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    You see, my boss can get any woman
    he wants with absolutely no
    commitment and keep her on all
    fours, literally crawling for more. I’m
    not mincing words if I call him a
    legendary ladies’ man. There are only
    a few who can do what he does and
    come out unscathed with no screaming
    baby tagging along and a nagging
    baby mama with unending drama.

    He twirled his pen in his hand and
    said, “God gave man eyes and a brain
    first. The merry jack in the box comes
    later, hence, order of positioning. A
    pickup artist like myself always has to
    be very observant and look for telltale
    signs that reveal a woman is very
    “But she didn’t look available with
    what she was wearing.”
    “To begin with, the absence of a
    wedding ring indicated she was single.
    Women don’t joke with such things.
    Secondly, her long, red nails
    contradicted her born-again looks.
    Then, I noticed the red stilettos and I
    knew instantly that she was a vixen. In
    addition, her skirt was very tight
    despite being below the knee and
    when I shook her, her hand melted at
    my touch; and as I withdrew, she
    lingered a second longer. Finally, the
    last one I think that got me was her
    lips. They were freshly glossed in
    brown and pink, a sign that this
    woman took her time with her
    appearance this morning, meaning all
    she was wearing on the outside was
    just a façade. And sadly, those lips
    were not bruised or puckered, a sign
    that they were suffering from lack of
    stroking. Anna, that girl needs a man
    and she needs a man bad.”

    He stared at me with a naughty smile
    and I saw that familiar hunger in his
    eyes. “Yes.” he tapped at a poster on
    his table with a picture of Clara on it.
    “Her. I want her.”
    You gotta be kidding me. The woman
    looked like a man. She was nothing
    like the others. Flat-chested,
    rectangular-shaped, big-boned,
    caustic-mouthed. What did he see in
    “Is she doable?”
    “Can we use her for the cause?”
    “Yes-yes sir. She is the hottest feminist
    in town.”
    I wish I hadn’t used the word ‘hottest’.
    It brought out a glint in his eyes.

    He was still staring.
    I was almost there. I could pick out a
    whiff of his perfume. I could almost
    hear the words waiting on his lips;
    words that will tell me how beautiful I
    looked, how stunning, how gorgeous,
    and then everything will be okay. All
    my nervousness will disappear. And
    maybe he’ll even kiss…
    Was that the sound of my right stiletto
    about to disgrace me?
    Oh God, no!
    I lost my balance and in a blink I
    found myself flat on the ground,
    staring up at a not-so-clear blue sky.

    The morning came with breakfast in
    bed – a bowl of fruits and a glass of
    wine. It was his thing and I was glad
    to share it with him. Unfortunately, he
    wasn’t there. I panicked instantly
    when I discovered this. Was this it?
    Was he done with me? Was I to forget
    what happened the night before and
    move on with my life?
    I pushed the breakfast tray aside and
    stepped down from the bed. I searched
    round the entire suite, hoping my
    fears were unfounded but I was
    proven right. What did I expect,
    anyway? He expressly told me he was
    going to hurt me. I guess I was to snap
    out of Lala Land and face my life. I
    had finally made it into his little black

    “I miss you,” he said out of the blue,
    sipping from his glass of sparkling
    I studied his face. Was this guy making
    moves on me or was he genuine?
    “Seriously, I do. You had my life
    organized and kept me grounded at all
    times. You have to admit that we were
    good together. I’d like you back but
    that would be selfish. I want to see you
    grow bigger and better in life.
    Speaking of bigger…” he swept lustful
    eyes over my body. I responded by
    looking away.
    “I hope you’re okay with the way
    things are with you, now?”
    I nodded, but it was a lie. I wanted us
    “Good to know.”
    “And you? Any new conquests?” I
    asked him.
    “For where?” he laughed. “I’ve been
    too busy and quite frankly, you used to
    take all the stress off my shoulders.
    You were a great wingman.”

    Half-asleep, half-drunk, I entered the
    suite, I sauntered to the kitchen for a
    drink of water and… I walked in on
    my boss and Chizara having sex!
    It was one of those she-on-the-table-
    and-he-standing encounters. They
    were both fully-clothed and I would
    have been fooled into believing
    nothing was happening if I hadn’t
    heard her moaning.

    I froze. They were too immersed in the
    act to notice me. A voice told me to
    quietly retreat but for some reason, I
    remained motionless. And my eyes
    wouldn’t blink. I watched them starry-
    eyed like a voyeur until I began to feel
    weird in places that had been dormant
    for years. I was getting aroused, much
    to my shame, and God knows I am not
    a pervert. But the way that man was
    taking Zara could make a sinner out of
    any saint.


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    Nice story, i love it, am seated and waiting
    Link to Available Episodes

    Episode 2

    Episode 3

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    Bring it on

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    On the way

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