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    Prologue: 100 Years Ago

    The Lady was a tall, graceful woman. Her wealth came from being a distant relative of a European royal family, but her power came from being beloved in the community since moving to America.

    In those days, men ruled society, but she was a notable exception. She financed local politicians along with charities that she believed in. She was a big player in the business scene as well, controlling many of the imports and exports with her fortune.

    What no one knew — what no one could have ever imagined — was that the Lady had brought to America something she had learned from the royal family. To her, Americans were tame in regards to pleasures of the body and the various ways to indulge.

    A woman like her was accustomed to the best of everything. Only the finest of delight and satisfaction. In her world, every vice was acceptable once the doors were closed and she was away from the public eye.

    Her son was old enough to be the man of the house, so she treated him as such. Lady sexually indulged with him in every room of her lavish manor. She s----d his manhood while having desserts. She rode her son while live music played. It was the finest pleasure a sophisticated woman could have.

    She wore custom tailored erotic outfits for him, never caring that the maids and butlers were aware of this debauchery. To her, they were servants. Inside the walls of the manor, all she cared about was her own desire, and that of her son’s.

    What she also brought to America was something that science couldn’t understand. Something passed down from her family for several generations and she didn’t fully understand it either. Adding to her sexual excitement, she often wore family jewelry when she had sex with her son, telling him that they’d be doing this forever and ever.

    Modern Day

    Detective Amy Hubert was the city’s best burglary investigator. So when the manor of a top political donor had been struck by professional criminals, she had personally been requested for the job.

    She arrived at the scene at approximately 8:32 on a Monday morning. With her was the usual crew, a team of forensic experts who examined the premises for trace materials and latent prints.

    Also with Detective Hubert was her son, a rookie police officer, who one day hoped to become a detective as well. She wasn’t thrilled with the idea of her son becoming a cop, but she also understood. And if her son was interested in following her footsteps, then she insisted that he be well-versed.

    “Thoughts?” she asked as they walked around the courtyard after taking statements.

    Edward pondered for a moment. “It’s interesting. The facts seem unusual.”

    And he was right. A safe was opened and the valuables were stolen. Paintings had gone missing. Artifacts had also disappeared.

    There was zero evidence of forced entry or foul play. Security cameras seemed to have glitched at the moment the items were stolen. It could have been an inside job, but having reviewed the rest of the security footage, the whereabouts of the manor staff were all accounted for.

    And in Detective Hubert’s opinion, none of the staff seemed like people who would pull off a job of this magnitude. Her instincts were most often correct about these things.

    “It could be an insurance scam,” Amy noted. “Perhaps the owner of this manor needs money for whatever reason and he staged it.”

    Edward gestured around. “Doesn’t seem like these people need money.”

    “Yes, we’ll have to inquire further. Things aren’t always as they appear.”

    They finished their walk around the premises where they discussed theories and potential routes of entry, and concluded that this was puzzling. It was too clean. Amy’s instincts leaned towards an inside job.

    Speaking of which, a man in his 40’s named Carlyle approached them. She had already interviewed him inside the manor and he seemed a bit suspicious, like he was hiding something.

    “May I have a word, detective?” Carlyle asked.

    “Yes, of course. Let’s keep it out here if you want privacy.”

    Detective Hubert could tell that there was something this man wanted to get off his chest, but it wasn’t something that she could truly prepare for.

    “This is going to sound strange,” Carlyle said. “You’ll probably think I’m crazy.”

    “You can tell me anything,” she replied. “It’ll be off the record if you want.”

    Carlyle nodded. “Off the record will be great. But I don’t know how to say this.”

    “I’ve heard it all. Edward is my trainee. Whatever you say will remain confidential, with certain exceptions, of course.”

    The man gave an uncomfortable wince. “I’m assuming you found no evidence of any break-in.”

    “None so far. I have a great team and they’re still doing a thorough inspection.”

    “I think you might not find anything,” Carlyle managed to speak.

    “Why is that? Did someone in the manor do it? Were you involved?”

    She looked at him with gentle eyes, allowing the man to confess whatever needed to be confessed. Unlike her male colleagues, Amy often settled for a softer approach when dealing with people.

