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    Written by: KING MUFASA✍️

    Note: 18+🔞 adult contents❌not suitable for readers under the age of 18


    For the next three days, Damian came to see me, bringing magazines, flowers and little gifts.

    In the few hours we spent together during those three days, a link was forged between us that would have taken any other couple months to achieve.

    ” What to wear, what to wear.”

    I stood before my wardrobe, searching through all my clothes, trying to figure out what to wear for my outing with Damian today.

    Funny as it sounds, a girl could have thousands of dresses and still have absolutely nothing to wear.

    Sometimes I wonder where that crazy instinct hides in us. It’s tough picking out a dress especially when you’re going out with a boy.

    This would be my first date.

    My first date with a boy.

    I’m nervous because I haven’t gone out with a boy before and Moreover, I wasn’t ready for it.

    ••How about our bestie date?••

    That was what I asked Damian on new year’s day.

    He had looked me in the eyes, surprised and yet a little bit excited.

    ” I’ll be free.”

    That’s what he said.

    ” I’ll be free.”

    We decided to go for our date today.

    But I was more surprised at myself for asking that question. It just popped out of me all of a sudden.

    Somehow, I thought going out with Damian would heal my broken spirit. I need to get distracted else I’d be clouded with the thought of Collette.

    Seriously, I can’t stop thinking about that girl. I’ve made a resolution to get over her. Damian was the perfect distraction.

    Going through my clothes, I finally settled for a red hoodie and jeans.

    It’s just a bestie day. Nothing serious. I don’t have to look too glamorous.

    Mom and dad weren’t home. They were back to work to resume office.

    As for Charlotte, she barely stays home these days. She was running up and down, trying to organize things for school.

    I spoke with Mom the other day and she was saying something about searching for a good school to enroll me this term.

    I was sad I was never going to go back to Q.A but I knew better than to argue with her over her decision.

    And when mom stays strong in her decision, nothin, absolutely nothing could change her mind.

    So it was bye bye to QA. Forever.

    Stepping out of the house, I waited by the porch for Damian.

    While waiting, I plugged in my earpiece and played and let the music drown my soul.

    It didn’t take forever. Damian came out with a bicycle. It was my first time seeing that bicycle. He was always a skate boarder. I never knew he owned a bike.

    This was going to be some date.

    Damian waved me over, smiling broadly as if he’d just won a lottery.

    One look at him and I knew my dressing matched his mood. He wore casual clothes topped off by a baseball cap.

    ” What’s with the bike?” I asked, standing over him.

    I noticed his eyes were regarding me closely.

    ” Thought we might take a ride downtown,” Damian replied. ” Where do you want us to go?”

    He gave me a bicycle helmet for protecting my head.

    I boarded the bike behind him. ” You take the lead, I’ll follow but I’ve got to be back home before four o’clock.”

    When my arms wrapped around his waist for support, I felt him stiffened.

    Then he immediately composed himself and began riding the bicycle down the estate road into the highway.

    It was a nice ride. We kept by the marked bicycle Lane to avoid bumping into Racing cars on the tarmac road.

    I’ve never ridden a bicycle nor had I been driven in one so it was a wonderful experience for me.

    Damian had a flair for anything on wheels. I envied him.

    ” Why don’t I take you to my favorite spot in the city?” He said above the roaring noise of cars around.

    ” That would be fine,” I replied, holding on tight to him for support.

    Damian didn’t rush things. He then took a quiet neighborhood street with less cars.

    We stopped by a grilled meat seller and bought some grilled meat {popularly known as Suya}.

    Damian also bought two packet of juice, two hamburgers and a tub of strawberry ice cream.

    We rode for the next ten minutes until we came upon this quiet town surrounded by woods and high grassy hills that made up a little forest.

    It was a quiet town. As quiet and as lonely as if we were the only two people left in the world.

    ” Let’s walk up the hill,” Damian said, chaining his bicycle by a shed. ” We’ll have lunch by the trees. The view is amazing. From there you can see the whole city.”

    Taking our lunch, we climbed the hill, and after walking through the quiet shady woods, we came upon a clearing with an erected beautiful shelter with flowers.

    But we didn’t get in the shelter.

    ” How’s this?” He asked, flopping down on the grass, smiling up at me. ” Let’s eat. I’m starving.”

    We sat on the grass under a pine tree and had our little lunch.

    Damian was right about the view from the hill. It was way beyond beautiful. I could see the entire city up close.

    Now I understood why this was his favorite spot. It became my own favorite spot from that day henceforth.

    We first started on our burgers, flushing it down with our packet of juice.

    Later, when we had finished lunch, we began eating the grilled meat {Suya}.

    As we ate in silence, Damian said, “You know, Lucy, I kinda find it difficult to believe we’re this close.”

    I glanced at him, picking a meat with a toothpick. ” We’re friends, Damian.”

    ” It’s more than that,” Damian said and I saw him fidgeting. There was something he was hiding behind him. ” I can tell you, you’re the only girl I have for a friend.”

    ” Why’s that?” I asked, thinking maybe it was time we get to talk about our interests in the opposite séx and stuff.

    ” Well,” he passed a tongue over his dried lips. ” I’m kinda shy around girls.”

    ” Liar!” I kicked his leg. ” You weren’t shy around me the day we met.”

    ” That’s because we’re neighbors,” Damian defended. ” On a normal basis, I don’t speak to girls. I keep my distance.”

    ” So you’re saying you don’t have a girlfriend, huh?”

    Damian chuckled. ” I wanted to but I was scared of approaching the girls I liked to ask them out.”

