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    Chief RoesChief Roes
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    @pizzaro @invincible come make we push d motor start ooo.. no time

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    HOya na

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    @roes invincible dey act lyk him name, @gregbliz na d guy wey get muscle @only him go push am _ as 4 @pizzaro _to whom it may concern

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    Haha @Emergencia baba wetin i do you nah?

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    PART 1

    When Aunty Eloho came back from
    italy, then I had just finished my
    WAEC, armed with my good result
    and the promises of a good job in
    when I travel out to further my
    studies, I was scared at first to follow
    Aunty Eloho back to italy, two things
    made me scared, who was going to
    look after my aged mother, my only
    brother was 12yrs old and like his
    age he acted it so well, stubborn, too
    playful and never ready to carry out
    any of the house chores and I
    guessed that scared me the most,
    then my second reason was about
    the fear of being forced into
    prostitution, we all have heard scary
    stories about how girls from my
    village in benin are shipped over to
    italy and forced to trade their body
    and I decided to confide in mama my
    I could remember that cold harmattan
    night, sitting outside our mud house,
    helping her to peel the vegetable
    leaves while she tries to put more
    firewood at the fire place, I looked at
    her as she coughed loud from the
    smoke coming out of the firewood
    that was trying to choke her, and I
    decided to make my fears known to
    ME: Doh! mama, See dis italy I dey
    follow aunty eloho go so my mind
    dey cut oh! mama
    MAMA:{looked up and starred at me}
    Rukevwe no time you no dey fear,
    wetin dey make you fear
    ME: Mama you know most of our
    girls wey dey go there na ashi work
    them dey go do?
    MAMA: Aah! Ogene buko! see make I
    tell you, no be Elohor my senior pikin
    go put your for that kind work, she na
    correct girl and her mama my sister
    train am well
    Pidgin english was the only formal
    language mama could speak and I
    was never ashamed speaking it with
    her even in odd places where am
    meant to main my cool.
    I waved at Mama and bobo my only
    brother, from the back of the taxi that
    was taking I and Aunty Elohor back to
    the airport, I was dazzled away in
    amazement as I watched aircrafts
    take off and those landing, white
    people both male and female
    everywhere, I looked round and saw
    high rise buildings, walking through
    the airport lobby closely followed by
    Aunty Elohor as we walked out of the
    airport, the skyline was blue and very
    bright, with an Inscription at the top
    of the entrace to the lobby boldly
    written ” Welcome To Milan” , I
    needed not introduction that I was in
    milan, the smooth room, the high rise
    buildings that adorned the streets,
    thousands of white folks going about
    their normal duties and the air seem
    fresher, basking in the euphoria of
    being in another man’s country in my
    mind I said a prayer “Guide My
    Just then a car swerved and
    screeched to a stop right in front us,
    I bent down to see who was driving, I
    saw a white male with long hair and
    had tattoos all over his body, he had
    plaster on his right arm and was
    puffing cigarrete as Aunty Elohor
    opened the car and I was
    apprehensive about entering the car
    as I stepped back a bit, she turned
    looked at me and shook her head
    ELOHOR: you be just mumu! enter
    car joor before I land you hot slap!
    mtschewew! village girl
    And the white male gave Aunty Elohor
    a hot romantic kiss, Icould see the
    stint of shyness in her but she acted
    as if she was enforced to kiss her,
    when they were done with their
    ‘mouth-play’ she turned and looked
    me and then gave the white male a
    lusty look and then said
    ELOHOR: Claude meet my little
    cousin Rukky
    He turned and then used his hand to
    touch my cheek as the stench from
    the nicotine that was evident of a
    man who has been smoking for years
    almost made me sneeze, he spoke so
    fast that all I could grab was
    CLAUDE: welcome
    Aunty Elohor who has built two
    upstair back at benin was leaving in
    a trailer park, it was much of contrast
    to me, I felt she was living in a very
    big house with servants at her beck
    and call, most times when I
    eavesdrop on she and her friends,
    she boasts about how her house is a
    two storey building and with a story I
    find amusing of how a white woman
    called her monkey and she took the
    white woman to court and the court
    gave her the white womans house.
    Inside the trailer was just a bed at
    the right end of the trailer, a huge
    baton gracefully hung on the wall,
    two chairs and a small table set as
    dining and then clothes littered the
    whole floor, the piles alone could
    form another bed if properly arranged,
    I was served a bowl of oat and bread
    with a strong instruction to make
    sure I sleep immediately after eating
    and that I should choose anywhere
    but not the bed to lay my head as
    Aunty Elohor and Claude open the
    door, sat outside as Claude puffed
    his cigar while I gathered some of
    the clothes and used it to form a
    My mind roaming the bush paths of
    our village reminiscing about all I
    would have helped mama do at the
    village when I heard Claude shout
    CLAUDE: Hope you did me some
    virgin! You know the tighter and
    younger the better
    I could hear his footstep as he
    opened the door and walked to the
    bed while Aunty Elohor followed him
    as she kept pleading
    ELOHOR: I have kept to my own side
    of the deal, please listen to me.
    Lying on the floor and pretending to
    fast asleep, next thing that landed on
    my face was the stinking underwear
    of Claude thrown to my face as he
    turned to Aunty Elohor
    CLAUDE: Take off your clothes, I have
    missed your black ass for days, you
    better f--k this d--k good
    Then came Aunty Elohor’s skirt
    thrown beside me and then her bra
    landed on my face while her pant
    landed on my arm, I watched as
    Aunty Elohor was f----d before me,
    peeping with one eyes as Clauded
    was f-----g Aunty Elohor from the
    rear so hard, spanking her ass so
    hard that I wondered why Aunty
    didn’t cry from the pain she must
    have felt as he closed his eyes and
    held unto her hips while inserting his
    very huge c--k into Aunty whose
    eyes bulged out of their socket, this
    was the first real life sex I was
    seeing ever!
    He kept yelling
    CLAUDE: B---h! F--k me Africa’s
    w---e! yeah righhhhht! give it to
    And then I watched Aunty Elohor jerk
    her hips to meet his motion and then
    suddenly she pulls out with shouts
    ELOHOR: Ouch! D--n! Claude you
    gotta take it easy with the way you
    back that thing up to me
    Claude did a very shocking thing that
    I became afraid of him immediately,
    she spontaneously gave Aunty Elohor
    a slap, Punched her to the throat as
    she coughed, choking and gasping
    for breath, He stood up naked and
    angrily left the bed. marching my
    hand as I kept mute and he walked
    to the table, grabbed the big bottle of
    vodka, opened it and gulped almost
    half and then out of anger threw the
    bottle at Aunty Elohor who by the
    whisker dogded and then bottle burst
    on impact to the wall.

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    @pizzaro,kul down, and dnt panic its nt a big ofense__

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