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    Written by: KING MUFASA✍️

    Note: 18+🔞 adult contents❌not suitable for readers under the age of 18


    •••••••••AUTHOR’S POV••••••••••••

    ” Honestly I’m trying to stay focused,” Collette said, ironing her school uniform. ” You must think I must be joking when I say I just need an out.”

    She was in a video call with Temi. She had placed her phone in an angle over her ironing board inorder to see Temi clearly while she ironed her uniform.

    ” I can’t believe you’re gonna just walk away from the best thing that’s ever happened to you,” Temi said.

    Collette straighten the collar of her shirt, sprinkled some starch over it and ironed it gently.

    ” What Choice do I have. We’re sisters, Temi.”

    ” But…”

    ” Look Temi,” Collette cut her off. ” It’s for the best. She won’t be resuming school with us anymore.

    ” I don’t get it, Collette, you love Lucy, don’t you?”

    She stopped ironing. ” Yes I do. And that’s why I have to let her go.”

    Temi became quiet. She stared at Collette as she continued her ironing.

    ” You always lose everyone you love. Why’s that?”

    Collette wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. ” I don’t know, Temi. I guess it’s because I’m unlucky in relationships.”

    Temi sighed. ” So what’s your plan after graduation? You plan on getting a boyfriend or what?”

    Collette switched off the iron and turned to face her phone. ” No, I’m not getting a boyfriend.”

    Temi smiled. ” You’re gonna get a girlfriend then?”

    Collette frowned. ” No. I’m gonna travel out of the country.”

    Temi stiffened. ” What? When did you decide that?”

    ” Since I got back from Lagos,” Collette said, arranging her school uniforms neatly into her suitcase. ” I was thinking London. I’m going after Cambridge University.”

    Temi looked worried. ” You ever coming back, home?”

    ” I’m staying there,” Collette replied, rolling her suitcase against the wall. ” I’m never coming back.”

    ” Told Lucy yet?”

    ” No I haven’t. You’re the first person to know this. I haven’t discussed it with my mom yet.”

    Temi became quiet. ” What about MÔM? Any word from her?”

    She was talking about Vee. ” Yeah, about that. She got married couple of days ago.”

    ” I know she got married. I’m asking if you’ve heard from her.”

    ” I received a text invitation to the wedding.”

    ” Did you go.”

    Collette shook her head. ” I chose not to.”

    Temi became silent as she regarded Collette. ” You really are moving on with your life, Collette. Must be tough for you.”

    ” I made that decision after Lucy’s ràpe incident,” Collette took her phone from the table, settling down on her bed as she gazed at the image of Temi on the screen. ” I’m going to chose a better path for myself.”

    ” I’ll miss her,” Temi said, smiling. ” QA would be boring without your little Lucy, wouldn’t it?”

    Collette forced a smile. ” I guess it would. Can you check on her today. Tell her I send my regards.”

    Temi was puzzled. ” I thought you have her number with you? Why not call her up?”

    Collette lifted her shoulder. ” I’m busy, Temi. I’ve got a tournament to win by February and then there’s the maths competition.”

    ” Jeepers,” Temi exclaimed. ” Give it a rest, Collette. It’s just a competition. Don’t overwork yourself.”

    ” I’ll keep that in mind. See you at school this Sunday.”

    And she ended the video call.

    Her eyes surveyed her quiet room and she sighed. She was to resume school by Sunday. Too bad Lucy won’t be joining her.

    Then there’s Vee.


    She wasn’t ready to face that woman. The fact she was going to be seeing more of her guardian till graduation turned her sick.

    At that moment, she wished she could switch schools but there wasn’t a possibility of that. She was in her final year. No school would take her in by this time of the year.

    She was stuck with QA till after graduation. However, she was certain about her decision to fly to London after graduation.

    Being free was what mattered to her at the moment. Free from Vee and her oath.

    Picking up her phone again, she checked her inbox messages.

    Still no message from Lucy.

    No calls either.

    Collette felt hurt. ” She must’ve forgotten about me already.”

    But she hadn’t forgotten about Lucy. She kept thinking about her every night. It wasn’t an easy task for her, getting her step sister out of her head but every night, her face always pops up in her dreams and imagination.

    ” God,” Collette covered her face with her hands. ” Why can’t I get over this?”

    She recalled her last conversation with her ex father. He had mentioned Lucy was with Damian.

    Collette hadn’t been herself since that call. Her mind was crowded with questions.

    ” Has she moved on, already?”

    ” Are they going out?”

    ” Did they share a kiss?”

    It was too much on Collette’s mind that she thought she’d go nuts.

    ” I thought this was going to be easy,” Collette sighed, tossing her phone on the bed. ” I guess I was wrong. I missed her already. I missed her crazy. But…but I have to let her go,” she paused, closing her eyes. ” If she’s happy with Damian, then she deserves him.”

