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    Me: hello, who is this please?
    Caller: (with sweet voice) is me BBLONDON Me: (shock, my d!ck rise immediately)
    Me: wow, how are you baby?
    Bb: am fine dear, I just want to let you know that am coming tomorrow.
    Me: OK dear, by what time?
    Bb: what time will be OK by you?
    Me:(***is like this girl has all the time to spend ***) 9:00am will be OK
    Bb: OK love. See you tomorrow
    Me: can’t wait love
    Bb: Rely please can you help me with something
    Me:(***oloshi, you want recharge card***) what’s that dear?
    Bb: can you help me with airtime?
    Me:(*** since I go collect kitty cat tomorrow, let me just sacrifice this card for her***) I taught for a while and decided to send her MTN 200
    Me: OK love, anything for you
    Bb: thanks love, I will be expecting it.
    I went back home and the time was 7:30pm. I couldn’t make it to the field and I know quite alright that blessing will be waiting for me. My uncle came back around 9:15pm and give me what I have been waiting to hear since all this while.
    Uncle: rely
    Me: sir
    Uncle: go and pack my cloth, am traveling first thing tomorrow morning
    Me:(***ope oooo, omo see miracle ooo, Bblondon you must be a blessing;) OK uncle.
    Me: but when are you coming back?
    Uncle: am thinking next week Sunday
    Me: (*** Jesus, and today is Tuesday, that means I have almost two weeks to bleep this girls kitty cat***) OK sir, greet my mummy and daddy for me
    Uncle: OK, be fast
    I finished packing his cloth and I went back to my room. I pick my phone and message Ttech on WhatsApp about my uncle traveling stuff. We chat like about 1hr and Ttech told me that BBLONDON must sleep over to my place since my uncle will travel for almost two weeks. Chaiii ttech nah baaad guy ooo. I message AY, and AY told me the same thing and I decided that BBLONDON must spend at least 2days in my place. I did my prayers and I jam my bed and slept off.
    Around 5:30am my uncle wake me up and give me some money and I counted it, it was 30k and he ask me to manage it until he comes back. I thank him and he set off.. He decided to travel on a public transport and I escorted him to the park and wait until they move.
    As I was coming back, I saw many student and me I have decided not to go to school because of kitty cat and I swear to my self that if I finish with BBLONDON she will know say nah me. Around 8:30pm my phone rang and I checked it, I found out that it was BBLONDON and I picked it.
    Bb: hi baby, am on my way now
    Me: ( my spoony shoot from busers immediately) OK dear
    Bb: make sure food is ready before I reach there because I didn’t eat at home.
    Me: OK dear, you gat no worry
    Bb: OK love My head was not thinking correctly again, all I can hear on my head was condom, condom, condom. I rush to one pharmacy opposite our house but they have not yet open, so I decided to go near by market to purchase it. On get there I found only one pharmacy open and I entered there and request for a pack of condom. Like 30seconds later, the condom was brought to me and I paid and started rushing home to prepare food for BBLONDON. I checked my time and it was 9:10am. So I decided to bring the soup out from the fridge and warm it before she will come. I was about bringing the soup out when I had a knock on the door



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    Season 1 Episode 8

    I was about bringing the soup out when I had a knock on the door. I have to use my belt to hold my joystick to avoid embarrassment before opening the door. I opened the door and I was surprise to see BBLONDON standing in front of me. My d--k Nealy bust out from my belt. We hug each other tight (*** omo see soft boobs..chai I can’t wait to squeeze this big Oranges***)
    Bb: rely were is my food?
    Me: that’s what I was about to do when you knock.
    Bb: Jesus! Since then?
    Me: am so sorry love, I went out to get something.
    Bb: OK , were is the food let me go and prepare it?
    Me: nooo! Sit down I will do it by my self.. You know I love you so much and I can do anything for you.
    Bb: OK love.
    I entered kitchen why Bb sat at the parlor and change the channel to Africa magic. About 5mins later, I came out with a plate of soup and semolina. We ate together and gist along while eating. I was still thinking on how to start the parol cause my eyes was already red. (*** chaiii how will I tell this girl that I need her now***). We finished eating and I cleaned the table and took the plates to the kitchen. On my surprise, BBLONDON told me she wants to wash the plate which I allowed her. I lead her to the kitchen were washing pan is. I went back to parlor and change the channel to SOUND CITY to high my liver and moral. Like about 3 minutes of thinking on how to meet her, I summon courage to meet her in the kitchen were she is washing plate. I entered inside the kitchen and work straight to her and held her waist, and she did not resist me( ***chaiii e be like say this thing dey hungry this girl, this one wey she no resist me***) immediately I held her waist, I pulled her back with her massive A$$ resting on my d!ck. She turned back to face me. I summon courage and pull my hand from her waist to her booty.(*** chisos this is so soft***) and she was eyeing me. I pulled my mouth closer to her own and we started kissing. We kiss like 2mins when I started moving my hand up to her boobs. I started squeezing her boobs. I put my hand inside her bra to locate her n----e. I tickle her n----e for like 5 Minutes later when I decided to move my hand down to play with her kitty cat. I move my hand down and locate her kitty cat and I played with it and Bblondon was moaning on low tempo. I played with her kitty cat when she did what surprise me. As she was moaning, she move her hand down to my bussers and locate my joystick, she played with it and I was moaning small small when she bent down and s--k my d--k like 7 minutes later I decided to remove her clothes. I remove her clothes including her bra and she helped me remove mine. I s--k her boobs and she was moaning. She insert my joystick at the middle of her boobs and I f**ked her boobs( boobs f**cking style). I was already high both in the spirit. All that full my head was to bleep her. I kissed her and we head straight to the room were the condom is. I brought the condom out and she opened it. She s--k my d!ck like 2 minutes more before she decided to wear me the condom. After wearing the condom, I was about to mount my joystick into her kitty cat when she held my joystick……


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    Na die u dey o.

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    No show again

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    may she no f--k u up ooo,, u need to be circumcise again from the way I take dey look u now

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    I just take one eye dey look u,, ur character is not the one a born-again, but a born-before.

    but I still support make u collect ur recharge card back from her kittycatty oooo

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    f-----g observance activated

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