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    Episode 1

    Susan hugged Rea on seeing her and Rea who was getting used to her hugs pulled her closer realizing how she must be feeling since she had been in her shoes for a while too long.

    “I’m glad you came.’’ She mumbled and smiled into her eyes
    “me too.’’ She entered into the familiar house and looked around.
    It still smelled and looked the same

    The charm had gone though, knowing Mrs Brews was the one responsible for all the beauty, the décor and everything feminine about the house that made it look like a home.
    Her mother was finally moving this time around; to the beautiful place she’d shown her few months ago and she hoped Sue would be able to take her parent’s separation like an adult and move on.
    In fact, they needed to move on.

    Rea looked up and saw Ryan strolling downstairs with a box containing more of Sue’s things, she suspected. And then his eyes grazed hers and he looked away.
    She greeted out of reflex

    “hi’’ was all he said and looked at Sue. ‘’this says shoes.’’
    “yeah, just put them all in the van. We’ll sort it all out when we get home.’’
    He strolled off with the box in hands making Rea to doubt if there was actually something inside the box he carried.
    Rea stared at him till she was caught red-handed and she blushed when Sue coughed.
    They didn’t have the chance to say anything before He came in and looked at his ex-girlfriend.

    “you okay?’’ he asked noticing the blank look on her face
    “I haven’t introduced you to Andrea, have i?’’ she smiled.
    He turned then to look at the skinny brunette who looked like she’d seen something strange on his face.
    “no, you haven’t.’’ his eyes stared into hers and for a moment, he knew there was something familiar about her. “Ryan Riverstone.’’
    “I know you. Football team.’’
    He squinted. ‘’have we met before?’’
    “in school perhaps.’’
    He shrugged and extended his hand. ‘’nice to meet you.’’
    She received it and released her hands almost immediately.
    ‘’c’mon, lets go upstairs and round up this all stuff ‘cos this whole parade is getting on my nerves.’’
    Ryan paved way for the both of them to step ahead of him while he followed behind.


    “My mum’s driving so I’ll go join her in front while you two drive behind. I hope you don’t mind do you?’’ Sue fixed on her shades and smiled sweetly. When Ryan agreed, she tiptoed to kiss him on the cheeks and hugged Rea again, this time planting another kiss on her cheeks.
    “he’s free just so y’know.’’ She grinned and winked at her. Rea turned red
    “I don’t need a boyfriend!’’ she tried to ignore the heat she felt crawling up her but Ryan had already gone to his car leaving the door open for her.
    “now run along, punkin’’ Sue teased in a british accent and hurried up to join her mother.
    Rea went to join Ryan in the car.

    He turned on the radio and left it on a station where Train was crooning drops of Jupiter and he hummed along while driving.
    “I like the song.’’ She chiped in shyly.
    “yeah, its cool. I love rock, I hope you don’t mind.’’
    It was obvious he was in no mood for conversation with her. she couldn’t take this anymore. Seeing him behave this way towards her hurt her so much and she knew she could do something crazy if she kept silent and watched him hum to himself.
    She remembered her skateboard and reached to tune down the radio so that he could hear her clearly.
    “I’ll find my way from here.’’ She announced.
    “what?’’ he looked at her like she had grown horns
    “just stop the d--n car.’’ She repeated her hands on the door about to open.
    He pulled the brakes and the car came to a halt.
    Everything was like déjà vu to him.

    “I have my skateboard.’’ She said without looking at him and pulled it out of her bag so as to throw it on the floor and tried to attain balance.
    That didn’t take time and soon she was finding her way alone before Ryan caught up with her and pulled her to face him.
    ‘’you cant just run off like that…’’
    “Rea…the name is Rea.’’ She jerked free from his disturbing touch and pushed herself further but he stopped her again.
    “look, I don’t know what you want me to do Rea…’’

    “you don’t have to do anything Ryan and so I’m making things easier for you. You don’t need a burden like me.’’
    ‘’okay. I’m sorry if I acted sort of weird..’’
    “snobbish, proud and cocky’’ she added with an air of finality and skated off leaving him to stare after her.
    Why did he feel like He knew her much more than this?

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    Episode 2

    Mandy Brews knew it was going to take her time to heal but she told herself that she could and she would. Without Joe. She was going back to be Amanda Clarkson and she was going to take her life in stages now. She was going to have a baby and she was happy about that at least. Whenever Sue would go over to see her dad due to the custody arrangements, she would be with her baby.

    It was already a month they had moved and She was doing fine already. She still went to her chambers and her lawyer was helping her out with the whole divorce arrangements. Bill Bradley was a man in his late forties and a ruthless lawyer to the core. He hardly lost any case and he had been the family lawyer for years and so when the whole divorce thing came up, he’d been on her side.

    Mandy knew if she wanted a fair deal with Joe Brews, she was going to need someone like Bill. Although the man had shown interest in her more than once, and she’d turned him down, she tried to ignore that fact and ask for his help.
    She would reward him generously.

    He’d invited her to dinner and she’d agreed and she could tell he was relentless with his proposal that they’d start seeing each other.

    He reached for her hand over the table while she looked into his eyes then and he pressed a wet kiss on her hand.
    “Joe is a fool to have treated you so badly. You don’t have to pay me for anything. Just let me love you.’’
    She removed her hand almost immediately and tried to get distracted from all the attention he was showing her. He was handsome and rich too, and the silvery grey hair on his temples gave him that sexy matured look any woman would swoon for.

