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    in case you missed season 3 see Link below




    Stella and I was about going to any close eatery around to celebrate her birthday and also the new Toyota car her father just got for her as birthday gift. Both of us are already behaving as a couple. I hardely have time to spend with Abimbola. Stella is now my number one woman. She love me so much, I can easily tell that. She bought expensive cloths and phones for me to look classic. After buying some expensive cloths and shoes for her self, she rather tell her friends that I was the one who bought it for her. She made me look like a bigger guy among her friends. She due talk about marriage but am not yet ready for that and at the same time, am not yet ready to loose her.
    We got to the eatery around 4:15pm. I felt like eating shawama which I didn’t hesitate to order. She bought one full pizza for her self with some fruit juice.
    Stella: baby
    Me: yes sweetheart
    Stella: I have a surprise for you
    Me: (sipping my chivita) what could that be?
    Stella: me and my daddy is moving to Malaysia in next two month.
    Me: (sad) so you wanna live me here all alone?
    Stella: (dropped her sliced of pizza) not at all baby. You know I can’t stay without you by my side, am preparing your own passport and vice. You are going with us
    Me: (jumped up) you don’t mean it baby, tell me you are joking
    Stella: (stoop up and gave me a kiss) no am not joking
    Me: what about your father.
    Stella: I have discussed everything with him.
    Me: thank you baby..
    As I was thanking her, my phone started ringing, I checked the caller, it was from that particular number Bblondon normally use to call me.
    Me: (excused my self) hello blessing
    Bblondon: rely we are in serious trouble
    Me: (my mood changed) what happened
    Bblondon: he has found out ooo…we are dead rely.
    Me: who has found out, and what is it the person found.
    Bblondon: rely this is not what we are going to discusse on phone, come to the hotel behind my office. So we can find a way out of this.
    Me: what are you tal….
    The call ended as I was about to ask her something. I became afraid immediately, I don’t have any idea of what was going on with Bblondon. (*** how will I tell Stella that I wanna go out now. After telling me all this good news. God why did I meet Bblondon at the first place, why is she tormenting my life to this extent***). I made up my mind to formulate lies for Stella so i can go and meet Bblondon and know what the problem was is all about because my mind wasn’t at rest at that moment.
    Me: baby, that was my mummy.
    Stella: ooh my mother in law, what did she say?
    Me: she said I have to come home now, emergency things.
    Stella: not now nah.
    Me: don’t worry baby, night party is still there, I will come before 7:00pm and keep you company.
    Stella: promise
    Me: I crose my heart.
    Stella: OK then, let me drive you home
    Me:(chai, which kind witch is this one). Don’t worry baby, today is your birthday, you don’t need to stress your self.
    Finally, I convinced her and left her there. I got to the hotel where Bblondon is, I spotted her in a corner looking so pale. I became more worried, for her to look this way, something is really wrong.
    Me: what is it Bb
    Bblondon: he has found out.
    Me: who, what are you talking about.
    Bblondon: Leonard has found out that Daniel is your child.
    Me: ( shivering) mo gbe ooo. How, yeeh we are finished.
    Bblondon: I have packed all my things, am running away.
    As i was about asking her where she is running to, I had a tap on my body.
    Uncle: so you are still sleeping by this time.
    Me: good morning Sir
    Uncle: am about to go…wash those cloths inside my room before evening so they can dry.
    Me: OK sir.
    Uncle: ( he left)
    Me: (*** so I was dreaming all this while. How come Bblondon was telling me that I am the father of her child.***).
    Just as I was thinking about my dream…my phone rang…
    EPISODE 2 LOADING…. Thanks to all our fans who is reading, liking and sharing our story both online and social media, we love you guys

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    Me: (*** so I was dreaming all this while. How come Bblondon was telling me that I am the father of her child.***).
    Just as I was thinking about my dream…my phone rang… I picked it.
    Ttech: hello bro
    Me: Ttech baba, how far
    Ttech: I dey bro.. You didn’t update on what happened between you, your madam and her daughter yesterday?
    Me: bro is a long story. Is not what we can discusse on phone. I will tell you everything when I come to your place.
    After the call, I went into the toilet to poo, immediately I sat on the WC , I had a flash back on what happened between me, Ifeoluwa and her mummy yesterday as I was bleeping Ifeoluwa.
    I was bleeping her in a d----e style when the door opened, me and Ifeoluwa jumped up in a surprised manner. I nearly fell off the dinning table. I was trying to regain my balance when I heard Ifeoluwa voice.
    Ifeoluwa: (shouted) Mummy!!!
    Me: ( turned back immediately to see for my self) Am gone!.
    Madam:(locked the door) what is going on here.
    Me: silent
    Ifeoluwa: silent
    Madam:(in a sad mood) Rely upon all the warning I gave you concerning Ifeoluwa. You still went ahead to sleep with her. I gave you everything you want, why can’t you live my daughter alone.
    I was trying to utter a word when she gave a heavy slap.
    Madam: I will tell you the kind of person you have messed with. Idiot.
    Me:(still holding my chicks as ifeoluwa ran upstairs crying)
    Madam:(shading tears) you must sleep inside police cell this night.
    Me:(scared) am sorry madam, is not what you think.
    Madam:(bringing out her phone to make a call) you will tell the police that.
    Me:( *** God, if I live this woman, she will call police for me, how do I stop him now. Rely you have to do something***)
    I saw her pressing her phone which I believed she was searching for the police number. I had to summon courage to talk to her in a rude manner.
    Me: madam if you dare make that call, I will expose you. I will send your video having sex with me to your husband, Ifeoluwa and all your student will watch it one after the other, I will publish your naked pictures on the internet. Don’t dare me.
    Madam:( put down the phone) get out of my house.
    Me: if you try me, I will destroy you, I promise you that.
    Madam: I said get out of my house.
    I left my madams compound and that’s how God saved me. ***The problem now is that, I don’t have any of my madams sex video or naked pictures. What if she bounce back, and dare me. I hope it won’t happen***
    The poo poo wasn’t coming out, I had to force it to come out. After stressing my ass inside the toilet to poo, I decided to call Ifeoluwa on phone to know what’s up with her and her mummy. I tried her number up to five consecutive times but it wasn’t reachable.i decided to take my bath so I can go to school.
    I got to school around 9:14 am. I saw all the student present looking at me, all my mind was that my madam has casted me and Ifeoluwa. I got so worried about the way all the student was looking at me. I walked closed to one of the student to ask him what was going on.
    Me: guy weting happen, this one all eyes is on me.
    Student: go and check the school notice board.
    Me:( look at the guy for some seconds be going to where the noticed board is.)
    When I got to where the notice board is. I couldn’t find my name among the three people going to lekki for I.T. my madam has replaced my name with another students name. I got so angry but what can I do than to call my master planners.

    EPISODE 3……

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    don’t u think abt d consequence b4 doin it? I don’t know y some guys don’t self control wen it comes ti bleeping,,, u will bleep dis,, bleep dat,,,, but wen d end result comes,,, u will be sad,,, u should Hav known

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    God save u

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    real gobe

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    What were you expecting b4

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    What were you expecting b4

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