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    …. …..
    Episode 1
    ⚪by:Boge Ayomide
    Social media has done more harms to Nigeria youth than good,when I try to figure out myself,I definitely support the motion, social media has exposed me to many things ,I sometimes sees some things on social media and my intentions are always to try it but one thing or the other are always stopping me , social media makes me 18+ since I was 15,I was exposed to many things the moment I started operating Android phones,when it comes to me alone ,I am a bad girl of myself I know but when it comes to midst of people,I am a good girl,I am a true definition of a green snake under the green grass ,most people know me to be a good girl but I know myself to be the other way round
    Well ,my name is Boge Ayomide,,fair in complexion ,my complexion will always make me remember my days back in secondary school,my mates use to call me overripe pawpaw, y’all know how yellow an overripe pawpaw use to be, secondary School life was so interesting,or should I say it was because of the secondary School I attended
    Homat group of schools , ikorodu was the secondary School I attended,it was well known to be In top 5 most best school in the whole of ikorodu,if not 2nd then 3rd position I guess,I was the most brilliant student right from my primary school days till secondary ,till date ,am still me I can bodly tell ,I had won 2 competition for my school,I was loved by most teachers but despite my brilliancy,i would still receive beating at times for been part of the most notorious student,I hardly write notes but when it comes to exams and test writing,I honestly don’t know how I use to pass,I believe in miracles😂
    Omooo,I missed school but I can’t go back,I just have to move forward🥺

    Another life soon begin after my secondary School,all I do is stay at home,eat ,press phone and sleep,the more I grow,the more I learn ,it’s never what I wanted but it’s what my mum will always punish me with,I believe not permitted to go out is one top most punishment parents will ever give their children aside seizure of phones, Nigerian mothers are over protective,my mum especially,I found it difficult to give excuses of going out of the house alone
    As the days rolls by ,I still stay all alone at home ,I was with my phone as usual ,log in to Facebook,I opened my friend request first and I already saw a lot of requests ,I accepted all and a message popped in,,I went through the person’s timeline,guess what na fine boy message me oo,I quickly went to his dm to reply his message,we soon went deep in chatting as it became more interesting,he introduced himself to be omoyele by name ,we exchanged contact and we left Facebook for Whatsapp,I honestly don’t like Facebook chart but seems God probably wanted me to meet omoyele that was why my mind opened Facebook,I started liking my chart with omoyele,as the days rolls by,we soon become more close ,I know if not everything but more about him,and also vice versa ,omoyele became the reason why I will always wanting to come online
    One rainy evening ,it was cold and lonely night,I slept on the bed facing the wall,I took my phone after vowing not to come online that day but I can’t just resist talking to omoyele,me coming online,I already received his dropped down messages ,I replied him immediately and the following conversation ensure
    Him: wassup baby
    Me:am fine ,just cold and you?
    Him:cold also ,I wish you were here
    Me:hmm…what Abt your gf
    Him:I don’t have any
    Me:guys and lies ,so as handsome as you are ,you want to tell me you are single
    Him:yes,I broke up with my gf of recent
    Me:really,why ,so a lady can actually break up with a cute guy like you ?
    Him:😂😂😂😂ole te obinrin lorun(you cannot satisfy a lady)to ba tebirin lorun(if you can satisfy a lady)ole te ashana lorun(you can’t satisfy a prostitute)
    Me:wonma do(they will f--k her)
    Him:oba gbe lo location (if you carry her to location)
    Me:are we in naira Marley’s class
    Him:naughty girl
    Me:but honestly,why did you guys broke up
    Him:it’s a long story, probably if we can meet,I would tell you
    Me:it’s okay then
    Him:can I make one confession
    Me:go ahead sir
    Him:baby,yah beautiful ,I will like to see you
    Me:omoo..see hyping,okay daddy ,I will come meet you but you are also cute
    Him:when will you come
    Me:let’s see next month
    Him: promise
    Him:okay baby
    We chatted for so long , despite the interesting chat,my thought was how to disguise my mum ,what to tell her ,how will she allow me to go out ,how do I plan it ,I conclude my chart with omoyele with goodnight
    Am not likely to be feeling sleepy but I want to concentrate on how I can see him

    The struggle of how to meet omoyele begins,like honestly,when will I be free, when will I have a free movement ,I need to vacate the house soon so I can have my life been lived as I wanted
    A thought soon struck my mind on how to get out of the house,I think I will have to plan this with aunty Simi,aunty Simi is my cousin,she understands me quit well when it comes to the issue of my mum and I ,wow,I became nervous cause I know the plans would work out ,I waited patiently for some days hoping next month is still far,a week to end the month ,I messaged aunty Simi and planned with her to lie to my mum that I want to come help her do something in her house,well as someone that understand me,sister Simi called my mum and said as it was planned,the request was granted as I thank aunty Simi later in the day ,I happily messaged omoyele and reminded him of my coming,”I can’t wait to see you” he replied

