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    *L*ooking at this paper on her hands, this is the fourth time
    she will be doing this in her life. Expectations had risen for her from her
    friends, colleagues at work where she works as a supermarket attendance and
    family. She was set this time to go and check her GCE result. Highs and
    lows moments of her life had been this exam. Five years after finishing
    secondary school education, yet, many attempts just to obtain O’LEVEL
    degree had foiled for Jumoke. She looked at the paper, her WASSCE photo
    card so to speak. She was full of prayers that this time, the father whom
    she serves will not let her down.

    She stepped out of her house and locked the gate behind. The
    castigating sun had made her put on a baseball cap to prevent the sun from
    bringing unrequested headache. The photo card was well kept in her left
    pocket. She stood, expecting a passing bike to convey her to the cybercafé
    where she will check her- well, result. She looked up the sky and prays the
    heavens bless her real good this time.


    “Please drop me in the next bank.” Sam said to the tricycle driver that had
    conveyed him from the junction to the Bank headquarters on the Island. This
    is the second time he will called for interview in this same bank. After
    four years of graduating from the University of Uyo, no job to show for it.
    He had put on his favorite Italian tuxedo suit, coupled with his Armani
    shoe. He’s tall, gait, energy and full of vigor. His credentials, right
    from his NYSC certificate, University certificate, and secondary and
    primary school certificates were well kept in the portfolio he was
    carrying. The moon was half illuminating the surface of the earth which
    could make one thank God for a better day. His Pastor had told him this
    morning to be rest assured that the job is his. His mother had also played
    the role of a mother by showering him willing prayers while he was in the
    Bus coming to the Island from Obalende. He entered the bank, felt the
    mobility of people around. They were all here for one purpose or the other.
    His dream had always been to work in big Banks such as this Headquarters.
    He took his steps and went to the very super interior front desk position
    to seek for the interview department. The lady threw pitiful glance at him,
    he wondered why she had to do so. He asked her again, she changed her
    strange countenance and said. “Turn to your right, you will see an
    elevator, on getting to the fifth floor, move to your left, you will then
    see other applicants seated at the reception to be interviewed” “thank you”
    he managed to appreciate and in haste took his steps to where he was
    directed to.


    Jumoke paid the bike man off a hundred naira note for the service he had
    rendered to her, the bike man had in turn smiled at her, qualifying her
    with loveable adjectives from his own knowledge “ Anty, you’re looking good
    and I appreciate your beauty” she was flabbergasted. “Thank you uncle, I
    appreciate” she had said rewarding him with a daring smile. “My pleasure,
    bye” he said and continue his life journey. She smiled at herself for the
    unexpected gesture she had received from an unexpected source, she just
    wish her joy will be to the zenith as regarding what she was about to do.
    She stepped into the Café, heads high and spirit lifted. She walked to the
    counter to buy airtime ticket. “Good afternoon anty” she had greeted the
    receptionist. “Aah, Jumoke, what sup, good afternoon” the lady had said “I
    am fine, please I would like to get a 30min ticket” the lady handed the
    ticket to her. She glanced through it and saw #200 naira inscribed on the
    ticket; she smiled and wondered where the country is getting into. That was
    why she, by all means wants to study political science so as to tackle and
    bring corruption to the cleaners in this country. She sat, said the Lord’s
    Prayer then proceeds drawing the keyboards forward to type in the system
    pass code as encrypt on the ticket. She typed in her pass code and head
    straight to the browser immediately the system blared up. Her heart was now
    racing eighty times per minutes as to the normal sixty times per minutes as
    fears, anxiety and worrisome set on the tent of her tender heart. “Lord
    helps me” she said as inaudibly as she could.


    Sam greeted the fellow applicants seated on the long
    sophisticated chair; the air was chilly and not unfriendly. Some, whose
    minds were not in the euphoria of undaunted reminiscences responded to his
    greeting, He open the altar of his heart and says some short prayers
    inwardly, he prays today, his job hunting would find temporary spot to rest
    itself. Five minutes of sitting, the interview room door made a sound which
    brought everyone at attention, a young guy came out, and his countenance
    could tell he had not found favor in that decimation room, he walked
    towards the elevator to succumb to life’s difficulties. “Next!” a lady had
    called coming out of the room. The nest person walked in. Sam looked at his
    wristwatch at intervals; he had been sitting for an hour now he was unrest
    to the unexpected in that very room. Now, two guys were remaining before
    him, it is the bank headquarters and a kind of mass requirement is ongoing.
    Some had come out of this room happy while some came otherwise. Soon, the
    next two guys had been called; Sam’s tense grew hostile, even though he was
    some percentage confident that he will get this job after two previous
    foiled attempts. It was now his turn, the lady called again after the two
    other guys had found their fate. Suddenly the fully air-conditioned air
    changed circumstance; hot sweat trickled down his fore, racing to the edge
    of his nose, he wiped It off and took a bold step entering the interview
    room. The interviewer were seated uptight, with straight face, the way they
    were signifies they are top-notch finance guru whom has years experience in
    this field. “Have your seat there please” one of them had said. “Thank you
    sir” he replied and took his seat making all effort to keep eye contacts
    with them. “Young man can you please introduce yourself” “My names are
    ejiofor Nwachukwu Samuel, a graduate of the university of Uyo with grade
    level 2.1. Had a degree in banking and finance, did my youth service in
    Kano state. That I could brief sirs, I will provide answer to any more
    question been thrown to me sirs” “good introduction, but next time young
    man, you don’t say such statements at the end of your introduction so as to
    not shoot yourself in the foot” “thank you sir” he said bowing his heads as
    any man in his right senses would do. “Please hold on a moment I need to
    access your data profile”


