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    A short story written by P.B.N
    Contact/Watsapp: 07033627264
    Email: pbnstarlet@yahoo.com

    NOTE: No copying, reposting, or reproducing of this story without legal consent of the writer

    Eric walked into the parking lot, waiting for their driver to come pick him up. It was his last day of secondary school which made him felt extremely relieved

    He lived with his uncle in town while his parent resides at their village making up with their family farm lands and engaging in small petty trades. They sell the products of their farm to purchase what they do not produce and save the remnant of the sale

    Eric groaned as he leaned on a land rover that was parked at the school parking lot, the driver he was waiting for was just an ass as he usually refer him because the man was a chronic drunk and never show up on any assignment on time. Eric wondered why his uncle still keeps him despite the fact that he knew the life style of the man. He will not allow the driver’s behaviour to ruin his present happy moment

    “Hey” he heard the most angelic voice he has never heard from any girl in that school. He turned to see the most beautiful creature he has ever seen frowning at him. He wondered if the girl was newbie in the school because he has never seen her before. He turned as he rested his leg backward on the tyre of the car with his hands crossed around his chest

    “Hi beauty” he smiled trying to be calm because he was very nervous and a good look from the girl will expose him. He has never been in any fruitful relationship and he always finds it difficult to speak with girls because he never had the chance to associate with people due to the location of their house. His only chance to mingle with people was only at school because the schedule of their church never grant him opportunity to speak with anybody no matter how he tried

    “I want to enter my car” she rudely said without replying him pointing to the car that Eric was leaning on as he was blocking the driver’s door. Eric stared at her in aware not knowing what to say because he found himself in missed feeling of anger and fulfilment. Fulfilment because that was the first time he was able to stare at a girl’s face without looking away. He dropped his leg on the ground and straightened his tie

    “I am sorry beauty, didn’t know it was yours, was waiting for my driver to come pick me up** he gleamed while the girl stared at him without uttering anything. Eric finds himself smiling because he never understands the sudden courage he was mustering before the girl. The girl bite her lip as she wondered why he was smiling.

    “I am Eric and you….” he said as he moved closer to her. He took the opportunity to study the beautiful face of the girl. Her eyes were deep blue and her chocolate skin glittered under the hot sun. Her hair was curly loosed as it fell backward. Her lip was full and pink with a long eye brow which matched her oval like face

    “Why should i tell you my name when you are here wasting my time?” she rudely replied for the umpteenth time. Eric felt angry but that will never make him feel like a coward, moreover, the girl involved was his dream girl and no insult from her will have any effect on him

    “I told you my name and you…..” Eric began but the girl cut him short

    “I never asked for your name, i just asked for you to give me chance to enter my car that is all. Why would you have to take that as an opportunity to ask me questions?” she angrily replied while Eric only smiled. He was liking the courage of the girl, everything about her

    “I am sorry if i am frustrating you but i only asked of your name and nothing more” he confidently replied while the girl shrugged in resignation and Eric smiled once again

    “Okay, my name is Ann. Can i go now?” the girl asked. Eric stared at the girl again; the name was of no use to him because he was not sure if he was going to be able to return to the school again

    “A beautiful name for a beautiful angel” he smiled “I will give you chance to have access to your car if you will only give me your phone number” he pressed on

    The girl looked at Eric like he has asked her for her precious virginity. She thought for sometimes but couldn’t come up with any reason for giving a total stranger her phone number and she equally didn’t see any reason why she wouldn’t ditch out her number to him because he looked cool and not in any way harmful

    “Why should i give you my number?” she heard herself asked rather than speak

    “I don’t mean any harm, i just want to be friend” Eric replied scanning her face will the girl looked away.

    “Okay” she replied and scribed her number on a sheet of paper and handed it to him because they were not allowed to come to school with electronics as the school provide them with everything they needed

    “Thanks” Eric muttered as he pocketed the paper “i will give you a call” he added as the girl stared at him from inside the car while he smiled and winked at her. Ann drove her car slowly looking on the side mirror to have a view of Eric

    Just as Ann was out of the school compound, Eric spotted their driver approaching. He rushed to him not allowing him to park. His happiness has no limit, from been free from secondary problems as he termed it to coming in contact with his dream girl. He equally noticed a bit change in their driver. He was clean and obviously not drunk like he usually used to and he stared at him in surprise.

