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    I looked at the old man sitting in front of
    me and struggled not to spit in disgust. He
    looked like something God had put
    together in anger, and in a hurry. He
    constantly reeked of garlic and he looked
    haggard and dressed clumsily like a
    destitute; one would never have guessed
    that he was a professor.
    Not only was he a professor, he was also
    Head of Department, and his ‘future
    ambition’ was to get into my pants. I risked
    another glance at him and almost gagged.
    The man looked hideous! I couldn’t even
    imagine him licking my feet, let alone
    sticking his penis between my legs.
    Urrrrrrgh! I couldn’t help but shudder, it
    was a very disturbing imagery.
    “Are you cold, should I reduce the AC?”, he
    asked in that irritating voice of his. There
    was nothing good about this man at all,
    nothing to admire. If it was Dr. Oni that
    wanted to ‘chop my ponmo’, I wouldn’t
    have minded at all.
    The man was drop dead gorgeous! Tall,
    dark and handsome, he had the sexiest
    pink lips which were all I ever stared at in
    his classes. I’d have gladly played ball with
    Dr. Oni, but this Prof. Chuckwu that looked
    like the hunch back of Notre Dame just
    made me want to throw up.
    “I’m not cold. I’m fine”, I replied him
    irritatedly. He looked at me and licked his
    lips, his fat, black lips that looked like
    tattered tyres on a keke napep. “You’re the
    one causing this problem for yourself.
    This is your second extra year, and you
    brought it upon yourself. I just want to
    have a taste of you. Come on! How do you
    expect such a fine girl like you to pass
    through my department without me having
    a taste of her goodies?
    Can you pass by a palace without greeting
    the king?. You just want to prove stubborn,
    now your mates have finished NYSC and
    you’re still stuck here with me. Continue to
    delay your own progress, just know that
    you won’t graduate from this department if
    I don’t get what I want”.
    If looks could kill, Prof. Chuckwu would have
    been twice dead that instant. I shot him a
    look full of pure venom and daggers, hissed
    loudly and walked out of his office, banging
    the door as loudly as I could.
    Bastard! I’d rather chew nails than have
    him grunt and heave and sweat like a ram
    on top of me. Dirty old man! Really, I blame
    my dad for all these. I wanted to stay in
    Lagos for my university education, but no, it
    had to be his own way. He wanted me to
    school in Ijebu so I could better understand
    my language and to relate well with my
    cousins and uncles in the hometown.
    Since the state university was just in the
    next village from ours, I lived in his huge
    house in Ijebu. If I had stayed in Lagos like I
    wanted, all these may not be happening.
    I was tired and frustrated already. This was
    my second extra year. Prof. Chuckwu kept
    giving me an F in his course which was a
    compulsory course. I was at the end of my
    wits, this man was really going to delay me
    for as long as it takes so as to get what he
    I was already in tears as I stepped into the
    compound, my uncle saw me and asked
    what was wrong. “Nike, what is it? Kilode?
    Why are you crying? Iwo ati tani? Talk to
    me”. So I explained everything to him
    through tears.
    “Denike! Why are you slow like this? Enh? I
    told your father then, you were still drinking
    Babeena from a feeding bottle till you were
    three and a half years old. That’s why you’re
    slow like this! They didn’t feed you eba on
    time” He shook his head in exassperation.
    “So you, Adenike, omo Eweje, you’re letting
    some omo igbo, ajokuta ma momi come
    from the East to bully you in your own
    father’s land!
    When you’re the grandchild of Eweje, the
    greatest herbalist in all of Ijebu. Tsk tsk!
    This matter is a veery simple one, wipe your
    tears, it is what Prof. Chuckwu knows how
    to eat that will kill him! When you’re ready,
    come and meet me at the family shrine.
    Stop crying my dear”
    My uncle’s words didn’t bring much relief, I
    knew he was going to do something
    drastic, and it was going to involve serious
    charms. But what choice did I have? In the
    evening I went to see him at the family
    shrine and he gave me a concotion to eat. I
    was supposed to go and meet Prof.
    Chuckwu within three days and let him do
    whatever he wanted.
    I went to Prof. Chuckwu’s office with my
    missing result forms. “Immediately you’re
    done, you’ll fill these forms for me and sign
    the attached letters for the Exams Officer
    and Faculty Officer to correct my results.”.
    He grinned happily like a child whose
    Christmas had come early and agreed
    I stripped and lay on the table, closed my
    eyes and started counting backwards from
    1000. When I got to 800, he had finished, I
    gave him the papers to sign and walked out
    of his office.
    When I left, Prof opened his fridge and
    finished all five one litre bottles of water
    that were inside. He sent a student to get
    him more bottles of water, and he finished
    them all immediately. Then he took off his
    shirt, he said he was feeling hot, and he
    kept asking for more water. He finished a
    50 litre jerrycan and still he wanted more
    He was acting demented and complaining
    of heat, by now, other lecturers were
    becoming worried about this strange
    behaviour. Prof went to the back of the
    faculty, saying he wanted to fetch water
    from the well.
    He removed the lid on the well, looked in
    and screamed in joy “water!” just as he
    jumped in. His body was recovered hours
    later. And I wasn’t sorry, it was truly what
    he wanted to eat that killed him.

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    nice story

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    Serves him right

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    Mr Lecturer

    You gave someone pikin 2 extra year in d name of “ponmo”. I’m not sorry for you at all, may ur rough soul rest in hell

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    Nice one, you serves him right

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    serve im rite

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    , who do you think this lecturer is?

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