    But she had mixed emotions about everything going on around her. Her mind flashed to what Joe had said to her when he explained what happened between himself and the witch.
    What if he had been right? What if he was a changed person and wanted them to spend their lives together with the new life growing inside her.

    Mandy came back to reality when Bill called her name to tell the waiter what she wanted.
    “Tortellini and spring vegetable salad and a bottle of water please.’’
    The waiter left with their order in mind and their menus in hand and Bill resumed his conversation.
    “I’ll do everything I can to make sure you get what is yours and you’ll be a free woman once again. At least, that will give us the legal right to do what we want.’’

    She shook her head sadly. ‘’Bill, i don’t wanna rush things. I’m just coming out from a 16year marriage and I’d like to settle down with my thoughts and everything else. Not to mention the fact that I’m pregnant.’’
    She thought he would repel but he raised an eyebrow. ‘’that’s not an issue. I’ll be the father of your baby if you give me the chance.’’
    “how did you know I was pregnant?’’
    “Joe told me. infact he told me to try and talk you out of the divorce thing.’’ He smirked. ‘’ such a fool.’’
    Mandy flinched but forced a smile. ‘’a fool indeed.’’
    ‘’I’ll give you time. All the time you need Amanda, and I won’t stop loving you.’’ he continued. even in her present state, he’d never seen a more beautiful woman with grace when she moved and talked. How could Joe be so blind to have this in his home yet long for another woman’s bed outside?

    She smiled briefly and was glad when the waiter once again distracted them. She didn’t know why she felt guilty all of a sudden and why her thoughts were constantly about Joe who had come over to talk to her that he would go with the divorce after the baby was due.

    He had pleaded and begged and she knew she couldn’t reject his offer.
    Right inside, she still had a soft spot for him but knew she had to be careful not to let it reveal itself or he’d take advantage of her again.

    []Alexandra Ruby stepped into the house absentmindedly while going through the mails that had been delivered to the box outside the house but stopped short when a wonderful aroma greeted her.
    She headed right to the kitchen and saw her daughter with an apron baking things and mixing something in a bowl.
    “mum.., you’re home’’ she beamed and went over to kiss the shocked woman. It seemed her daughter was getting over Josh pretty soon and she loved it.

    This was a month after they’d moved.
    Her hair was still looking pretty trimmed and short, some finding way to her edges and a little bang forming on her forehead making her look more beautiful. She was getting slimmer no doubt and no longer looking like a child. Even her stomach was getting flat day by day and she was happy for her.
    “whats going on?’’

    “I’m baking, and I’m making a nice dinner for all of us. Velveeta Italian sausage bake for us while the cookies will be for the kids in the church since I volunteered and will be doing so throughout summer.’’
    “smells good.’’
    “yeah..had to get some things from the grocery store with the little cash I saw in your bedroom. I hope you don’t mind’’
    “I don’t’’ she shook her head. “if I get to taste out of those delicious cookies in the oven.’’
    “sure, why not.’’
    “and are you still thinking of taking that summer job down the road at the coffee house?’’
    “yes. I am.’’

    Mrs Ruby understood the short direct response and didn’t push further. Her daughter was doing all she could to forget everything and move on and she was really doing good.
    But wasn’t she pushing it too hard?
    She flipped through the other envelopes and stopped when a certain envelope caught her attention.
    Her daughter had been accepted in Trinity Christian College ……., she looked up at Scar who had bent down to open the oven and pull out the baked cookies.
    “have you checked the mail today?’’
    “no, why?’’

    “well, I have an envelope here that tells me you’ve been accepted into college. Trinity Christian College to be exact!!’’
    Scar froze. ‘’really?’’
    “yes honey!’’
    She dropped the pan nervously and removed her oven gloves, rubbing her hands on her aprons nervously knowing fully well it wasn’t going to be the one Josh would go. His parents had much more money to take their son to Harvard or Princeton or somewhere far away and sophisticated than the one she was going to.
    She remembered one of their conversations………..
    “so you’re gonna go to Law school in Harvard or Princeton.’’ She had mentioned when they sat by the lake together.
    He looked at her. ‘’yea, I guess so.’’
    “you think you’re gonna have time to play football when you go over?’’
    “nah’’ he laughed. ‘’I’ll be strictly professional. This is just a boost to get me into the right colleges.’’
    “I’ll miss you.’’
    “we still have a whole year to ourselves baby.’’ He traced his fingers on her lips and kissed her head. ‘’and we’ll call each other. We’ll send emails. We’ll keep in touch.’’
    “you wont forget me?’’
    “I wont.
    Infact I should be the one scared that you might forget me.’’ he teased and she slapped his hand playfully. ‘’I mean, some hunk who’s gonna be a lover of art and literature might just be the one to sweep your feet away whereas I might have forgotten what in the world Shakespeare is.’’
    ‘’well, I’ll tell him I have a better hunk somewhere in Harvard who’s waiting for me to be through with college.’’
    His face became serious. ‘’you will wait for me won’t you?’’
    ‘’you know I will.’’
    And he’d kissed her.

    Right now, she knew there was no way he would wait for her and she had no obligation whatsoever to wait for him. she had to live and it would start now.
    “that’s the best news I’ve heard all summer.’’ She smiled
    And all her mother could do was come towards her and kiss her.
    “your father will be proud of you. Wait till he comes back today.’’

    To be continued

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    this is gonna be interesting,bring it on

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    May cuz yhu do

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