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    “Hello?” I said.

    There was silence on the other end of the phone. Maybe it’s a bad connection, she thought. I was about to hang up when—

    “Hello? Is this Samantha?” A sexy male voice said.

    I leaned into my pillow and smiled. I had a feeling this was the call I’d been waiting for.

    “That depends,” I said. “Are you Joe?” There was some static on the other end. Then it passed.

    “Did you say something?” I asked, pressing the phone to my ear.

    “I said you sound the way you look.”

    “Meaning?” I couldn’t stop smiling. After weeks of just being a series of pictures on Facebook, I was actually talking to him.

    I did my best to keep my voice steady. My heart raced like a stallion, and my skin tangled in hidden places. For weeks, I had stared at his images online. I was like some picture-monster; I just couldn’t get enough of seeing him: his dark hair, his biceps (dude was built). There was this one pic of him wearing tee-shirt ( think I had that picture saved on my IPhone, my IPad, and my laptop). I must’ve had that as my screensaver for weeks.

    Anyway, in that picture, he’s got the front of the shirt raised and Wow! ‘Six-pack Alert!’ I mean if those aren’t photoshoped, then I want to have his babies.

    Joe just moved into town, he was a model of a huge designer label. He didn’t go to my school. I mean why would he waste his time with a public school with THAT kinda money? When I heard he was moving into town, I couldn’t believe it. Joe? In my town? There wasn’t a teenage girl within ten miles(including yours truly) who didn’t want to touch his hand….. or any Other part of his body.

    But of course, getting that close to him was next to impossible. His school had more security than the White House and the Gated community he lived in had too many guard dogs and surveillance cameras. Renee’ my best friend argued that the place was probably rigged with landmines and snipers.

    “Are you there?” he asked. Just hearing his voice made me want to scream.

    “… Yes…. yes…. I am,” I said. I really hoped I didn’t sound like a groupie. Didn’t want him to get the wrong idea. But I couldn’t help it, I was just so….. blown away.

    “I’m sorry, I didn’t respond to your request sooner.”

    Time stopped.

    Did I hear him right? Did he just apologise? OMG!

    “My schedule’s been all over the place,” he said.

    This was a dream. It had to be.

    It took a lot of courage to send him that request on Facebook. I really didn’t think he’d respond. I mean, he was a celebrity for God Sake! I was shocked when he accepted, my heart skipped several beats when he sent me a message: ‘Can I have your number?’

    Was I seeing right? Was it spam of some sort?

    I remember saying a quick ‘hail mary’ as I typed. I really had no idea if this was a joke.

    Taking several deep breaths, I hit SEND.

    What followed was the longest fifteen minutes of my life.

    When I answered the call, I half expected to hear some stupid promo from a service provider.

    Then I heard his voice.

    Of course I knew what he sounded like. I seen over a hundred of his YouTube videos.

    Hearing him apologise to me was just too much. This guy was a god!

    “It’s…… okay, ” I managed. I could feel tiny sweat beads on my chest.

    “So… em…this is my number,” he said. “Is it okay for me to call you?”

    “Yes…. Sure.” I said. Hating the sound of my voice.

    “Excellent. Will call you in a bit, I’m in the middle of a photo-shoot. Bye Sam.”

    Then the line went dead.

    How long I held the device to my ear, I have no clue. All I know is my world had changed. I barely slept that night. All I could did was replay the sound of his voice over and over again in my head:

    ‘…bye Sam… ‘

    ‘….. is it okay for me to call you?’

    It was just too much.

    The next day was a blur. I barely heard anything in class. I must’ve checked my Call logs a million times. I didn’t want anyone else calling me.

    But to be fair, who DID call me besides Renee’? As far as the social ecosystem was concerned, I was at the bottom of the food chain. No one noticed me (except Renee’) which was understandable because no one noticed HER either. Like any classic geek in a High School movie, we were invisible.

    “Are you even listening to me?” Renee’ said

    I blinked and brought myself back to reality. We were seated in the school cafeteria. As always, we’d picked the table in the ‘Geek-section.’ I hadn’t even touched my lunch.

    “What?” I asked

    “Really?” she had looked annoyed. “Didn’t you hear a word I just said?”

    “I’m sorry,” I said. “I just had a lot on my mind.”

    “Like what? Your hot date with Joe the model?” she giggled.

    I froze.

