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    Chapter 1

    Crimson Wolf and the Wolf of Shadows:

    There was a sligh irritant in the air, an unwelcomed presence drifting upon the wind like a heavy shadow; she could feel it though, it caused her no alarm

    Camillia, or cammic as she was known to small and selective group of friends. With her long red hair, like the colour of a fiery setting sun and eyes as sharp as the coolest of ice, her skin a succulent brown, natural of course, she was the most beautiful and sought after woman in the entire town. Her figure was that of a busty super model. Men of ages, worshipped the ground she walked on. And the fact she was a werewolf only added to her Goddess like supreme beauty. She could turn into a blood red wolf whenever she wanted. Because of her red hair, hair that no ne had ever seen before, she had been given the name the Crimson Wolf by the locals.

    She and her twin sister were the only werewolves in the town, she being the oldest twin and the strongest, she was the true owner of the land.

    Her sister, Eva, was truly pathetic. While Camellia’s wolf form was a true essence of beauty, Eva’s was somthing she considered to be incredibly dull. Honesty, her fur was white as snow and her eyes a gentle chocolate brown.

    If she could, Eva would perfer to have their territory open to any wondering wolf, allowing them refuge, or treating or healing their wounds.

    No wolf would get pass her, not with her knee senses that was matched by none.

    Which was why she was stalking her town darkened streets; there was a new wolf in the town and he was following her. All day she had sensed the unwanted presence of another wolf, a male one and he seemed quite arrogant. She could tell by his scent alone. He obviously thought he could catch her unaware.

    “I know you’re following me, bastard”, Camillia growled. “Stop being such a coward and show yourself. Unless of course, you’re frightened by me?”

    The sound of paws scrapping across the concrete soon alerted her senses to the shadows behind her. Then from that shadowy place of darkness, a large wolf appeared. Larger than any she had encountered to date, yet did little to intimidate her.

    His fur was as black as the night sky, shinny and thick, while his eyes were as blue as the sky on a bright, cloudless summer’s day.

    “You are the resident werewolf, correct?” the mysterious wolf before her asked, his voice low and deep, husky and purposely seductive.

    “You’re looking at the Alpha wolf here, dumbass. Now I suggest you give me a good reason for being here and I might let you leave unharmed.

    The wolf said nothing in reagrd to her threat…

    “I am in search for my mate”, he finally admitted.

    That however, only earned Camellia’s ire. Yet another male who had heard of her striking beauty and power and wanted to calm her, her sexy body and wild lands as their own.

    It was so tiresome being this beautiful and powerful.

    “Well, blue-eyes, that’s rather unfortunate for you isn’t it?”

    Camellia said as she studied her nails in a dramatic display of boredom and disinterest.

    “If you came all this way to woo me, you’re wasting your time. I’m Queen here and I submit to no one. If you want to be my mate, you will submit to me, you understand? Of course, you can try to take me, but it will be your grave”.

    Astonishingly, the wolf before her simply quirked his head to the side, seemingly unfazed by her warning and threat. Suddenly, he moved with a speed she had never seen and appeared threateningly in front of her. So sudden was his appreance that Camillia unwillingly, and surprisingly foolishly, took a step back. Still, he stood hunched before, looking ready to pounce.

    He, unexpectadly, sniffed her for her scent with a twitch of his nose but then, much to Camillia’s surprise, he snorted in what could be described as mocking amusement. His canine features almost shifting into a smirk as he pulled away from her. He seemed conceited and smug about something.

    Camellia growled threateningly in her throat. It was obviously that he has just sensed great strength and was probably in the process of thinking up a seductive plan to win her over.

    What a fool. She was the great Crimson Wolf. She would submit to no one.

    The mysterious werewolf snorted with a sense of mirth at her as he slowly began to slink back into the shadows, his blue eyes watching her carefully.

    “Just as I had anticipated”, he murmured with a growl, “Hardly a threat”.

    “I will show you a threat”, Camellia snarled viciously, dangerously, her ice coloured eyes narrowing in a frightening manner.

    “Do not underestimate me for my gender, fool”.

    Another chuckled rung out like an owl’s call in the night before he disappeared into the shadows, his heady, manly scent floating away on the wind like an earthy aftershave.

    And he left Camillia feeling absolutely pissed off!

    To Be Continue…..