    Fast forwarded
    The day I wanted to meet omoyele soon arrived,I dressed completely in my mini gown and slide with my bouncing straight closure weave-on,I crossed my bag around my neck as I dashed out of the house,i boarded a bus heading to omoyele side,I arrived at the spot he told me to stoped,I brought out my phone immediately I got down from the bus to call him,he waved at me from afar,d--n, pictures lied,omoyele is more handsome than I saw in pic ,a cute ,tall ,fair and huge guy ,my choice I said in my mind as omoyele approached me,”won’t you hug me” he said,I never hesitated to do, he held my hand as we walked along ,we got to his house ,he seems to be staying alone, no traces of any lady which kept my mind at rest ,I starred at omoyele for while ,just when I bursted into laughter ,”what’s funny” he asked
    Me: nothing
    Him:baby ,you are beautiful
    Me:thank you boss
    Him:stupid girl
    He sat close to me as he crossed his hand on my neck,I bow down my head ,I wasn’t bold enough to look straight into his eyes ,he held my head close to him and passionately kissed me,I shut my eyes as he found his hand to my chest,he placed his hand on my breast and gently massage them,am loosing control,i couldn’t resist it ,he pushed me down as I layed down on my back,he slept on me as he robbed all my body ,he reached to my panties , trying to rub my V ,I came back to me ,I quickly pushed him away ,and stood up
    Omoyele:Ayo,what’s wrong
    Me:i dont want us to do this
    Omoyele:Ayo, why, don’t you love me
    Me:I do but….
    Him:but what
    Should I tell yele am a virgin or I should just give an excuse, imagine been disvirgin by someone you didn’t even plan marriage with,it’s not gonna be funny but i can’t resist having sex with him,I could have allowed him have sex with me if he had asked me out


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    Episode 2
    ⚪By:Boge Ayomide
    I think I have to leave now,am late already,I will still face hold up before getting to my destination
    Till I left,all omoyele did was just stare at me without uttering no word

    I got to aunty Simi place very fast ,seems the distance is not that much,till night,I receive no calls and messages from yele

    It’s nothing to worry about,he is probably angry,no doubt
    And am addicted to this guy o,I can’t help him prove right,let me just Message him to apologise
    Me: omoyele,am sorry for what happened the other time
    Him:it’s nothing
    Me: I actually thought such shouldn’t happen on our first meeting
    Him:have heard
    Me:I know you are still angry
    Him:am not angry
    Me: okay,I will come see you tomorrow
    Him: okay,till tomorrow
    He went offline
    When I visit aunty Simi,am definitely a free type ,aunty Simi herself hardly stay at home , Even if she is at home, she would definitely allow me go wherever I want to go cause to her also,am a good girl and not a wayward type ,so she believes every of my movement is plain

    The following day,I woke up very early and did some simple house chores ,it was 9am already,aunty Simi had left for her shop(mini Mart)
    I soon finished what I was doing and placed a call on omoyele
    Me:am on my way to your place
    I hang up the call
    I know he was still angry but I already made up my mind ,let whatever wants to happen to happen,I owns my life and I can decide for myself

    Since the distance between omoyele and aunty Simi place is not much,I got to his place about 30 minutes after
    I didn’t inform him about my arrival since I already know the place,I went straight to his apartment and couldn’t find him, omoyele,I called out his name twice before I got replies from a nearby distance,he came out of a room,oh,it seems d apartment was room and parlour self ,but why did he still place bed in the parlour?
    That I can’t tell,I moved closer to him as I hugged him
    He placed his hand on my head and welcomed me with voice
    I loosen myself from the tight hug and sat down
    Me:I actually thought you were angry
    Him:yes ,I was ,but seeing you again,am fine
    Me:am sorry
    Him:it’s okay
    Me:please where is your bathroom
    Him:what did you want to do
    Me:am stressed ,I think I need to freshen up
    Him: stressed??
    Me:does it sound strange?
    Him:no,just wondering
    Me: what?
    Him: nothing,let’s go
    He led me to the bathroom and he exited,after some minutes shower,I came out of the bathroom with only towel on,I met him seated on his bed ,beside a drawer ,it seems like he was looking for something,he raised his head and found me standing at the bathroom entrance,
    “Sorry” he said as he stood up to leave the room for me
    I moved closer to him and held his hand,he stood on a spot as he looked at my face and smiled
    Me:hug me na
    He never hesitated to do so,I held him right immediately he hugged me,he knew what I wanted of course,we kissed passionately ,as he gently made me sleep on the bed ,my towel had already loose,he gently and softly massaged my breast,as we kissed continuously,it’s getting more interesting when he placed his mouth in one of my breasts,he gradually ,removed his boxers and slept on me ,he tried inserting his d*ck but seems to be tight
    Him: virgin?
    Him:how come it’s tight
    Me:I don’t know
    He gently inserted,I felt a sharp pain in me,I jerked off ,the thrusting in and out continue,from slow sex to hard jerking ,fast and rough,pains and pleasure as I moan tears ,I can’t take the whole joystick ,but he was deep in action that he didn’t notice my tears ,after some minutes,I didn’t check minutes but I know it wasn’t upto an hour,he stood up and fell down on the bed beside me,I was still lying there painfully when I heard him called out my name
    Him:I thought you said you were not a virgin
    Me:I lied
    Him:why would you lie to me
    Me:I have my reasons
    Him:shut up,what reasons ,I thought as much ,how could you be so tight like this and Even crying while having sex

