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    Dixon E. Black
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    This is a story about a beautiful young girl who falls in love with someone she meets on the internet.
    Through love, lust, heartbreaks, betrayals, happy moments… Will love win? Or could this be anwother story of a happily never after?
    “Wallahi my following is too much, I need to unfollow some of these people I don’t know.” Amira said to her roommate, Hasna.
    “Girl you follow only three hundred plus. Why do you need to unfollow anybody else?” Hasna sighed.
    “Because I don’t know them duh!” Amira replied.
    “Ah toh, it’s not my business.” Hasna dismissed her.
    Amira went through her list, unfollowing most people until she landed at hassan_.
    “D--n this is one fine a-s Hausa man.” She said to herself.
    She knew she couldn’t unfollow him so she liked his picture and hoped he noticed her.
    “When you’re done unfollowing, please cook noodles for us.” Hasna said, munching on some pringles.
    “Okay.” Amira replied, unfollowing the others.
    When she was done, she made the noodles for them and proceeded to read a little before going to sleep.
    When morning came, the first thing Amira did was to check her Instagram and as if God was on her side, she had a message from Hassan_.
    It was a simple hello but it was enough to set the butterflies in her stomach running wild.
    ‘Hey, good morning.’ She replied, smiling at her phone.
    She waited for his reply but it never came. She sighed and said her morning prayers then got ready for her 9:00am class.
    Just as she stepped out, a notification came on her phone. She checked to see a message from Hassan_ and she smiled.
    ‘Morning, how are you?’ He had asked.
    ‘I’m fine, how are you? I’m on my way to class now, I’ll text you later.’ She replied.
    His reply came immediately.
    ‘Sure, enjoy your day.’
    ‘You too.’ She replied and stuffed her phone in her bag before rushing off.
    Bio214 was an excruciatingly long three-hour class that Amira hated to attend but recently, she enjoyed it because the new lecturer was hot, young and handsome. To top it all off, he was Hausa and a Muslim — husband goals.
    “Young lady with the glasses, may I ask why you look confused?” The lecturer asked Amira.
    She blushed and bowed her head down. The lecturer shook his head and explained the concept of Mendel’s theory all over.
    “Do you understand now four eyes?” He asked Amira.
    She blushed again and looked down.
    “Tear a sheet of paper, I’m giving you a quiz now.” The lecturer announced after explaining Mendel’s theory.
    “Write everything you know about Mendel.” He added.
    Amira smiled and began writing. It was a good thing she read ahead of the lecturer. Earlier she wasn’t confused, rather she was admiring her hot lecturer.
    Gregor Mendel (1822–1884) is known as the father of genetics. He proposed the key laws of genetics from his work on inheritance of traits in peas in 1866…
    When she was done, she submitted her paper and returned to her seat. The lecturer looked through her paper and nodded his head, smiling in approval.
    “Alright class, submit your papers.” He clapped his hands.
    They all handed in their papers and walked out of the classroom, leaving Amira.
    “So four eyes?” The lecturer called.
    “Sir?” She answered, walking towards him.
    “You did well. You’re quite smart.” He smiled.
    “Ah, must be from my genes.” She laughed.
    “I see, now you’re talking genetics.” The lecturer chuckled.
    “Of course Mr…?” Amira asked.
    “Mr Abdul.” He replied, an amused look in his eyes.
    “Yes, Mr Abdul.” She grinned sheepishly.
    “So Amira…” He started.
    “How did you know my name?” She asked suspiciously.
    “I saw your script dimwit.” He laughed.
    “What? Dimwit? D--n that’s mean.” She pouted.
    “No cussing four eyes.”
    “No insulting your student Pinocchio.” Amira smirked.
    “What? What lie did I tell?” He asked, arranging the papers in a file.
    “No lie Mr Abdul, you just have a long nose.” Amira giggled.
    “Oh ha! It’s from my genes too.” He replied, chuckling a bit.
    “I see, well I have to go. I have bio212 in less than an hour.” Amira said, checking her time.
    “Alright, I’ll see you around.” He nodded.
    “Bye Sir.” She waved and walked out of the old biology laboratory to z1.2.
