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    U don do bad things today and u dy beg 4 forgiveness

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    rely smile
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    I moved closer to juliet and kiss her and squeeze her boobs before all of them decided to see me off. I got home around 6: 27pm, i meet bblondon in the parlor with her angry face.
    Me: hi baby
    Bb: please don’t baby me
    Me: what have I done?
    Bb: I can see you want me to sleep here.
    Me: is not like that baby, I told you that tunji is going to bring some money for me since ATM is not working.
    Bb: till when? This is 7:30, when do u expect me to get home with all the traffic.
    Me: am sorry nah.
    Bb: well am hungry, do you have noodles?
    Me: yes, is inside the kitchen, inside the cupboard.
    Bb entered inside kitchen to prepare indomie and I followed her to keep her company. We are still gisting and laughing when I had my phone ringing tone. I rushed to the parlor and checked the caller, it was Ttech. So I quickly pick the call and set it on loudspeaker and head straight to the kitchen so Bb can hear our conversation.
    Me: hello paddy me
    Ttech: bro I dey ooo
    Me: how far the money?
    Ttech: I forgot that the 3k that left with me yesterday; that I gave it to AY to collect his laptop from that engineer.
    Me: aaagh, so how are we going to do it now.
    Ttech: am on my way to fidelity bank. After withdrawing the money, I will come straight to your place.
    Me: thanks bro
    Ttech: how much did you say that time?
    Me: 5k
    Ttech OK, no lele
    He ended the call and Bblondon faced me.
    Bb: rely did I do bad thing to come and visit you?
    Me: no baby, don’t feel that way, am so sorry. You know is not my fault, assuming the money is here I would have given it to you since . I managed to calm her down and crack some joke for her to make her laugh.As the indomie was on the fire, I moved closer to her and place my mouth on her mouth and we started kissing. My hand started making some movement. I located her boobs and squeeze it. I moved my hand down to her A$$ and press it. She lose my belt and brought out my joystick and played with it while I was busy playing with her nipples. I was about to pull her skirt down when we passive a burning food.
    Bb: ooh my goodness, have you seen what you caused
    Me: oooh why will this rubbish indomie start burning at this point in time.
    Bb: you are not serious, you are calling my indomie rubbish. Come and eat let me see you.
    we joke and laugh after it. We entered parlor together with the plate of indomie. I decided to feed her. I was feeding her when Ttech call entered and i checked time, it was 8:05pm, I picked the call and set it on loudspeaker.
    Me: hello bro
    Ttech: bro there is problem ooo..
    Me: (with scared face) hope nothing happened to you? Are you OK?
    Ttech: am OK, nothing happened to me
    Me: ThankGod, so what’s the problem
    Ttech: I have gone to 3 ATM now and none seems to be paying.
    Me: haaa… What’s there problem nah.
    Ttech: there is no money again
    Me: so what are we going to do now?
    Ttech: is tomorrow that you can withdraw money again. Do you need the money urgent?
    Me: yes, Bblondon is still here, and she wants to go. Right now I don’t have any money with me. And ATM here is not dispensing
    Ttech: let her sleep there, tomorrow morning you will go and withdraw money for her.
    Bb: (with angry voice) sleep kee, you must be joking. I didn’t tell my aunty that am sleeping over
    Me: hope you heard her Ttech
    Ttech: Bb just call your aunty and find something to tell her. Because ATM are not paying again. I have tried 3 different ATM but none was dispensing.
    Bb: what will I tell her?
    Ttech: I know you as a smart girl, I know you can handle this, or do you want to trek and go home.
    Bb: trek? You must be joking
    Ttech: then do what you gat to do
    Me: thank you bro, I appreciate
    We talk with tunji on phone for like 5 more minutes before the call ended. I decided to convince Bb to sleep in the house which she proved stubborn. With much pleading and petting she later agreed to sleep. She went outside to make a call which she spent about 4 minutes before coming inside and I believed she called her aunty. She asked me to give her one of my bussers. I was about getting the bussers for her when my phone message tone beep. I took my phone and I open the message. It was a message from Ttech which says ” make sure you bleep her real hard”. I laugh while holding my joystick!.


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    rely smile
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    I was about getting the bussers for her when my phone message tone beep. I took my phone and I open the message. It was a message from Ttech which says ” make sure you bleep her real hard”. I laugh while holding my joystick!. After she finished wearing the bussers, we decided to go out and stroll small before coming back for the last action movie. I was about locking my door when my phone rang. I checked it and it was a call from AYO.
    Me: AY how far
    AY : paddy me I dey ooo, abeg I need your help.
    Me: anything for you bro
    AY : please I need two condom. I don’t want to spend the money with me on condom
    Me: where are you
    AY: am almost at your place, I just pass that PARADISE BAR
    Me: OK, my condom remain only two, but don’t worry, just be coming I will give u small change to buy it.
    AY : you get mouth joor, what of Bblondon?
    Me: she is here with me, you will meet her when you get here.
    The call ended. I rushed inside to check if I can see any condom apart from my remaining two condom. I unpacked everything inside my wodrop and I succeeded in founding nothing so I decide to go out side and wait for Ayo to come. Me and Bblondon waited for 5mins and we didn’t see him. So I decided to call him when I had my name.
    AY : Relykid
    Me: paddy me, how far, who do you want to bleep this night
    AY : you remember that small girl that was forming big girl because she gat big asset
    Me: Damola?
    AY : no nah
    Me: who?
    AY : faith
    Me: seriously… That girl, chaiii I have been eyeing that girl since OO. Don’t mercy her ooo. Make sure you bleep her so hard, at least 13 styles
    AY : trust me nah…somebody will cry this night.
    Me: make sure you score more goals ooo
    The gist continued when AY decided to go, I gave him 500 naira to purchase the condom. Me and Bblondon went out on our strolling. She requested heaven and earth ( rely buy this, rely buy that, rely buy suyar, rely buy film). We started going home around 10:22pm. We have gotten to a street close to my own street when I had a call from AY.
    Me: hello AY, faith done run away?
    AY: she don’t have the liver to do that nah
    Me: kilode Gan
    AY :I forgot to tell you that next week Tuesday is our mathematics day
    Me: are you serious
    AY: yes boss
    Me: (***chaiii opportunity to f**k Rose***) omo I will call Rose now now to invite her.
    AY: so you have not forget that girl?
    Me: I never f**k her nah,I no fit forget her. For wetting nah.
    Me: I must f**k her that day
    AY: where will you stay and do that?
    Me: inside the party nah. because I no she won’t agree to come home with me. So I will just bleep her sharp sharp during dancing time.
    AY: bad guy, but don’t let people smell what is going on
    Me: believe me bro, nah SOFT WORK
    AY: relykid dah baaad guy, abeg I want to call Ttech and inform him.
    Me: OK nah
    The call ended. me and Bblondon started going home. People are not much on the road and everywhere was a little bit dark, so I started pressing and squeezing Bblondon A$$ as we are walking…
    Bb: rely can’t you wait when we get home?
    Me: ***my joystick perform Chinese get up immediately***
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    senator daniel
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    make I dey watch uno

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    senator daniel
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    I they pity u the time u carry huv

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    I pity

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    make sure u f--k that bblondon

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    Today go be lyk final match for bblondon

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