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    This story written by bluestarry will be updated daily , please do have patience as we post it slowly.

    This story is rated +18, contains strong language, pidgin English, acts of nudity and foul scenes…..
    .please stay away if the story is against your faith.

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    Episode 1
    I was in my office when pretty Aminat came to called me saying that the c.e.o of the company wanted to see me.
    I was scared and worried.
    “Why diz woman wan see me”i asked myself.
    I reluctantly left my office to her office. Which situated at the upper room.
    Aminat was a girl of 20yrz. She had the biggest in the company. While my boss, Mrs Sandra had the biggest as.s .
    She was married with kids and am still looking forward to seeing her daughters. She was pretty a woman of 35 yrs .
    They were 5 girls in the company which ill explain further as the story goes on.
    I knocked at the door and was granted entrance.
    I nervously entered the office and saw my boss, Mrs sandra sitting on a visitors chair in her office.
    “welcome mr Bluestarry. What kept you so long?” she asked while crossing her legs seductively and smiling at the same time.
    She wore a yellow top and a skirt that stops at the knee level. So while crossing her legs her fresh laps were exposed.
    “oboy what is this woman up to?”i asked my self while staring at her laps sheepishly.


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    Episode 2

    She caught me while staring at her laps and she smiled.
    “i want you to arranged those files over there.” she said pointing at a shelves opposite her.
    I went over there bent down and started arranging the files. When i looked up what i saw made me shivered.
    Mrs sandra had opened her legs wide and i could see her pink g string pant, which barely covered her pus.s.y.
    I completed the work stood and told her i had a document i was working and i left.
    Getting to my office i recalled all what happened . I was deep thought wether my boss was giving me green light or was just co incidence. I quicky dispersed the talk of the green light and settled with the co incidence, because i had actually been in that company for 2 years without my boss looking at me talkless of her doing what she just did 5min ago.
    “Ikpa shun that thing o before you meet your meet your waterloo” i adviced myself.
    I was so lost in thought that i didnt notice Aminat came in. I jolted back to life when she called my name.
    “what the matter? Abi she query you? Wetin you do?” she arked me while taking her sit.
    “i just had a call and my dad said my grandpa is dead” i lied . my grandpa wey don die before my papa born seff.
    “ehyya sorry o take heart. I bin wan come submitted that document wey mr edet sign” she said.
    “ok drop it there. Eheh Aminat i for like make we see tomorrow”
    “ehh? for what?” she queried.
    “you know say you be angel i bin wan make we comot go chop for 5 star. Abi you get boyfriend? I cherish my life o”
    “mmmm k make i see na. Which time?” she asked.
    “6:00pm go do” i answered

    To be continued

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    Episode 3

    I went home, took my bath, ate then i called Joe my best friend. He said i should come over to his house which i did.
    There is this babe that lives in Joe’s street. The girl package well well. Bo.obs, everything complete. Her name was Ella.
    There was a day i wanted to chyke the girl but Joe warned telling how the girl slapped him when he wanted to talk to her. I only laughed at him, i told him mine wouldnt be the same.

    I passed the girl while on my way to joe’s house. I had the urge to walk up to her but i suppressed it since she was walking with her sister.
    I passed the girl while on my way to joe’s house. I had the urge to walk up to her but i suppresed it since she was walking with her sister.
    On getting to joe’s house, i opened the door and went in.
    “madman you no the knock for your papa house?” joe asked.
    “na your papa mad idiot. ”
    “oya wetin carry you come my dormot fast fast im get wan babe wey i wan wire tonight.” stupid joe said.
    “joe if you die na go kill. And plus say you be usher 4 church” i said.
    “hahaha na today wey i see as pot the call kettle black. My own beta if i die na girls go bury me so i still get possibilities of after death” joe said.
    “see fowl beta pass. For your burial na groudnut them for chop” i said.
    “im d ok o na ur papa burial be dat. So wetin carry you come here or you come to insult me?” he asked.
    I told him what happened at the office.
    “no trust that woman o. If she do that thing again no f--k up o look 4 place nyash am well even if na 4 office. Office sex too the sweet” he adviced.
    “no trust that woman o. If she do that thing again no f--k up o look 4 place nyash am well even if na 4 office. Office sex too the sweet” he adviced.
    I thank him. On my way going i saw Ella. Alas she was walking alone. I quickly aproached her.
    Will she slap me like joe? Or wetin im go do me. She go listen to me? Those were the question that troubled my mind.[

    To be continued

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    lol… You are afraid of slap… If she gives you yawa, nah you find it(Joe warned you).. Let me wish you best of luck(you must get 1st grade in wooing college)..

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    Ok nau. Interesting!

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    Episode 4

    ]I approached her and said
    “hi, Please excuse me angel, am bluestarry” i paused to see her reaction. She appeared cool so i continued.
    “an angel like you shouldnt be walking alone. I dont like what God did atleast Angel micheal should guard you ”
    she giggled. Oboy see green light.
    “you must have been a very stubborn angel that why God send you down to earth. I would be pleased if you tell me what was your offence that warrant your exile to earth” she had started walking slowly.
    She laughed and said
    “you wanna know my offence?”
    ” oh yes and if you tell me i swear i would beg God to forgive you and take you back” i said.
    “i slapped an angel who didnt mind his business just like you. I know what you want, my number isnt it? Well am sorry i cant. I dont give strangers my number. Maybe some other time” she said.
    “i-i-i-i did-d-d ok can we meet again?. Please i ll cherish that day for the rest of my life” i said.
    “one more thing, i dont go on date with strangers. Am sorry” she said and cat walked way swaying her round hips provocatively.
    Gawd see straight legs, see nyas.h, see rounded hips
    I stood there, mouth agape, not moving a muscle.
    “well thank God she didnt slap me like joe” i said and went home.
    That night i dreamt as i fu.c.k Ella. Sometimes i wish my dreams will come true.
    In the morning i dressed up for work. On getting to the company, i met Aminat gossiping with stella. This a lady ill introduce to you as the story goes on.
    She was pretty, average boobs and height. Her nyash was nothing to write home about but her hips were enormous.
    Aminat came in to tell me that Mrs sandra want to see me.
    “AGAIN?” I almost shouted .

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    Episode 5

    I knocked on the door and was granted entrance.
    Her head was bent over her laptop.
    “please have you sit. Take this file work on it and submit it tomorrow at my place. Am having an appointment with my client and will not be around any moment from now. See you then” she said while staring at me coldly.
    “ok ma ” i said and stood up to take my leave.
    I was wondering if what she did yesterday was a mistake or were my eyes decieving me?.
    I was about turning the door nob when she said
    “and come prepared”.
    what? how should i be prepared? I was about asking her what she meant by “come prepared” when Aminat came telling Madame that a client was waiting for her outside.
    On getting out of her office. I went over to Aminat desk to remind her of our date.
    I was excited that ill finally meet my boss daughter. I once saw her picture on madame’s desk and i was pretty sure she will be at home since it was friday.
    The only problem she had was transport which i settled her.
    I was looking forward for the date with Aminat but i was troubled deeply about my boss stuff.
    Why would she tell me to come to her house and submit the file rather than collecting at the office, i questioned myself.
    The day went pretty fast, soon it was 4:00pm. I went home with different plans on how to spend my weekend.
    I called joe and briefed him on my boss stuff. He said i should just watch and see as thing turn out.
    Aminat and i had agreed to meet at lay’s restaurant by 7:00pm. I went to lay’s restaurant with two things on mind; taking Aminat home and bleeping her hard. Would my plans come true? Lets see

    To be continued

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