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    Chapter 1
    The Once and Future King – scene 1
    On the shore of the lake sits Merlin. He wears still the same
    clothes, they are wet and dirty. His hair is sopping and
    sticking on Merlin’s head. He sits on the shore, unshaved and
    looks at the isle.
    The sun rises, above all is a humid haze. In the background
    the king’s tent is buildt.
    Gaius stands behind Merlin, his hand holds the reins of his
    horse. He looks sadly down to his friend. For a moment he
    looks up to the isle and then his look goes back to Merlin:
    “Merlin… Merlin, can you hear me?” No reaction of Merlin. His
    eyes are still fixed on the isle, as would he scan every tree
    every stone on that isle. He is looking for somebody..
    Gaius puts his free hand on Merlin’s shoulder. Merlin’s head
    turns towards Gaius, his eyes are empty. With a sigh Gaius
    says: “Merlin, it can’t go on in that way. Look at you!” Merlin
    looks down on himself. Gaius adds: “You are completely
    soaked and wet and dirty.. you will get a cold! They buildt up
    a tent, so why don’t you sleep inside?”
    Merlin smiles: “It doesn’t matter, i’m not leaving my job. I’m
    a servant, i sleep outside the king’s tent.”
    Gaius shakes his head: “Merlin, the king is gone. It was three
    month ago as Artur passed the lake. He is gone, he is dead.
    He won’t return.”
    Merlin stands up: “No, he is alive. I know it. And he will
    return.” Gaius shakes his head again. He makes a step
    forward to hug Merlin. He holds him, he begs: “Come home
    with me. I need you, Gwen needs you, Albion needs you,
    please.” Merlin just enjoys the close moment to his mentor,
    he wispers: “You know I can’t, I promised him to wait..”
    Gaius takes his arms down. He looks into Merlin’s exhausted
    face: “Merlin, i have to go. You know I can’t stay with you. I
    have to return to the queen.” Merlin only nods. He looks back
    to the isle: “I know.”
    Gaius follows his view: “Please Merlin, look after yourself.
    Take a bath, shave your face, wash your clothes..” Merlin
    nods again, then he lookks to his king’s tent: “Just after
    polishing the amour, sharpening the sword, washing Arthur’s
    clothes and cleaning Arthur’s boots” Gaius sighs :”Merlin, you
    did all these yesterday..” Merlin turns to Gaius: “This is my
    job. I’m the king’s manservant.”
    Gaius shakes his head again, he turns towards his horse. Over
    his shoulder he looks back to Merlin: “Goodbye Merlin” Merlin
    smiles: “See you in Camelot next time.” Then Merlins turns
    towards the isle. His eyes are emty, his view is fixed on that
    isle in the middle of the lake. He is looking for somebody, he
    is looking for his king.

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    Yeeeaaaah! In The Land Of Myth And The Time Of Magic, The Destiny Of A Great Kingdom Rest On The Shoulder Of A Young Boy/Man……… His Name *****MERLIN**** / *****EMRIS****! I’ve been waiting for this story for so long!! Thank God it finaly started(though its just an imagination story not the real BUT I would realy love to read it). Next

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    an assumed season six m ere o nxt pls

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    The Once and Future King – scene 2
    In the council chamber the queen sits at the
    top of the table. She wears her red velvet
    dress. On her left side sits Sir Leon. They
    have a conversation. In between the queen
    signs some papers.
    As Gaius enters the room, Gwen pauses. She
    looks at Gaius and jumps up. She runs to
    him. Gaius’s face shows sadness. Gwen
    can’t find any smile in his face.. she slows
    down, in arriving in front of him, she asks:
    “Some news from Arthur?” Gaius eyes are
    even more sad now: “No, mylady.” Leon
    stands behind the queen: “How is Merlin?”
    Gaius sighs: “Bad. His mourning has
    catched him completely. He stays there and
    Gwen looks into Gaius eyes: “He didn’t gave
    up his king? What did he said exactly?”
    Gaius looks desperate now: “Mylady, Merlin
    is not himself. His mourning defines what
    he does and what he says.” Gwen looks
    angry, she calmes herself down: “That was
    not the answer, I asked for.” Gaius looks
    down to the floor: “He said, the king lives
    and he will return.” Gwen breathes loud,
    then she smiles: “This is good, really good.
    Everything is said.” The queen turns
    arround and goes back to her chair. She sits
    down and starts to sign another paper. Sir
    Leon and Gaius look both with sorrow in
    their eyes towards the queen. Together
    they pass the room to stand next to the
    Sir Leon looks down on her, he goes on his
    kneels: “Mylady, the news about Arthur’s
    disappearance have reached all other
    kingdoms. Camelot is weak, you have to
    take charge. Please mylady, have have to
    take Arthur’s place on the throne! It was his
    last wish mylady!” Gwen doesn’t looks up
    from her papers. She declares cool: “but the
    king lives. I don’t need to take his place. I
    won’t declare myself to queen of Camelot as
    long there is hope that Arthur returns.”
    Now Gaius takes the words: “Mylady, lots of
    lords are on their way to Camelot by now.
    Please, we must declare you now to queen
    of Camelot. The lords, they have the right to
    stop the declaration to queen as long your
    were not declared to heir to the throne by
    the king himself. We have to declare you to
    queen before they reach the castle. If they
    reach the castle in time, they could claime
    the throne for themselfes.”
    Gwen looks up, her eyes are sad: “I have
    told you: there is nothing more to be said.
    Arthur lives. I won’t betray him.” But Gaius
    don’t gives up. Urgently he tries again to
    convince the queen: “Mylady, you have to
    think about that. It was three month ago
    since Arthur was gone. You have to be
    honest to yourself: Arthur is dead. He won’t
    Gwens voice turns into desperation, she
    fights with upcoming tears: “Merlin says
    that Arthur is alive. I trust him, he knows
    what he does.” Gaius shakes his head: “I
    don’t think so. He is like you catched by his
    own mourning. He is going to wait there
    until the end of time. He holds himself
    responsible for what happend to Arthur.”
    “Enough!” shouted the queen. “The council
    meeting is closed.” Gwen stands up and
    leaves the council chamber.