    The waec website had surfaced on the computer screen, Jumoke kept her
    strong feelings, optimism crept the tent of heart for a good result. She
    clicked on the result checker icon and in swift turn it appears requesting
    her to enter her data information. Her fingers were trembling, un-nimble as
    she carefully entailed her data, she closed her eyes before clicking on the
    submit icon, a hot sweat flooded her chin, the whole room filled with
    people talking on phone and hitting their fingers on computer keyboards
    suddenly went mute to Jumoke, she wonders what faith life would again offer
    if she failed again at this her 4th attempt. She weighed that off, open her
    eyes gently and then clicked on the submit icon. Suddenly, it appeared like
    December moonlight on her face “OH GOD!!!” she screamed, the world, at the
    moment seemed like a graveyard to her “No No No” she shouted amidst tears.
    She had failed again, the shocked other people shifted their attentions
    towards Jumoke, they wore pitiful face on seeing what was displayed on the
    screen, the attendant lady moved to her to render succor and to clear off
    worrisome feeling creping at the hill top of Jumoke’s heart. Not again,
    Government! She had failed; hope has now seemed to be lost for Jumoke. What
    then would life offer? An elderly man in his early 60s walked up to Jumoke,
    he laid his hands on her shoulder and began contrasting soliloquizing. “My
    dear, do not be weary, it is a pity what fate had befallen you today. But
    you see, it is one of those things in life which will definitely show of
    their ugly heads. Let me tell you my story, I failed WAEC four times then
    failed jamb three times; those were seven wasted years anticipating for
    admission before I finally made it at age twenty six into the University of
    Lagos. Things were tough for me then with no one to render help and no one
    to haste to for succor, so many victimization from friendly and unfriendly
    faces. But I never let that weigh me down because I kept on going, look at
    me today, a senior lecturer in university of Ibadan, teaching comparative
    literature and linguistics. See, my dear, this Is not the end of the road
    it is rather an opportunity for you that indicates you still need to put
    more vigor in your academicals buildings and tests. Don’t give up; the sky
    is your limits. Here’s my card, you can always call me.” He handed over the
    card to her and gives her a warm fatherly embrace. “Thank you sir, I really
    do appreciate you sir, thank you” she said whipping tears off her face. She
    thanked every other person whom had shown concerns and displayed their how
    pitiful they were. She stepped out of the café, to re-strategize and hope
    for success she knew would surely come if she would not give up on her
    quest as she had thought.


    “Going through your data, it is not bad” one of the elderly men had said.
    We want to employ you in the headquarters here, how many years experience
    do you have in this field” Sam was amazed and melancholy disordered. he
    looked at the two men intoning in his mind that ‘are you kidding me?’ they
    had just accessed his bio-data, were they not supposed to see he had no
    working experience, he was lucky to work for six month in his IT days. “No
    fully employed years experience sir, only my IT program after my youth
    service sir” he explained as expressly as he could. “Why were you not
    retained?” ‘What a question’ he thought. “Sir, to my knowledge, I have no
    idea regarding that, after the completion of my IT, I left sir.” The two
    inquisitive men looked at each other like as if a conspiracy dialogue was
    ongoing. They unanimously agreed upon a term. “Well, young man. Based on
    your data and what we’ve juxtaposed so far, this panel has dimmed you
    unqualified and incompetence to work here, we are sorry, many grounds were
    juxtaposed before we unanimously agreed on this term. We are sorry, no
    employment for you, and you can please take your leave” Sam went numb, his
    world felt collapsed already. “Please sir, my best is yet to be seen, am a
    very good team player who will work to the very end to ensure zenith
    position for whatever organization I found myself” he pleaded with his eyes
    soaked with unshed tears. “Mr. Ejiofor, our pleasure meeting you, please
    you can take your leave’ he then turns to the office assistance. “Please
    call in the next person”

    Sam walked out of the bank, he looked back and felt in his
    heart, disintegrated as tears of accumulated injustice eloped his cheek. He
    was down, but not out! This will not be the end, he knows. Almighty God was
    in control of his life. He would surely manifest his greatness in his life.
    It is going to be painful verse of his life, but he is determined for new
    and better days ahead.

    *THE END.*

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    Sam nd Jumoke I believe there is a better day ahead for the two of you

    you guys should just keep on believing in Him

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    nice one… I Know we will scale trough this difficulties as far God is involve

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    as for both of you, never give up as long there’s lives

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    Samuel nd jumoke….. Don’t give up, when there is life, there is hope

    Just keep committing it in the hands of God….. So sad the story have to end dis way

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    What a story

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    So pathetic

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    Sam and Jumoke, never give up, with God on your side, you guys will make it.

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