    So yele noticed I was crying
    I couldn’t say anything,I just keep staring at him
    Him:stand up and go freshen up
    I stood up and went to the bathroom to have another bath,I removed the spreadsheet and quickly washed the stain ,I dressed fully like nothing happened and was set to leave
    Me:am leaving
    Him: he stood up as he held me close to him
    Why did you denied been a virgin
    Me:I actually wanted to avoid d first experience
    Him:what experience
    Me:the day I told my ex I was a virgin,he started giving me attitude and f-----g around with other girls , so am scared if I tell you the same ,you might act the same
    Him:no,guys are different,I love you for real ,and the fact that I had sex with you first ,I love you more than ever
    Me:I love you too Daddy
    I need to go ,he escorted me out,I boarded a bus to where I was going,I soon got home and no one was home yet ,I felt relief,and happy no one knew I went out ,I dropped my phone on the couch and went to the kitchen,I made eba with the left over soup ,I finished eating and was about to sleep when my phone beeped ,I took it , unlocked it and found a message from yele
    Him: baby, thanks for today,I love you always
    Me:thanks for doing it with me
    Him:thanks for choosing me
    Of course have been having this urge feelings for sex for a very long time but there was no way out of the house less to talk of having sex with anybody,
    My sex experience with omoyele soon rings in my ear ,I still wish we could be more than friends with benefits cause I guess that was what we are since omoyele refused to ask me out
    That reminds me I forgot to ask him why he broke up with his former gf ,let me bring up the convo again I said as I messaged him
    Me:that reminds me
    Him:what baby
    Me:why did u break up with your ex
    Him:he couldn’t cope with me been bad
    Me:bad ,Asin?
    Him:my sex ways
    Me: how ,I don’t understand
    Him:my sex drive is very bad and she complains a lot
    What did omoyele means by sex drive ,but come to think of it ,he is very tough in bed oo
    Me: I don’t understand
    Him:let’s skip that side
    Him: when are you going back to mum side
    Me: tomorrow
    Him:please branch my side while going
    Me: okay sir

    The following day
    I was set to leave for my mum place ,I didn’t feel like leaving,I enjoyed going to omoyele place,if I should go back to my mum place ,it would take long before I see omoyele again ,but I had no choice ,I left aunty Simi place and of course branch omoyele place as usual ,we exchanged greeting with hug when he sees me ,he kissed my lips nd one thing led to the other again,I spent 2 hours with him and we had 2 rounds of sex ,now am beginning to understand what omoyele means by sex drive,after the second round
    Him:I want to make one request
    Me:what is it
    Him:I want you to be mine forever and promise never to leave me
    Of course this is what have been expecting,I felt overwhelmed with the statement,”I promised” I immediately replied as he gave a tight hug
    Me:daddy ,I think I need to take my leave
    Him:okay baby
    He escorted me out of the house as usual

    I got home after an hour journey
    I met my mum in the parlour, normal I greeted her as i sat beside her,it was Dawn so fast ,I was in my room on my bed when I remembered the sex I had with omoyele were unprotected sex,my heart skipped a beat as I quickly message one of my friends,I ask her for what drugs to use to prevent pregnancy,I know am gonna get solution from her ,so truly I do

    Day by day,I kept thinking of omoyele ,I started getting addicted to him,now am in love ,my mum didn’t know either am a virgin or not ,but if she was to tell,she will claim I am a virgin,and I would also pretend,that was why I said I am a green snake under the green grass

    I flashed back to when omoyele told me I was the first lady he would ever disvirgin,that was his pride in sex,it makes me feel ontop the world,like I don’t know what it seems like but been disvirgin by someone that haven’t experienced virgin before,so I was the first person he disvirgin ,I love omoyele honestly ,I just hope it works out the way it was planned


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    Episode 3
    ⚪by.Boge Ayomide
    Jamb results are out,I had nothing to worry About as I bodly opened my jamb portal with my login,239 was my score ,this is quit encouraging,I told you I was brilliant now,so I would be leaving for school soon and I would definitely be more free than ever , school preparation soon take place as I kept updating omoyele about it,the preparation was over as date of resumption was fixed,we are resuming anytime from now , my free days are here ,I thought happily cos I know I can go places from school

    Months after , school finally resume

    My first day in University

    I woke up very early since I have lecture by 8am
    I dashed to the bathroom nd had a quick bath ,i mopped my body with a clean towel and wore a colourful jumpsuit and a fine lemon colour sneaker bought for me by omoyele ,I remembered how I received the sneaker,I wasn’t expecting it that very day,I just got a message from him which says I ordered this for you , drop you location,I wore it nd look more attractive,I moved out of the room and locked the door,I got to the school compound and found lotta people ,both male and female ,all dressed in a fine attire ,wow,look at how everything is beautiful,I wonder where those people came from, when I don’t go out,how will I know beautiful creatures exist,God created perfect things ,I walked further along with other students just then my phone rang ,I quickly picked it and it was omoyele that called
    Him:,Lil mum
    Me:my son
    Him:Good morning mum,how was your night
    Me:it was fine ,just lil bit stressful nd urs?
    Him:it was fine,I just missed you
    Me:hm hm ,I missed you more daddy
    Phone conversation ended after a good bye I was about to keep my phone inside my bag when I and a guy bumped into each other,never can tell who was faulty cos I didn’t raise my head,I apologise and he also did,
    I got to my department (political science) and met a lot of faces ,part of which I met on the road and seems all of us were freshers ,it was interesting meeting new faces ,we all acted like we’ve met before or probably know each other,I love people like that ,they just have a way like me , simple life
    Soon after exchanging greetings and doing introduction,teacher came in and gave us lecture,he left the class after some hours and seems we don’t for the day ,I exited the class, and of course am going home straight
    “Hey,hey” I heard a voice from behind as I stood at the spot ,took a step back and watch the person running towards me ,the person moved closer to me and it was a chocolate ,tall guy with dread on his head,I looked at him with one kind face
    Me: excuse me,I don’t know you
    Him:yes,I saw you passing by and have been trying to get you but you were on calls then
    Me:okay,how may I help you
    Him:can I have your number
    Me:what for
    Him: common,I mean no harm ,just like you and I want us to be friends
    Me :hm hm
    Him: okay,I will give you a call when I get home
    I began my journey again and finally got to my hostel after a long work ,I purposely refused to board a cab cos I wanted to view the surroundings,I love everything I saw and still seeing,I got to my hostel very tired and met some ladies in the compound seated roundly and gisting,
    But I didn’t see them yesterday and not even this morning when I was going to class ,
    Good afternoon ,I greeted as I moved to my door step
    Hey afternoon,one of them replied
    I opened the door and went inside,I pull off my cloth and changed to a free short gown,the heat seems to be unbearable,I also went out of my room and sat on a bench close to my door
    I made my phone my gist mate
    Day by day ,I got closers with the ladies ,they turn my apartment to ghetto,they enter ,do things there and at times we sleep together,am a free type,it doesn’t freak me

