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    ??#LITTLE_LUCY?? Season 2
    ( My troublesome Girlfriend ?)




    NOTE: ? adult contents❌ Not for readers younger than the age of 18.

    ???? EPISODE_ONE????

    My name’s Lucy but I’m also called little Lucy. I got enrolled in this crazy school for girls popularly known as Q.A ( Queens Academy)

    At Q.A I met Collette; school’s prettiest girl and also student council president. She was a snubby b*tch at the beginning but we soon got incredibly close after I got my first kiss from her.

    We became lovers. I fell heads over heels in love with my own gender and it didn’t mean a thing to me but it meant a lot to her cause she was trying to break out of THE LILIES; a secret reading group made specially for girls.

    It’s like a confraternity led by Vee—the principal’s daughter.

    Collette’s wants to change. She wants to stop dating girls.

    Collette had a lot going on and I was there for her. She’s a bad health type cause of her asthmatic problems.

    I also made a friend at school whom I trusted Soo much.


    Sharon’s the gossip filled type of girl you find with the latest gist in your neighborhood. Unlike me, She’s got a boyfriend back home and hates the ideas of kissing her fellow girl.

    But guess what? I caught my best friend, Sharon with a girl named Mia kissing at the back of the tuck shop on a hot Sunday afternoon just a week before exam week.

    Which makes Sharon a……


    A what?!



    Dinner was spaghetti sauce with round spicy meatballs and a can of coke to flush it down.

    I twirled my fork into the spaghetti watching Sharon as she ate, sitting opposite me on our regular table.

    Now that I think of it, the thought of hanging out with her sickened me. I mean, here was a girl I gave my full trust to. A girl who bragged had a boyfriend back home she wasn’t going to cheat on. A girl who isn’t into girls and frowns at those who are in.

    But this is the same girl I caught at the back of the tuck shop, kissing Mia this afternoon before lunch.

    This b*tch! She’d lied to me.

    I’m not against her kissing any girl. I kiss Collette all the time but why lie to me when the truth all along was this shocking?

    Some friend. Soo much for that.

    I remembered Collette words: Trust no one. Not even your best friend.

    Sharon just broke that trust. My trust for her was now as dead as last year’s snow, and I knew it would never come back.

    ” What’s on your mind, Lucy?” Sharon asked suddenly.

    I woke up from my thoughts and shook my head, returning back to my meals. ” Nothing much, just thinking about something that just happened this afternoon.”

    She was opening her can of coca cola drink, a bright smile on her face. ” Really? And what could possibly occupy your mind to make you lost in thoughts?”

    I forced a smile, taking my time to lay the foundation for what I’m about to drop. ” Oh it’s really not that much of an event but it was shocking in a peculiar sort of way.”

    She gave me a searching look. ” Alright, now you’re totally freaking me out, Lucy. Sure you’re okay?”

    I nodded, slurping a forkful of spaghetti into my mouth. ” I feel great. Definitely great. I’m fantastic, I’m superb, I’m one with the universe, I’m awesome.”

    Sharon looked disturbed by my creepy behavior. ” Okay, if you say so.”

    ” Won’t Mia be joining us?” I asked, opening my can of coke.

    She shrugged. ” She doesn’t usually come for meals. I thought by now you should’ve noticed.”

    I haven’t noticed sh*t but I realized she was right. Mia hardly ever comes for meals. This was another puzzle I was going to fix pretty soon.

    But first I want to give her a shocking revelation of herself Soo badly she wouldn’t recover from it so easy.

    ” Do we have to pretend, Sharon?” I asked.

    She raised her eyebrows as if surprised.

    ” Why, Lucy, what’s the matter?”

    ” You Know as well as I do.”

    She drank her cola a little frown on her face. ” You’re crazy, Lucy, you know that. What’s up with all these weird talks?”

    ” I don’t know,” I sighed, scratching the back of my head. ” Maybe it’s because I caught two girls kissing at the back of the tuck shop this afternoon, that why.”

    She sputtered at her drink and began coughing loudly.

    I sat still in my seat, watching her with a blank face.

    Everyone’s eyes turned to our table, staring at Sharon until she stopped coughing.

    Clearing her throat with a washed out face, she met my eyes. ” What do you mean by that?”

    ” The only person you’re kidding is yourself.”

    ” Have you been spying on me?”

    ” I wouldn’t call it spying but since we’re girls and these sort of stuffs goes around in this school, I see no big deal about it. Come on, don’t look like that. You said so yourself,” I slowly sipped my cola. ” I was curious to know what your boyfriend looks like. I was surprise your boyfriend has boóbs on his chest and owns a v@gina.”