    “Detective Hubert, there have long been rumors that the manor is haunted. There. I said it. That’s why I think you won’t find anything.”

    “Haunted?” she asked rhetorically. “As in, ghosts?”

    “As crazy as that sounds, yes.”

    “I’m keeping an open mind. What makes you say this?”

    “Sometimes things go missing or move around. It’s been that way for as long as I’ve lived here. My family and the staff talk about it sometimes, but never at length.”

    Detective Hubert nodded. “Have you ever personally witnessed anything?”

    “No, never. This is completely hearsay. But I just wanted to give you a heads up about this.”

    “I appreciate the notice. Is there anything else you can tell me?”

    “Only that we’re honest people,” Carlyle replied. “There’s a belief that strange things occasionally happen, so it should be considered. I honestly don’t want you to think that we’re wasting your time or committing fraud.”

    “That hadn’t crossed my mind,” she politely smiled.

    He breathed a sigh of relief. “I’m glad.”


    Amy and her son went back inside the manor for another look. None of the interviews produced anything useful and the forensics team found nothing of value. In her experience, when dead ends arise, it’s best to keep looking at points of entry to figure out how a criminal would think.

    The manor was something fit for a royal family and there were rooms upon rooms. The place was practically a maze.

    She explained to her son all the potential entryways she was noticing. However, nothing was damaged and there weren’t any signs of force. The alarms were still intact and the cameras saw nothing.

    “Maybe that guy was right,” Edward suggested.

    Amy gazed around the room. “You never know. Although my reputation would be ruined if I put ‘jewelry taken in a haunted house’ in the official report.”

    “It could work if we found evidence of that. Carlyle knows more than he’s telling us. He just doesn’t want to admit it.”

    “I think you watch too many movies.”

    While examining a bedroom window, Amy’s entire body jerked from a stinging slap on her ass. Grimacing, she spun around.

    “What the hell has gotten into you?” she snapped at her son.

    Edward looked confused. “What are you talking about?”

    “Don’t slap my ass while we’re working,” she whispered this time, making sure that no one in the manor could hear them. “In fact, don’t ever slap my ass again. It’s not funny.”

    “Are you serious? I didn’t touch you.”

    “Whatever. Just don’t pull anymore gags while we’re working, or else I’ll kick you off my team.”

    “I swear that wasn’t me,” he insisted. “I wasn’t even looking in your direction.”

    Amy gave up and sighed. “Let’s go to the next room.”

    “Sure, but I swear I didn’t do whatever you’re accusing me of.”

    Giving her son a skeptical eye, she left the room and they went down the hall to a library. It was like something out of a movie, with a bookcase filled with classic literature, maps of the world and ancient artifacts.

    There was a large window in the room, which made sense that burglars could enter from there, but then again, forensics had already inspected that area and found nothing. Amy stood in the library and imagined any possible way this room could have been used.

    “This is the cleanest major burglary I’ve ever seen,” she said, before sarcastically adding, “I’m starting to think that Carlyle was right about this place being haunted.”

    Before she could take another step, Amy felt an acute pain from deep within her core. At first, she worried it was some sort of unexpected, emergency medical issue. The feeling was twisting and turning the muscles around her lower abdomen. Her face grimaced hard.

    “Are you okay?” Edward asked, rushing over to her.

    “I… I’m fine. I’ll be okay.”

    The bizarre twisting sensation in her core moved lower and the pain became an intense feeling of pleasure. Her g-spot was being pushed, pulled, and rubbed from deep within. Her legs nearly crossed as she stood there and her eyes turned wide.


    Amy gasped for air. “I suddenly have a newfound respect for the metaphysical…. that was a joke… let’s go outside. I need fresh air.”

    “You look like you’re in serious pain.”

    She tried walking gingerly. “It’s not pain anymore. I don’t want to describe it.”

    The twisting feeling was beginning to fade, but whatever it was, it was still stroking her sensitive g-spot. Arousal and detective work never go together. She was a true professional and sex was always the last thing on her mind. Only now, because of whatever this was, her desires were being inflamed.

    Edward nodded and said, “Let’s go outside, then.”

    They went to the door which slammed in their faces. A clicking sound echoed and they knew they were locked. Amy reached for the handle, and as expected, they were trapped.

