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    in case you missed season 2 see Link below



    The preaching was getting boring, in fact I don’t even know whether to starting going home or wait until closing time. My life wasnt in other, I really need God in my life, but the preaching am receiving from my pastor was not changing anything in my life. I wish I know where apostle Joshua selman’s church is. It was 11:15am on Sunday, I was in the church in Lagos. Me and my master planners are already back from IMO state. I haven’t disclose anything concerning me and bblondon to them. I still kept mute about it.

    I went to church to cry to God and confess my sins, accept God as my personal lord and savior so I can be saved from the hand of bblondon but the level of sermon my pastor was giving made me bored and I was eager to go home not mind my purpose of coming to church that day. As the preaching was going on, I dozed off until someone tapped me that church has dismissed. I looked for my bible beside me but I couldn’t find it until I saw it with two small kids running around with it.

    Me: *** so my bible has turn to football abi, I don’t blame you kids***

    I collected my bible from them and left the auditorium. I was moving down my church street when two young guys approached me. I wasn’t eager to stop but I had to do so. The guys introduced their self as an evangelist. They went further to invite me to their church program coming on Friday night. They offered me flier which I collected from them and dismissed my self. I brought my phone out from my pocket because I had my ringing tone. It was elizabeth!

    Me: hello nurse

    Elizabeth: how are you rely

    Me: am fine and you

    Elizabeth: am OK, I want to know if you can come to my place this evening.

    Me: hope there is no problem..

    Elizabeth: one of my friend is have a mini party, so I want us to go together. At least to catch fun for the first time.

    Me: that will be cool, I will be there around 4:30pm.

    We discussed more as usual, laugh and joke before the call ended. I started thinking why elizabeth so much picked Interest in me. Though I have no reasonable conclusion. I climbed up stairs as I got home. I met my uncle packing his cloth. He told me he won’t be coming home tonight because of business issue. I took my time to prepare food for him before he left.

    I was dressing up when I had another call from elizabeth asking me what was keeping me. I had to let her know that I will jam her place in no time. I called my master planners to let them know my where about. I also put Abimbola on phone which she asked me not to go that she want to spend the evening with me. I pleaded with her which she later concur.

    Time is no more by my side. I waved a byke man over to my spot. I highlighted in front of elizabeth mini compound before I put her on call. Not less than 3 minutes after the phone call. I saw elizabeth with other 3 girls coming towards me. They look quite tremendous. The thought of having their four kittc@t bleeped at the same time popped into my medulla. I havent f**k more than one girl at a time before. I only heard it when my guys are discussing about it. Though they said is the sweetest thing man can ever do.

    Elizabeth hugged me as soon as she approached me. I equally exchange a quick handshake with the other ladies.

    Elizabeth: are we ready to go..

    Girls: oooh… Yaah let’s move baby.

    We all popped inside the call with an excitement. I guess it was one of those girls that owns the car. By the look and appearance of the girls excluding Elizabeth one can easily tell that they came from a very reach background.

    Elizabeth sat at the front seat while I shared the back seat with the two girls. The gown both of them wore was extremely short. Their pants nearly show as they sat down. The gown was so tight that the lines of their bra was clearly viewed. It was difficult for me to take away my eyes from their laps. I notice that they already know that am taking a glance over their cleavages.

    They started discussing how bad the party gonna be. All I can offer was to keep mute. We got their almost 6:00pm.

    Drinks was assorted, food, wine, shisha, juice and anything you can think of. Infact with the arrangement of the venue I fully understood that the party wasn’t for my level. The people I saw there was from a rich family, most of them was smoking and drinking. I was enjoying the grove and the music sounding from the DJ side. I was carried away that I couldn’t realize the absence of Elizabeth and the other girls. I was flabbergasted whe I saw about five ladies dressed only on pant and tiny bra coming out from a room opposite me. My attention was directed towards their backyard and front. I couldn’t hold my joystick because their cleavages was so hug. I imagined climbing on top the five of them at the same time.
    My joystick was serious hard inside my buzzers. I drew my table closer to me, Loosing my belt, then dip my hand inside my buzzers and drew my joystick out. I romanced it as I took a glance on those five ladies. I was already honey. I felt like dragging those girls inside bedroom and finish the party there. I was busy romancing my joystick when I had Elizabeth voice behind me.

    Elizabeth: rely what are you doing…

    Me:( drew my joystick inside immediately) nothing…

    Episode 2 LOADING

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    SEASON 1

    SEASON 2

    Seated. Let Ride On With The Season 3

    Link to Available Episodes

    Episode 2&3

    Episode 4-8

    Episode 9-11

    Episode 12-15

    Episode 16-18

    SEASON 4

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    on point

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    Seated…..let’s waka together

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    @myraruby come ooo season is out

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    This guy sick o

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