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    i was still lost in taught when I had a tap on my shoulder…
    Ttech: guy what happen
    Me: guy nah my uncle OO
    Ttech: what happen to him? He done die?
    Me: u no well. Nah your papa junior brother go die.
    Ttech: lolzzzz OK weting happen Gan Gan
    Me: I just came out of bathroom now with juliet and I checked my phone only to see missed call from my uncle.
    Ttech: (*** turn to juliet***) weting two of you dey do inside bathroom
    Juliet: lolzzzz weting you and your Bae dey do inside room
    Tunji Bae: badest girl ever livet. Hope you ride him very well
    Juliet: trust me, I gave him front and back.
    Ttech Bae: bad girl, were you people see condom
    Juliet: condom kee, nah without condom dey sweet nah.
    Ttech bae: so you want to kill rely?
    Immediately I had ” so you want to kill rely” my heart skipped. My mind started going so many places (*** chaiii HIV, AIDS, my own has finished, but know juliet is clean. But her A$$ was wide open which means many guys has enter there. Chaiii rely see what konji has turn you into***) I was still lost in taught when I had Ttech shout my name. I turned and looked at him, his face was not that bright. He asked me to me him outside.
    Ttech: what did I just hear now?
    Me: what are talking about
    Ttech: don’t pretend ooo, after all you will be the one that will surfer it.
    Me: (***I done enter, so this girl done give me HIV, God please let it not be true***)
    Me: surfer what?
    Ttech: did you bleep juliet?
    Me: yes nah
    Ttech: where did you see condom?
    Me: bro let me know lie for you, I bleeped her like that, flesh to flesh.
    Ttech: rely!!! You done f--k up, why nah.
    Me: I asked you for condom that time and you didn’t answer me, so with that level of konji I couldn’t hold it, so had to bleep her.
    Ttech: I taught you will not bleep her nah. Two of you just meet today.
    Me: but Ttech wait ooo, this one every body is shouting, what happen. Is she infected with HIV?
    Ttech: who knows, I don’t trust that girl
    Me: chisos, Ttech have you seen what you caused now, assuming you gave me the condom when I asked you to give me, all this season film that is happening now won’t be going on.
    Ttech: your papa grandfather
    Me: my papa grandfather abi.
    I got angry and confused, my brain has been filled with HIV and AIDS. (*** why is all this thing happening to me, me and woman every time, and I will be on my own oo they will find me, see juliet now, for the first time am seeing her, she used HIV to welcome me, rely why is your life like this. Chaiii HIV?***) I was still thinking when tunji tap my head
    Ttech: guy calm down, nobody said she has any disease, cool down
    Me: imagine me been HIV positive, don’t worry, nah you I go first give am to…
    Ttech: lolzzzz, how you go do that one, you no fit fu*ck me nah.
    Me: let me go inside there and ask her
    Ttech: know ooo, see bro leave that thing, juliet is clean, what am saying is that you should be using condom every time to avoid contacting unnecessary infection.
    Me: are you sure she is clean?
    Ttech: I guess so, but
    Me: but what?
    Ttech: we will go for test to be sure
    Me: test kee, I don die
    I went on my Neal’s and started praying to God to save me this time.
    Me: God please just save me, I beg you, remember you said in the bible that we should ask and it shall been given to us.God please am asking for your forgiveness in all the sin I have committed, I promise not to bleep any girl again if you save me from……. I couldn’t finish my prayer when tunji cut me off.
    Ttech: ode, better stop promising what you can not do. Bblondon is still waiting for you at home and you are here promising robish.
    Me: you know well
    Ttech: no be you wey I know, you must everly fall for Bblondon A$$
    Me: but guy, make we commot play ooo, that girl Bblondon hot ooo, that her venzer A$$ is nothing to write home about.
    Ttech: see who dey beg forgiveness, if that girl no kill you eeeh
    Me: see bro just free me now make I talk to my God. After all, you are the cause of all this scenario.
    I continue my prayer while Ttech was busy laughing at me and calling me names( ode, mumu…). I was still praying when my phone rang and Ttech checked the caller.
    Ttech: guy nah your uncle OO
    Me: guy, my own done finish today. That man done see Bblondon for that house…
    I couldn’t pick the call until the call ended by it self. Immediately the call end, Bblondon call entered…
    Me: Ttech I talk am, the man done catch Bblondon… Chaiii I done die…


