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    WARNING ⚠️ this story is based on imagination, creativity and so much effort. no part of this story should be reproduce or rewrite by any other author. it contains strong language..


    This is the story of lucifer, yeah the satan you know, this story is all about how he was casted from heaven but decided to settle in africa 🌍 nigeria to be precise..
    NB:once again this story is based on pure imagination, and what so ever offensive language you find in it please forgive the writer, for it might be against ones religion on belief 🙏

    As it is in heaven, the supreme one seats upon his mighty throne, watching over the little ones (humans). with mother creature sitting on He’s right hand side, with all the angels and saints of heaven, engaging in One activities or the other.. Some heavenly angels are sent on mission on earth to wrestle evil powers, some are sent to be messengers while others are also sent to be protector and guardian of the little ones.
    The heavens is an exceptional beauty, filled with glory, power and mighty. Among the angles of heaven, they are those of them who accept whatever mission there are been given without them complaining. As it is here on Earth 🌎 so it is in heaven,different department which all the angels engaged in without them being idle. Among the choir department in heaven was an angle whom the supreme one cherish so much. He is the most beautiful thing the heavens has ever made, with the sweetest voice ever heard, his voice in praises and worship magnifies the throne of the heavens, his name LUCIFER. He was regarded as lucy for short, he was loved by all the angels and saints of heaven they all cherished him so much, so does the supreme one.. But Lucy has a weakness which was his pride and arrogance. he was so pompous and considers him self the best of the best, at times when he is wrong the supreme one will over look him because of the love he has for Lucy. this made Lucifer very proud, concidering himself equal to the supreme one. even when the supreme one feels like he lives lucy in charge of so many things, the supreme one was indeed aware of what he himself is doing likewise everything going on in the heavens and the earth 🌎. Everything was going perfectly okay until Lucy began to rebel against the supreme one and his throne of glory. At first it all started like a joke until some low angles started taking lucifer side. lucifer began to cause commotion, even when he is asked to do something he boldy will refuse, little did he know that he was drawing nearer to his downfall. with the lower Angels on his side he considers himself owner of all, untill a faithful when a human was created by the supreme one in heaven and he instructed lucy to deliver the child to a woman womb on earth. Although Lucy was not a messenger but the supreme one has a reason for everything thing. lucifer gladly accepted the message with his own cunning intention, the journey from heaven to earth was smooth for lucifer and he arrived successfully, and waited patiently for night fall before he could deliver the child to the woman.
    Slowly but eventually night came and in no time lucifer was beside the bed of a sleeping woman he was about delivering the child when something caught his attention. The woman was such a beauty, lucifer stood transfixed glaring at the sleeping beauty, this is a pleasing sight he thought to himself he slowly removed the duvet covering the woman, holy heaven he swallowed hard looking at the naked woman before him, he had an instant erection.
    why will I have an erection? is this a test from the supreme1 or am I being a devil. yeah I want to be a devil so badly but this isn’t the way I want it not yet.but how can I leave such a satisfying sight.. something must be done.

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