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    this story is x-rated, it will be updated everyday, it is a story of Lady’s man who wants to have sex to all the beautiful girls he come across, will he actually change for better, stay tuned and your comments is needed for feedback.

    thank you.

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    Episode 1

    My subconscious mind,
    Give away to conscious
    My heart beat took
    an acquaited but
    a sudden new rythmn, a faint
    Sound of a machine.
    “Ti ti ti!”
    I open my heavy eyelids,
    my eyes took it offensive by momentarily,
    I tilted my head towards the wall
    the paint register to
    my head.
    the door opened presenting a
    lady on white uniform.
    what am I doing in a

    Nurse: doctor, he is a wake.

    she disappeared from my
    probing sight.
    that only explains the non-friendly
    I hate hospitals.
    so all was just a dream, it
    really a zigzag thought.
    the doctor came in with another nurse,
    with the other one who left.
    I was removed from life support
    and taken to ward.
    my parents were contacted,
    they envade my ward.

    My mom; aaahhh! Thank you Jesus, for bringing my son back to life.

    My Dad: doctor Ben, thank you so much for your help, you are really a good doctor.

    Doc. Ben: you are welcome Chief, I need to see to other patients.

    They both shook hand, doctor Be
    afterward, am not seeing Chichi

    Me: what really happened to me?

    My Dad: you have been in a coma for several Months.

    my eyes widen, it means I have…
    Oh God..

    Me; where is my wife?

    My mom: which wife? The one that almost killed you, eehhhnn.. she is in cell.

    No, no, she doesn’t deserve being in
    am the one that suppose to be

    Me; mom, dad, you have to release her right away, do it as a favor on my side.

    My dad: on one condition.

    Me: which is?

    My dad: you will divorce her, I cannot let my only son marry a criminal as wife.

    I nodded, I really needed my freedom
    more than anything, my dad shifted
    metres from
    us to make a call.

    My mom: what really happened that day you were shot?

    Me: I returned from work, only to hear a scream from the kitchen, on reaching there I find someone trying to rape my wife, we struggle to get hold of the gun in his possession but none of us could, we settled for fists but I was over-powered that left my wife no choice but to use the gun to set me free, but she misfired.

    My mom: hmmm… but Chidimma didn’t narrate so, and your wife didn’t also say what you are saying.

    hope those fools didn’t expose
    I know am actually lying
    really happened that day.



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    Episode 2

    Before the incident, Chichi find out
    I had sex with her friend, she didn’t
    home that very day, Beautrice told her
    what happened betwixt us, being a
    sex addict.
    I cannot stay two days without sex,
    that very
    night, I called many times to apologise,
    but being Chichi she didn’t pick up
    my calls.
    my d--k was so hard, I wrote poems
    to her
    via emails, and social media accounts.
    I cursed Beautrice and what made
    me have
    one night stand with her, is her big
    juice that attracted me to her, I s----d it
    without mercy, and she dealt with me
    with no iota of pity, she wanted the
    affair to
    continue, but as a married man that
    no concubines or have replica of Solomon
    treasure, I reacted with no.
    made her tell on us, women wahala.
    back to the mat.
    even Shakespeare and Aristotle
    read and nod head to my poems,
    the girl
    no gree, I plan on releasing some c-m in
    the office the next morning, I had a shocking
    news that my secretary resigned, I mean my
    sextary, Chichi helped me out of my frustration
    with a text that she will be home by 1pm.
    I was so happy that during morning
    my mind totally concentrated on the make up
    sex, I stayed back till 2pm, so as soon
    I get home is to pounce on her like wounded
    lion, but to my surprise Chichi lied
    cause I
    search every rooms, even included
    toilets and
    bathrooms in my search, but no sign of Chichi.
    I asked Chidimma and she confirmed
    my fear, if I didn’t release I will run
    mad, the only option is Chidimma
    my house girl.
    I have been sighting her ass the very day
    my wife brought her in from the village.
    whenever she walk pass me the rythmn
    of her shaking ass cause me boner.
    I grab
    her boobs from behind, she jump from
    my grabs with surprise.

    Chidimma: oga, what if madam catch us? I no want trouble ooh.

    that is a nice question, what if my wife
    catch both of us in the act, I didn’t know
    how manage my palms find a way to
    her ass.


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    Episode 3

    She tried to protest but I invade her
    with my lips, she didn’t give in at first,
    the flesh is willing but the spirit is weak.
    I squeeze her ass cheeks roughly that
    resulted to gasp, spank her soft big ass, she moan.

    Chidimma; oohhhhh…. oga!

    she reciprocated with kiss with vigor of a
    lioness that made me doubt that am
    the one
    that iniated the romance, pop a button
    sound follow by another, another
    my expensive
    cloth buttons lay on the floor staring at me
    pitifully, she yank my trouser from my lower
    abdomen, this is no longer child’s play.
    left with only boxer, I shred her cloth
    like a wolve, fling her wrapper it already
    loosen anyway, I turned her over to hold
    the sink and face the wall, I want to have a
    feel of her ass from doggy style, pant down.
    I inserted two fingers to wet her dripping
    p---y, I comb my trouser to find my condom.
    bad 8pm news, this made me remember
    of how Chichi normally steal condoms
    from my wallet for me not to have sex.
    I deviced another method of safekeeping
    them in the car, she suspected a foul play
    but as a man who knoweth thy way, I made sure
    I look clean as Jesus before her. she even
    give testimony that I have repented until
    the shedevil came my way.

    Chidimma: oga, put it naa…

    no condom, no sex, my pledge, please
    help me Lord.
    I borrowed flash speed, run to my car
    with speed of light, with only boxer and my
    hard d--k leading the way, thank God.
    Adamu isn’t outside the compound.
    I returned
    back to see Chidimma knotting her wrapper.
    Is the match over?


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    go on

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    Is this one different from the first one?

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    Abdullah Iyiola Muhammed
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    I don’t understand dis story any more

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