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    Me: guy, my own done finish today. That man done see Bblondon for that house…
    I couldn’t pick the call until the call ended by it self. Immediately the call end, Bblondon call entered…
    Me: Ttech I talk am, the man done catch Bblondon… Chaiii I done die…
    I tried calling Bblondon back but it wasn’t connecting because of insufficient call card. I checked my pocked and all that left with me was #500, I rushed outside immediately to purchase airtime, on getting there, I meet a young black girl sitting in front of them MTN umbrella.
    Me: please are you the one selling?
    Girl: yes, which one do you want?
    Me: (*** this girl fine ooo, how I go take collect her number now***)
    Me: MTN
    Girl: how much?
    Me: 200
    Me: do you stay around?
    Girl: yes, down the street
    Me: wow that’s nice, well am rely but my friends do call me Smile.
    Girl: that’s cool
    Me: so what’s your own name?
    Girl: am mariam
    Me: what a lovely name
    Marian: thank you
    Me: can we chat on WhatsApp so we can get to know each other very well.
    Marian: I don’t give guys my number
    Me: (*** look at this ode ooo, you no happy say fine boy dey ask you ur number and you still dey form pursh. See as you black like mallam yarsh, idiot, come on gat out of here, olodo***)
    Me: why nah
    Marian: nothing
    Me: OK, if you say so.
    I recharged my phone and I was about calling Bblondon when my phone rang and my uncles name appeared on my screen. I didn’t pick it because I don’t know what to tell him about Bblondon until the third call enter. So I summon courage to pick it.
    Me: (with weak voice) hello sir
    Uncle: were are you?
    Me: (***gbagam***)… I went to buy something in the market.
    Uncle: why have you not been picking my calls.
    Me: am sorry sir, I was sleeping, I didn’t know it was ringing.
    Uncle: take #10000 out of the money I gave you and give it to landlord. And manage your self with the remaining one. I wont be able to come back next week again.
    Me: (I started singing praise and worship in my heart, the picture of Bblondon A$$ started appearing in front of me and how am going to bleep her in different style this night. I started jumping up in joy and happiness which attract people around both Marian who is selling recharge card. I guess they are wondering why I was so happy from the look on their faces.)
    Me: why sir
    Uncle: me and mama wants to attend a burial of one man that died.
    Me: OK sir, my regards to mummy
    Uncle: OK, take go care of the house. No nonsense oo.
    Me: OK sir, no nonsense I promise.
    Call ended and i ran inside with too much joy that am safe from any embarrassment. I told everything I discuss with my uncle to Ttech and he was happy. So I decided to call Bblondon
    Bb: rely
    Me: am sorry baby, it not my fault.
    Bb: have you withdraw the money.
    Me: no baby, am already on my way home.
    Bb: what do you mean, am I going to sleep here?
    Me: no baby, I called Ttech, he said he will bring some money for me before 7 pm.
    Bb: 7 pm !!!
    Me: baby am so sorry.
    Bb: OK, come back fast am hungry
    Me: (***hungry? My joystick signaled me immediately***) OK baby, I will soon be back.
    I ended the call and shake hand with my master planer. Two of us started shouting and whyning our self. As we are shouting, Ttech Bae and juliet heard us and join us. I grab juliet on her booty and jack her up. We decide to dance and rock to waste a little bit time.
    Me: Ttech Baba, abeg give me condom please.
    Ttech: baaad guy, woman no go kill you.
    Tunji entered inside and came out with a pack of condom and dropped it on the center table in the parlor. Ttech connected his phone with the DVD and played (STORY FOR THE GODS BY OLAMIDE). We were dancing when I started squeezing juliet boobs. I played with her nipples and she left out a moan. I tickled her kitty cat until I decided to naked my self.
    Ttech: guy weting you dey do…
    Me: men, I no fit hold this thing again, I gats do something.
    Juliet and tunji Bae : ( was laughing)
    I was surprise when Ttech shouted( omo no time to check time) he unbotten his cloth and brought out his joystick and wear the condom. The next thing he started bleeping his Bae in our front and his Bae was moaning.
    Me: (*** omo what am I waiting for***)
    I grabbed juliet A$$ from the back, pull her pant down. I Immediately wear the condom and mouth my joystick from behind. I started bleep in and out and she was moaning… We bleeped like 6 minutes when she decided to s--k my joystick.
    <<<<<story by relysmile>>>>>
    After s-----g, we transfered to d----e style, from d----e style to woman on top style to one leg up style and lastly to side by side style when she decided to s--k my joystick, why she was s-----g, I cumed inside her mouth and she swallow. We tidy our self and I checked my time it was already 6:05 pm.
    Me: Ttech, I want to be going, is already after 6
    Ttech: yes paddi mi, when you reach just play along with me.
    Me: OK , boss
    Ttech: don’t forget to put you phone in loudspeaker when I call
    Me: OK sir.
    I moved closer to juliet and kiss her and squeeze her boobs before all of them decide to see me off


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    Omo U Are Posecess Especialy Dat Ur Guy Tech Is Distroying Ur Destiny

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    Dis tin go kill you o i don tell you my own

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    If Your phone ring naw you go start dey fear but you dey do bad tins

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    For yr mind you are a sharp guy?

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    I thought you said you got no money yet you have an apple laptop. hmm…

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