    “What the hell?” she fumed.

    “Okay, now this is scary.”

    “There must be a logical explanation. I’ll call someone to unlock the door.

    Detective Hubert reached in her pocket to get her phone. No signal. She had texted earlier while inside the manor and her phone worked fine.

    “What’s wrong?” he asked.

    “There’s no signal on my phone.”

    Edward took out his own phone. “Hmm… my phone doesn’t have a signal either.”

    “This is very odd.”

    “Should we bang the door?”

    “That could be tampering with a crime scene,” she replied. “Everything on this premises is potential evidence. That’s one of the main rules of burglary investigations.”

    At the very least, she was glad this was a teachable moment for her son. This was, after all, meant to give her son a tutorial on how to conduct investigations. Never could she have imagined that she’d be in such a dilemma herself.

    “I’ll try to knock gently on the window,” he said. “People are outside and they might be able to see us.”

    “Good idea.”

    Edward took a few steps towards the window, then suddenly, Amy felt a pulsing sensation around her g-spot. It was the most intense rush of her life. It usually took her a while to build up to an o----m. She needed a lot of foreplay and the right mental stimulation before a c----x.

    Now, Amy was on the brink. She stood there like a mannequin as things were going on within her and she prayed she wouldn’t c-m in front of her son. Her eyes were wide open and her jaw was hanging.

    “Mom? What’s happening to you?”

    The look on her son’s face was fear.

    “Something is stimulating me,” she admitted, needing to be honest about this.

    Edward was puzzled. “Were you drugged?”

    “No, no. It’s not a chemical reaction… it’s… something is moving inside of me.”

    Now her son looked panicked and she worried that Edward would break the door or window to get themselves out, in which case they’d have to explain this. And the last thing Detective Hubert wanted was to type this on the official report.

    “Do you think Carlyle was right?” he asked, not wanting to believe it despite all the concerning signs. “What does it feel like? Tell me.”

    Her son timidly approached her, having no clue how to handle this situation. Sure, as a police rookie, Edward had his share of basic medical knowledge, but this went far beyond anything taught in the academy.

    “It literally feels like my insides are being massaged,” she admitted as she stood there frozen, though refusing to admit her g-spot was being stroked.

    The movement shifted and she thought it would fade. But she was wrong. As the stroking feeling left her vaginal area, she felt sensations in her chest. Amy’s breasts were small but her dark pink nipples were generously sized and were notoriously sensitive. S-----g and pulling at them had always brought her to the edge.

    Her breasts were prodded by invisible fingers beneath her bra. She stood there horrified as she was being groped in yet another intimate area. She gazed at her son while wide-eyed again and her jaw dropped.

    The prodding moved closer to the center of each t-t. Finding its intended target, the mysterious force settled on her long nipples, giving them soft pinches and gentle twists, making her squirm once more.

    “Has the pain moved to your chest?” he asked.

    Amy took a short breath. “I think I’m losing my mind.”

    “How can I help? What can I do?”

    “You have to see this. I really need you to see this. Okay?”

    “Sure, of course. Anything.”

    Her son was as frantic as she was and the tension was unbearable.

    Detective Hubert unbuttoned her blouse to expose a white bra. Her son hadn’t seen her nipples since breastfeeding age. Given the circumstance, there wasn’t much choice but to reveal them. She needed a witness to ensure her sanity was still intact.

    Lifting her bra, she exposed her small breasts and long pink nipples. The look on Edwards’s face was that of amazement. She wondered if Edward was awestruck at the sight of her nipples. That these were mom’s and it was a taboo to see them. Or that Edward was seeing the unusual.

    Amy looked down at her t--s. She gasped seeing her nipples being stretched and pulled outwardly. It was happening on its own like something out of a movie with an invisible man. If she wasn’t so stunned by what she was witnessing, she’d be screaming.

    “Oh my god,” Edward also gasped.

    The invisible pinching and pulling suddenly stopped and Amy’s nipples returned to their normal shape. Only now, her nipples were fully erect from the direct stimulation.

    “Now do you believe me?” she asked.

    “I never doubted you. Shit, I guess Carlyle was right about this place. We need to get out of here.”

