Mary’s Rebirth

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    E choke am. Ehehehe

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    did she remember you?

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    Anabel looked breathlessly at me immediately she recognized me. “Mary Ann?” She stepped back in shock.

    “You know each other?”Raymond asked with a surprised glint in his eyes.

    Before i could say a word, she held my hand and pulled me out of the hospital.

    Fear was in her eyes as she stared at me. “How come you are still alive?”.

    Did she think that I would be so easy? Of course I was going to pretend that I had no grudge against her. That was the only way I was going to be able to get my way. I smiled and held her hand in mine. “Anabel, how have you been? I missed you so much”.

    She didn’t seem to believe me. “You liar…”. She muttered and pulled off my gripse. “I threw you off the river”.

    “You didn’t throw me off the river, you tried to help me out”. I manipulated her.

    She was confused. “Is that what you remember?”.

    “What i remember? This is not about what I remembered. This is about what happened. You tried to help me out of the bridge that day”.

    “Mary Ann, did you loose your memory?”.

    “No, but I remember how you tried to help me out of the bridge that night but you couldn’t because of my weight”. I fired at her and noticed that she finally believed me. I hugged her. “How have you been?”.

    She released me and touched my cheek. “I am so relieved that you are finally alive”.

    I nodded and touched her cheek. “You want to marry Raymond? I thought you wanted me for him those days? Why did you take him for yourself after I disappeared?”.

    “No, my father was the one that arranged the marriage. I don’t even want it to happen”. I watched the idiot lie consciencelessly.

    “Can you convince your dad to not make the marriage happen? If you don’t do that, I will deny you as my friend”. I smiled when I noticed the discouragement in her eyes. “Will you do that for me?”.

    She nodded.

    “I will visit you today, best friend. Its been a while since I saw your family. Those good old days”. I watched her conscience eat her up and she walked back into the hospital gloomily.

    How I wish she knew how prepared I was to deal with her.

    “Mary Ann is alive!!!”. Anabel cried out immediately she got to her step mother’s room.

    Her brother was also there discussing with her step mom when she came in.

    They were very shocked to hear the news.

    “How come? You never released her that day”. Fabian said in confusion.

    “I kicked her forever!!!”. Anabel cried out frustratedly.

    “But have you forgotten the way you wished that she was alive that day? Probably your dream somehow worked”. Her step mum reminded her.

    (Flash back).

    Anabel screamed immediately she realized that she had kicked her friend into the river. “What have I just done? Somebody help me!!!”. She squatted helplessly on the floor and wept uncontrollably in her hands.

    She stopped short when she heard a car hum behind her.

    She turned.
    It was Fabian, her brother.
    He got off his car and lifted her to her feet. “Come, let’s go home!”.
    She sobbed. “Fabian, please tell me that she is still alive. Please tell me, I am begging you”.
    “She survived somewhere in the river”. He knew that it was so impossible but he had to say that word to cheer her up.


    Anabel fumed. “I was a child then. I wanted her to be alive because I was a child, but now, I have the mind to kill her myself when the time finally comes”.

    “Did she threaten you?”. Lilibeth asked.

    “Can you imagine? She told me that the only memory that exists in her head concerning that night that I had pushed her into the river was of me helping her out of the bridge and not pushing her into the river”.

    Fabian stifled laughter. “You believed her?”.

    “I stared into her eyes and realized that she was saying the truth! Mary doesn’t believe that I kicked her into the river! She still trusts me so much that she even asked me to leave Raymond for her!!!”.

    Fabian and her step mom exchanged glances.

    There was a knock at the door.

    Fabian walked to open.

    It was maid Anita.

    She bowed. ” One Mary Victor says she is looking for the full family that lives in this house”.

    “Mary???”. Fabian and Lilibeth chorused.

    Anabel gasped. “She told me that she was going to visit today!!! How could I have forgotten???”

    I smiled cluelessly as I sat on the cushion and looked around the big mansion of the Thompsons.

    It had been repainted several times but it was still arranged the same way.

    No change.

    No refurbishing.

    I heard them walk in from behind but I pretended to be so engrossed in my phone.

    You need to see the drama that Anabel’s step mother and brother acted when they saw me.

    They jumped on me and began to hug and kiss me.

    Trust me, I played along with them.

    All through my visit, Fabian threw glances, trying to use his x-ray eyes to check if I remembered anything about that night.

    Well as far as they were concerned, I didn’t remember anything.

    Raymond Roland had a desire of making a school of his own but he was always discouraged by his father anytime he brought the idea because his father was not in support of it.( My father had given me this information).

    I could help him with the idea and penetrate into his life from there.

    If I had known earlier that he was from such an influential family, I would have shot my shot during teenagehood and created more memories with him.

    Well my point still stands. I was never going to allow Anabel get so lucky in life after all she had done in the past and was still planning to do.

    I watched him walk into the company’s cafeteria.

    Everyone was always scared of sharing a table with him while he ate, but trust the gutful Mary Ann that I was.

    I dropped my tray on his table and sat before him. His eating habit had not changed since high school. “Hi Ray!”. I waved and continued eating.

    He was surprised at me but he didn’t say a word and continued eating.

    I sipped from a glass. “I can help you create the school you have always been longing to create”.

    He was shocked. “How on earth did you find out about that?”

    “My dad told me. Give me the financial ability, let me create your dream”.

    He was really surprised. “Why do you want to fulfill my dream for me?”.

    I shrugged. “I share your dream. I have a special love for children so doing that wouldn’t be a bother”.

    He watched me for a moment before he finally said, “deal”.

    Instead of announcing like I did the other day that I was going to visit, I caught the Thompsons unaware that evening.

    The maids allowed me in without announcing to anyone that I had arrived because of the way they had received me the last time that I came.

    Mr George Thompson was about leaving the house when i arrived. “Mary!they told me that you visited the other day! How have you been?”.

    I smiled good-naturedly at him. “I have been good. I won’t forget your good deeds that you did for me when I was little. You paid my school fees”.

    He smiled and patted me on my shoulder. “Don’t fail to tell me if you still need anything”.

    “Can I request for one thing sir?”

    He was surprised that I already had a request. “Tell me then”.

    “Cancel the wedding between your daughter and Raymond. She told me two days ago that she is totally against the wedding but she doesn’t know how to tell you”.

    “Was that what she told you? Anabel was the one that begged to marry the man in the first place”.

    I shrugged. “She just changed her mind. I await your response sir”. I walked to their second parlour and Fabian was there, drinking alcohol.

    He didn’t even notice when I came in.

    He drank the alcohol from the bottle.

    He opened another bottle and poured into his mouth.

    As he did so, I sighted a familiar ring on his pinky.

    I moved closer and recognized the ring.

    It was the exact ring that the man that had raped me nine years ago had worn that night.

    Fabian was the teenage boy that raped me nine years ago.


    Onyekachi Ikeh.

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    Fabian has just joined the list…next

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    imagine brother and sister wrong you

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    Hmm, the brother and sister might even know of your mother’s death. Next please

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    Alabama clear road 4 dem joor

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