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    Ibrahim abiodun
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    your uncle is on the way

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    Bleep till your uncle come

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    make sure say u yarsh her well well. use all ur energy to bleep her

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    ur uncle would catch u bleeping

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    Remember u leave money for house o she go cary am run b4 u reach house

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    hmm you guys dey bet until girl ne??

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    rely smile
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    Me: OK let’s bet it, if I bleep her you will give me 2k and if I didn’t bleep her I will give you 2k.
    Ttech: deal
    We both enter inside to see ttech bae and juliet. Ttech told the two girls to go and prepare noodles while we decided to play our FIFA game with his laptop.
    Me: I go kill you today.
    Ttech: see you wey no sabi hold pad. I go beat you 10 zero today. Me: tunder fire you there. Because of this thing you said now, I will not pity you again.
    We start the game, is not up to first half and ttech has already beaten me 4 zero.
    Ttech: beg me ooo
    Me: u no well
    Ttech: I go make am 7 zero before first half go finish
    Me: I go equalize. I go make am.
    We are still busy with our game when the two girls entered with the plate of indomie. We ate together and played along while eating. I basically faced juliet to stylishly smooch her before everything go start. I was still thinking on how to bleep juliet and my 2k on stake if I can not bleep her when Bblondon call entered my phone. I went outside to answer the call.
    Me: hello love
    Bb: rely were are you nah? This is almost 4:30pm.
    Me: am so sorry baby, the cue is much. Just give me like 20mins.
    Bb: 20mins kee, then when will I go home?
    Me: am so sorry babe, I will soon come back
    Bb: please be fast, and please get me MTN if you are coming back.
    Me: OK love
    Bblondon hanged up, I went inside to update ttech on the call I made.
    Me: is blessing that called ooo
    Ttech: what did she say Me: she asked what is holding me and she requested for MTN card.
    Ttech: what did you tell her?
    Me: I did as you said nah. That cue is much…
    Ttech: your head they there and don’t buy any airtime for her
    Me: why nah
    Ttech: let her be using the ones you sent to her before.
    Me: haaa you hate this girl ooo.
    Ttech: forget that one joor, I no hate her, is just that I don’t want her to be billing you.
    Me: OK boss.
    We continued our game and Ttech later flog me 9 to 1. I change the channel to sound city and shout “dancing time”. Tunji and his Bae stood up and started dancing when me and juliet kept on stirring our self. I decided to make the move. I approach her and hold her waist with her A$$ resting on my d!ck. We rock till I was lost. I started making a move with my hand. I located her boobs and stylishly squeeze it and she didn’t resist me. I moved my hand down and locate her A$$ and I started romancing it. For about 15mins of the dance Ttech decided to go inside the room with his Bae and he left us behind in the parlor. We continue our dance and I kept on romancing her A$$ and she never resist. This time I tried to squeeze her breast when I had loud moan(aaagh, oooh, ooouch) from the room (*** chaiii Ttech done finish this girl ooo, omo see enjoyment***) I paused my hand and I decided to ask her.
    Me: what was that sound?
    Juliet: I guess is from inside the room
    Me: what are they doing?
    Juliet: what you are trying to do
    Me: (***chisos…omo see free ticket***)
    I moved my hand down to her pant immediately…


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Viewing 8 posts - 89 through 96 (of 385 total)
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