    One-day ,I seems mostly to miss my man ,I told him I wanted to visit him and he said the house is mine,I can come anytime I feel like
    The following day I informed omolola and Omolara about my movement, omolola and Omolara were my neighbors,they were known to be twins but to say the fact they are very identical to the extent that I hardly recognize them ,well I informed them I would be leaving the house tomorrow and not coming back till Monday
    Omolola: opooor,gist me nha,where una they go
    Me: wetin sup,I wan go meet my man ni
    Omolola: wahala
    Omolara: shut up,no be like that u self they Waka ni
    Me: casted,you wan con dey form su for me
    Omolola:SU kill u there
    Me:na ment
    The following day,i got myself prepared as I packed some needed things inside a portable bag and left for omoyele’s house
    On my way ,my phone rang
    Strange number
    Me: hello
    Voice: Whatsup A.y
    Me: sorry who is talking
    Voice:benard ,the guy you met in the school day before yesterday, I forget to call you
    Me: ohkay
    Benard:how are you
    Me:m good
    Benard :just checking on you
    Phone cuts:
    I ordered taxify that took me directly to omoyele’s house,it was a stressful journey when it comes to hold up,I got to omoyele’s house and met no one,I called out his name to no avail ,just then a lady came out of his room,she was tying the same white towel I tied on the day I took my bath in omoyele’s place,I starred at her without uttering no word,I can’t imagine who she was,who could she be,I kept wondering as I stood perplexed,she also stare at me surprisingly,what is omoyele upto,I should have known right from day one, the guy seems like a play boy or is this his gf ,was he lying to me at first ,I keep on wondering as I was made to voice out ,who are you ,I said raising my head and looking straight to the lady’s eyes ,just then the door opens ,we both looked at the door side and it was omoyele


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    Episode 4
    ⚪ by: Boge Ayomide
    “Ohh baby, how you,I was rushing to come home,I know you would have gotten home ” omoyele said as he moved towards me ,he held me close to him
    Him:ohh ,I forgot to tell you ,my sis came visiting me yesterday ,he pointed to the lady on towel
    Just then my mind calm down a bit and I felt relieved ,
    Me: ohkay daddy
    Him: her name is omowunmi
    Me:wow..she truly worth the bear ,the name is mostly meant for beautiful ladies, people I counted with the names are beautiful,my mum especially,she bears the name and many relative will still tell me an not as beautiful as my mum when she was young, despite my own beauty,beauty that speaks 😌cuteness that makes noise ,with a curvy shape 😋,mo beautiful,over hyping aside ,
    I started calling omoyele’s junior sis ,aunty wunmi as per say sister-in-law
    I entered the bedroom ,aunty wunmi followed me while omoyele sat down on the couch ,I have no idea what he was doing ,I and aunty wunmi were inside the room as we talked freely like a well known partner
    She was well dressed in a white body con gown ,see shape,she has shape,just exactly like me ,her shape made me have a bad thought
    How sure am I that this lady in my front is not my boyfriend’s girlfriend,am well exposed,I know how talented a guy can be when it comes to cheating,she has just shape like me which makes her omoyele’s choice,now am finding myself been foolish already,I don’t know whom to believe,my mind that says omoyele is lying to me or omoyele that says the lady is her sis
    I believe in omoyele cause if it was to be lies ,he probably won’t mention it in the lady’s presence,but who knows if the lady knew Abt our relationship and decided to play along to keep his bf safe, wahala for who get dirty mind oo
    Wunmi:aunty Ayo ,
    she brought me back to my normal sense as I replied to my name
    Wunmi:i want to take my leave now
    Me: why,am I inconvienting you,I will take my leave now,I only came to say hi to your brother
    Wunmi: noo,have been here since yesterday ,and it was already in mu plan to leave here today
    Wait ,seems this lady is probably a jealous type and of course wouldn’t want to see me and omoyele in couple’s action ,that if it was what I was thinking
    Me:okay ma
    She left the room,i stood up to change my cloth,I noticed some murmuring voice in the living room,I tried to eavedrop and trust me,their voice was extreme very low,I heard nothing, absolutely nothing,I cut in by entering just then wunmi left after bidding us goodbye
    Me: omoyele did u call that lady your sis
    Omoyele:of course
    Me: smiles..
    Omoyele,what’s the smile about, what happen
    Me: nothing
    We both starred at each other,if I later o find out who wunmi truly was ,it won’t be funny
    I took my phone and pretend to be busy with it,omoyele also faced his phone ,
    I heard sound of the phone,it more likely that omoyele was watching p--n but I pretended with earpiece in my ear,of course he was done watching the video
    Him: Ayomi
    Him:baby am h---y
    Me:what nha concern me
    Him:are you not my gf
    Me:gf that you don’t flaunt,gf that no one knows you are dating,indeed gf or sex mate
    Him:why would you talk like this,you act childish at times
    Me:oh oh ,so y don’t you leave the child to go
    Him:why are you like this
    Me:like a mad bring right?
    Him:stop twisting my words
    Me:am stupid right?
    Him: don’t misquote me
    Me:leave me alone
    Him:I have my reasons for not flaunting you
    Me:cos am not the main gf
    Him:not that but
    Me:but what
    Knock , knock knock
    Seems someone is knocking,I said
    Omoyele went to open the door as I hurriedly went inside ,am a shy type ,I don’t know who was knocking but I don’t want anyone to see me
    After some minutes
    Omoyele joined me inside the room
    Me:how about your visitor
    Omoyele:he had left
    Me:he or she
    Omoyele:why are you like this now,think positive for onces
    Me:what …
    Omoyele cut in by kissing me,he looked straight into my eyes and I immediately burried my head ,he was seducing me but I wasn’t in mood for it ,I tried stopping him but he forced me and of course one thing leads to another

