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    so Mia is a guy, even if he’s Lucy didn’t know,so why show it to her?

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    So, mia is an hermaphrodite

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    Welcome back

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    Yeah we re back on it again

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    ??#LITTLE_LUCY?? Season 2
    ( My troublesome Girlfriend ?)

    ???? EPISODE_TWO????

    The cool breeze of the late lonely dark night swept into the abandoned building, bringing in the sound of the banging noise of the metallic bell which came from a distance.

    It was this bell which brought an end to night prep. By now everyone would be heading back to the hostel to prepare for lights out.

    But I wasn’t going to hostel just yet. I’m stuck! Trapped! Cornered! By Mia who isn’t a girl but a boy.

    Mia’s a boy!

    A boy! A fvcking boy in an all’s girls school?!

    I shivered as I stared at his long elongated d!ck. It dangling over my face from between his legs and I couldn’t help but notice the veins over it.

    For the very first time in my life I saw a man’s p£nis. My very first time.

    Mia pulled away from me, letting down his skirt. He removed another packet of cigarette and placed one between his lips.

    I crawled away, watching him flicker a torch of flame from a match stick and fed the tip of the cigarette until it was lit properly.

    He blew smoke and met my shivering face.

    ” Not so tough now, are you little Lucy?”

    I didn’t say anything, I was scared of him. Scared of the two other people on uniforms staring down at me. I wondered if they were boys as well.

    ” I know you’ve got questions,” he said drawing a wooden chair. ” But that’d be answered shortly.”

    He sat down, blew more smoke in the air and stared at the full moon up ahead. He smiled. ” This was the place you had your kiss with Efua right?”

    I went hot then cold. How on Earth did he know?

    As if reading my thoughts, he waved over to a concealed door in the darkness. ” I was in there when you two came in and sat over the windows. It’s not the first time girls do come in here and mess up with each other. I see it happen every day but I guess my affair with Sharon triggered you.”

    ” She lied she has a boyfriend,” I managed to speak and I was shocked how croaked my voice was. ” That’s what she told me.”

    ” She wasn’t lying,” he eyed the butt of his cigarette then stared at me. ” I’m her boyfriend.”

    If surprise and shock could kill someone, I’d have already been dead by now. I turned sharply to look at Sharon but she wasn’t looking at me.

    ” My name’s Bobby,” he snapped, returning my attention back to him. ” I’m from the neighboring school three streets away from Q.A. The two dudes behind you are my classmates. They’re girlfriends also school here.”

    I glanced up at the two boys above me and they grinned at me. I looked quickly away with a shiver.

    Bobby smoke more. ” Q.A’s a cool school but it’s too boring. My school’s a government school, mixed and fun to be at. We do whatever we wish but you guys are so fvcking disciplined and strict. Our girlfriends gets bored in this school and being men as we are, we just couldn’t stand aside and watch them suffer. I hate lesbians. I don’t know why but it kinda disgusts me to see two girls sharing a kiss, a hug or pulling down pants. I hate it all. It’s about the grossiest stuff I’ve ever seen happen. I told Sharon never to get involved with a girl or we’re done. The same went for my guys girlfriends. They agreed but we were made to understand it wouldn’t be easy for them to cope without some d!ck around to keep them from joining these crazy girls. So they suggested we pay them a visit once every weekend. It was a terrific idea but men aren’t allowed in here. So instead we thought up a better means of beating the jam we were in. The school walls were so fvcking high and dangerous but we could miminze that risk with a well constructed ladder. Another advantage to us was the school’s poor security. The only security men in Q.A stuck around outside the school walls and they’re not much of security men. Just two old men with a bat stick, a Torchlight and nothing but a radio and snuff bottles. No one would ever think to break into an all girl’s school. It’s never happened before in Q.A but your fvcking principal still employed those two old cows all the same. Anyways, they were wrong. We broke into the school every weekends to be with our girlfriends and give them a good time. I’m in my final year class and would soon graduate but that doesn’t stop me from making my baby Happy.”

    He paused, letting his words sink in me. ” I know you must be wondering how we got to act Soo good with our secret operation. To tell you the truth, we never thought we had it in ourselves to disguise as girls and play out perfectly. Once we got ourselves our uniforms, all we had to do was wear fake boobs, fake ass, add make-ups to our faces, hid our hairy arms and legs with our long sleeves and stockings. No one ever recognized us. We’ve paraded the entire school for sports and even visited some rooms. It’s quite a novelty being in an all girl’s school. I gotta say, we’re possibly the first boys to ever set foot freely in this boring school. We haven’t been caught up till now. However, it’s bound for us to make mistakes so when Sharon told me you found us out, I decided something had to be done else you might botch up our plans.”