    “Good call.”

    Keeping her t--s exposed seemed obscene, so Amy pulled her bra down when she noticed that her son was still staring at her breasts. She tried not to feel embarrassed about giving him a show. This was necessity, after all. An emergency of supernatural and epic proportions.

    She buttoned her blouse as fast as she could.

    When the last button was finished, a sudden force ripped her blouse open down the middle, sending the buttons flying across the room. Amy had been shot at twice before in her law enforcement career, but nothing could have prepared her for this. She was in a state of utter shock as her blouse remained open.

    A force pulled her bra down from the front, exposing her nipples once again. She felt the same sensations as before; pulling, stretching, and pinching. She looked down and saw the contorted shape of her fondled nipples.

    “What’s happening?” she asked in a small voice.

    Edward was equally stunned. “I don’t know, mom. I’m going to smash the window so we can get help.”

    “No! Don’t.”


    “I… I feel something…”

    The fondling in Amy’s breasts stopped. Now, her nipples were being pulled forward. She was being led across the room by her outstretched nipples, guiding her directly towards the window, step by step.

    “I’m scared,” Edward said.

    “So am I. But we shouldn’t be.”

    “Why not?”

    “It’s stroking my g-spot,” she reluctantly admitted. “It wants me to feel something.”

    The deep pleasure inside her v----a had returned after being guided towards the window. She now had a view of the courtyard, and thankfully, no one was outside to see this. It could have been the end of her professional reputation if anyone from the forensics team saw her standing by the window with her breasts exposed.

    A force arched her back so that she bent forward, pressing her face firmly against the window glass. The same force undid the button and zipper of her pants, yanking it down in a vengeful manner. Amy reached to feel her butt, and it confirmed what she thought, that her panties were also down.

    Her pants and panties were down at her ankles and her bare butt was sticking out in the library. The twisting in her nipples returned. The internal stroking of her g-spot was making her want to cry in agony and pleasure. Never in her wildest fantasy could she have imagined such an intense, carnal feeling.

    “Jesus, what’s happening?” Edward said in fear.

    “Ed… Ed… you have to… oh god…”

    While her body was frozen in that bent-over position, she felt a different sensation in her v----a. Instead of stroking her g-spot, the force was opening her vaginal entrance. It was the same feeling as going to an ob/gyn for a medical examination, only here, there wasn’t a doctor and there was no speculum.

    It was a force beyond anything they could comprehend that was opening her p---y. Amy looked at her son who appeared mystified by the sight of it.

    “The situation is getting worse,” Edward said, stunned. “It’s turning its attention to me now.”

    “What? How?”

    She wondered if this would be where they’d meet their fate. That this would kill them like in a horror movie. Because at this point, neither of them could deny that they were powerless against the supernatural.

    Those fears were eased when she noticed a stirring in her son’s pants. Now it was Edward’s turn to freeze up and be helpless. It was also the moment that Amy realized that the entity was only interested in sex, not hurting them.

    “Please, just relax,” Amy said to calm her son. “Don’t fight it. It won’t hurt you.”

    Edward’s right leg twitched. “It’s doing weird things to me.”

    “I know it is. I know. I can see it happening. Stay calm, it’s not going to hurt you.”

    The stirring in her son’s pants continued and she had never seen Edward look so helpless. The button was undone and the zipper came down, even as the movement around the crotch area continued. Amy was certain that her son was erect at this point, as any young man would be with this much stimulation.

    When the pants were pulled down, she saw her son’s erection for the very first time. It was thick and long. Edward looked humiliated and he blushed.

    Even more striking, she saw the invisible movements. The poking and prodding at her son’s hard c--k. The skin was being caressed and stroked. The balls were being lifted and played with.

    Pinched at the tip of the penis, Edward was being pulled over to her with his pants still around his ankles.

    Amy closed her eyes for a moment with no choice but to accept her fate. She knew what was about to happen. All she could hope for was that no one in the forensics team would see this outside, nor would anyone else that lived in the manor. Amy’s face was still held against the window glass and her body was unable to move.

    “Forgive me,” she said softly. “I never should have taken you on this assignment.”

    “Mom… mom…” Edward was panicked.