    I began some strange convo with omoyele
    Me:this one you are having unprotected sex with me,ain’t u scared
    Omoyele:of what ?
    Me: unwanted pregnancy
    I noticed his fearful reaction ,he stood up on his feet and forcefully looked into my eyes by placing his two hands on the bed ,like someone that wanted to do touch your toe ,a quick one ,
    Him:Are u sure you are ready for the pregnancy if it comes to be
    Me:if you can father the baby
    Omoyele:of course ,I have no issue but remember it’s your first year in school and you wouldn’t want to disgrace your mummy
    Me:There is no room for disgrace if you won’t deny the pregnancy
    Him:I won’t deny the pregnancy but just keep calm,
    Me:if it happens,it’s not me ,you ain’t protecting the sex
    Omoyele:I can’t use cd
    Me:so ??
    Omoyele:I have an idea
    Me:what is it
    Omoyele:use of tablets
    Me:I don’t do drugs you know
    Omoyele:see,girl I don’t want any pregnancy for now ,and if it will put to stop of this relationship ,then it’s fine
    Me:ahn ahn,it hasn’t gotten to this stage nha,see the way you just bumped in,like ,I can’t joke with you again right,now I know am just a sex mate truly ,you did not even talk like someone that really wants relationship with me
    Wft have I gotten myself into,why should I just let a stranger disvirgin me ,I mean a total stranger, someone I just met on social media,I Know not any of his relative,am I sure am not under spell,this is not spell,it’s my wish
    God,is there second chance
    Omoyele:I never knew you were joking,am sorry
    Me:it’s fine
    Omoyele:I was only concerned about you either ,I don’t want situation where by …
    Me:heyyyy,it’s fine
    I stood up from the bed ,went to the bathroom and had a round of bath ,I came out after, dressed in my baggy trouser and bra level top,went to the parlour and sat down,of course,i met omoyele seated at the corner couch
    Can I still go to my hostel now,I tried checking the time ,it’s too late ,I don’t walk late nights,
    Me:,yele:I will be going back to hostel tomorrow
    Omoyele:but ,you said till Monday before
    Me:I changed my mind
    Omoyele:Ayo,I know it was because of what I said,am sorry *moving closer to me*
    Me:it’s nothing,I just need to visit my hostel tomorrow
    Omoyele: *he crossed his hand of my neck* Ayomi ,am sorry ,I know i hurt you with those words but try to understand me,am just been concerned about you,am sorry
    Me:Am not angry,am cool
    Omoyele:Ayo na
    Me:okay what did you want me to say
    Omoyele: Ayo
    Me:I said am not angry ,I stood up and went inside
    I slept on the bed ,took my phone,just then I remembered how I roam about to useless myself with omoyele,isn’t that useless to stay with the guy your family didn’t know,let’s to tlk of visiting and sleeping with him for days ,God I wish there could be second chance,can I get my virginity
    It was Saturday morning,of course,I managed to see today before leaving for my hostel,if not that it was late last night,I should have been there by now
    I woke up as I quickly did some chores ,so that won’t even be an excuse for him
    “Ayo” I heard a voice from behind,I turned back to check and of course I know it was omoyele
    Omoyele:why did you wake up so early
    Me:I told you I was going to my hostel
    Omoyele:but Ayo I begged you already
    Me:no case,I no vex
    Omoyele:you know what Ayo
    He stood up and moved closer to me as he held my waist
    Omoyele:am sorry,wait Ayo ,me that am having sex with you without condom,what was I expecting, Pregnancy nha

    See how he makes me calm down,of course every lady would love to hear this from her lover
    Me:Don’t even bother to calm me down,am not calm at all

