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    Dear diary
    times has passed, and things are no longer thesame. My life just got sunny and now the clouds are gathering up again. It almost seem like heaviest rain and storm is about to pour on my sunny day. Somehow i tried and it seem to work but deep down i still feel thesame. Now i feel like closing my eyes and waking in a world called normal, natural and free from life’s irony and foes. Sadly i feel my dreamworld does not exist because the one person who was suppose to make feel like i wasnt not alone in all this, was no where to be found. And right now the only ticket out of all man-made misfortunes is staying true to just one course and being MR.PERFECT


    Episode 1(scroll down)

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    Episode 30

    Episode 31

    Episode 32 & 33

    Episode 34

    Episode 35

    The Final Episode

    season 2.

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    Let’s go.

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    another story?

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    Ride on

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    Mirabel: luke what are you doing with those photos!!!! She yelled
    lucas: mum i just wanna what my dad looks like he said with teary eyes
    Mirabel: with fiery gaze# how many times do i have to tell you, he doesnt care if we exist because his that bad!!! How many
    times!!!! She yelled louder
    lucas: seeing how pissed she was he quickly crawled away from photos in fear.
    Mirabel: Answer me!!!! She yelled even angrier as she walked towards him slowly in anger
    luke: am sorry mum he said mildly, still crawling backwards slowly until he got to a wall.
    Mirabel: mum??? She scoffed as she rushed towards him, pulling his hair violently, you should have thought of that before disobeying me!!!
    Lucas: aaaawwww mum plssss you are hurting me, am really sorry. He pleaded as she pulled him aggressively into the
    bathroom. Turned on the tap to the bathtub, as the volume of water increased, she repeatedly drown his head in and out when he was about choking continuously. Then she pulled him into a dark room and locked him up.
    Mirabel: your gonna pass the night in here, she yelled just then her head began to ache again. She was really lossing her mind, she
    quickly caught the wall next to her in other not to fall, her visions were becoming blurry too.
    Just when it seemed like the aches were gone she raised her head slowly to find blurry images of her mum standing infront of her.
    Mum: looking at mirabel with great concern, its ok my child, mama’s got you, am here to help you mirabel just come home
    mirabel: the aches was triggered, and she was begining to here those strange voices again.
    Aaaaaarrrgggh!!! I dont want to hear any of it you are not real just go away!! she cried, quickly
    taking her foot wear and threw it hard at her mums image, which varnished almost immediately. Her dark silky hairs scattered,
    like she was actually crazy, her cute eyes filled with thraces of tears, inspite her weird looks her oval face still looked pretty as ever. She rested her back on the wall and slided down slowly holding her head, as tears fell freely from her eyes.
    Just then her eyes found a white doll, she smiled at it. Quickly wiping her tears as she picked it up, carressed it in her arms like a baby. Smiling to herself as she sang lullabies for it

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    Bestie@softie, wifey@victoriouschild click@invincible @hartuny @promzy you guess should come oooh

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    Nice one ride on

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    Waoh! I gotta follow this

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