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    This story is too short indeed
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    Living Dead ( Zombie Adventure ) Short story

    Long time ago in the land of the living the Zombies came to an existence when a strange thing happened in which it cause a dead man to raise back, after raising back he become an abnormal being turning to a Zombie.
    He was taken into the nearest hospital where the doctors could not understand the sickness and the strange thing happening to the man, Six hours later the strange thing begin to grew worse, the doctors was afraid they then realize that the disease was a very contagious disease in which it can cause the whole city to be wiped out of existence, they were given an order by the government to chained the the infected person.
    They do as they were told, they chained the man taken him to an isolation where he was isolated, an hours later a doctor came to check his reaction, when he come in he could the chain broken he was very afraid indeed he could not leave his spot until the infected man fly down from the roof an attack him having bite him in his neck while the doctor was infected too, his eyes change his body change too and his veins change too having turning to green he couldn’t understand nothing.
    All the peoples in the hospital get to an attention after calling on for security, the SWAT then kill all the two infected one while the whole peoples in the hospital was glad on turning back they could see four infected beings at their back glaring at them, the four infected beings then bites some peoples their including the SWAT team leader.
    However the contagious disease begin to spread like a wide fire, over half of the population in city were infected including all peoples in the hospitals.
    The Zombies feed on themselves while they become predator of one another, even sisters to sisters and brothers to brothers even no one know himself but the only thing they know and think is to feed on dead and hunts those unaffected one in the city
    Many peoples will isolate themselves in their house hopped not to be infected but the Zombies will surely brake in while ten zombie being could bite unaffected one and he or her too will join them having no as the walkers while they begin to swarmed over the city until their life extinct.
    Now in the present day, a man name Scott come out of his residence while trying to pack some unwanted bags into the dustbin, he rise up his head only what he could see was a man kicking vendor selling news paper, Scott try to leave what he was doing, he approached to him then give him a mighty blow, immediately the man rise up to give him his blow back but he couldn’t see him again, he was angry indeed then furiously kick his own car door while he drove away.
    Scott arrived at his work while his boss introduced a person to them a new transfered worker then it appeared to be the man that was punched and his name his Marvin.
    Scott was astonished while the man see him, he too was astonished while hopping to give him his punch back but Scott dodge it.
    All the peoples their was amazed while they stopped when hearing their boss voice,this makes Marvin to be furious indeed, at the end of the meeting, Marvin and Scotts were called to the office while their Boss office raise his word that he was going to punish them for what they had done, but they apologized while their boss forgive them telling them to hug each other, they do as he said but Marvin still hoping to deal with Scott while Scott smiles leaving his boss office.
    Two weeks later, Marvin worked harder then was given promotion and was given a new office in which his salary get increased while Scott watched him thinking that he was doing something secretly in which no one know in the base.
    Three days later the Boss manager was murdered by unspecialized criminal in which Marvin was the murderer but it doesn’t get revealed to anyone working in the Base, the police come but they can’t give anything like evidence only what they could say that the boss was poisoned, Scott investigate it on his own then realize that their is Marvin was the caused, he try to tell his fellow works mate but they confused him saying that it can’t be, he then quite looking what his going to happened.
    On the second day a new Boss arrived while he was murdered too on the third he arrived, the government show more concern about they make it to be their case.
    Later on, the company refused to elect their new boss while Marvin use the opportunity, having reaching the boss office, he discovered a secret place when digging the ground then find a secret underground that has been sealed in the darkages( long time ago ) he laughed saying to himself that
    ” finally I have reach my destination,I have get what I wanted for past years, and I will makes sure I destroy all this city and non of the people in it will remain including my family and mine also ”
    He said has he unleashed a zombie man, a man that has been infected for many years and was the only Zombie that survive when the city was erased with Zombies, he was kept their as a prisoner and for experiment for future and also to believe that Zombie really exist in dark ages.
    Previously the city was cleaned up by a battalion of soldiers the infantry with the air force having cleaning it all while the survival return to the land having cleaning bodies and bloods on the wall packing them to burn them until they find a survival zombie, they tried to kill him but he did not die while they chained him and locked him up inside the secret base.
    Marvin was bite with the infected zombie why he smiled as he turned into zombie they both do as zombie do to themselves showing that he was one of them, they both leave the secret base.
    They started their operation, they begin to bite everyone, the news about them spread while Marvin watching TV could hear the news, he was amazed on hearing and seeing everywhere,he quickly drive his car to office wanted to believe with his two eyes weather it is real or not, on getting their he could see that it is real while all the peoples in the city was alert to pack all their belongings all what they got in.
    The news get to the Government while the government doesn’t know what to do, the foolish of them give an advice that they should close the border that the soldiers is going to handle it, they all accept the foolish advice, while they remember what Scott as told them that the suspected ones was Marvin that he was trying to get into the secret base, but they don’t understand what he was going to do then.
    As times goes the infection begin to get spread in which half of the people in the city of about three millions has been infected while trying to bite unaffected ones.
    Scott then makes up his mind to save his peoples and save them from zombimites destruction, he find a way to gather different kinds of weapons after seeing in the mass media that the government doesn’t allow peoples to pass through the border, he was in furious indeed after seeing that the government wanted them to perish he quickly find a possible way to get to the government house believing that his family will be saved by all course, even if he was not with them, the Sovereign one is with them having remember what the holy scripture had said saying that
    ” he who dwell in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow almighty”
    He takes his leave going to the government house when getting their he could see the zombies, they all surround the government house in which no one can see the ground, they begin to raise their hand up wanted to bring down the governments officials including all peoples in high places, even some zombies begin to climb the forty story building.