    Of course,am calm already oo,I just needed him to pet me more
    Omoyele: *slowly biting my ear* I love you mum
    Me:I love you more baby
    Omoyele:you know you are my little mum
    Me:you better leave me alone
    Now am happy but nothing stops me from going to my hostel
    Me:but yele,I have work to do at the hostel nha
    Omoyele:if you insist,when will you come back
    Me: probably next month
    Omoyele:isn’t that far
    Me:no baby
    He handed me some thousand naira note ,I don’t know how much is there ,but I don’t want to count in his presence
    Me:thank you
    Omoyele:u wlc baby

    I dashed out of the house ,and soon boarded the cab I ordered ,I counted the money he gave me and it was a sum of 60k in total
    I finally got to my hostel,after a long walk and hold up,I paid the cab man as I watch him zoom off ,then I entered the compound,I met no one at the compound and I decided to go change my wear before looking for then,I entered and my room was met exactly the way I left it
    I fling my beg on the bed and went straight to my wardrobe,i picked a free body shot gown and wore it, slipped on my white slide and took my phone
    *Phone conversation*
    Me:hello omolola
    Me:where una dey
    Omolola:no be hostel you leave us ,where I wan dey
    Me: give Lara the phone
    Lara:awfa omo iyami
    Me;where you guy dey
    Lara:we came to that bar beside hostel
    Me:I know you would say the truth, unlike that ma’f----r Lola,
    I hang up the call and left the hostel to meet them there ,I entered the bar and normal school life,they started hailing me like bastards
    I was Abt entering fully when a guy approached me
    Guy:hello ,young lady
    Guy:you look beautiful
    Me:thank you
    Guy:can I have your contact ,so we can talk better on phone
    Me:I don’t give strangers my contact
    Guy:of course, strangers leads to friends
    But ,this guy isn’t bad ,he is so cute,fair and tall,I love fair guys
    Me: okay,070*****

    … *to be continued* …

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    Episode 5
    By:boge Ayomide

    The day to be at the mall I here,I was extremely exited as this made me woke up as early as wasn’t expected ,well ain’t exited because I will going out,but honestly because I haven’t been to the mall before,after some hours of wait,the taxi in which we ordered for came at the exact time ,we (omolola, Omolara and I)hopped in the car as we watched the driver zoomed off,we arrived safely at the mall and everywhere seems beautiful, different big cars outside,saw some people holding hands together, different couples also were present,some event were celebrated also cos I saw some people dressed in a white and blue seems more likely it was the dressed code but I have no idea of the party seems to be exactly,we moved a bit closer to the entrance as we were thoroughly checked after a long que and we were ushered in
    The inside seems more cool and beautiful than the outside, everywhere was crowded and cool,it wasn’t noisy neither was it silent ,I was still checking out the beautiful place when a guy fastly approached us
    Guy:hello beautiful ladies
    Me: *turned to look at him*
    Guy1:what’s your plan ma
    Omolara:the restaurant first
    Me: ah,I thought we only came here to shop things
    Omolara:so I won’t eat right?
    Me:let’s just
    Omolara: *cuts in* you should have allowed me eat at home when you know we weren’t coming here to eat
    Omolola:you fool,food monger , caution yourself,you are making noise
    Me:no be play,sas you don carry am for brain
    Omolola: wetin wan dey her brain before if not food
    Omolara: remember we kept someone waiting

    We all faced the guy
    Omolara:take us to the restaurant,we seriously need to eat
    Me:talk for yourself girl
    Omolara:okay stay back while he lead me to eat
    Omolola:mama ,shut up jor
    The guy was already filled with laughter as we girls acted a drama without a formal rehearser
    The man stopped laughing and led us ,we arrived at a glass like place ,he then told us to enter as it can contain just three of us,he instructed us to press 2 immediately we entered,
    So we entered and he closed the door,I was so scared to touch anything while Omolara who was at the front immediately pressed two ,I know not what happened next ,all I can explain was the thing vibrated and boom the door opens and we all came outside,I have no idea what the thing was,it baffle me to be since ,well,we soon found an empty table and chairs,we sat comfortably on it and someone rushed to us placing a long single book before us,I stretched my neck to see what was it and it was written ontop”menu list*

    Good ,I took the book and have a glance of it,wow,done strange listed menu , should I order for the strange ones so as to have a taste of new thing,Ayo,you had better order for what you are familiar with so as to avoid been embarrassed,a voice came through my head,wtf ,I bursted out in laughter
    Lara:what’s funny
    Me:I just remembered something
    Lola:hope all is well madam
    Me:mind your business
    Lara:e don Happen
    Me:are we in a football match,who is winning
    Lola:you of course
    Lara:you talk to much ,you people should just order ,let’s eat
    Me:take caution of how you eat oo babe
    Lara: whatever
    We ordered for different foods as it was served in a couple of minute,we ate and satisfy then took away for ourselves again

    Me:is that all? Can we go?
    Me:what else
    Lola:we need to shop for ourselves
    Me:let’s go then

    You all wondered why their wish is my command,of course they were the only friends I had in school and I will make sure nothing stops the relationship between us