    When her bio212 general physiology class was over, she went back to her hostel.
    ‘Hey, I’m done with lectures.’ She texted Hassan.
    ‘How was it?’ He replied almost immediately.
    ‘Was good. My network is so bad, I hate Zaria.’ She sent again.
    ‘Oh that’s bad, what network is that? Can we try WhatsApp?’ He replied.
    ‘Etisalat and sure, 07012345678.’
    A mesaage notification came on her WhatsApp from an unknown number, 08012345678.
    ‘I hope WhatsApp is better. Sucks to have poor internet connection.’
    ‘WhatsApp is definitely better. How’s work going?’ -Amira.
    ‘Great, I’ll be off soon. Tell me about you, Amira.’ -Hassan.
    ‘Well, I’m in my second year in Ahmadu Bello University. I study biology even though I applied for medicine, lol. I read a lot of romance and cliché bad boy stories. You know, I dream of my Prince Charming coming to sweep me off of my feet and then we’d live happily ever after.’ -Amira.
    ‘Lol, keep dreaming.’ -Hassan.
    ‘Dreams come true Mr Hassan.’ -Amira.
    ‘True. Keep dreaming, I hope he comes soon.’ -Hassan.
    ‘Soon, he’ll come. So tell me, where do you work?’ -Amira.
    ‘I work at an ICT firm in Abuja.’ -Hassan.
    ‘Oh and where do you live?’ -Amira.
    ‘Abuja. *rolls eyes*’ -Hassan.
    ‘Lol, I know that. Where in Abuja? I stay at gwarinpa.’ -Amira.
    ‘Oh, I stay at Garki. Can I see some more of your pictures? You’ve got just one on Instagram.’ -Hassan.
    ‘Sure.’ -Amira.
    ‘Are these okay?’ -Amira.
    ‘Wow! Masha Allah. You look beautiful darling.’ -Hassan.
    ‘Thank you, you look good too. I mean, I’ve been stalking your Instagram page for a while now.’ -Amira.
    ‘I see. Tell me about it.’ -Hassan.
    ‘Where are you from?’ -Amira.
    ‘Kano, where are you from?’ -Hassan.
    ‘Edo state, do I look like an Hausa girl?’ -Amira.
    ‘Yes, I thought you were.’ -Hassan.
    ‘Well no I’m not.’ -Amira.
    ‘Do you understand Hausa?’ -Hassan.
    ‘A little. I’ve spent the whole of my eighteen years in the North and I still don’t understand Hausa, lol.’ -Amira.
    ‘Eighteen, I see.’ -Hassan.
    ‘What? Am I too young? And how old are you?’ -Amira.
    ‘You’re not too young and I’m twenty eight.’ -Hassan.
    ‘Oh, that’s cool. Do you love junk food?’ -Amira.
    ‘Who doesn’t?’ -Hassan.
    ‘Well, whenever we meet I’d treat you to a lot of junk.’ -Amira.
    ‘Now I want to come Zaria. What should I expect?’ -Hassan.
    ‘Candy floss and cupcakes in my fantasy world, lol.’ -Amira.
    ‘Lol, I’d definitely come. I have a wedding to attend in Zaria in two weeks so I’d see you.’ -Hassan.
    ‘Yaay! Bring lots of chocolate and a huge box of dominos pizza.’ -Amira.
    ‘I sure will love, too bad ice cream can’t travel or I’d have brought cold stone.’ -Hassan.
    ‘Don’t remind me of cold stone. I can cry right now.’ -Amira.
    ‘Lol, don’t cry. When you’re home on holidays I’ll get you cold stone.’ -Hassan.
    ‘Yayyyy! I love you so much right now.’ -Amira.
    ‘Lol, I’ll talk to you later. I have to get back to work.’ -Hassan.
    ‘Alright, talk to you later.’ -Amira.
    “Assalamu alaikum.” Hasna greeted as she entered the room.
    “Wa alaikum mu salam.” Amira answered, smiling at her.
    “Why are you smiling like that?” Hasna looked at her suspiciously.
    “I met this cute guy on Instagram. His name is Hassan and he’s coming to see me in two weeks.” Amira said dreamily.
    “Already? Wow, slow down girl.” Hasna shook her head, folding her hijab neatly.
    “He’s so cute and he’s from Kano, my dream husband just came.” Amira squealed.
    “Please don’t disturb me with this Hassan. Last week it was all Wajih this, Wajih that. Now you’ve moved on from Wajih to Hassan.” Hasna rolled her eyes.
    “I’ll soon break up with Wajih. He’s so emotionally unavailable. He doesn’t call me anymore, he doesn’t text and he’s always online, he actually doesn’t treat me like a girlfriend and I’m tired of him. I feel like I’m dating myself, you know, taken but single.” Amira sighed.
    “I know how boys can be, don’t worry you’ll find someone better.” Hasna reassured her.
    “I already did, Hassan!” Amira beamed.
    “Not again!” Hasna face palmed herself.
    “He’s just too cute and when he wears kaftan he looks so masha Allah.” Amira sighed dreamily.
    “May God help you.” Hasna shook her head.
    “And help you too.” Amira winked.

