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    It all started during my days in secondary school, when I meet all kinds of girls both the good ones and the bad ones. I went my secondary school here in Lagos and I must testify that lagos girls are bomb. And they are ready to give you what you want since you have the money, like me I don’t have money but I really have what they want, guess what? I have the brain to solve their mathematics, physics and chemistry problems. I am science student and a computer guru. One day, I was bored at home and I decide to stroll around, on my way I started thinking of any available football field where I can watch people training. I decided to go to one popular field we normally gather and play football after school our{EBENE…….} So i headed straight to that field. On getting there, I decide to sit on one concrete pavement, as I want to see down, I decide to look at my left hand side to check the kind of people that is there. Behold, I saw what tremble my body. I saw a beautiful black girl. Immediately I began to assess her, I sight the front side, chaiii her boobs is like two big water Mellon and i went on to assess her back side, chaiii there is God OO.. Immediately I sight her back side my d!ck answer me straight away, chaiii this one nah temptation oo. Bad thing start coming into my mind like how will i talk to this girl, how will I squeeze this two watermelon and how will I climb this massarati A$$. Like about 5mins of thinking I gather liver to meet her and am a shy type, to talk to a girl is always a big deal to me. Meanwhile she came to the field with one small girl. Immediately i observed that the small girl is with her, I ThankGod for showing me the way to approach her. I work straight to her and sit beside her. Without wasting time, I started playing with the small girl and like 4mins later I try to initiate a chat with her
    Me: hi am Rely
    She: hi am blessing (***chaiii blessing, wow omo this girl set sha ooo*** I taught for a while in my mind before the conversation continue) Me: is this your sister
    Blessing: No, she is my friend sister.
    Me: OK, do you live around
    Blessing: yes, this is my house (she pointed one public house beside the field gate) Me: I turn my head to see the house, I observed that it was a public house (*** for this girl with all this package to live in this kind of house.. She must have been gone so many place. Rely this is my time to bang this babe *** I taught )
    Me: wow that’s a nice place.
    Blessing: thank you dear
    Me: (****me dear***) immediately I heard that dear my d--k resurrect. We started talking like old friends Until I told her that I want to go, she saw me off and I went home. Since that day, the taught of blessing can’t escape my mind for once.. I start imagine how am going to invite her over to my place and squeeze and bang her p---y with immediate alacrity. ***Chaiii blessing you be temptation,*** I taught. I managed to sleep that night. All through that night I was having different dreams on how am banging blessing and she was moaning on high tempo. I can’t wait for evening to come so I can go to the field and check whether I will see my watermelon. At last evening came and I set on my missionary journey. When I reach the field I didn’t see her. Chaiii bad market I taught in my mind. Like 20 minutes later, I heard a voice from the gate side, ***that must be blessing*** I taught. I decided to look to be sure. Behold, what I saw was very very massive. I saw a young lady putting on legis and sleeveless top which reveal her red bra. ***chaiii today nah today *** immediately I sight her and saw her boobs and the red bra revealing, my d--k shout out immediately and I wore only play pant, *** which kind temptation be this nah. Immediately without wasting time, waved to her and she head directly to my side.
    Me: wow you look gorgeous
    Blessing: thanks dear
    Me: how are you
    Blessing: fine and you
    Me: cute (*** by that time I don’t even no what am saying again, kongi done hold me)
    Me: I like your top
    Blessing: thank you dear Conversation continues, until around 7:00pm that I want go home.
    Me: hi dear, I want to start going
    Blessing: why, is here boring?
    Me: not that dear, is already getting late
    Blessing: stay small please my love (*** immediately I heard my love,my head spark, and my spoony start making some unwanted move***)
    Me: OK dear, I will stay small because of you.
    Like 30 mins later , her phone rang and she excuse her self take the call, will I seated alone waiting for her to come back. She entered one small room without door and window,people normally stay there and and watch football match. My greatest surprise is when she finish making the call and she called me to join her in that room. *** my d!ck signal me immediately** I stand up and went there to meet her. She started telling me how she love me from the first day she say me..she talked like 10 more mins before we found our mouth coming together and finally our mouth lock together and kissing start. From kissing I locate her boobs and press it (*** chaiii this thing too big ooo and soft) We kissed like 15mins b4 she surprise me. She dipped her hand inside my busers and handle my spoony. I got the message, she wants sex.(*** chaiii this girl done finish me OO, and I no get condom with me how I go do dis and konji done hold me, should I forget condom and do this after all she did not look like someone who has HIV. chaiii this girl nah baaad girl***) I was still thinking why she did the worst.
    WATCH OUT FOR EPISODE 2 make sure u comment if u need episode 2 Don’t forget to share

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    Alright, let Ride On

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    Nice start

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    @fb-joshuajohn thanks guy for the iv

    come oo

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