    “It’s okay, relax. I already know what’s going to happen.”

    From all that vaginal and breast stimulation, Amy’s p---y became a dripping hot mess. Ready for whatever would come her way. Her p---y was still wide open, too. Amy’s body was primed to be f----d more than any p--n star on any film shoot.

    Unsurprisingly, her son’s erection was pushed all the way inside of her opened p---y. It filled her immediately and the raw sensations were immense. The force that held her p---y open released, allowing her vaginal canal to naturally clench around her son’s manhood.

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    There was no denying it. Having a c--k stuffed in her felt euphoric.

    She felt Edward’s hands pushing against her bare ass, trying to break free from this, but as expected, it was a useless effort. They were being compelled together and there was no breaking free.

    “I can’t get it out,” he said, panicked that he was f-----g his mother. “I’m sorry this is happening.”

    This should have been the most difficult decision of Amy’s life, who had lived through some harrowing experiences. Under the circumstance, it wasn’t a difficult decision at all. The fact was, neither of them had a choice as they were up against an invisible power.

    Biting down, Detective Hubert gave the order. “Do it. F--k me. It’s the only way we can leave this room.”

    “Mom… I…”

    “Do it. Otherwise we’re trapped here. We’ll sort things out later.”

    Her face was still against the window glass and she braced herself for whatever her son would do to her stretched v----a. The thrusts were slow at first, timid, as anyone would expect from a son seemingly made to have sex with a mother.

    Then the thrusts became faster. Detective Hubert had no choice but to enjoy it. As a full-time law enforcement agent, dating was difficult. Not only was she busy through the year, but good men were hard to find. Men generally avoided dating law enforcement women because they were intimidated, in her opinion.

    And that meant that great sex was hard to come by. Hot f--k sessions were few and far between. The irony wasn’t lost on her, as her son picked up speed, that the exhilarating sex she was having came from her job, in the midst of a major burglary investigation.

    The stroking of her pink nipples and g-spot returned at the same time, while Edward started f-----g her faster. It was like having a foursome where all the attention was focused on her. It was overwhelming and she knew she was going to squirt if this kept up.

    “The feeling is returning,” Edward said in a shaky voice, freaked out by the situation, but so very aroused from the sex. “It’s stroking my balls and pushing me to go harder.”

    She stopped herself from moaning. “It’s doing the same thing to me… oh… my nipples and… oh… my g-spot again.”

    It was no longer embarrassing talking about her erogenous zones anymore. With this kind of emergency, the truth was essential. They needed full honesty if they wanted to make it out of here.

    Her face was starting to feel sore from the constant pressing against the glass. She wondered if it would bruise later, but she could always cover that up with makeup. Aside from the wild sexual pleasure, she listened to the sounds of their having sex. The wet noises from her p---y being filled. The slappings from Edward’s crotch against her ass.

    Amy could also hear her son breathing harder with each t----t. She was being f----d faster and her son was enjoying himself. Why wouldn’t he? Amy had a terrific p---y and Edward was a strapping young man. Of course he’d enjoy himself. And like she said earlier, they’d have to work this out later.

    “F--k… mom… mom…” he panted.

    She purred, “What is it? You’re doing well. Keep going. It’ll be over soon.”

    “That’s what I want to warn you about. It’s pushing me harder.”

    “Don’t fight it. I won’t be mad.”

    The thrusts became harder and Amy’s p---y was being ravished like never before. It was pure chaos when her nipples were being pulled and twisted in a painful way. Her breasts were now being mauled by invisible hands. Her t--s had never felt so sensitive, so tender.

    And the stroking in her g-spot was becoming painful. But in a way that was still pleasure. It enhanced the hard f-----g she was getting in ways she could never have comprehended before.

    “You know what this is doing to me, right?” she asked in her beautiful agony. “I’m going to have a big o----m if you keep this up.”

    Edward kept on thrusting fast. “Me too. I’m… I’m close.”

    “C-m inside me… oh… we’re almost done.”

    Letting go and accepting their reality, Detective Hubert closed her eyes for a moment to enjoy the groping feelings on her body and the hard f--k she was getting from her son. In a matter of moments, she knew she’d be flooded with her son’s c-m. As a mother, all she could think about was how it would alter their relationship forever.

