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    let’s how your escapades will roll out

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    Ibrahim abiodun
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    o boy bad market

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    She will be like are you sure you love me
    And uncle we be like I swear on my great grand father grave i love you die

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    Nontex Dick
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    Her [email protected] was even ready before U came,so U don’t know

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    Nontex Dick
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    She was moaning…thesame thing that is doing your joystick is also doing her [email protected] and she held your…

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    Hehehe,hmm … What dey case bi

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    rely smile
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    Season1 Episode 9

    I was about to mount my joystick into her kitty cat when she held my joystick……
    Bb: rely remove that condom please
    Me: which condom?
    Bb: the one you are wearing
    Me: (with surprise face) why?
    Bb: I don’t like condom, I prefer flesh so we can enjoy it better.
    Me:(*** oloshi, you wan give me disease***) but we will still enjoy it with the condom
    Bb: please love
    We argued about removing and wearing the condom for about 3 minutes before she insert my joystick inside her mouth and s--k it for like 2 minutes and she gently remove the condom from my joystick. I didn’t say anything because all that full my head is to bleep. After she remove the condom, she lye on the bed and I lye ontop her( man on top style). I mounted my joystick and she moan slowly while I continue digging in and out. I bleep her like 5 minutes when we decided to change style. She stood up and push me to the bed( woman on top style) *** chaiii BBLONDON is sex guru*** she sat on top my d!ck and dip my joystick in her p---y. she started going up and down while I was moaning.
    <<<<<story by relysmile>>>>>>
    The style lasted for 7 minutes when she decided to give me d----e style ( my favorite style) I stood and she Neal down on the bed and place her hand on the bed, which reveals her A$$ very well so I can her a better penetration. I banged her with more energy. She was moaning on high tempo ( please give it to me, f**ch that A$$, oooh my goodness, oooh yeeh, damm it.) D----e style lasted for 10 minutes and i pulled out my joystick. She s--k my joystick until I c-m on her face. Both of us was very very weak so we decide to rest. We are still gisting when BBLONDON dozed off. I use that opportunity to sleep too. I was still sleeping when I feel someone tapping me. (Rely wake up). I woke up and it was Bblondon.
    Bb: were is bathroom, I want to take my bath and start going.
    Me: (check my time) it already 3:30
    Me: OK love
    I stood up and we both enter bathroom together to shower..we are done removing bra and bussers when our mouth lock together and we started kissing again. She s--k me like 4 minutes when she positioned in d----e style and I was spooning in and out. It lasted for 15 minutes before I c-m on her chest. We took our bath and I was still planning on how to convince her to sleep over. We came out of the bathroom together and she was still making up when I took my phone to call my master planner(Ttech).
    Ttech: hello bro
    Me: bro I dey ooo, please I have little problem now
    Ttech: you done f**ck her to death?
    Me: you know well
    Me: she say she wan go now
    Ttech: go kee!! Nooo she mush sleep over
    Me: how will I convince her?
    Ttech: it is very simple; tell her that you don’t have money at home to give her, that she should give you 5 minutes to rush to the ATM to widraw some money.
    Me: but I have enough money with me here
    Ttech : ode, tell her first, then after that, enter byke and come to my place
    Me: your place kee, why nah
    Ttech: you want her to sleep over abi?
    Me: yes
    Ttech: then do as I said
    Me: OK boss, but this should better bring good out come ooo.
    Ttech: trust me
    Me: OK ooo… How your side nah Ttech: omo, I dey with Chidimma since yesterday
    Me: chisos, baaad guy
    Ttech: omo, that girl baaad, she nearly finish me. She give me 12 styles today.
    Me: you don’t mean it, 12!!!
    Ttech: bro I done c-m tire… I don’t even know weather I still have sperm on my body now
    Me: chaiii that means I still dey learn work be that. Nah only 3 style Bblondon give me.
    Me: well, go buy banana eat ooo… To generate sperm back.
    Ttech: nah banana I dey eat like this
    Me: chaiii she still dey there?
    Ttech: yes nah, she they go tomorrow, this night go be fire.
    Me: joor oooo.. Take it easy bro, let me go and tell her as you said Ttech: OK nah, I dey wait for you
    I ended the call and went inside to tell blessing what Ttech said.
    Me: wow you look sweet
    Bb: thanks love
    Me: so how much do you need now to go back
    Bb: I want to buy some provisions, my provisions has finish
    Me:( ***gbagam no be only provisions, you will still buy vision pro***) wow, how much will be OK for you
    Bb: 5k will be OK
    Me: **** chisos oloshi 5k because I wan come pay your bride price mtcheeeeeew****
    Me: OK, but I don’t have any money with me here, just give 5 minutes to rush to the ATM and widraw some money.
    Bb: ooooh and you know am coming. I don’t like all this kind of a thing
    Me: am sorry love, I won’t stay long
    Bb: OK , I have heard you. You can go but don’t stay long ooo.
    Me: OK love.
    I went outside the gate and wave hand to a byke man to take me to Ttech place. On getting there, I knock on the door and I was shock on who opened the door….


