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    ademolar (crown-prince)
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    Me and my supernatural girlfriend
    A story written by ademolar

    Episode 3

    I got home and discussed everything with oluzo , of which he assured me that everything is gonna be fine.. I keep Chasing and hunting nifemi ,But she de form iron lady!!!!
    She just felt I was not good enough for her or maybe something else, because any move I was making was all to no avail….

    I  took it from all the contemporary  known style of approaching a lady ,Down to stone aged ampersand ancient  methods. Thanks to oluzo’s idea.. I started
    writing scented  letters, folded in a love shape….most times I do Send flowers with notes, most time I do ‎Bribe her friends to help me get the letter to her and sometimes various other stuff for her …

    Wetin she want make I do self, abi she de expect shekau head ni?.. nawa  o ‎maybe Na to de stand for her room window for night, begin shout her name…then when she come outside we go  begin sing with a romantic band whey I arranged  together
    Which  will involve oluzo, klef, khola, kpumpy and some other friends of mine….

    But as e be say We no sabi sing at all,make we just maintain our status-quo, and make we kuku respect our old age, to avoid story that touches ‎.cus i no want wahala…
    Naija girls en, chai! I suffered like mad.. ‎days of
    Phone calls, Text messages, Recharge card ..of which she  neva accept instead, sometimes I could recall when she sent back the card to me, with curse . Omo I almost pee on my pant..

    Most times oluzo will call her and talked to her on my behalf!  But she turned him down without giving it a second thought..

    (three weeks later)
    My conversation with oluzo on whatsapp

    Me : guy hafa
    Oluzo : am fine, hafa for the girl mata nah
    Me : the girl too wicked o..she no wan gree
    Oluzo :she dey mad?…she must gree joor!!! Attached with *wink* smiley
    Me : ogbeni make we hear word jorh..! You be fk guy.
    Oluzo : how I take be fk guy..
    Me : you see fire for front you come push me enter..
    Oluzo : you de craze?.. which time I do you that one?
    Me : you mumu sha! Shey you no sabi proverb ni?
    Oluzo : oga tell me wetin happen. 
    Me : nifemi whey you say make I de runz no pass fire abi?

    Oluzo :*laughing smiley*  Eyaa Pele my guy.. but I have an idea sha!
    Me ; *happy smiley* oya let’s see it 
    Oluzo : malu (cow) see as he de happy
    Me : oga I de wait abeg.
    Oluz : ok, we go arrange 4 boys for street make dem form like say dem wan rape her, and two of us go hide de look dem for corner ..if we don see say dem don almost tear her skirt..u and I go come rush go rescue her..but we go find dem something o

    Me : yeeeeh!!! Oluzo baddest.. na u be baba.
    Oluzo :‎ apa (fool) neva happy..wait make the plan work first..
    Me : ok nah… two bottle of origin for u paddi mi.
    Oluzo : lolz.. like say he fit drink one cup of origin. Later jare

    We end the conversation and went ahead  to plan our next move, even if she get witch, na this  time she  go excuse.

    To be continued

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    Big Johnny
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    nyc beginning… cool down guy… na ur babe she be…

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    ademolar (crown-prince)
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    Me and my supernatural girlfriend
    A story written by ademolar

    Episode 4

    The next morning oluzo took me to  some set  of street  guyz,who hardly show their face in daylight..i call them nightwalker..on getting there the storm of smoke that gushed out from their window is enough to make one go gaga..

    Me : oluzo, you no tell me say na were them they preserve fish you de carry me go nah?
    Abi them they preserve fish for here?
    Oluzo : dis harno mumu sha!..the smell whey you hear resemble fish own?
    Me : no vex na ask I ask.. how many ppl de smoke inside self? Dem bad o
    Oluzo : hahaha! Naso me self see them de so, them no get anything whey dem de reason, just give them one basket of igbo and two bottle of mcdowell.. my guy dem fit kill dem mama for you..

    We entered ,they were actually four in number busy playing cards With stick of igbo in-between their fingers..we exchange pleasantries. 
    Oluzo : jajah, meet my guy harno
    Jajah : hafa nigga
    Me : am cool
    Heywhy : harno this is jajah,scorpion, otta and ibile, na them be the baba nla for this area.(he said with rasing his two hands up )
    Me : good afternoon sirs..

    Without wasting much time oluzo went ahead to narrate the plane to them and they accept. “But how far about the koko now ” jajah asked. 
    Oluzo : that one na small thing, we go see una after the deal. Trust me
    Jajah : ok nah.. consider it done. Tonight we will be ready just call me when you see the girl…
    Oluzo : ok nah! Make we de go..

    Both of us went home to relax till the night comes. From that moment, the time looks very slow to me, e come de do me like say make I go forward time…around 6:30pm , we saw her passing by, oluzo quickly called the guys and they assure us that they will be there in few minutes time.. I quickly went in to put on my shirt in preparation for the real deal. 

    30 minutes later around 7pm when the dusk of the hour is dazzling before our eyes , the night was getting darker..oluzo received a call from jajah that nifemi is closing by, so we both rushed down to the scene, we hide ourselves behind a big mango tree and watch the scene..

    As nifemi was approaching, jajah and otta stopped her,she tried to run back, then scorpion and ibile blocked her from behind. She screamed for help but no one could hear her voice.. they pull her down and started undressing her, she was crying furiously and begging for her dear life.. then jajah signal us to come..immediately I and Oluzo quickly  rushed out from where we were hiding.

    To be continued


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    Badmus Mobolaji
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    Huh… She collected it just like dat

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    Go on

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    Ride on

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    abeg bring it on

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