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    Mistakes 1

    What did I just do? Why did I steal this? It’s not that I have need for a packet of plastic straw. So, why did I steal it when the woman was not looking? Makuo kept asking herself as she held the packet of plastic straws she had stolen from a woman’s shop. She had gone to the woman’s shop to purchase groceries and after paying for the groceries which were worth thousands of Naira, she stole a packet of straws when the woman went to fetch her change. After looking at the straw for some minutes wondering why she stole it, she decided to go back to the woman and pay for the straws. There, she told the woman that she forgot to add the cost of the straw to her bill and asked how much it was so she’d pay. When the woman told her it was seventy Naira after thanking her for her sincerity, Makuo was alarmed and ashamed at the same time. She couldn’t understand why she stole something so cheap after buying things worth thousands of Naira. She calmly paid the woman and left with her heart filled with regrets.

    Makuo was a beautiful intelligent girl in her mid twenties. She was the first daughter and the third child of her parents’ four children; two sons and two daughters. Academically, she was way above average and socially, she was lively. On the day of her passing out parade from National Youth Service, she was engaged for marriage by her long time sweetheart, Chima.

    Makuo and Chima became lovers from Makuo’s first year in the university. While Makuo was a fresher, Chima was a final year student in the same department. The attraction between them was mutual as they were both sapiosexuals. Chima’s academic brilliance endeared him to Makuo while Makuo’s beauty which was crowned with intelligence was something Chima couldn’t let go of. It didn’t take time for their friendship to blossom into a full love affair. Fortunately, both families accepted and supported their relationship not minding the huge social gap between the two families.

    Chima was from a very rich family with assets across the country. His father, a business mogul, had many businesses in his name and had many people in his payroll. Chima was his only son and the second child of his three children. Being the only son, he was the heir to his father’s empire and was carefully groomed to fit into that role. That notwithstanding, he was not stopped from associating with people from the other social classes. Also, he was allowed to live his life and make his decisions. Makuo on the other hand was from a family slightly below average in the societal classification. Her both parents were traders in a popular market in the city. They barely managed to see her through school and were so happy when she completed her compulsory one year service to her fatherland. They hoped she’d soon get a well paying job and help reduce their financial burden.

    As her parents prayed, two months after Makuo completed her national youth service, her academic performance and Chima’s family’s connection got her a well paying job in a reputable company. It is a known fact that academic excellence has only 0.1% chance of fetching one a good job in Nigeria while connection has the remaining 99.9%. The hope of her parents became a reality as she started taking care of some financial tasks in her family. The prayer which every parents pray for their children started manifesting in Makuo’s life and her parents reaped the fruits of their labour.

    A few months after Makuo started working, Chima decided it was time to tie the knot. When he broke the news of his decision to his parents, they were very happy. Makuo met their standard of a good wife for their son and in addition to that, she made their only son happy. With this decision, they started making arrangements on how to make their only son’s wedding a memorable one. The appropriate people were contacted and preparations were speedily progressing.

    About one month to the date fixed for the wedding, Makuo went to spend sometime with the love of her life. While in Chima’s house, she discovered that the food stuff and beverages she earlier stocked up were almost finishing, and decided to shop for him. It was on a Saturday and Chima was at home waiting for the return of his fiancee. While he waited, his phone rang. It was his good friend. Immediately he put the phone on his ear, his friend said “Chima, rush down to Eke Awka now. Makuo is in a big trouble”, in a very panicked tone. Chima became panicked as well. He wanted to find out what happened from his friend, but his friend continued. “You have to be fast. Come to that side where they sell food items. If possible, come with police men”, the friend added.

    Chima quickly wore his clothes and zoomed out of the house. When he got to the area where food items were sold, he saw a crowd gathered at the entrance of a shop. In the crowd, he saw his friend trying frantically to stop people who were making efforts to go into the shop. He rushed to crowd, forced his way through them and went to Makuo who was inside the shop frightened and crying. The crowd had gathered to pull her out of the shop and give her jungle justice. Without asking what she did, Chima did the first thing that came to his mind; saving his fiancee from the angry mob. He called the police whose station was not far from the market. A few minutes later, the police came, dispersed the crowd and led Makuo safely out of the market to where their (hers and Chima’s) cars were parked. Chima’s friend drove Makuo’s car while she rode in Chima’s.

    When they were a bit far from the market, Chima pulled over by the roadside and inquired what the commotion was all about. Makuo couldn’t say a word. She bent her head in shame. When she refused telling Chima what happened, Chima inquired from his friend instead. Reluctantly, Chima’s friend revealed that Makuo stole two slices of dried fish from the woman she bought things from. The woman’s neighbor saw her stealing them and raised alarm, attracting the angry mob. Luckily, the woman shielded her in her shop until Chima’s friend who was passing noticed who the thief was and joined in protecting her.

    Chima couldn’t say a word. He entered his car and drove home, with Makuo crying herself to stupor beside him.

    What happened next?

    Find out!!!


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    kai she is under a spell or kind of brain malfunction of always steelimg

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    i hope she wount lose the marriageoo

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    Na family curse

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    Ireoluwa Emmanuel
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    Village people at work o

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    Village people wahala

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    Some of us africans usually call dis situation ‘village people

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    if it’s not village people,she might be suffering from mental condition (kleptomania)one steal without knowing it

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