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    The Once and Future King – scene 3
    Gwen enters their and Arthur’s chambers.
    She closes the door and closes her eyes. In
    the room, nothing has changed. There is
    still their big bed, the great table, all the
    weapons and shields on the wall. Nothing
    could give you the impression that Arthur
    isn’t at home. Gwen opens her eyes, she
    looks through the room. She looks for
    Arthur: “Arthur were are you? Why don’t
    you come home?” Now, tears run down her
    face. But she made it, in the council
    chamber she was strong. But now,
    everything comes down on her now. She
    can’t hold back her tears.
    It knocks.
    Gwen drys her face with her left arm. She
    makes a step into the room: “I don’t want
    to be desturbed now.”
    Sir Leon stands in front of the door. “It’s me
    Leon. I need to tell you, there will a meeting
    of the round table in two houres.” He
    listens. Nothing.
    Inside the room, Gwen still trys to stop her
    tears: “Thank you, I’ll be there in time.” She
    holds her hands before her face now.
    Sir Leon still listens. “MyLady, are you
    allright?” For a moment he thinks about
    opening the door and entering the room.
    He has his right hand on the door, he only
    needs to push it.
    Gwen has found new strength for the
    moment: “Yes, everything is fine. I just need
    a moment for myself. I need to rest.”
    Leon takes his hand of the door. “I wait for
    you in the throne room.”
    Gwen calmes herself down for just another
    word: “Of course.”
    Then silence. Leon listens for a moment,
    then he turns arround and leaves in
    direction of the throne room.
    Gwen also listens: nothing more. Now, she
    breaks down. Nothing can hold back her
    tears now. She falls on her knees, she
    wispers: “Arthur. Arthur.” A river of tears
    run down her face… The desperation has

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    Alright.. Continue

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    The Once and Future King – scene 4
    The meeting in the throne room has even
    begun. Two of three seats of the round
    table are emty, also the royal seats. The last
    knights discuss about the future. How will it
    go on? What will happen? Sir Gwaine sits
    bored next to Sir Percival. Both don’t take
    part at the discussions. They just observe
    the meeting. Next to the queen’s seat sits
    Sir Leon. Next to the king’s seat sits Gaius.
    The queen is missing. Gaius isn’t
    concentrated on what takes place. He
    seems to dream.
    Suddenly the door opens and the queen
    steps into the room. All knights stand up
    and wait for her to take her seat. Sir Leon
    stands up again: “I open the meeting of the
    round table. May now everybody who has
    someting to say tell us about.” He takes his
    seat next to the queen.
    Silence, nothing but silence.
    Next to Sir Gwaine, a knight stands up. He
    takes heart and starts: “MyLady, knights,
    friends, i just arrived from the south of the
    kingdom. The people are concerned, they
    are afraid. The lords I have met on my way
    are in sorrow.” The knight pauses, looks
    arround in throne room, than goes on:
    “They fear, without the king the kingdom
    will go down. They fear that Camelot isn’t
    able to protect them without a leader. They
    want the queen to take charge, to take
    Arthur’s place. MyLady, they ensured me
    their entire loyality to declare you to queen
    of Camelot.” In that moment he looks into
    the direction of the queen. Gwen doesn’t
    move or shows any reaction. She just sits
    there. The knight takes his seat next to Sir
    Another knight of the round table stands
    up: “My news are nearly the same. I passed
    the kingdom from the east. I need to tell
    you, that some of the lords are one their
    way to Camelot now to make you queen of
    Camelot, MyLady.” He sits down. All views
    are on the queen now. But nothing
    happens. She looks into the middle of the
    table, she says nothing.
    A third knight stands up. His face is sad and
    frightened. “I wished I could also tell you
    some good news but I can’t.” Sir Gwaine
    and Sir Percival change some views. The
    knight goes on: “King Alined is on the way
    to Camelot to be a witness of a declaration,
    whatever it should be. I think we all know
    what that means: a lot of problems.” He
    rightens his words directly to the queen:
    “Please MyLady, knights, friends, we need a
    solution, a fast solution.” He takes his seat,
    discussions grow. Sir Leon stands up again:
    “Please, this won’t bring us towards a
    solution.” All chats die. He turns towards the
    queen: “MyLady, please you have heard it by
    yourself. The kingdom is in danger. You
    have to take Arthur’s place, you have to take
    the crown. Arthur wanted that you do that,
    he gave you the royal seal. You can count
    on us.” He sits down.
    The queen stands up, she looks arround in
    every single face. In her voice sounds
    determination: “Your trust is a great
    honour to me. And I have made a decision,
    a decision for the security of the kingdom,
    not a decision of my heart. I know that
    Arthur is still alive, I’m sure of that. I know
    he will return. But the kingdom can’t wait
    for so long. So I decided to take the crown.
    I take Arthur’s place. When Arthur returns,
    he will find a kingdom waiting for him. I
    All knights stand up: “Long live the queen!
    Long live the queen!