    “I’m kidding,” She nudged me. “What is up with you today?”

    “Just dealing with some stuff,” I said.

    “Like what?”

    I didn’t like keeping things from her. But I just didn’t want to jinx it. Besides, I couldn’t wait to see the look on her face when I took a pic with Joe. That would be something, I thought.

    “How’s Timothy?” I asked changing the subject.

    “Stop playing with my brother and give him a chance,” She sighed. “He’s a really good guy.”

    Then it hit me.

    I had totally forgotten.

    Less than Seventy-two hours earlier, I had made Timothy a promise. He had cornered me after class. I’ll admit, Tim was cute…. in a nerdy sort of way. He was sweet too. He always wrote me poetry. It was nice, it was adorable. I was really considering dating him. But the second I heard Joe’s voice, everything else became background noise. Tim had asked me to go out on a date with him.

    Of course I was flattered. I’d had a crush on him since I was nine. He was an awkward boy with a stutter. I knew what going out on a date with him meant: I would have to answer the ‘Can I be your boyfriend?’ question. At the time, I was thrilled — so thrilled in fact that I said:

    “Can I give you my answer by Friday?”

    “Friday?…. Uh.. Okay,” he said. I could tell he was a little disappointed. He liked me, and I liked him. If I was going to give my virginity to anyone, it would be him.

    I stared at my watch; it was nearly closing time. It was a Thursday.

    “Going to the movies with Derek on Saturday,” Renee’ was saying. “Maybe you and Tim could tag along.”

    “Em…. not sure…. ”

    My phone was ringing; it was Joe. My heart was racing again. I got up without even realizing.

    ” What is with you, Sam—?”

    “Be right back,” I said rushing out of the cafe.

    “You didn’t touch your food!” but I was already out the door.

    “hello?” I said with the phone to my ear.

    “Hi, you busy?”

    I still couldn’t get over his voice so close to my ear.

    “Uh… no,” I said weaving passed a sea bodies in the hallway. The bell had just rang out.

    “Wanna hangout?” his voice asked.

    I froze.

    “Say that again.” There was so much commotion around me. I wasn’t sure I’d heard right. Did he just say ‘hangout?’

    “I was wondering if we could have a drink,” he said.

    I swallowed hard. This wasn’t happening. It had to be a dream.

    “Em…. yeah, sure,” I said. “but I kinda have a curfew.”

    There was silence on the other end. I cursed myself for being so truthful. My one big chance to be with an amazing person and just blew it.

    “hello?… Are you still there?”

    No answer.


    “Hello?” I said frantically. I was outside the school grounds and walking fast. Why was I doing that? I was scared he’d hung up, I was scared I might have said the wrong thing.


    “Oh, sorry dear,”he said finally. “Got distracted. You were saying?”

    I felt a massive current of relief swept through me.

    “Uh… I said yes, we can hangout,”

    “Excellent, text me your address.”

    Three hours later, I snuck out of the house. Mum had taken one of her sleeping pills and was fast asleep. Sometimes, being an only child and having a dad who works overseas has its perks; one of such perks being: less family to worry about.

    I was wearing the most tight fitting clothes I could find. Make up wasn’t really one of my strong suites.

    God! What was I do? This was crazy.

    As I said before, I was at the bottom of the social food chain. Sneaking out of the house wasn’t my specialty. In fact, I’d never done that before.

    A black Range Rover pulled up in front of the house. Couldn’t see the driver; the windows were tinted.

    The one on the passenger side rolled down.

    “Hi, I’m Joe,” he smiled.

    Time froze again.

    It was him.

    The ride was like a dream. I could barely speak. Between meeting him in person,touching his hand (actually TOUCHING HIS HAND) and being in the same confined space with him, It felt like I was in La La land. I couldn’t believe it! He was here! We were in the same car! I think I was somewhere between a heart attack and fainting.

    “You’re quiet,” he said. Hearing his voice and being this close to him was too much for me.

    “I’m just…. I…I don’t know—. ”

    “It’s okay,” he said placing his hand on mine. A million tingles shot through my skin. It felt like I was swooning. If my heart beat any harder, it would explode. This had to be a dream.

    “This one guy fainted first time he met me” Joe said. His dark eyes were so intense, I was grateful his driving. If he stared at me any longer I would melt.

