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    There won’t be a chance for you again. Be careful boy

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    God save you ooo
    and when u fall enter hole don’t blame Satan

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    senator daniel
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    u get luck

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    senator daniel
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    go thank those arm robbers

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    u just escaped HIV

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    without those robbers ur name could been sorry by now

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    stop going for anything under skirt that’s called hole again oooo

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    rely smile
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    I swiped my status bar down, opened the message and it was a message from grace.
    Grace: baby, am so sorry, I know you have found out the real truth about me.. Please forgive me. Can you come outside the compound I want to see you, please.
    Me: (*** baby kill you there***)
    Ttech: guy am still waiting for the pictures.
    I opened my gallary again, locate the screenshot and give it to Ttech to read. About 2 minutes later, Ttech shouted on a high note ” God forbid, this girl is a witch and she deserve to die”!. Ttech voice drew the attention of AY who was still busy frying eeg this time. AY was surprise as he was busy reading grace and hardstone conversation.
    Me: guys that’s how God saved me
    AY: bro, you need to do thanksgiving.
    Ttech: but why is she this wicked. God help those men she has cut there life short.
    AY: How are we going to expose her or are we going to allow her to put the life of people out there in danger.
    Me: am thinking of writing a story about her and let people especially they guys, to be aware that such evil exist. And they should be at alart
    Ttech: that’s cool, but won’t people think is a mere story, and they won’t take it serious..
    AY: yap tech you made a point there, but anyway, write the story first, some will read it and apply sense.
    Me: guys have to be warned about grace.
    We was still in the middle of discussion when my phone rang. I checked the caller, it was grace. I refused to pick until the 5th one when AY persuaded me to pick the call but I refused. She called the 6th one which Ttech picked and both of them discussed, which me and AY didn’t hear the callers voice. After the call, Ttech told me that she asked to see me outside which I refused to go and meet her but AY and Ttech asked me to go and listing to whatever she has to say. I went outside and I met grace beside the compound gate.
    Grace: baby, am really sorry please forgive me, don’t let anybody know that i am HIV positive.
    Me: So you can go and useless as many life as possible right? You are very wicked, in fact am telling everybody in street tomorrow.
    Grace: No baby
    Me: don’t baby me. Let me make it clear to you. I hate you now more than anything. I rather kill you than to kill mosquito that s--k my blood.
    Grace: please, what do you want, mention anything I will do it for you.
    Me: (*** shuuu, see better offer, anything?***) Did you just say I should mention anything I want?
    Grace: yes, anything
    Me: on what ground?
    Grace: that you will keep your mouth shut.
    Me: (*** I will keep my mouth shut right, no problem***) is that all?
    Grace: yes
    Me: OK. You will be paying 50k into my account every month and you will never ever call me on my phone again or see me outside and try to greet me.
    Grace: 50k is too much nah, OK I can pay 10k
    Me: if you can’t pay 30k am going inside
    Grace: I will pay 15k please
    Me: OK, is that a deal
    Grace yah,
    Me: starting from tomorrow, I want to see alart before 12 pm
    Grace: OK
    I was about to go inside when my Facebook messenger tone beeped. I opened my messenger and it was a message from one COSSYBLISS
    Cossy: hi rely, I know you. Why have you been avoiding my messages, please reply me.
    Me: ( open her profile and check her profile picture) hi who is this?
    Cossy: my name is Funmi but my friends call me cossy.
    Me: that’s cool name. Am rely but my friends call me smile
    After the chat which lasted almost 1hour 15minuts, we both agreed to see each other the next day because she told me she lived around. I entered inside to join my two master planners. I met them with plate of indomie on their hand. I told them about my deal with grace and the cossybliss. Which AY claimed to know her after seeing her profile picture.
    AY: you dont know funmi wey her mama get shop for egbeda side.
    Me: I don’t remember her. What are they selling?
    AY: provisions
    Me: wow, this is interesting, time to be collecting some eeg and milk for free
    Ttech: oloshi, God go soon catch you. Shey he nearly catch you today. Better repent
    They finished eaten around 9 : 45pm and I accompanied both of the to where they will take back and go home. We both hugged each other and we departed.

Viewing 8 posts - 313 through 320 (of 385 total)
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