    “I know that you will be surprised but i no longer take alcohol, all thanks to your advice” the driver smiled. “This is not happening” he muttered within himself. Not only has he stopped drinking, he was also speaking English unlike his usually broken pidgin (Real pidgin)


    Ann couldn’t understand her feelings as she drove home. All she wished was to reach home safely because she was feeling somehow; she couldn’t understand the butterflies she felt when she stared at Eric. “No, this is not happening” she muttered. She has never fallen in love with any guy and this will not be the first but it has already been the first. She tried to fight the feeling but she only find herself loving everything about him; how he spoke, his voice, confidence and stature. She finds herself wishing to see him, to lay on his chest, for him to caresses her tender soft body. She felt a tingling between her legs as she imagined wrapping her lips with his

    She alighted from his car and rushed back to close the gate. She dashed into his room with full speed like she was been pursued by ghosts knocking out many things in their sitting room. She threw off her school uniform and tossed herself on her bed with her inner wears on.

    Ann was the only daughter of her father. Her father was a principal in another school at another town. She lived alone unless when her father returned during the weekend or vacation because her mum was late.

    She brought out her phone to check if any new number will be calling but none came which made her feel disappointed. She wanted to hear his voice; she wanted him to make her laugh. All she thinks of was all about Eric that she forgot about the hunger that has been disturbing her from school


    Eric entered the parlour to see his uncle seated on the couch which was unlike him because he is supposed to be at his office

    “Good afternoon sir” he greeted as he walked toward his bedroom

    “Good afternoon Eric” his uncle replied and he stopped on his track in astonishment. Many things seemed changed over some hours. His uncle never replied his greetings clearly, only murmuring some incoherent answers. That was how they have been living for years now. “Why does he reply him this warmly and even adding his name?” He asked himself.

    “I will like to have some words with you immediately you are done with your lunch” His uncle requested rather than command as he usually do

    “Okay sir” Eric replied as he hurriedly entered his room. He was too stunned at everything that has been happening to him since the turn out of the day. He became anxious at what his uncle wanted to tell him as he rushed his food and joined his uncle in the sitting room

    “Eric, firstly, i want to apologise for the cold treatment i have been giving you over the years. I d’ tell you that i have been suffering with my business, the company was falling which made me lose my mind. I knew that i would have explained things to you because you are very intelligent but i don’t want to disturb you with my problems but thank God that everything is now okay” his uncle started and he could feel the pain in his voice

    “No problem uncle, i knew that there must be something behind your sudden change and i am not angry about it as far as you are okay” Eric truthfully replied while his uncle patted his back gently

    “ I got you a car and i think you will like it. You could go out as much as you want as from now but to try return home on time and always take good care of yourself” His uncle smiled at him handing him a new car key.

    Eric was too stunned to utter a word. A car for him? He wiped his face to make sure that he was not dreaming. He stared at the car key on his palm and slapped himself very hard on the cheek to make sure he wake up if he was dreaming which made his uncle laughed at him

    “You are not dreaming Eric. I have been planning on getting you one before my problems but now that i am okay, i decided to make it the first thing i will do” He said as he stared at him calmly

    “Thank, you Uncle” Eric shouted as he made to go on his knee but his uncle held him. “Don’t do that” his uncle laughed as he drew him back on the seat

    “i will like to meet your girlfriend and if you don’t have one, i will wait till you do but try to introduce her to me” his uncle surprisingly asked

    “What?” Eric shouted in ecstasy

    “And I will be travelling to village tomorrow, i will like to establish a sound business for your parents” his uncle said and stood up as he made to walk away

    “Uncle, Wait” Eric shouted as he rushed to his uncle. “i will never forget this, you will never regret this, i promise to make you prou…………

    “Shhhh…” his uncle stopped him “you can go and check the car, it is parked beside the water tank” he said as he entered into his room very satisfied while Eric jogged out of the house happily

    To Be Continued

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    Episode 2

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    final episode

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    Ride on

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    Wow, luvin dis

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    Bring it on, pls

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    Wow nice story kip it rolling

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    Abeg continue

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