    Me:Sure…..Why not?
    Lifted her up and back her to the bathroom,open the shower while water rushed on us..started with a gentle kiss while she dragged my Dickson closer to her self…..i switched between the bweast and her lips……she dragged me out of the shower after like 5minutes and she said “wait a minute”…she rub her hand on Dickson to pull away the water on it and started digging it hard in her mouth in a professional was totally awesome, the mouth gig was good that I had to release in her mouth within five minute.she cleaned Dickson up while she also rinse her mouth.
    We came out of the toilet…”Where is your Cd?”……..brought out 4 pieces, she removed one and opened it while massaging her dickson with her left hand….she wore it on Dickson, pushed me to the bed and started ridding on it…it was hmmmmm…..uhmmmmmm…….hmmmmmm…uhmmmmmm…yes………didn’t allow her lo last long on me before she stood up and I lifted her back to the reading table opening all her legs to my dicskson..i stood in front of her and started banging hard……yes…yes…..yes… pls…pls…..pls….f--k me hard…yes…hmmmmm…..hmmmmm…..i was bleeping as if my whole life depended on it…it was so adventurous as I never know if another opportunity will come. She came after like 10mins in that position.

    ]We switched to the bed and go on the missionary style but it was slow and steady this time around but I do go faster once in a was all smile on my face while I watch her scream under the influence of my Dickson but not the same with her……..we were not more than seven minutes before we heard a knock on the door…..DELE was back from work.
    Paused but continue for another two minutes before I stood up and asked her to go and freshen up as my friend was back….while she stepped into the bathroom I quickly pack the CD and rearrange the bed while I peep through the window and said
    Me:Guy, abeg give me 5mins pls
    Dele:Mad boy, abeg do quick jhoor

    I went into the bathroom to meet her, just little smooching just to feel the bossom a bit more….she came out dressed up, and decided to start going immediately..i sprayed the room and open the door, dele was waiting outside talking to some guys in the area….
    Me:Guy, meet Grace……this is my friend Dele
    Dele:Nice meeting U Grace
    Grace:Me too…..
    Dele:Are u going Grace?hope am not the one pursuing u?
    Grace:Nah…its late already jare……This is 9pm, don’t worry we get to see some other times
    Dele:Is that a promise?
    Grace:your friend has the final say ooooo
    Me:which one be my own? Confirm if you are seeing him again or not
    Grace:ohk..i will definitely see u I promise
    Grace:hmmmmm……….next weekend but all depend on your friend.
    Me:Please lets go, its late already

    We started walking away to the bus stop while we continue our conversation
    Grace:You and your friend ehn………
    Me:what happened to us
    Grace:Bad Boys
    Grace: U no know…with your innocent face
    Grace:U know I underrated u, never believe you are dis tyt
    Me:If you don’t taste it, u can never know hw sweet it is
    Me:Whats that?
    Grace:Can I beg you for something?
    Me:Wetyn (Thinking its money)
    Grace: Please lets this be a secret between us, never let Amaka or anybody know about this and as a matter of fact….me and you as never met before cos I know Amaka might want to ask one day
    Me:That’s not a problem……am not a kid and a secret it will b..but can I ask u something?
    Grace:Whats that?
    Me:Can we do this once more?
    Grace:Once More ke?
    Grace:who wouldn’t want to do it over and over again but it must be a secret between us.
    Me:that’s no problem…so, when next do we see….
    Grace:Next weekend as I promised your friend.

    We hugged oursef while she find her way to the bus to Cele….i got back home and met Dele inside
    Dele:Baba were (Mad Man) o sa wale tori idi abi (u ran home cos of a lady)
    Me:guy, I no no say e go happen like dat ooooo…na play play we dey start ooo
    Dele:who she be sef?
    Me:Na Amaka’s friend oooo
    Dele:Who be Amaka?
    Me:That babe I told u I met on the job forum now, she come introduce me to her friend…like play like play we just start chatting yesterday talking rubbish before it lead to this oooo
    Dele:tori e lo se fi oorun ba gbogbo ile je abi (Dats why u spoilt the room with odour)
    Me:Guy, the babe worth am oooo…u no see say she make sense
    Dele:Her package tight small….Baba were (Mad boy) u don dey wan over sabi pass your oga now…….
    Me:Abeg, I dey ache seriously…..
    Dele:Wetyn go come happen?Na me give you work? Abeg carry plate but inside bag make we go Iya Tope go buy food………(Iya Tope is one Mama put in the next street that sells night food)……..Dele was bleeping Tope and its always sure we will get free food if Tope is the only one in the shop but if the mother is there, we get more food with low payment (300 food for 100 naira)………………….

    To be continued

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    Bad guys….
    Snakie as usual no dey dull honey pot,na just to satisfy….

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