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    I love werewolf stories

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    right here

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    ride on

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    nxt pls

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    Chapter 2

    Abusive Wolf and into the Wolf’s Den:

    Camillia was more than pissed off when she tailed her way back home,a grand house on the outskirts of town. This mansion once belonged to her parents,both of which are dead now. Her mother killed her father in a jealous rage when she found out he was cheating on her with a pathetic little half-vampire,half-werecat. She then killed herself afterwards,in front of Camllia and her twin.

    “Oh,you’re back”,came the voice of her sister, Eva. She was a lanky female,scrany and weak;her dull blond hair was messy and lingering around her face,and her skin was sorta pale,nothing like her beautiful bronze skin.

    Camillia snarled and lashed out at her,striking her across the face with the back of her hand. She was in no mood to deal with her weak and pathetic twin sister. Eva then unleashed a howl of pain when Camillia decided to kick her in the ribs as she lay on the floor,relinquishing some of her frustrations of the pervious encounter.

    “Don’t talk to me fool”, she literally spat at her. “Don’t pretend that you worry about me. I know you’re hoping this new werewolf would control me,don’t you?”

    “New werewolf?” She wheezed from the floor as she clutched her cheek.

    “Yeah. He’s looking for his mate. Which happens to be me,apparently”.

    “Are you sure?” Eva whimpered at her.

    Camillia slowly turned to face her. Had she really just asked her that question? “Well,who else could he be after?” she asked her twin with a swift flick of her tongue “You?”

    She then laughed hysterically at the thought. Pathetic little, Eva,a mate to a werewolf?

    “Now that’s f-----g hilarious!”

    “I didn’t mean that way”, Eva tried to back pedal. “I mean, what if he has been going from town to town looking for his mate?”

    Camillia stopped laughing and rolled her eyes at her twin’s stupidity. “I’m known as the Crimson Wolf. Jackass. It’s obviious that he’s heard of me and has come to make me his mate. Now stop being a dickward and get me my dinner! Sheesh,what else are you good for?”

    Eva simply nodded her head,wincing as she placed her hands on her ribs. She then moved further into the kitchen to get Camillia her dinner like she had ordered.

    “You’re not as legendary as you like to think”. Eva muttered,but fortunately for her,Camillia didn’t seem to hear her.

    Then,a howl broke through the still of the night.

    That stupid shadowy colour wolf was back and he had actually had the gall to encroach on her homely domain! How arrogant and conceited could he possibly be?

    Camillia snarled,her hackles rising up as she dashed outside into the night,ready to show the newcomer in town how much of threat she was.

    Eva watched as her sister ran into the darkness, forsaking the open front door, instead using the thankfully open window as her leverage to leap off in an overly dramatic way. Her eyes set into a fearsome glare of hatred,her lips pulled back into a snarl.

    She truly loved to make things overly theatrical.

    Her twin sister had changed so much over the years. She was never this cruel or ruthless in their younger years, nor was she ever this violent toward her. Eva really couldn’t point out the moment in time where she changed, but if she hazard a guess, it was a few weeks after their parents died; father was a bank manager while their mother was a teacher at the local primary school. They had both died when she and Camllia were about to turn 15 years old,a whole three years ago now.

    After that,Camillia turned rebel and did everything she could to get into trouble and caused trouble for those in the community. Some thought it to be nothing more than a cry for help,but she only grew more reckless.

    Especially after realizing their werewolf gifts that their father had placed upon them. She thought of herself as really unstoppable then.

    But she was going to get herself killed one of these days,she wasn’t as highly sought after or as powerful as she liked to think of herself to be. She was rude,brash,and really quite irresponsible.

    Why Eva continued to stay here,endearing her abuse,but didn’t not know. Maybe she felt it was her duty to try to keep her out of trouble. She was a werewolf too,but she would never,ever strike out at her.

    B---h or not,she was her twin.

    While Camllia tried to dominate and make enemies of the wandering wolves,who happen across their town in secret,Eva much preferred offering them a sense of sanctuary,she wanted to prove to them,to show them that violence wasn’t always the answer.

    Wolves,after all,were also renowed for their intelligence,companisonship and loyalty. They weren’t braineless beasts.

    A chill suddenly raced up Eva’s spine and a new scent touched her overly-sensitive nose. A scent she had never smell before overwhelmed her,actually,and quite surprisingly,made her feel dizzy with a sense of something she had never felt before.

    Whipping around,she found her gaze colliding with that of an unknown wolf’s as she stood,unmarred and alone,in her house.

    To Be Continue.

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