    ••••END OF AUTHOR’S POV••••


    ” How do you feel now, Lucy?” My therapist asked, watching me closely as she made notes.

    ” I think I’m getting over my obsession for girls, madam,” I answered.

    She nodded. ” Did you make the new year resolution I assigned you to make?”

    ” I did.”

    ” How many did you write?”

    ” One.”

    She was surprised. ” Seriously? Only one?”

    ” Yes, madam,” I fished out the paper, neatly folded from my pockets and handed it over to her. ” That’s my new year resolution.”

    My therapist read what I wrote. ” It says here that you want to get over your step sister, Collette.”

    ” That’s true, Madam.”

    She gave me her brightest smile. ” I’m glad you’re healing, Lucy. This is a great step forward. With time, as long as you accumulate your mind with something else, Collette would be a thing of the past. Has she called you yet?”

    I shook my head. ” No she hasn’t.”

    ” And what about you?” She asked. ” Have you been calling her?”

    ” I was tempted to send her a text but decided against it, madam.”

    ” Very good,” she nodded her satisfaction. ” Be sure to erase her from your mind. Everything takes time. It won’t be easy but eventually, you’ll get used to it.”

    ” Thank you, madam.”

    My therapist then stood up to leave. ” I’ll be meeting with you tomorrow, Lucy. You’re improving and that makes me happy. Do you have any questions or whatsoever?”

    I shook my head. ” No I don’t.”

    But in real truth, I did have questions.

    It was about Damian.

    I wanted to tell her about Damian and ask if I did the right thing.

    It’s been two days after our bestie date and Damian hadn’t spoken to me.

    He didn’t reply my text messages nor did he step out to water his garden.

    The last time I saw him, I was up in my room, watching the estate from my window. He was skating with a friend.

    I had waved at him. He saw me but pretended not to see me.

    Somehow it hurts. It hurts being ignored. I knew I made him mad over what happened between us but it wasn’t my fault.

    I just wasn’t ready for a physical relationship yet. I needed time to get over myself. Boys had always been a no-no for me.

    Men only made it worse when I got ráped.

    How I wished Damian wouldn’t take it personal. He has absolutely no idea what I’ve been through. If only he knew….if only he knew.

    My therapist left by a quart passed three o’clock. I stood by my window, watching Damian’s house.

    He must be inside. He hasn’t came out since his parents left for work.

    I wondered if I should go down there and knock on his door.

    I recalled his words:

    •••Lucy, I’m really a shyster. I can’t speak to a girl for more than three minutes but with you, it’s different. Totally different. I don’t know why it’s so….I guess it’s because you’re special••••

    I also think Damian is special too. I do like him of course but I’m afraid.

    I’m scared he’ll hurt me. That was my major reason for refusing that kiss.

    Also, there was Collette to think about. Late at night, I toss and I turn and I dream of what I need.

    I need Collette but I’m still trying to put her out of my life. It just sucks I’m failing at it.

    I’m a phoney. I don’t even know what I want.

    Two people stand in the line between me. There’s Collette whom I love Soo dearly with all my heart and then there’s Damian who to me, is just a good male friend.

    One thing I’ve learnt from my Facebook stories was this….


    I don’t want to lose my friendship with Damian and that’s why I don’t want to get into a relationship with him.

    I’m certain he loves me now else why in the world would he want me to be his girlfriend.

    However, I don’t want a relationship. What I want is peace of mind and a new life.

    A new life without Collette.

    Gosh, I’m a very difficult girl. It’d take a Superman to sweep me off my feet.

    Will I ever love someone again aside Collette?

    This was a question that haunted me all night as I reflected on the good times I’ve had with Collette.

    The crazy thing about a broken relationships is this: it’s hard, pretty hard to get over the memories.

    Memories hurt. And that’s why I can never, ever, ever, forget my first kiss.

    And the beautiful girl who took it.

    My stepsister— Collette.

    ” Lucy?” It was mom. She stepped into my room looking tired and hungry. ” I’m home.”

    I ran to her and hugged her. ” Welcome home, mom. I missed you.”

    It’s funny how my mom and I got along ever since the new year began. Initially, I’d thought she was never going to speak to me again.

    But a mother’s love conquers all. Her love only increased and she made sure I lacked nothing.

    But I know that deep inside her, she was full of sorrow over me. The rape incident tore her inside. I understand that feeling. I understand pretty well.

    ” Just saw your therapist leaving,” mom said, settling on my bed. ” How have you been faring, Lucy?”

    I told her I’ve been good. I told her Everything my therapist and I talked over about.

    Mom was satisfied. She was getting value for her money.

