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    I sat at on the high stool at the bar and wondered what the heck I was doing there dressed like I was. I was putting on a strapless red chiffon blouse that fitted my shapely body tucked into a high waist black pencil skirt and black court shoes. I have let my hair down and my makeup was impeccable. The looks I got when I walked in proved to me that my effort and time I took dressing up was not in vain. I noticed the bar was not so crowded but it wasn’t empty either. I noticed two good-looking gentlemen in well-tailored black suit seated at the end of the bar engaged in what looked like an argument. Both of them had stopped as I sat down at the bar and was signaling the barman. The good-looking one amongst them spotting a trimmed beard gave me a nod and raised his glass to me, as I caught his eyes. I blushed and looked away. I threw a glance there way again to make sure he wasn’t looking and then I took my time to study him.

    Kay noticed the lady that was studying him at the end of the bar. He had seen her when she walked into the bar. She was tall, Her red top had a low V-neck that emphasized a well-shaped breast and her figure was stunning. Her black skirt clung to her like a second skin and emphasized her shapely hips and legs that seemed to go on forever. He also noticed that his friend he was talking to had stopped to follow his gaze and most of the men in the bar were looking. She had the look of a confident woman and the way she carried herself was almost sexual, everyone seemed to be affected. He had caught her looking at him and even now as he wasn’t looking, he could feel her gaze. He and his best friend Ben had been arguing about the fact that he couldn’t keep a girl for more than two months. Ben had bet him money to keep a girl for at least two months before the mysterious woman in red walked in. In his mind this would be the one when he had tipped his glass to her, Ben gave him a knowing smile.

    I had come into that bar with one thought and my girlfriend’s voice in my head, “You should try to get him out of your mind Linda”. The thing is, how can you get a guy out of your mind when you are still in love with him. Since my break up with Sam, it seemed I haven’t able to meet a guy without finding faults in him after one month or so. I decided I needed a fling, a one night stand more like it, meet a cute guy, have crazy, mind-blowing sex with no strings attached and under a false name and leave. The devilishly good-looking guy at the end of the bar looked like someone I could do that with. The way his suit molded his body and the way he had tipped his glass to me spoke of confidence and I decided that was it, he was the one. As I was busy checking him out, he lifted his eyes and met mine again. Then I felt his eyes go down, all the way to my shoes and he boldly brought it back to look me in my eyes again, making my toes curl. He made it pretty clear to me that he wasn’t hiding that he liked what he saw.

    I was still trying to figure out my next move when my phone buzzed. It was an Instagram message from Cary my girlfriend. She had sent me a picture of Sam and his latest girlfriend and she tagged it, ‘get him out of your mind and move on’. I decided to place one last call to Sam, but I needed to go outside to make this call. My battery was almost flat and I hoped my phone would stay on long enough for me to make a call. I needed something stronger so I ordered two shots of Tequila, this will boost my confidence.

    I downed my glass of Tequila in one straight gulp, paid the barman, picked up my purse and started walking out. Something told me the guy that had been staring at me was going to follow me and it was right. I stepped out into the night and started walking towards where I had parked my car, I felt a presence and footsteps behind me. I stopped, and turned so fast that I almost ran into him.

    “Leaving so fast?” he asked.

    I smiled and asked, “Are you following me?”

    “No, I just thought I’d get some fresh air and then there you were”, he responded with a slight grin on his face. He was really good-looking I thought, and tall…so tall he was almost intimidating. There was this look to him like an air of authority. I found it enchanting.

    “I am going home, it’s almost midnight”.

    He paused briefly, looked me up and down and with one brow slightly raised up, he asked, “Do you want to go somewhere?” He looked like no one had ever turned him down in his life and besides – I did want to go with him. First I needed to make that phone call.

    “Give me one minute”, I need to end Sam’s chapter of my life, I thought to myself.

    The phone rang and rang and I hoped it will go straight to voicemail but Sam’s very familiar voice came on the line. Only a single hello got my heart racing and I almost hung up but I mustered courage and responded, “hi Sam”.

    “How have you been?” he asked. Like he cared I thought as I responded that I was okay.

    I looked over at where the cute guy from the bar stood to wait, and I thought to myself, “maybe it could be more than a one night stand”. I realized Sam had been talking all the while I had been lost in thought.

    “Why did you call Linda?” I heard him ask.

    “Well, I wanted to hear your voice one last time, and to tell you that I am moving on”.

    My phone beeped, signaling it will soon die and I thought I heard him let out a long sigh, and then he responded, “I have to go Linda”.

    “I love you Sam”, but before I could hear a response my phone died.

    I sighed, put my phone in my bag and turned to follow what will be my rebound for a very long time.

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    nyc onE

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    is dat moving on???

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    go on

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    Hmmm ride on

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    Is that all?

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