    “Really?” I giggled hating myself for sounding like a groupie. I didn’t want to give him the wrong impression— didn’t want him to think I was just another girl. I wanted him to really like and respect me. But it was f-----g hard to compose yourself when all you wanted to do was scream.

    “… I’ll try not to…. Faint then.”

    He laughed. The sound was magical— just like in his YouTube videos. I suddenly felt very proud of myself; not only was I physically close to a god, I had also made him laugh.

    “Your profile didn’t lie,” he chuckled. “You’re funny.”

    We drove to his house. There were scores of people outside: fans, groupies, Paparazzi and more groupies. It felt so cool seeing people from the inside of Celeb’s car. People were freaking out to get a glimpse of him. Security was having a full time shoving teens from the car. I recognized some of the girls in the crowd. I was half tempted to roll down the window and throw them a big: ‘In ya face, bitches!’ but I wasn’t sure how Joe would see me after that. I wanted to impress him.

    “Is this what your world is like?” I asked with so much excitement. He threw me a wickedly seductive smile, then did the unthinkable; he rolled down the window.

    The crowd went wild.

    Teens rushed towards us with more energy. Cameras clicked and flashed in my face. A smallish guy with a camera somehow smuggled himself behind the perimeter. He got so close, I could smell his deodorant.

    “Joe…. Joe,” he panted. “Who’s the mystery girl?”

    CLICK—CLICK went the camera.

    I was speechless, stunned and frozen in place. Some girls from my school recognized me. They stared at me as if I were spirit of some sort.

    A large security guard shoved camera guy away.

    Then we drove in.

    I had seen pictures of this place online. The place was immense with more windows than my school.

    “Why…. Why did you do that?” I was still in shock over the ‘car window thing.’ Everything was happening so fast. It had to be a dream.

    “You wanted to know what stardom felt like?” he had a devilishly handsome smile. “Now you do!”

    My phone started buzzing: Facebook, and Twitter came alive with pics of us in the car. I really loved the way my hair looked. Seated next to him, I looked like a celeb. I knew Renee’ would be pissed. Her best friend? In Joe The Model’s car? And she reads about it on Twitter?

    I put the phone on vibrate and tucked it in my pocket. I would worry about Renee’ later. And so we went in.

    “I know I said ‘hangout,’ ” he said leading me to a terrace that looked like something out of a fairy tale. ” But I decided we should dine in.” The table seemed a mile long, with dishes I was certain I couldn’t pronounce. There were two guys in Chef outfits by the door.

    “Shall we?” he said.

    A while later, I was stuffed. I really didn’t want to wake up from this dream. I was having such a good time. Then my eye went to my watch.


    “I’m so sorry,” I said jumping to my feet. “I have to leave.” I felt like I was being rude. We were having such a good time, I didn’t want to leave. But it was way passed my curfew.

    “It’s okay,” he said taking my hand. I felt the tingles again. He drew me close to him. I’m quite certain the earth stopped spinning at that point. This wasn’t happening, was my last thought before his lips touched mine. I felt a rush of warmth inside me, a zillion electrical currents raced traveled through me. I couldn’t breath, I couldn’t think.

    Then the images came: dark images. The scent of Joe’s cologne was gone. In its place was something awful—like burnt rotten meat. It made my stomach churn. I tried to break the kiss—to open my eyes, but I couldn’t. Then I saw dark forms—thousands of them locked in some weird orgy across what looked like a dark desert. I couldn’t see their faces, but I tell the men from the women: breasts being kissed. The stench was crazy, but at the same time it excited me. I couldn’t describe it. My loins fired up and I could feel the moisture in between my legs. One of the figures raised its head. My racing heart froze. It was a woman—or at least it seemed like one. Its skin was covered with what looked like black oil. Its eyes were angry—no, hungry. Her—its breasts were small.

    “YOU ARE MINE” It said. Then it…… WALKED into me. I could feel her body becoming one with mine. It was arousing, it was…. Terrifying….. I screamed.

    I woke up to find myself on my bathroom floor. I was naked and my clothes were by the door. My skin was wet. My heart was pounding. Was it a dream? I thought as a shudder went through me. My eyes went to the bathroom mirror. On its foggy surface were the words: ‘IT WASN’T A DREAM SAM, THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING”



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    hmm,I’m here

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    I dey

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    Uh uh… What just happened

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    Was all dis a dream or wat :unsure:

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    I don’t understand o

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    Was it a dream or something

    I don’t understand this story o

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