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    A sequel to our Betrayal series…..

    Read as Cyndii continues to get entangled in a game of love.

    This story is updated every saturday, sunday and wednesday.

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    I was here.

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    Book marked

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    Am with u

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    My name is Cyndii. A quiet girl from a good family. I’m not overly attractive, but beautiful enough to get men fighting for my precious heart. But as one gets older, the real shape of life begins to unfold. We discover life isn’t a bed of roses. The world isn’t a place for the shallow minded nor weak. Instead, a place to compete for survival.

    I do believe in love and destiny, even though my love life isn’t as plain as i would have wanted it to be. From Mike to Benjamin, back to Mike and then Chike by the corner, things never really went easily for me. My campus love life in short was a mess, a complete disaster. I found myself from one problem to another. Hopes, betrayals and regrets.

    With a nature like mine, love is no ordinary passion. All the romance, the fervour, the poetry of my heart and soul are all of noble quality. Yea i know friends who knew or have read my betrayal story did find faults in some of my deeds, but we all know that no one is perfect, we all make mistakes and sincerely all i did during my campus days were done with the best intention.

    Anyway my campus life is now over. Here i’m in Kiama camp, Bayelsa state, smiling with uncertainty, hopes and fear. My past behind me.
    Nothing will make me throw stones at my fortune ever again.

    All i see are young cute guys standing close to me, smiling, and acting nice, Imagining things that will never happen.

    Hmmm their second name is SORRY.
    LOVE & SORROW is officially open


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    *episode 1*

    kiama camp {Bayelsa state} really wasn’t as i expected. Located in the {south} southern part of the country, i had expected to see massive hostels, adminstrative buildings and a good sports complex, but to my dismay the camp turned out to be an old school with poor hostels and structures. Oh yes we were told it was just a temporal camp..

    Pushing aside my disappointments, i hurried with my registration, secured a bed space, got my nysc kit and faced my new life with optimism. I had so much prayed to be a graduate and there i was a graduate and a prospective youth corper. I was finally there after a long journey that took few years of my life, and a large portion of my heart, leaving me very experienced and calculative.

    Amara my best friend was posted to Akwa-ibom state. It really pained me very much to be miles away from her, but i guess life has a way of doing things and she too has her own destiny to fulfill. I was in kiama camp, friendless with nobody to watch my back nor advice me…..

    “baby please be strong for me. Just take everything easy when you get there. I really have heard a lot of stories about camp life. Please don’t misbehave when you get there. I will forever be by your side” Chike had advised, a week before i headed to camp. He really was very loving and supporting, infact i couldn’t believe my eyes as twenty five thousand five hundred naira was handed over to me when i got to the bank the next day to collect the gift he sent me.. He truly knew how to make me happy, but my heart was yet to tremble for him.

    Mike on the other hand, offered to take me to Bayelsa but i humbly declined. I really couldn’t imagine being by his side for an hour, less alone being with him on a journey of two to four hours.

    People with clean conscience recover their happiness quickly. For myself i really was happy to be a graduate and a prospective corper, but unhappy with the way my love life turned out.

    “well i know everything is going to change for good” I assured myself hopefully, gasping in shock as two strong palms blind-folded me.

    “hahahahaha i just got you shocked” a boy laughed, releasing his hold. I turned to see a young boy of about twenty three smiling down at me with full confidence, his eyes on my tag. I smiled back eyeing his white top and knicker, very surprised over what he just did.

    “welcome to platoon 7, my name is Daniel” he introduced. I nodded, rolling my eyes.

    To be continued.

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    “so how do you see the camp?” he asked with a smile.

    “well it’s cool sha” i replied, trying to be nice.

    “abi??” he laughed, quickly switching over to another topic. Daniel really was a very social and likeable person, even though he talked alot, which i disliked.
    He truly made my second day at the camp very lively and at the end of the day, we ended up exchanging phone numbers.

    But he really wasn’t the only one i gave my phone numbers that day. I gave to Ikenna at the dinning hall, kunle at the pavillion, Harrison at the kitchen and some others i forgot their names. Hmmmm boys were simply everywhere, swarming on we helpless girls like flies. Using different tricks to get close to us.

    I truly had no problem with giving out my phone numbers. We all were matured adults who knew exchanging phone numbers with the opposite sex dosen’t mean we were into each other. Unfortunately some boys thought so. From the moment they got my phone number, they became a pest, a parasite, infact a bug, making me regret ever giving out my phone numbers to them. They called every minute, demanded to know my every movement, a times very possessive with the calls that i began to wonder what had come over them.

    Nevertheless, boys made camp life very sweet, interesting and entertaining. Camp life really would have been boring without their presence, and silly behaviour of few.

    I quckily became good friends with my bunk mate Bisi. A very beautiful, well exposed girl from lagos state university. Even though we grew up with different beliefs, there was this attraction and respect that we felt for each other, which truly brought us together.

    “can you believe i have given out my phone numbers to almost thirty boys in just three days” she said to me as we freshened up after evening parade {day 3}. I smiled and shrugged.

    “they keep asking for phone numbers, especially my platoon boys and i always oblige. You never can tell who will help you tomorrow” she laughed.

    “my only advice is for us to use our head when dealing with boys” i jokingly murmured.

    “and i wouldn’t have been here, if i havn’t been using my head” she laughed.
    “let’s go eat indomie jare, i know some boys will join us before we finish and luckily for us will pay the bill” she added with a cunning smile.

    “seriously i hate accepting such favour from boys. You know boys reason alike” i complained as we headed out. She smiled, pinching me as she eyed a girl who was dancing naked as she dressed up.

    “boys are very silly. In three weeks we will all be posted to various zones, some across water. So the game is to play hide and seek till we get our posting letters, not even a will get down with a boy in this terrible compressed camp. There isn’t any privacy anywhere. My friend, i came to this camp with ten thousand Naira, and i sure will head home with at least eight thousand naira out of it, are you with me or not?” She asked. I breathed deeply and smiled.

    “sure i’m with you. I like being with the winning team” i answered, drawing out smiles from her face.

    Sure i love being with the winning team, but the last thing on my mind, was to throw stones at my destiny ever again. Nothing in this world will make me do that….

    Anyway three weeks is still a whole lot of time. Whatever will be will be.

    To be continued.

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