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    Sequence 1
    Writer; Angie Montes
    Now am certain everyone has at least had that one lazy day where they just want to stay indoors and maybe watch a movie, snuggle up to their partner and make lazy love. The latter is exactly what I wanted but unlucky me William was at work, on Women’s day which is a public holiday.
    My husband’s work was his main priority recently, it seemed. And even though the fact that he was spending less time with me was slowly eating me up, I just had to play mature and understand that my William really needed this job, he really did.
    Am ranting about a job such that someone out there must be wondering what sort of job William did, right? Well he was someone’s personal assistant. A woman’s personal assistant. No, no, no! He wasn’t cheating on me with the forty something year old woman who happened to be acquainted with my father.
    How do I know? I aint no stalker but I’d done some snooping.
    Dad, he had never liked William since the word go. Why? Because I was my parents’ only surviving child. Mum had had 3 miscarriages before having me and she had three more consecutive miscarriages after I was born so my parents pampered me because they adored me, I was their gem.
    They’d sent me to the best schools they could afford and gave me almost all I needed even though they both were just mere teachers at different schools in Mumbwa where I grew up. Now we all know teachers were under paid back then, some still are.
    Anyway, it didn’t sit well with Dad when I told him I was getting married to a bus driver.
    “At least find someone who’s got a decent job, sweetie,” Dad had softly said. “I have nothing against William but you yourself are unemployed and you want to get married to a bus driver?”
    “What matters is her feelings for him, Darling,” mum had said.
    I was grateful. “And Dad, I have a bachelor’s in business administration, I’ll look for work.”
    “And that’s exactly what you’ve been doing ever since you got that bachelor’s, Anna. Have you landed any decent job yet?”
    There was no point arguing with him, he’s too stubborn.
    Yes, am Anna so don’t nobody go putting an ‘H’ either at the beginning or end of my name..Am simply Anna, A-N-N-A.
    So I’ve been married to William for almost 6 years now and for two he’s been working for Lady Valerie who owns a music company. What do you call them music companies? I honestly never paid much attention whenever William was going on and on about it.
    Today as always, he was out of town on some business errand and I was home alone, sulking while watching a terrible romance movie. Fifty shades of Grey which in my opinion should have been called Fifty shades of Shit. Excuse you, I know lots of people fancy the movie but I ain’t one of them. And the fact that Anastasia aka Ana let Christian treat her the way he did really sickened me.
    Somebody knocked on my door, softly. I got up from my couch and lazily dragged my feet as I went to check who had come.
    “Who is it?”
    “It’s Coreen, you lazy monkey.”
    A smile appeared on my least someone remembered I existed. I opened the door wide and hugged my best friend, ushering her to the living room.
    “You’re glowing,” I told her as she sat. “Spill the beans.”
    I’d known Coreen for 8 years now, we’d met in college and had instantly clicked. Which hadn’t been the case with William whom I’d thought was just one rude bus driver at first when he tried to run me over with his vintage bus. Oh I had been really mad, yelled obscene stuff at him which he yelled back, telling me to f--k off and go to hell.
    The next time I saw him was at a friend’s party where we recognised each other and he apologized, I forgave him and apologized too. We then became friends, lovers and boom, we were married in less than a year.
    “What makes you think am glowing?” Coreen blushed.
    “I know you, Mrs. Coreen Cephas Mwaba.”
    “It’s Coreen Hachilenge, Cephas Mwaba is his own person.”
    I couldn’t help laughing. “I thought he was your husband.”
    “Who just managed to knock me pregnant,” she stifled a giggle.
    To say hearing the news left me happy and envious at the same time is an understatement. Don’t you go concluding, I wasn’t barren. It’s William who didn’t want a child yet saying he had to make some money first and so he ensured I was on the pill which without his knowledge I’d stopped taking for over a week now and he hadn’t even made love to me for over two weeks, what a happy marriage.
    “No,” I gasped in disbelief. Coreen and her husband had been trying to have a child for 3 years. “That’s the best news ever!”
    “I know. That’s why I came here, to share it with you, Anna.” she sighed and glanced around. “I assume William is not yet back..”
    “You assume right,” I sadly smiled. “But hey, this news calls for celebration! Why don’t we go out? Let me just get dressed.”
    He smelled of Protex when he joined me in bed from the bathroom. I wrapped my hands around his torso and kissed his lips, his neck and nipples.
    “Stop,” William wearily said. “Am exhausted.”
    I sat up in bed, frustrated. He had come home earlier that evening and I was really longing to feel my husband inside me again. I was very married and 28 years old so I had every right to want to feel my husband’s touch. To get intimate with him.
    “William, you’ve been tired for over a fortnight now. Truth be told, am starting to get tired too.”
    “Baby,” he sat up as well. “Lady Valerie will give me a break soon, I promise I’ll make it up to you.”
    “Don’t make promises you can’t keep. By the way, Coreen’s pregnant.”
    “Am happy for her and her husband, that’s great news!”
    “Really?” I snorted. “And to think that they have been married for less than 6 years, huh?”
    “What is that supposed to mean, Anna?”
    “Good night, Willy dear.”
    I switched off the light and pretended to sleep. At least I knew I’d given him something to think about.
    Friday, which was the day after, found me at Coreen’s. Boredom was killing me back at my place so I decided to take a bus from Roma and pay Coreen a visit back in I PHI where she and her husband stayed. Cephas had lots of money, lucky Coreen so they could afford most of the things money could buy that William and I couldn’t afford.
    For example, Coreen drove an expensive car. That aside, i knocked on the door and the maid ushered me into the house where I bumped into Cephas and some smartly dressed Indian man who looked kinda mixed race. His slim suit had fit him perfectly and his cologne was to die for.
    “Anna,” Cephas hugged me. “Coreen’s in the bedroom. Am seeing my cousin out.”
    Cousin.. well the cousin was gorgeous.
    The gorgeous cousin shook my hand. “Am Rajesh Sharma, nice to meet you- I didn’t quite get your name.”
    “Anna,” he sheepishly uttered. I loved the way my name rolled off his tongue.
    “See you,” Cephas emphasized and they walked the door.
    I looked at my palm and couldn’t believe it had come into contact with Rajesh’s. When I closed my eyes, all I could see was Rajesh and I making passionate love on some bed in an expensive hotel room.
    Devilish thought for a married woman, I know but I just couldn’t help the lust which was the genesis of my downfall.
    To be continued..

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    @myraruby it has been long I called u
    Come and sit with me in the front

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    seated……. @skyblueking where are you

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    Ride on

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    @myraruby it has been long I called u
    Come and sit with me in the front

    seems u have found my replacement bt it’s ok

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