    For a moment, I thought she was going to throw herself on me. She looked like she was going to explode. Then she controlled herself with an effort.

    She put down her can on the table and crossed her legs gently but her hands were unsteady and shaking.

    She was giving herself time to recover. I really had thrown a shock in her. She didn’t see that coming.

    I did.

    ” I think we had better talk this over,” she said in a cold flat voice.

    I sneered at her. ” Don’t bother about it, Sharon. I’m not telling on you. You’re also into girls aren’t you? Why be ashamed of it?”

    ” It’s not what you think, Lucy.”

    ” What’s there to think?” I rolled my eyes. ” Mia’s a nice boyfriend. It’s alright. I’m sure she has her charms.”

    Red stained her face and her eyes glared at me.

    ” As if you’re any better. What about you and Collette? And Efua? Don’t tell me you haven’t had your own share of kisses from both girls.”

    ” I thought we were bound to come around to that before long,” I said, trying to keep my voice low and steady. ” Yes, I have a thing for Collette but I ain’t hiding it from anyone. It’s obvious we’re together. Unlike you bragging your head off about some boyfriend when you’re keeping a secret spare time lover like Mia. That’s a fact isn’t that right?”

    ” You still want to get your facts right?” She said. ” It’s not what you think!”

    ” To hell with what I think,” I snapped. ” You’re a sinner like me, except worse cause you’re hiding your sins but you’re just being lousy at it.”

    She laughed.

    ” You’re not going to make me angry, Lucy.”

    ” Of course I’m not,” I laughed as well. ” Now we’re on the subject, did Mia took your virginity?”

    ” She didn’t take my virginity,” she said impatiently. ” What’s the matter with you?”

    ” I’m sure anyone else would believe that yarn, even if I don’t.”

    We stared at each other for a while in silence. She was furious about something but I just couldn’t place it.

    Just then the students council just entered into the cafeteria and silence fell over the hall.

    ” Alright, forget it,” Sharon grabbed her fork, whispering under her breath. ” I don’t want to talk about this anymore, Lucy. Let’s drop the subject.”

    I returned back to my meal, shrugging with an indifferent expression on my face.

    ” As you wish. Send Mia my regards. Oh I forgot, she’s your boyfriend.”

    She didn’t say anything but I could feel her burning inside.

    Later after dinner, we all retired back to our classes for night prep.

    Sharon and I didn’t speak to each other during prep which was fine by me. I was far too gone in my studies to bother with her.

    As I studied my books, I thought of Collette and what we’d both be doing tonight before bedtime.

    I thought it’d be a good idea to sleep on her bed with her arms wrapped around my waist. We’ve been soo freaking close so why do we still have to have separate beds?

    We need some sort of connection. I want to smell her hair and feel her warmth around me. I want her skin brushing against mine with her warm breath moisturizing around my neck.

    I want a spooning bed position. I wondered if Collette would let me. That girl’s mood is unpredictable. One moment she’s attentive and loving, the next, she’s an unimpressed witch.

    But I still love her. She’s awfully cute in any mood even when she’s frowning.

    I feel lucky having her. Like gosh I really do.

    Suddenly, Sharon stood up and left the class. I watched her leave and shrugged. Maybe she was pressed or something. It’s none of my concern anymore.

    After a while, just when I was about studying chemistry, Sharon returned back to the classroom but she didn’t head to her seat. She walked over to my desk and stood before me.

    Glancing up, I met her eyes. She had a disturbing look on her face and I noticed she’d grown pale.

    Her lips were quavering as she spoke. ” Lucy, can you come outside? I want to talk to you?”

    I hid a smile. This I thought, was another burst up discussion about Mia. I have a feeling she’s not cool about talking about it with everyone listening.

    ” Alright,” I dropped my pen and stood up. ” Where to?”

    She didn’t reply but led me outside my class towards the abandoned SS.3 block where Efua had kissed me.

    This was a likely lonely place to talk deep sh*ts. I commend her for sense.

    As we approach the block, I sniffed a faint smell of cigarettes in the air.

    Someone was smoking a cigar. A cigar? In an all girl’s school? Where in heavens name is this girl taking me to?

    But as stupid as I was, I followed her into the run down classroom with broken windows and a fallen roof.

    She stopped before the charcoal blackboard and slowly turned to look at me.

    I stiffened when I saw her face. She was as white as a fresh fall of snow and her eyes showed her fears. She was scared and sweaty.