    *Phone rings*
    Me:yo! Man
    Omoyele:hey baby
    Me: Whatsup
    Omoyele:am fine ,just missing you here and you
    Me:at the mall with my blossom friends
    Omoyele:okay,take care of yourself and did you check your phone
    Me:I just picked your calls
    Omoyele:you can just check messages after the call drops
    Me;okay baby
    Immediately the call drops ,I stood at at spot to open the unread messages,of course i do ignore messages ,woow
    Lara:what’s up with u
    Me:guess what I saw
    Lara:no idea
    Me:my baby just credit my account
    Lara: opoor,it’s plenty ,
    Me:let’s get seated to take desert before going to shop ad we Don hammer now
    We sat comfortably,I can see the happy expression on my friends face
    Ayo,Ayo ,Ayo ,I heard my name repeatedly from a familiar voice,I couldn’t figure where the voices were coming from,I heard it repeatedly till I was forced to stand up to check,I woke up with a blurry vision at first ,my eyes open wide immediately I heard my name again,

    Ahhh,ohhh, mummy why did you wake me up,
    Mum:you slept like someone who was not going to wake up again
    Me:that’s a swear,it’s too early pls
    My mum walks out of the room

    Ohhh God ,it was all a dream,ahh,have been enjoying my dream even if it’s not reality before this woman (my mum) interrupted
    Swears,I Wish it was real ,I enjoyed the company of those people I met in dream ,but do they really exist

    Me:mummy it’s not fair oo,I will soon leave house for you,the ones have used won’t surpass the left over ,am going to enter school soon and leave here
    I yelled out loud

    I sat on the colourless couch in our living room,of course when I say colourless ,I mean I can’t identify what colour it is exactly,I was strolling through my phone when I saw a popped up message ,email message,I click on it and it took me to the message box ,
    Message *resumption date is bla bla*
    Omoo,e don happen,Asin i am leaving this home for good ,for better and for the best,I ran inside to inform my mum Abt the good news and date to resume for school and activities,I can’t wait any longer ,Asin it’s been like hell at home here
    You wonder how I got resumption date without exams ,

    Flashback to when I was in secondary School

    I remember i still have a father then,i mean , someone I can call my dad ,a father everyone would wish to have,caring, educated and wanting if not his male but female children to study and come out as a graduate,I honestly don’t know why my dad refused to focused more on his male children and i never seized any free time to ask him why cos I don’t care
    I did my jamb when I was in my SSS3 back then when I had a trial on jamb and the result was good when I later checked,it was then I did some registration and preparation as it been commencing in my school of choice (LASU) Lagos State University has been my dream school ever since I know I will be going to University after my secondary School, have been hearing Abt the school for a very long time ,as the matter of fact ,it’s the best for lagosians ,if not then unilag ,but I heard unilag matters mostly with connection,and whom am I ,the 6th daughter of a well being man ,been respected by all as he was part of the top 10 most richest in ikorodu,well ,my dad left me and my mum,you know what I meant by that,as someone that married 3wives and it’s been only me and my mum ever since my ss3 ended ,the man(my dad) didn’t even fuful his promises of Making sure I finish my secondary School less to talk of going to the uni like he promised to make me become a well and highly respected barrister or even judge self ,but before I can be a judge ,I know I have to have a barrister experience first ,where is he now
    Now I believe in the saying that,anybody can switch at ant time ,only God will stay forever,my mum will say that even if it doesn’t go as expected,and God is still God
    I must confess,it’s really been hell without my dad ,Asin financially,I must confess

    *** Now***

    Day by day ,time flies as I waited for the day I will be resuming school,Asin this is reality not longer a dream ,I will be a student of lasu ,I mean I will be on my own and not under control of my mum or any close relative again,I can sneak out of school I mean I can go outing with friends freely and not been scared of returning home late

    The time comes and I was already a student of lasu ,Asin we’ve resumed
    Lectures commence fully on Monday as normal
    I was in the school compound, walking gently as my normal steps ,I glanced through everything I see on the road ,I even stopped at a point to examine the environment that Led to my department
    I was on my white long sleeve shirt and a tight black skirt that looks like that of a cac choir skirt , you know how that skirt looks like na,well worn with my black baby shoe and a black mini bag ,this one school is giving us uniform,why did I even study law,this uniform irritate me,I mean this is not my plan ,have been mean to dress and drip ,Asin I want to become a drip queen when I resume University ,now everything changed when they announced every law student to be wearing black and white
    While still standing ,I saw some people with the same white and black uniform,I knew I was not longer far from our department,I choose to follow them to where they we heading to ,we finally got to the class ,omoo,see noise ,I met a lot of people in the class seated and patiently waiting for the lecturer to come,I can’t wait for the lecture to commence,like I want to see what course law G whatever means Sha,the lecturer came in and appeared to be a famale ,wow,I think female lecturers will be lovely since they are always mother’s ,they will ease on us,trust me the lecture was so interesting,after the class,I ran home immediately cause it was over for that day ,I got home very tired after a long walk to my hostel ,I opened my room door and of course it was left the way I left it,I dashed to the kitchen to get myself food to eat

    What a day ,what an experience,but I missed my mother,my only companion, someone have known for the past 18years and a day without her is ahh, terrible I must confess


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    Episode 6
    By :Boge Ayomide