    He stood up from the chair and approached me, gazing down at me on the ground. ” I’ll let you go, Lucy. Don’t worry, we’re not gonna hurt you. You’re still a kid. When I disvirgined Sharon, she was just like you, naive, stupid and desperate for sin but she’s never a lesbian. I don’t like lesbians and neither do my dudes. You’re certainly not my type but I’ll take a risk at it. I’m only here because I love my girlfriend and I want to keep her happy. No one knows about our affairs except her and two other girls who are my friends girlfriends. But now you’re involved in this sh*t as well. I want you’re mouth shut. You go fvck your precious Collette and I’ll fvck my Sharon. Keep your mouth shut. It doesn’t pay to talk.”

    He paused again, dropping his cigarette on the floor and put his feet on it. Then his hand went behind his back. ” Let me tell you what happens to girls that talk.”

    He brought out his hand and showed me a long glistering knife that shone against the moonlight.

    I turned to stone. Just looking at that deadly knife sent my heart racing.

    He grabbed my hair and forced me to look at the knife more closely. ” Look at it again. Tell me what do you see?”

    ” I see a knife,” my voice was dry and small.

    ” That’s what you see,” he whispered to my ears. ” What I see is your throat being slit opened by my knife.”

    My heart lurched up to my throat but I swallow it down. ” Please don’t hurt me. I won’t say anything. I swear on my life.”

    Bobby left me and moved away from me. He returned the knife back behind him and took out another cigarette from his packet. He then flashed his eyes back at me. ” I learnt you’re a virgin, isn’t that right?”

    I didn’t reply.

    He nodded. ” That’s what I’ll do. I’ll first give you to my friends. They’ll rape you Soo hard you’d never see the light again. After that, then I’ll slit your throat out. But that’s if you talk. You see, it doesn’t pay to talk. People get hurt. You wouldn’t want to get hurt would you?”

    I shook my head. ” No I don’t.”

    ” Good,” he grinned. ” You’re a smart girl. Use your head. This doesn’t stop you from being friends with Sharon. She’s not a bad person. As a matter of fact, she’s the most easy going person to hang out with. She likes you, Lucy. She’s always watch your back. Watch her back also. One good thing about being a guy is that we always watch each other person’s back. You do the same. Sharon needs a d!ck not a v@gina. She belongs to me, not to some disgusting girl. She can’t cope without me around else I’d have lost her to these devils. You have no idea what these girls are like that’s why you easily got kissed by Efua and Collette. I’m not standing for that sh*t with my girlfriend. I’m out here to protect her. Keep your guard up and stay shut about our affairs. Remember, it doesn’t pay to talk. People get hurt. I’m a Viking. We’re deadly when dealing with knives and axes. You try any silly jokes and I’ll make you regret the very day you were born. Got that?!”

    All I could do was whimper with a nod. I was a scared dog before these guys.

    Bobby side stepped me and went to Sharon in the darkness. He turned her to face him and I heard him whispering to her.

    He lit his cigarette.

    ” It’s alright, baby,” his voice was all Charming and low now. ” I’ve talked to her. She won’t rat on us. If she does, I’ll come after her.”

    Sharon nodded and I could see she was scared to meet his eyes.

    ” It’s alright.”

    Bobby smiled. ” Kiss me baby.”

    I saw her in his arms as they stood like that for a moment, savoring each other’s mouth.

    Then Bobby broke their hold and waved to the other guys. ” Alright, boys. Let’s break the party. We’ve got to get the hell outta here. Soo long little Lucy. Remember, it doesn’t pay to talk. People get hurt. Take care of my girlfriend and yes,” he paused for effect. ” My regards to your girlfriend, Collette.”

    I stared at him, feeling my blood boiling.

    He grinned broadly and they vanished into the darkness towards the school’s high wall.

    Before I knew it, three shadows were jumping over the wall to the other side.

    They were gone. It was just Sharon and I.

    I remained where I was on the ground, staring at Sharon.

    She met my eyes, a little uneasy and she gave me a small faint smile. ” Do you still think we could remain as friends.”

    I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t. I just stared and if looks could kill, Sharon would’ve dropped dead by now.

    She must’ve known I wasn’t going to drop my gaze. Her eyes gave ground first and she looked away, sweating with her lips bitten hard by her teeth.


    After I’ve been over to the bathroom, I dressed up in my pajamas and lay on the bed.

    I had planned to sleep but I found sleep didn’t come.