    But why?

    The faint smell of cigarette was now stronger. My nostrils flared wide as I sniffed the ash air in and grimaced.

    ” Sharon, what is this? Why have you brought me here?”

    Sharon didn’t answer, she slowly glanced up at the fallen roof, shaking like a leaf.

    Following her eyes, I glanced up too. I was strucked with fear and my heart lurched up to my throat by what I saw.

    Three girl’s in Q.A uniforms we’re seated on the wooden ceiling of remains of the fallen roof, smoking cigarettes and gazing down at me, their eyes shining like cats in the darkness.

    I froze instantly as I watched them. They stared at me for a long time then one of them did an amazing leap, landing within feet’s away from me, blocking off the only exit in the abandoned class.

    That was an outstanding leap for a girl. No girl can ever jump down from such a crazy height as that without some ankle sprain. But this girl did it without breaking a sweat.

    She approach me, slowly removing the burning cigarette off her lips, blowing smokes off her nostrils at me.

    The smoke swam lazily in the air like a spirit towards me and vanished around my neck. I took a step back as the moon light came up to this girl’s face.

    It was Mia.

    The shock that ran through my body could kill a baby. No lie….I’m dead serious.

    Mia’s lips peeled off into a meaningless smile. ” Hi Lucy, long time no speak.”

    I took another step back but stopped when the two other girls on the ceiling dropped to the floor, surrounding me like a pack of wolves.

    I was trapped. My heart was slamming hard against my ribs as reality strucked me.

    Sharon stood afar off in the dark, hiding her face from my view in a cowardly kind of way. She was way scared than me.

    I returned my eyes back to Mia, she had returned her cigarettes back to her lips and s----d in the smoke, watching me closely with her bright eyes, staring at me from head to toes.

    I wanted to say something but I was choking on the words to speak. I was frightened out of my skin. I had no idea what these girls were up to.

    Mia removed her cigarette and blew smoke at my face. Again the smoke came in thick against my face which made me choke and cough.

    She flickered ashes on the floor while she looked at me, her chin tilted aggressively, her mouth hard.

    ” Heard you found out about Sharon and I,” Mia spoke quietly and for a moment I thought her voice had turned a shade deeper and husky.

    ” I didn’t really make a big deal out of it,” I said, squinting my eyes at him through the smoke the two other girls had blow at me. ” It’s none of my business what you two chose to do with each other.”

    At the back of my mind I was wondering how it was possible for a girl to smoke cigarettes. I’ve never seen a girl smoke cigarettes. This was my very first time and it was shocking.

    Mia smiled her meaningless smile again and nodded. ” You got that right. However I needed us to get to an understanding here. It wouldn’t do me any good if you went around spreading the news around school.”

    ” Well, unlike Sharon, I don’t gossip.”

    Mia nodded again. ” That’s right but girls talk a lot. You might spill out our affairs without knowing. So I thought it better we get together and work this out in a more accurate manner.”

    I was still trying to place her deep husky voice. ” Why have you brought me here?”

    Mia smoked more. ” Because you and I, Lucy, are going to make a deal.”

    ” What deal?”

    She instantly pushed me to the ground. She had an amazing strength. I fell to the ground roughly, banging my head hard on the harsh floor.

    Before I knew it, Mia stood over me, her legs spread over my head, both feet on either side of my face. I was looking right into her skirt.

    Sharon closed her eyes and looked away, covering her face with her fingers.

    Mia removed her cigarette and threw it away in the darkness. Then she slowly raised her skirt high up to her chin and gazed at me, letting a long stream of smoke off her nostrils down at me.

    My eyes grew wide open and my skin stiffened with what I was seeing.

    Under the bright moonlight, in between Mia’s legs was a long dangling flesh with a scrotum.

    I gulped and I felt sweats running down my face as I turned ice cold.

    Mia grinned broadly like a clown. ” What’s the matter little Lucy? Haven’t you seen a p£nis before?”


    To be continued×××××××××

    Authors Note✍️:

    Hell yeah, I’m back but not as strong as I hope I’ll be. I just received a phone from my sweet mother to be using for the meantime. It isn’t much of a phone (battery doesn’t last very long) but it’ll do untill I can afford a new better phone.

    I just couldn’t bear to leave you guys starving. I love you guys sooo much ❤️ that’s why I’m going to dedicate my time to drop you an amazing new season of LITTLE LUCY??.

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    so mia is a guy

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    Am glad you are back

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    So Mia is a guy or

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    A deal

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    Guy in girls school

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    welcome back

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