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    rely smile
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    I went outside the gate and wave hand to a byke man to take me to Ttech place. On getting there, I knock on the door and I was shock on who opened the door…. As the door was opened, I saw a young lady with big boobs and massive A$$ putting on only bra and pant. (***Jesu,Ttech dey enjoy oo, omo see better babe ooo, how will I bang this babe now, chaiii see boobs like big paw paw and A$$ like venzer***) immediately I forgot that Bblondon is waiting for me at home and I decided to initiate a chat with her.
    Me: hi dear
    She: am fine handsome
    Me: ***omo see voice*** am rely and you?
    She: am Juliet
    Me: nice meeting you
    Juliet: same here
    Me: I must confess, I love you asset
    Juliet: wow, am blushing
    Me: what about tunji
    Juliet: he is inside.
    Two of us entered inside the house and I saw chidimma sitting on Ttech lap. We hug each other and I also greet chidimma who is also wearing only bra and pant. My joystick is already hard like iron. I was only thinking on how to bleep juliet before I go. We gisted for like 5 minutes when Ttech gave me sign to meet him outside.
    Ttech: weting be Bblondon problem gan gan
    Me: she wan go and I still want to bleep her this night, even tomorrow before she go.
    Ttech: you know what?
    Me: what boss!
    Ttech: you go stay here till 6:00pm, nah the plan be that
    Me: 6:00pm kee… What will I tell her if she call me on phone.
    Ttech: tell her that, there is too much cue on the ATM and you are the last person and it is only one ATM that is functioning. that she should give you more time. Since she did not have money to go, she don’t have any option than to wait for you and she can’t trek and go home.
    Me: chaiii this your brain they work sha
    Ttech: she must pay for all the recharge card you have been sending to her.
    Me: what if I got home around 6pm and she ask me for the money.
    Ttech: tell her that you are unable to widraw money that cue was much, if you are to wait, that you will stay there till 10pm but there is a solution.
    Me: what is the solution
    Ttech: tell her that you called me to help you with some money and I said I will bring it before 7pm.
    Me: but she will feel sad ooo
    Ttech : sad kee… Ones you got home, call me and put the phone in loud speaker in front of her.
    Me: why?
    Ttech: so I can finish the movie, just play along with me.
    Me: Ttech baba, Ttech baba joooor oooo my bad master planner. AY still dey learn work from your hand.
    Me: Ttech guess what?
    Ttech: She done give you HIV
    Me: you no well
    Ttech: then what?
    Me: Bblondon says I should give her 5k that she need to buy provisions.
    Ttech: pro what, in fact you are not giving her anything again, let her trek or she should go and sell her phone and use the money for T.F
    Me: haa Ttech that one nah wickedness ooo
    Ttech: see if you give her anything I will fight you ooo.
    Me: OK boss… Let tomorrow reach first
    Me: omo Ttech you dey enjoy ooo, see as you carry two girls they bleep .
    Ttech: I no dey bleep juliet ooo nah only chidimma.
    Me: omo that juliet set die…nah only her teeth spoil her. Her teeth too big. Shey you get condom for house?
    Ttech: why do you ask?
    Me: I want to bleep her before I go nah…or what do you think
    Ttech: see you that can’t ask a girl out talk less of bleeping a girl you just meet.
    Me: forget that done upgrade ooo..forget levels ooo..
    Ttech: ode, no go embarrass your self ooo
    Me: OK let’s bet it, if I bleep her you will give me 2k and if I didn’t bleep her I will give you 2k.
    Ttech: deal
    We both enter inside to see chidimma and juliet.


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