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    Chapter 7


    “Please, Uncle” moonlight begged “Don’t do this. I only wanted a friend. It isn’t Ebedi’s fault”

    “The barbarian will be dealt with” Rick announced codly “As for you, think for a while on your disgraceful behaviour, and be glad that I do not punish you as well. Consorting with barbarian filth, allowing such trash to..”

    He made a disgusted sound, then turned and strode for the door “I will be doubling your guards so that not occur again. Good night, Moonlight”

    Her Uncle swept from the room, followed by the remaining guards. Moonlight stared unseeingly at the carpeting, trembling in pain, wishing she’d never brought Ebedi to her rooms. One moment of weakness, and now she’d cost a man his freedom or worse

    Moonlight curled up in a ball and wept for the loss of everything. There was no real way of knowing how long Moonlight lay on upon the floor of her sitting room with Ebedi’s shirt clutched in her fingers.

    Her’s were inner rooms without windows, supposedly for her own protection but more likely to make it harder for the Princess to get out of her posh prison. Therefore there was no sunlight to inform her of the changing hours.

    She slept fitfully when ever the wracking sobs finally exchausted her into unconsciousness, and it wasn’t until the timid arrival of one of her servants that she managed to look up at all.

    “B-Biraz..” To Moonlight’s dismay her voice was hoarse from crying and the sound echoing in her throat felt like swallowing shards of glass.

    “My Lady Moonlight!” The servant, Biraze, darted across the room to kneel by Moonlight, fluttering worriedly.

    “What happened? I heard the guards talking and..” The body bit his lip “I..Is it true, what they’re saying? That some horrible barbarian came and..”

    Moonlight swallowed, trying to work her way past the burning in her throat. “Not..horrible” She sat up still clutching Ebedi’s shirt to her chest “Not. Not barbarian. Ebedi”

    The boy frowned in puzzlement “Ebedi? What’s an Ebedi?”

    “He wasn’t a barbarian. He’s a soldier, and his name is Ebedi. He..He’s my friend”.

    Biraze blinked several times. “But then why..” Slowly his brown eyes opened wide. “Ohh. The Lord Regent..”

    Moonlight nodded once, refusing to give in to the tears that once again pricked her eyes.

    “One more way for my uncle to show his power over me”, She whispered “One more thing to break me…”

    She stared blankly at the empty glass of water for a long moment, then slowly dragged her head up to catch Biraz’s gaze. “What happened to him, Biraz? Do you know?”

    The servant hestitated. “I… I heard…” Biraz swallowed. “My Lady, perhaps you do not wish me to t…”

    “Biraz”. Moonlight pulled herself up straight, adopting the regal confident pose that Ebedi had gone to much effort to instill in her without consciously thinking about it. “Tell me what you know”.

    “yes my Lady Moonlight”. Biraz’s head bobbed in a slight bow; the boy was still very nervous “The barbar…ah…soldier was taken to the dungeons and…questioned. When…when they brought him back out again, he had to be carried. They said he would be taken to the wildlands for..” The servant’s voice dropped to nearly a whisper. “For the beasts to feast upon”.

    She couldn’t breathe. Ebedi…Ebedi was…had been..

    “When?” She managed to choke out, her expression so full of agony that the servant boy took a step back in unease.

    “Th..this morning..” Biraz was almost trembling with fright “They were to leave this morning..”

    This Morning. “What time is it now?” Moonlight demanded.

    “Nearly supper”, came the timid reply.

    Moonlight bit back a sob. There was no way then, to rescue Ebedi from his fate. Even if her Uncle hadn’t increased the guards around her room as promised, there would still be no way for Moonlight to leave the palace and certainly no way to get to the Wildlands.

    The wildlands. So named because they remained the domain of the wild beasts,untamed by mankind. Numerous attempts had been made to conquer the area,and always those attempts failed. The wildlands refused to be tamed. Only the barbarian clans to the far south dared enter them now,even that was only done during Rites of Passage. It was simply two dangerous otherwise. The chances of a single man alone and wounded.

    “Leave me,then” Moonlight said softly,turning away and dropping into her desk chair.”Bring supper,if you will,but do not distrub me otherwise”

    She heard the quiet acknowledgement,the soft footsteps as they retreated. Nothing mattered, now. Idly Moonlight eyes pausing on Ebedi’s twin swords still lying in ther sheaths on one of the chairs. It would be so easy..

    No Ebedi would never wish that of her. Ebedi had always wanted her to be strong, Princess in more than title. Very well not quite four years she could reach her age of majority and take the throne. For Ebedi she would make herself the greatest Queen her country had ever known. It was time to begin studying for real.

    To be continue..

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    Nice story continue

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    No dull moment.. Thanks for the beep @freshgirl

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    Yes yes yes this is my kind of story. Feed me more plssss!
    About the story so far, I don’t think Ebedi is going to die in the wildlands. I think they’d just given him his freedom instead. Now he could plan ahead of time, about himself and the princess.

    chop kisses for the invite.
    Sweetheart mi @qeenvick come and join me. Love story is here, I can’t read it alone o

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