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    Chapter 5
    It is afternoon at the lake. Nobody is to see
    out there. The sun is shining, there is no
    movement. You can hear some birds in the
    trees. Only the lonely tent disturbes the idyll.
    There comes some noise out of that tent.
    Something happened in ther. Something is
    fallen on the floor. A helmet rolls out of the
    tent and a moaning Merlin follows. He takes
    this helmet and puts it into the sunlight. The
    helmet reflects the light. There is only one
    last piece what seems to need some more
    polish. Merlin takes a towel and cleans it. He
    smiles confidently and looks to the isle: “It is
    time that you come back my friend, Camelot
    needs you.” He takes the helmet and returns
    into the tent. All pieces of the amour and
    weapens his king needs is prepared and
    lies on the table. It looks like he is awaiting
    Arthur’s returning every moment. Merlin
    smiles agains. He turns arround and walks
    outside the tent. He looks to the path into
    the woods.
    Through the trees appears a knight on his
    horse. He is strong and his red cape shines
    through the dark wood. Merlin calls: “Sir
    Percival, I have been waiting for you.” The
    knight stopps and jumps down from his
    horse. As Sir Percival arrives next to Merlin,
    the two men hug each other friendly.
    Merlin looks straight at Sir Percival: “You
    didn’t forgot to train your muscles.” Sir
    Percival laughs: “What else can I do.. And
    you? Are you still polishing the king’s
    armour?” Merlin turns arround, looks into
    the tent, then back to Sir Percival: “Just
    finished.” Both laugh loudly and heartly.
    Merlin looks a lot better: cleaned, shaved,
    fresh – only a bit too thin, like always. Sir
    Percival is surprised, this is not the Merlin
    he expected. This is not the Merlin, Gaius
    described .
    Merlin puts his hands on Sir Percival’s
    shoulders: “I have made some food, let’s
    eat.” Both sit down next to the fire. Merlin
    takes a plate and fills it with soup. While Sir
    Percival is eating, Merlin watches him
    intensively: “How is Gwain?” Sir Percival
    pauses his meal: “A lot better, but he is still
    a bit weak on his legs. That’s why he
    couldn’t come with me. But he greets you,
    in fact his exatly words have been: I drink a
    tankard of mead for you..” Both smile,
    suddenly Sir Percival’s face turns seriously.
    He puts his plate down on the floor: “Merlin,
    I have to tell you something: Gwen takes
    Arthur’s place.”
    Merlin jumps up, he runs up and down: “No,
    she can’t do that. This is betrayal, oh Gwen.”
    Sir Percival trys to calm down the situation:
    “Merlin, she has no kingdom is in danger. If
    she wants to save the kingdom, she has to
    take charge.” Merlin is still running up and
    down: “But the king lives..” Sir Percival looks
    down to the floor. With sadness in his voice
    he adds: “Merlin, she still hopes like you that
    Arthur returns, but the kingdom can’t wait
    any longer.”
    Merlin looks to the isle: ” Don’t give up! I
    won’t give up! I wait for Arthur. He is the
    soul of the kingdom, the kingdom’s hope,
    the source of all trust, the spirit of Albion.
    To replace him means to forget. To replace
    him means loosing our religion, loosing
    everything we have been fought for,
    loosing everything what we believed in. To
    replace him means to loose our hope. If we
    loose our hope, we loose everything.” He
    pauses and goes to the shore of the lake,
    his eyes still focused on the isle: “Arthur is
    everything, he is the kingdom, he is our
    religion and he will return.”

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