    To be continued

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    EL Victor
    EL Victor
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    Link to Available Episodes
    Scroll down for episode 2

    Episode 3

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    EL Victor
    EL Victor
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    First seat.

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    Will tag along.

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    nice start

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    Dixon E. Black
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    Thanks for the support

    Hey guys,,,thanks for the comments, I really appreciate ,more episodes too come, more stories too read, please you guys should tag along,,, Godbless

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    Love At First Chat
    Episode 2
    ‘Hey Wajih.’ Amira texted her boyfriend.
    ‘Hey ABU student.’ He replied.
    ‘Seriously? *rolls eyes*’ -Amira.
    ‘How are you?’ -Wajih.
    ‘Look, I don’t have time for this chit chat. I honestly can’t be in this relationship any more.’ -Amira.
    ‘And why is that?’ -Wajih.
    ‘I told you before about how you don’t act like a boyfriend and you said you’d change. You didn’t so I’m breaking up with you.’ -Amira.
    ‘You can-‘
    Amira didn’t have time to argue so she just opted for blocking him. They’d been together but she doubted he was ever serious about her. He even promised to get married to her and talked about her in his future, the names they’d give their children, everything.
    Everything was so surreal to Amira. She thought she had found her Knight in shiny armor, she just didn’t know he was her nightmare.
    Wajih had graduated from her university even before she got in from the department of civil engineering and somehow, they met on Instagram before meeting in real life.
    Amira had begun to think she was destined to find her husband on Instagram because there was no way in hell she’d have anything to do with the guys that occasionally asked her out in school.
    To her, they still had a long time before making it in life and she wanted someone already made. She wasn’t ready to marry an immature twenty two or three year old, rather she wanted older guys and Hassan was just perfect. She just had to make him fall in love with her despite the ten-year age gap.
    She sighed when she thought of Wajih. He was supposed to come visit her in two days but it was pointless now. She really liked him but not that much to cry. If anything, she was thankful she didn’t waste her time for much longer.
    Her phone rang and it was a call from Wajih.
    She declined the call and set her phone down. Another call came in and she declined. When the third one came in, she blocked him and sent all his calls to voicemail.
    Now by voicemail, it isn’t ‘hey I’m not available to pick your call, please leave a message’. Amira’s voicemail was ‘I’m not picking up because I don’t like you, don’t leave a message and I will not call you back.’
    “I finally broke up with Wajih.” Amira told Hasna.
    “Thank God, now I’ll rest.” Hasna sighed.
    “Not yet baby girl, I have Hassan to gush over.” Amira winked at Hasna who groaned.
    “Do you think of anything other than boys?”
    “Nope. I mean, what’s life without boys? I just want to get married and give birth to beautiful babies.” Amira sighed dreamily.
    “One day in shaa Allah, but for now read your goddamn books!” Hasna laughed.
    ‘Hey darling.’ -Hassan.
    Amira’s face beamed as she looked at her phone.
    ‘Hey.’ -Amira.
    ‘How are you doing?’ -Hassan.
    ‘I’m good, how are you?’ -Amira.
