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    sherifat what happened pls come and complete did story

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    love me again


    Thirty seven

    Going round the hospital has become an habit for me, am so restless, I have begged the doctor in-charge of my case to release me but he refuse, saying I will have to stay atleast for three more days, am too tired to stay an extra day, David has not still video call me like he promise, that instinct that my children are not feeling fine is so strong to take lightly..

    I believe cassie is seeing reasons with me because she has been unusually quit, unlike her, she has gone out to see the doctor severally, and she has also been on the phone, I don’t know what she is upto but am sure I don’t fancy this her serious mood..

    madam what is the problem, I asked her finally,

    she smiled at me for the first time today,

    nothing she replied, just working on your discharge papers,

    are you serious, I asked happily,

    yes I am, and it will soon be ready,

    how did you convince the doctor, what made you change your mind, I questioned her without taking a breath

    You don’t want to again, she asked me playfully,

    am just surprise..

    I woke up this morning and I realised its your birthday, I think of what to surprise you with and I could not come up with anything so I decide talking to the doctor, and he accepted for the fact that am a doctor too, he believe I know what is right…

    so happybirthday cupcake, I know you have forgotten with the way you have been looking…

    I was short of words, but you know I love you were the only words I could come up it..

    and I love you more, out ticket has been book for later tonight.

    thank you..


    Its been three day since junior took my kids to their grandma, I know it was not a smart decision, but I was choiceless, I call them every hour and their grandma has assure me that they are better now, junior has put them on video call with me several times, they sound and look better,

    but the problem now is cassie called and told me they will be coming in first thing in the morning, am scared, Elena will hate me more, I know how much she hates her parent, what should I have done…

    Mr.Adam’s compound

    Grandma, grandma, Bella called jogging down the stairs,

    yes my dear, what is it..

    We are hungry,

    what do you guys want to eat…

    I want rice, Bella said excitedly, and the others Behn said tea, I believe Benny will eat rice too,

    what are they doing upstairs,

    watching movie..

    okay give me some minutes let me finish here…


    yes dear,

    how come we never heard about you…

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    Hmmmm continue please

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    Episode Thirty Eight

    Elena’s pov

    The joy I felt when our plan landed at muritala Muhammad Airport at about 05:15am knows no bound, it was like giving a child his/her favorite candy, I did not wait for any announcement before I start existing the plan, it was like an extra minutes inside it will choke me.

    As I exist I could feel Cassie closely behind me,

    madam calm down we are here already, my foot hurts, don’t make it worse with the pace you are going, Cassie said,

    don’t worry I won’t, just anxious to see my children, I have never stay this long without seeing them, I replied her without giving her a second look

    just relax, David should be waiting for us already, let’s just claim our bags,

    are we doing that now I asked her surprise,

    no next year, she replied without a second thought, Idiot, come let’s get our bags my friend,

    No I will wait, you know I can’t carry anything, am still sick remember..

    you said what, repeat, my ear is hurting me too, my friend move let’s get those bags and get out of her

    you are heartless

    I know and you love me.

    After getting the bags we met with David who was patiently waiting for us,

    the smile on his face is undescribable when he spotted us, he hugged me like his life depended on it,

    I can’t breathe Mr man.

    sorry, just too excited to see you, I miss you alot,

    he also hugged Cassie briefly, before he continue talking

    how was your flight and how are you doing,

    can we just get going I need to see my children,

    okay let’s go..

    David’s POV

    How do I tell her, that the children are not with me, what have I gotten my self into, though it was a very good idea at first, but it now seem stupid, how do I explain my action, with the way she is bouncing in her seat right now can tell she can’t wait to see them, and I can’t wait to to explain my action, I know am not her best of human right now, but I will never stop trying to right my wrong..

    the minute I parked my car, she jumped out and raced inside the house without a word to either me or Cassie, with that action I Know am in trouble,

    I barely step inside the house when I heard her voice from the stair case, which of the rooms are my children,

    with that question I nervously scratch my head.

    David I asked again where is my children

    please come sit down first let the cook get you something to eat or drink, I believe you guys are tired,

    are you high, am asking of my children you are telling me to sit down, are you okay

    look David just tell her which side of the house they are, so we can progress, am famished Cassie spoke up for the first time..

    that’s the problem Cassie,

    what do you mean..

    after you guys left, they where very sick, they were hospitalised for a week, but there was no improvement


    so, Junior suggested on taking them to your mum since it’s motherly love and warmth they need, and not drugs

    you are joking right, Elena asked slowly walking towards me,

    no, I was confused and sca..

    how dare you David, how dare you.

    am sorry, I

    you what, planning to pissed me off right,

    you know what congratulations because you succeeded,

    get out of my way,

    and Cassie do you know about this,

    not at all….

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    ..woow nice story but the story takes too time to b updated….some of us forgot about it

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    So u later post this story eh ,God pass u. Elena calm down is time to forgive and move on

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    Chinwe Jacinta Onwubiko EzeobiChinwe
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    Elena,please forgive Dave for the sake of the children

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