    ” That’s weird,” I looked away, chewing on my meat as I gazed at the beautiful city view. ” What makes me Soo different from other girls?”

    He glanced up at me and from the corner of my eyes, I realized his eyes were shaking with emotions.

    ” I guess it’s because you’re special.”

    I didn’t say anything. The silence hanging over us was uncomfortable. I had to break it.

    ” Gee, thanks.”

    Damian hesitated but then he added. ” Lucy, I’m really a shyster. I can’t speak to a girl for more than three minutes but with you, it’s different. Totally different. I don’t know why it’s so.”

    ” Neither do I,” I met his eyes. ” We do share a lot in common, Damian. You’re the very first male friend I’ve got.”

    His lips curved. ” I know that.”

    ” I don’t talk to boys,” I continued after a pause. ” As a matter of fact, I hadn’t the faintest interest for a boy since I was born.”

    ” Which means you don’t have a boyfriend?”

    ” I don’t.”

    Damian let out a breath of relief. ” And here I was thinking you’re taken.”

    I frowned at that. If only he knew how badly I wanted to belong to Collette.

    I wondered how he’d react if I announced to him my step sister had stolen my first kiss.

    ” Believe me, Damian,” I said quietly. ” If I was taken, you’d freak out by who it would be.”

    Damian dropped the ice cream tub between us. ” Let’s have desert.”

    I guess he was giving us an excuse to come off our awkward conversation.

    The ice cream came with only a spoon. We had to share the spoon. Damian gave me the spoon to feed him as well as myself.

    I ended up feeding Damian. It would have been romantic enough if he wasn’t cracking up his funny jokes.

    We had a good laugh which lightened our mood.

    Soon, we were done eating. We sat side by side on the grass, staring at the city under the shade of the trees.

    Seated here beside Damian made life peaceful, I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

    ” Umm… Lucy,” Damian called.

    I turned to see him looking worriedly at me. ” Is there a problem, Damian?”

    He nodded. ” I was wondering, When are you gonna return back to school?”

    He must’ve been worried sick of not seeing me. How cute. I thought he never cared.

    ” I’m not going back,” I replied, looking away.

    He was surprised. ” Why?”

    ” I’m switching schools.”

    ” Isn’t that too soon?”

    ” I suppose it is but mom wants me where she could keep an eye on me,” I replied, knowing I was lying to him and my conscience was judging me.

    I’m being secretive. I hadn’t told him about my rape incident, I haven’t even told him about my relationship with Collette and why I wasn’t going back to QA.

    Those were to be my darkest secret. Only my family know my secret. No one else should.

    Especially Damian.

    Damian had a mixed expression of excitement and pity in his eyes. ” Have you found a school yet?”

    I shook my head. ” Mom’s still on the hunt.”

    ” Wow, you can come school in my school,” he said, failing to keep the excitement in his voice on the low. ” I’ll talk to your mom. You’ll love it.”

    Of course I knew Damian’s school but it never crossed my mind to enroll in the same school with him.

    But now that I think of it, it wasn’t such a bad idea. If only mom would agree to it.

    ” I’ll talk to her about it,” I said, keeping my face straight. ” I hope she agrees to it.”

    Damian placed his hand on mine and gave me his best smiles. ” I’ll make sure she doesn’t refuse you, Lucy.”

    I became short of breath. His hand squeezed mine and it was all I took not to glow Scarlet on my cheeks at him.

    The heart racing feeling I get whenever I was around Collette came back to me.

    The atmosphere became quiet and lovely. A soft breeze blew at us, blowing my hair in the wind.

    Damian slowly leaned towards me. His hand was shaky as he brushed a strand of hair off my face.

    My heart quickened when he cupped my face and gently drew me towards his lips.

    That’s when I saw it.

    Behind his back was a red heart shaped box of chocolates with the golden words imprinted on it.


    That’s when it hit me.

    Damian was going to ask me to be his girlfriend. That’s why he’s been hiding the Chocolate behind him all these while.

    He was just scared to ask me.

    Damian’s eyes closed, his dry lips about touching mine.

    Was this what I wanted?


    I immediately placed my hand on his lips, stopping him from planting the kiss on my lips.

    ” What are you doing?!”

    Damian caught his breath. He back away, shielding his gift from my view. ” I’m sorry, I..mi didn’t know what came over me.”

    I stared at him for a while, sure he didn’t realize I’ve read through him.

    ” I want to go home,” I said suddenly, getting to my feet. ” Can we leave?”

    Damian’s face fell. ” It’s not yet four o’clock.”

    ” I know,” I said, backing him so he won’t see the red flush on my face. ” I just want to be home before Charlotte returns back.”

    He slowly rose to his feet. ” But I…” He was still hiding the heart shaped gift behind his back. ” I thought we’d go see a movie. I bought two tickets for both of us.”

    I shook my head. ” I’m sorry, Damian. Maybe next time.”

    I didn’t turn back to meet his eyes. I covered my head with my hoodie and walked down the hill towards his bicycle.

    He didn’t come after me.

    I knew he’d be up there in the hill, staring after me with his heart shaped gift in his hand.


    To be continued…..

    Author’s Note ✍️:

    I was expecting that kiss to happen but my stubborn self no go gree me😆😃😋

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    Hmn! No problem

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    Next pls

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    My friend what is your problem? Common run back to him now and say u accept.

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    take ur time little Lucy

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    Guy you have to be strong
    Just tell her you love her joor

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    Well carry on

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    To both of them, to really say their wishes to each other seems an herculean task most especially Damian that needs to be more confident being around her and say “the almost impossible” – “WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND”?

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