    ” I’m glad you’re healing,” she stroked my hair. ” Keep at it and you’ll be fine.”

    I watched her take off her Working shoes. ” Umm…mom?”

    She took off her earrings. ” What is it?”

    ” It’s about school,” I said. ” I was thinking…I spoke with Damian the other day. He’s suggesting I enroll in his school.”

    Mom shook her head. ” I’m sorry, Lucy. I’m not gonna do that.”

    I was surprised though not that surprised because I knew she might refuse me.

    ” Why?”

    ” You’re gonna be home schooled from now henceforth.”

    This was a bomb to me. ” Home schooled?!”

    Mom met my eyes. ” That’s right. Home schooled. I hired a teacher for you.”

    ” But I don’t want to be homeschooled!”

    Mom lifted her shoulder. ” You will. You’re to begin class next week in the living room.”

    ” Mom how could you…”

    ” Listen baby,” mom interrupted me. ” I’m doing what’s best for you. I chose to home school you because I once made a mistake putting you in an all girls school. It ruined you. I have to fix this. I’ll be watching you until I see a better improvement. No school here in Lagos would accept you now. It’s way passed registration period Unless you’ll have to start all SS.1 over again by September.”

    She had struck a point there but I wasn’t happy with her decision to home school me.

    I knew I couldn’t argue with her over it. This was her decision and I have to accept it.

    ” Alright, mom. Who is this teacher?”

    ” He’s one of the best teacher out there,” mom said. ” He’s got a master’s degree in mathematics.”

    ” You hired a male teacher for me?” My eyes popped opened.

    ” He’s a married man, Lucy.”

    ” I don’t want a male teacher,” I snapped. ” What if he tries to ràpe me when we’re alone!”

    That was too direct but I had to say it. I’ve had enough of men to last me a lifetime.

    Mom held my hand, squeezing it lightly. ” Baby, this man is not like those hoodlums who ràped you.”

    ” How would you know that?”

    ” You have to understand something, baby. Not all men are devils. There are hundreds of good hearted men out there. Your stepdad and your late dad are one of them. And so is your new home teacher.”

    This was too much to take but I tried to accept it the way it was.

    Mom smiled. ” Hey, you don’t have to worry about him. He’s a good man, married with kids. He’s also a good friend of mine. We’ve known each other for sometime.”

    ” If you say so mom,” I said quietly, my face heavy.

    ” Why don’t you come downstairs and say hi.”

    I looked up sharply at her. ” Say Hi to who?”

    ” Your new home teacher,” mom answered, rising to her full height. ” He’s downstairs waiting for you.”


    My new home teacher was seated on one of the chaise lounge, watching the afternoon news blaring from the television.

    He was light skinned and full beard and I was surprised to see the muscles in his hairy arms.

    He was dressed in faded denim jeans and a long stripped white shirt that he opened three buttons down to reveal a tiny triangle of his hairy beefy chest.

    I’ve seen a lot of teachers but I’ve never seen any teacher with such a hot body structure.

    Mom went downstairs first while I remained where I stood on the barrister rail, watching my new home teacher.

    Mom stood beside him and he turned around as they began talking.

    He wore dark glasses and this gave me a haunting feeling.

    Images flashed Through my mind as I instantly recalled my rape incident.

    The dark glasses. I hated that image.

    Mom and my teacher talked for a while then I saw mom laughing as she looked up and beckoned to me.

    ” Come down, Lucy. He wants to see you.”

    My hands balled up to fist as I took a deep breath and began descending the stairs.

    Every step I took sent a shiver up my spine.

    My teacher was rising to his feet and it shocked me to see how tall he was. He was a head taller than my mom.

    And muscular too. Despite his attempt to conceal his muscles with his clothes, the muscles just couldn’t be hidden.

    I landed at the base of the stairs and walked over to my mom, standing Soo close to her, I wrapped my arms around her waist, gazing up at this stranger.

    Mom laughed. ” Lucy, let go off me. You’re acting like you’re scared of your new teacher.”

    But I didn’t let go.

    Yes I was scared of the man before me. I was scared of the dark glasses Masking his face.

    ” Perhaps it’s my glasses,” my new home teacher chuckled. ” I’ll take it off.”

    When he took it off, I gasped.

    He had one of the most piercing eyes I’ve ever seen. Crystal clear and kind.

    Mom waved me to him. ” Lucy, I want you to meet, Mr Adam. He’s going to be your new home teacher.”

    I returned my eyes to Mr Adam, unable to say a word.

    Mr Adam stared at me, curving his lips into a kind smile. ” How are you, Lucy?”


    To be continued….

    Author’s Note ✍️:

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    Hmm let see how it goes

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    Nna dat one shock lucy. Baby u say u no need any man but dis one hot pass any man, so take it lyk dat or u loose dat handsome man

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