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    Mother at 16
    Episode 3
    She was still standing there shivering when Mr Tayo walked in. There were all surprised because they wasn’t expecting him that day. He went with the intention of coming back in a week time but it seems something came up.

    “Daddy eku’abu sir” Modupe said spreading a smile to hide her pains. ” Omo mi, bawoni” the daddy greeted “ooohhhhh dear welcome what happened you come back early like this? ” Bisi was surprised.

    After dinner,Mr Tayo wanted to have time with his daughter.but Bisi kept giving him close marking.She behalf nicely Modupe… “Go and Carry the remaining pepper snail and eat” the goodnews landed modupe’s ear to her bewilderment.

    …….One day Modupe was coming back from the farm.It was weekend,so she followed her mother to the farm.She branched to the near by bush to urinate when she noticed some blood stains. On her pant…she began to panic.she wandered how she got blood stains…on her pant knowing well that she didn’t injured herself….she tarried behind trying to clean it.

    “Modupe,what are you doing since,come let us go you know you have a lot to do at home” Bisi called irritated.she can’t tell what kept her Soo long like that. Modupe hurriedly wore her pant back.she wanted to tell Bisi what she saw but was scare of what next she may tell her.several times Bisi’s bitter words keep ringing in her mind and this created a great fear in her that she hardly share her emotional and childhood challenges that she have like other children do with their parents.Through out the walk she was uncomfortable.Bisi’s constant scorns to each of her missing steps on the road made things worst to her.

    immediately they reached home,she dropped the firewood and rushed to her room and started crying. “God what is wrong with me???how can blood be coming out of v----a for no reason?”Modupe cried. She stood up instantly as she heard Bisi’s voice screaming her name.she ran to the bathroom washed off herself and changed the pant..

    “, Modupe,you mean you are in this house and you allowed me expand my windpipe? C’MON go and start the fire,pick the Ewedu and make Amala fast. “,Ok ma” she answered humbly and went to the kitchen.

    She woke up the next morning and the blood stains still remained.she was wandering how she is going to do.then a thought crept her mind go and ask coper Henry may be he can help you” she nodded satisfactory.

    she waited patiently for break time.
    Immediately she heard the bellrang, in her several patched uniform she ran to the staff office.she peeped from the office entrance but he couldn’t sight him from anywhere. ” Yes what is the problem again? This children wouldn’t let someone rest” one of the staff interrupted Modupe.

    ,” Sorry ma IAM looking for coper Henry” she replied gently.. “kini….?? Mchewwww he is not around” she answered angrily.

    She was about leaving when coper Henry came back from his whereabout. “Uncle Good afternoon sir” Modupe greeted him humbly. ” Hmmmm E’akaro. ..” Coper Henry tried to speak Yoruba..

    “haaaaa uncle,it is E’akasun BECAUSE it is afternoon already” she corrected with smiles.. ” any way before you return to Rivers I know you will learn Yoruba very well.” She smiled again… ” Yes ooo,you that like speaking Yoruba like Oduduwa’s second wife I know you won’t let me go with out Yoruba on my lips” he joked.Modupe is always happy seeing coper Henry.He is the only one that makes her feel relieved of what ever burdens she may have.Atleast he value her and put smile on her face.sometimes he even buy her food when she is hungry.she wished he could stay there forever but when his time reach ,he have to go.
    …….. .

    .coper Henry like Modupe because she is very brilliant and smart.she does all her assignments even the tough ones.Modupe is also very beautiful.
    …… “Sir I want to see you please” she said covering her face with her palms….one thing that Modupe is good at is shyness… And that is why coper Henry is drawing her more closer to see if he can help her… “Hope IAM safe?” He said covering his face too. “Yes sir” she answered.

    He dragged her to a quiet place. “What is it dear?” He asked gently… “Ummmhh..immmmmm” Modupe couldn’t talk… “Talk to me please” he pleaded.., after summoning courage, Modupe opened her mouth and whispered to his ears. “,IAM seeing blood”……

    “Immmmmmm I don’t think I understand what you are saying.but I think we will see after closing for proper time” coper Henry replied and Modupe returned to her class worried.


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    Hmm…. Poor parenting is really taking toll on this girl at a very tender age of puberty. Hopefully, corper Henry gladly help her out of the precadiment she find herself and not advantage taking on her.

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    Ireoluwa Emmanuel
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    Hope corper henry will not take advantage of this girl?

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    Arrrgh! this corper will use this girl o, ha! what a, ok let’s watch and see how it goes

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    Okay carry on

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    So sad … next

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    must all step mom behave this way?

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    I hope she’s telling the wrong person? this coper should not take advantage of her ooo

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