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    Wait for the final part

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    Part 2 final

    Scott doesn’t know what to do, he look as his back but couldn’t know what to do only he could see many zombies running to him, he was afraid indeed, luckily look at his side, he could see an helicopter while it has powered already, he could enter it while why he fly.
    He use the control in it then pilot it to the upper building while he brake through the glass,leaving the helicopter to crash on some zombies on the ground while seeing some high rich and wealthy people inside waiting for Jets to come and takes them away to somewhere else, from their it reveals that the government was the real course of it, having joining hands with Marvin to takes down everybody in the city and takes all the city moneys now finding a better place to dwell in.
    Scott was furious on hearing what Mr president had just said, he try to begged them that they should command the soldiers to let the peoples cross the border, but they didn’t listened to him while mocking him.
    Scott stay quite until the airplane arrived, the plane was very closed to the government building indeed, in which they can just take a step inside and takes their flight.
    As they want to enter inside the plane, the zombies are already close to them while some brake in, Scott quickly hide, the zombies runs to them then bite them at their neck in which they too turn to zombie, the pilot watched them while some zombies fly to him while some of them land on the ground in which their head scattered to pieces,the zombies that luckily enter the plane begin to holds the pilot cloth trying to makes him out of control in order to bite him not only that but to crash the pilot the pilot struggle with them.
    Some zombies try to catch Scott but Scott could battle them while he use the opportunity to use Mr president phone while calling the head of military to open the border,the Head of military do as he said but realize that his voice was not Mr president.
    He quickly do as he was command then open the border when he could see with his own eyes that the infected ones are approaching to them, all the peoples were glad then quickly move out.
    It seems as if they were coming out of Egypt while pharaoh horse men are chasing them
    As times goes the pilot his still struggling with with the zombies in the plane in order to let him not to be get bite, unfortunately the zombies bite him on his hand while he hold the zombies then they both fall down while their brain crush on the ground while seeing their skull brokened and their brain outside.
    Scott see all what that has happened then quickly jump inside the plane while the zombies running after him fall on the ground.
    The helicopter was about to land on the ground but Scott quickly get to control then control it,while the zombies are still expecting the plane to crashed but fortunately the plane fly while Scott pilot it now thinking of how he was going to save his family.
    He pilot the plane to his house when he was in the sky he could the zombies, they all swamp over the city surface while raising their hand, Scott cried thinking that his family might be infected.
    He makes up his mind to crashed himself and also perish with the zombies while looking at his city but something strengthen that his family might still be alive with the survivals.
    He change his mind then pilot the plane to the outside of the border while he could see many peoples, he quickly pilot it down while searching for his families but he couldn’t find them he cried while the peoples try to console him, suddenly rise up his head, on rising his head he could see his families coming and running to him, he thinks in himself weather he was dreaming but it appeared to be real he run to them also while they hugged each others.
    Later on, they journey to another city while they dwell in their but they never forget their apocalypse home while Head of military thanks Scott for being so brave in commanding him and also using Mr president line to call him.
    Scott apologized but The Head of military tell him that he was thanking him.

    Later on, the Zombies lifes extinct, after twenty years, they go back to their city having cleaning bones and many human parts their but still find their fresh moneys while they share it, but the peoples in the city never forget Scott brave heart and the courage he had made to save them from zombies apocalypse.








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    #speechless ?

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    Hmmmm bravo writer

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    i love it

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