    Amy felt an explosion in her core when there was a sudden, simultaneous squeeze of her g-spot, nipples, and c------s, sending her into a frenzy. Her o----m had never been so explosive and she screamed at the top of her lungs. She sounded as though she had just been shot, but it was actually the o----m of the century. If the mysterious force hadn’t held her up, she’d have fallen to the floor in a withering agony of pleasure.

    Her o----m sprayed from her p---y as if she were urinating. Her toes curled in her shoes and her pants were ruined from the constant squirt. It felt like the impossible was happening as she kept on screaming.

    The c----x slowed down and she returned to her senses after her eyes rolled back for a moment. When she returned to reality, she hoped and prayed that no one had heard the screams. That no one would rush to come see what had happened, or else her hard-earned reputation would be destroyed.

    “Oh my god,” she slurred in her words. “Try pulling out now.”

    Slowly, she felt her son’s d--k leaving her hot mess of a p---y. It worked. They were freed after Edward’s flaccid penis plopped out of her drenched hole.

    Amy stood upright and her back was sore and her face felt painful. She stretched. The relief was overwhelming that this was over.

    She turned to look at her son, blushing and exhausted. Edward’s penis was now harmless and covered in their c-m mixture. Amy noticed that his eyes were still on her body.

    The detective knew that she had another dilemma on her hands. After she fixed her bra, tucking her small breasts away, she still had to deal with her soaked pants and destroyed blouse.

    “I’m screwed,” she said, looking down at her naked lower-half. “Now I have to explain this mess.”

    “We’re both screwed. I smell horrible from… you know…”

    Her son was still mystified looking down at himself, wondering how he was able to c-m so much. It looked far beyond anything a male p--n star could produce. Globs of c-m were still around the s---t. C-m was threatening to drip from the head of the penis.

    Feeling sympathy for her son, and maybe something else as well, Amy got down on her knees and took the whole thing in her mouth. It was a final act of mercy for her son, to clean him. Or maybe it was to thank Edward for being a true professional during this investigation.

    As she s----d the c--k, she wondered if she did this from her own residual arousal after that intense f--k session. Deep down, she didn’t want to admit that to herself. As a mother, she couldn’t. S-----g a son’s c--k isn’t what good mothers are supposed to do. As a detective, it breaks all legal duties.

    But she did it anyway, licking and slurping. She cleared all of their orgasmic fluids with her swirling tongue and vacuum-like suction.

    A ‘plop’ sound was made when she pulled her mouth away. She looked up at Edward’s eyes while she used the back of her hand to wipe her mouth. Then she stood up.

    “At least one of us is clean,” she shrugged, licking the remnants around her lips. “Pull your pants up. I’ll have to figure out an excuse for my ripped blouse and c-m stained pants.”

    Through divine miracle, as if time reversed, the buttons flew off the floor and went straight back to her blouse. Her blouse closed and was perfectly buttoned. Her pants flew up so fast that Amy was nearly lifted off her feet. Even more mystifying, her pants were now dried.

    She looked at her son and they were equally as flabbergasted that she was now presentable. Outwardly, she looked the same as when she entered the manor.

    The only thing that hadn’t changed was that she could still taste her son’s c-m in her mouth. As for her p---y? She was still a hot mess inside. Her p---y was still buzzing from that explosive o----m. And she still felt the euphoria of their flaming sexual experience.

    “I guess we solved the case,” Edward joked, finally able to crack a smile.

    “Yeah. Too bad no one will ever know the results. We’re going to have a very long discussion later. I’m serious.”

    Detective Hubert managed to smile back. She patted her son on the shoulder to thank him, followed by a gentle kiss on the cheek. This would be their deepest, darkest secret for the rest of their lives.

    They heard the door unlock and they were freed.

    Before they left the room, a picture fell on the floor. Amy picked it up and looked at it. It was the image of a tall, graceful woman, standing next to a young man. She knew that it needed further investigation.

    The End

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    Mind blowing

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    Hmmm, this spiritual force is smtin else.

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    Stay tuned for more 18+ stories

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    Hmm!things dey happen oh

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