    I kept thinking of Sharon’s boyfriend, Bobby.

    ••Look at it again. Tell me what do you see?••

    ••I see a knife••

    ••That’s what you see…. What I see is your throat being slit opened by my knife.••

    Those were Bobby’s words to me.

    I felt cold sweats on my face as I lay in the semi-darkness. It was a hot evening but despite the heat, I sweated ice.

    Three boys in Q.A. Isn’t that bad? Why on Earth would Sharon agree to have her boyfriend break into the school when it’s against the rules? Was she that s£xually starved or was it just some means to keep her boyfriend from cheating on her outside the school walls?

    Bobby claims he loves her. For someone who takes such crazy risks to be with his girlfriend, that must be some love.

    All these have been going on behind my back. Behind everyone’s back but now I’m involved.

    Foolish me.

    I tossed and turned in my bed, gazing up at the ceiling.

    Should I tell Collette? I remembered Bobby’s words again.

    ••You see, it doesn’t pay to talk. People get hurt. You wouldn’t want to get hurt would you••

    That’s right, I don’t want to get hurt. Bobby’s a viking, isn’t he? I don’t know much about cultists but I know when a cartel is after you, they go real hard on you.

    Bobby’s right. I don’t want to be a victim. It doesn’t pay to talk. I don’t want to get raped and killed.

    Sitting up on the bed, I hugged my pillow tighter. I decided it’d be a lot safer if I didn’t tell Collette’s.

    If I did tell Collette, she’d report the issue to Mrs Coker. Mrs Coker would double the security guards outside the school walls. Sharon and Bobby’s friend’s girlfriends would get expelled from school.

    I’d only be safe inside school but I won’t be safe outside the school walls cause Bobby and some blood thirsty Vikings would be out there waiting for me.

    I shivered at the thought of being raped. I’ve heard of girls who get raped and killed. It doesn’t pay to talk indeed. I’m keeping shut.

    It beats me how Sharon could have been Soo blinded as to date a cultists. That’s about the last thing I’d ever do in my life.

    Sharon! That fvcking b*tch. She’s about the worse person I’ve ever met in my entire life. How else I’m i supposed to be friends with a girl whose boyfriend is out to kill me? From now onwards, I’m through with her.

    Just then Collette came into the room. She saw me sitting on my bed, lost in thought and her eyes narrowed.

    ” Lucy.”

    Startled, I looked up at her. She came fully into the room and sat on the edge of my bed.

    ” I didn’t see you come in,” I said, keeping my pillow aside. ” You’re late. It’s past night prep.”

    Collette peered at me. Her eyes missed nothing on my face. ” Lucy are you okay?”

    I nodded almost immediately. I’d taken enough time to take my bath and wash off my uniform. I don’t want her catching a whiff of the cigarette smoke I drew from my encounter with Bobby.

    ” Nothings the matter,” I went on. ” I’m just thinking.”

    ” You’re thinking?” She looked away, pulling off her shoes. ” Thinking about what?”

    ” Exams,” I couldn’t meet her eyes. I hated lying to her but if I was gonna save my neck, I gotta do better with the lies I was spilling.

    Collette began unbuttoning her shirt. The way she moved her fingers slowly down the buttons down to her skirt sent my heart racing again and turned my mouth dry. I was getting the urges again.

    Her white brasserie came into view as she arched her back to removed her shirt.

    ” I don’t feel like studying tonight,” she said. ” I’ve been busy throughout today. I was at a meeting.”

    ” A meeting? What meeting?” I asked not sure if I was okay having this conversation with her.

    ” A meeting with MÔM.”

    Which meant the LILIES had a meeting during night prep. It was the first time Collette was telling me this. I wondered why she was getting me involved in the LILIES affair.

    She’s never done that before. She’s always trying to keep me out of the LILIES at all cost.

    Collette stood up and went over to her Wardrobe where she took a clean towel and wrapped her body in it as she took off her brasserie and skirt.

    ” You’d probably hear about it very soon,” she said when i didn’t reply her. ” It’s going to get everywhere once the news is leaked.”

    I clutched hold of my bedsheets as I thought of the worse. ” What news?”

    Collette turned to me and returned to my bed. She leaned over my face and her lips moved in a grave voice moving out of her throat.

    ” It’s Efua. She’s broken out of the LILIES.”

    I gazed at her. Speechless and unable to say a word.

    Collette looked sad, Soo sad I thought she was about to cry. ” She’s walking on a thin ice just like me now. Once she gets a boyfriend before graduation, she’d die.”


    To be continued…….

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    Huh??? How come

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    Fire on the mountain

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