    Another chapter of life began in school,it doesn’t seems to look like it was expected,I walk alone ,stay alone and loneliness became my daily routine , could it be because i am a fresher or what,I don’t even understand,I think I need hostel mate if not mates but atleast let it no be only me ,I thought of how to get one then boom,a thought strikes ,I took my phone and dialled the agent that help me got my apartment number
    *Phone conversation*
    Me:hello agent
    Agent:hi lady
    Me:I think I need a roomie
    Agent:ohh Good,there are two ladies also , who needs an apartment,I think I should just come show them your place
    Me:Good ,how soon are they coming
    Agent:hmm,I think next week
    Me:Okay sir,I would be expecting you
    *Conversation ended*
    I really can’t wait to have those ladies here(roomie), school activities are going on well normally while I was also attending classes

    One Saturday morning, since there was no class,I decided to use the medium to clean the room,washed my clothes and arrange the necessary things
    It took me many hours to finish the house chores,I was done ,so I decided to take my bath due to stress and I heard a knock on my door ,
    Who is it,I said as I moved towards the door post to open it,I saw the agent and the ladies,I stare at the ladies,they seems likely to be twins cause this identification is nothing to compare with ,they look identical,evei their faces looks familiar ,I stare at them for minutes and there was a perfect silent before the agent broke the silence
    Agent:Ayo right?
    Agent:these are the twins I told you they would be coming today ,you now have a neighbor, roommate rather

    Ehn ehn,I know if they were not twins,they shouldn’t look this identical but seems I know them somewhere ,I think I will discussed it with them for proper clearance
    Me : oh sorry, welcome twins
    I happily welcomed the twins and helped one of which to carry their bags , of course am happy ,at least I won’t be the only one again,the agent departed our hostel and I locked the gate ,I happily arranged the twins luggage where it should be and layer sat on the bed for proper introduction
    Me:oh yes
    “You are a nice girl” one of them said
    Me: smile…
    I think we need to do intro..
    *Phone rings*
    Me: hello
    Mum:hello Arike mi
    Arike is my eulogy name which Yoruba know as oriki ,my mum mostly call me that name and honestly myself I prefer hearing it from my love ones
    Mum:mo koni kin kiee ni(I just say I should greet you)
    Me:ma pe yin pada lale(I will call you back in the night)
    Mum:okay okomi(okay my dear)

    Me:back to what we were saying,pls who among you is kehinde
    .one of them identify by raising her hand,now I know who kehinde is ,I moved closer to her to examine her very well,nice one ,I can spot tbe difference,there is a birth mark around kehinde’s ear while taye’s ear is plain,l.e no mark
    Taye:I guess you should know am taye
    Me:of course ,but have you guys seen me before
    Me:but seems we’ve met before
    Me:I can’t remember
    Well ,I think I should leave you guys for now been the fact that you are just coming,stress and all that ,you need to rest ,but how about getting bath ,to reduce stress
    Taye:that will do
    Me:okay ,good ,let me show you the bathroom,I said as I stood up
    .we headed to the bathroom and left her there ,she took nothing less than 10 minutes before coming out ,then her second also went and came out faster than the previous one ,it’s my turn to bath,of course,have wanted to bath before they came in
    Am still trying to figure out where I know them, we’ve met before,I know what am talking about ,but I have retentive memory,how come I did not remember where I met them
    I took my bath and came out of the bathroom,I already met the twin dressed and sitting on the bed
    I also got myself dressed and slept on the bed after ,I took my phone and dialled my mum’s number
    *Phone conversation*
    Me: hello moimi

    Chai..I haven’t changed , nothing changes,Africa my Africa,how on Earth can I forget home , Africa my home ,Moimi is just a short form of mummy mi 😂
    Mum:how are you
    Me: am fine,I just missed you
    Mum:same here my dear
    Me:if not for the busy schedule ,been freshers and all that,I would have come home to say hi
    Mum:so you have no plans to come home ,not even next week
    Me:next week or not even next month self
    Mum:ahh,God will be with you
    Me:amen ma
    *Phone drops*
    Kehinde:Ay,please did you have garri that I can just drink
    Taye:I wanted to ask
    Me:garri? Why
    Kehinde:I just felt like drinking it with cold water
    Me:okay ,seems I have
    Let me go check

    I went to the kitchen and found enough garri
    Me:what would be the accomplishment
    Kehinde:just cold water
    Me:you know what,I will also drink out of it ,so I suggest I should go and buy fry fish down the junction
    Kehinde:can I follow you
    Me:no problem
    Taye:I would tag along as well
    Me:it would be better

    The three of us went outside , I make sure the door is properly locked ,we got to the street just then I heard a voice from behind
    Voice:Ayo ,awfar
    I quick turn back to check and saw it was drey
    Me:Drey ,wetin sup na
    Drey:I dey jare, where una dey go
    Me:I wan buy something for that junction jare
    Drey: *moving closer* hi ,he said as he stretched his hand forward to greet taye first then kehinde
    Me:so aw e wan take be like this
    Drey:we go talk later for phone ,but e be like say
    Me: alright
    Drey:bye bye ,he said as he left
    I turned to twins
    Me:sorry for the delay
    Taye:no problem,who is he?
    Me:you mean drey ?.
    Me:he is my friend,my department mate to be precise
    Kehinde:you mean that dark and tall guy that looks like giant is your friend
    Taye:mama shut up,just sat you admire him
    Kehinde:you are a fool ,how did you know
    Taye:I noticed they way you were looking at him
    Me:oh, really
    Kehinde:don’t mind this fool oo *pointing to taye*

    This twins attitude is still baffling me,like seriously , we’ve met before,Asin we’ve once had this type of play but how come they didn’t remember

    To be continued

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    Me sef don land

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