    ‘Great. I just wanted to let you know I have something to do in Zaria this weekend and I wouldn’t be going back until after the wedding.’ -Hassan.
    ‘Oh my God! So I’ll see you then, lol.’ -Amira.
    ‘Yes sure, do you want me to get anything for you?’ -Hassan.
    “Hasna, Hassan is coming this weekend and he asked if I wanted anything. What do I tell him?” Amira asked her friend.
    “Girlllllllllll! Dominos pizza please. I’ve missed that thing.” Hasna beamed.
    “I don’t want to look like a beggar.” Amira frowned.
    “What? He asked you. Please give me your phone.” Hasna hissed and grabbed Amira’s phone.
    “Hey! Give me my phone.” Amira said, trying to collect it from Hasna who was typing swiftly on her phone.
    It was hard because Hasna was sitting on the top bunk.
    “Done.” Hasna smiled and handed her phone back to her.
    Amira looked at her phone and her eyes widened.
    ‘Yes of course! A large pepperoni pizza, chocolates, pringles, Always platinum pads(we don’t have them in Zaria), whatever you want to buy too.’ -Amira.
    “You have killed me Hasna! How will I face him now?” Amira panicked.
    “Like this?” Hasna asked, smiling at Amira.
    “Wallahi I don’t know how we’re friends.” Amira shook her head and plopped down on her bed.
    “You love me baby girl. Now smile because I know you’ll eat more of the goodies when he brings them.” Hasna winked.
    “You have a point dimwit!”
    ‘Anything for you darling :*’ -Hassan.
    “Oh my God! He actually agreed to buy them. I love you so much Hasna, I love you!” Amira jumped up and tried to hug Hasna which was hard because of the height of the bunk.
    “Told ya!” Hasna flipped her long fulani hair.
    “You don’t have to remind me how short my hair is every time idiot!” Amira glared playfully.
    “I’ve told you to use mai shanu and chebe powder but you refused so enjoy your short hair.” Hasna stuck her tongue out at a pouting Amira.
    “Whatever!” She rolled her eyes and replied Hassan.
    ‘I would say I love you right now but that will just be creepy.’ -Amira.
    ‘I love you too *smiles*’ -Hassan.
    ‘So…around what time will you be in Zaria?’ -Amira.
    ‘Say 2:00pm or so.’ -Hassan.
    ‘Call me when you’re in Zaria?’ -Amira.
    ‘Sure, I will.’ -Hassan.
    “I can’t believe I’ll finally meet Hassan. What do I wear? Jeans and a shirt? Abaya? Atamfa? Oh my God! I have this lovely batwing gown from xeestitches and another boubou from Jaymeelah designs. What do I wear? I just got a dress from Haske attires too and that skirt and blouse I made at…” Amira rambled on and on while Hasna just watched in amusement.
    “It’s okay madam. You’re just seeing him, not marrying him.” Hasna rolled her eyes.
    “That’s the thing, first impression matters. He’s an hausa man and I have to make him fall in love with me. They love their women wearing atamfa or dressing in lovely abayas and makeup. Yes! Makeup. I have to go to Sadiya’s room for makeup when he comes. That’s two thousand naira for my makeup already. Which of my bags do I use? The Chanel? MK? Fen-”
    “It’s enough Amira! Just be simple or you’ll scare the poor man away.” Hasna cut her off.
    “He always looks so masha Allah and I want to look masha Allah too.” Amira sighed.
    “You’re beautiful my dear, you don’t have to go the extra miles to look good. If he will fall in love with you, then he will. Don’t over do things.” Hasna advised.
    “You’re right, I’ll just be myself.”
    “Good girl, now go read your books or you’ll fail that boty222 test.” Hasna chuckled.
    Amira threw a pillow at her and brought her reading materials out to study.
    ‘Thank you.’ -Amira.
    To be continued

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    First time I’m reading a Hausa setup story

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